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Harbour is always protecting his castmates. He's a real good guy.




That is the best response ever.


You don’t mess around with Jim. Seriously though David Harbour is huge I would definitely want him in my corner, they’re lucky to have him too.


He seems to have fallen into the protector role for the cast and it's beautiful.


he’s their mother


Their other mother... don't forget our bae Steve.


we’re talking irl Joe doesn’t act that way but David is more like that


Joe is a protector too. He supported Finn when some bro announcer guy at an event said he had the best porn name.


He was perfectly polite and professional about it, tbf. It would only have been topped if his wife was there. She'd have absolutely torn strips off that insufferable paparazzo. She had numerous run-ins with the toxic UK tabloids and she does not give a fuck.


Had to Google this. So essentially Hopper’s brother in law is Theon Greyjoy? That’s a Hell of a New Year.


Wait, David Harbour is married to Lily Allen? That's super random!


Holy shit, I don't realize he married Lily Allen! Man, that dude is doing well in life.


They're such a power couple to me.


TIL David Harbour's wife is Lily Allen


He’s like the father of the entire cast lol


I love him in that kind of way too. What a great guy


That jacket is ❤️‍🔥🔥


His outfit was so freaking dope!! Love Caleb’s 100 Dalmatians look as well


You're missing a dalmatian!


I just want to think he is as fatherly and awesome in the show IRL. We need more quietly strong male figures


Beyond being idiotic, rude, and uncalled for how does a working professional think it's okay to talk like this when they're getting photos of a cast?


Because Paparazzi are the scum of the Earth


They have too many laws protecting them, for real.


what do you mean?


They have the same legal protections as journalists


And beyond that, they resort to shitty human behavior to get the stories, videos, and photos they want. All of which they can use their civil rights to defend.


The worst is when they'll follow a celebrity's boat and watch them the entire time through a telephoto lens from incredibly far away hoping to catch them unaware and tanning without their top on or anything like that, it's like stalking but protected under law. What would normally be peeping and sex crimes are legally work for them


“I’m just here to deliver truth to the people!!” “…about the color of Emma Stone’s nipples.”


My favorite thing is when they try to get sympathy after a celeb calls them out like “I’m just trying to make a living…” dude, you’re spying on celebrities in their own home or on vacation and sneaking pictures of them. Or you follow them around shouting shit at them trying to get pictures. I honestly wouldn’t care if someone just turned around and punched a paparazzi in the mouth. That one video of Andrew Garfield chasing that one guy shows how much of a backbone they have. They’ll bother these people all day and night but as soon as one gets mad it’s “why was he so mean to me??? :(“


they should be grateful they even get to see the cast, let alone take pictures of them >:(


Rigjt, if I was another cast member Id tell everyone to get up and leave them, together. They either get pics of all of us or none, but that shit isnt okay.


Paparazzi are mostly why Celebrities end up being rude to fans. They get stalked by a roving band of idiots all day evert day and sometimes just don't have the mental energy to deal with actual fans. Yes they are public figures but they deserve to be treated with respect like everyone else. Exit: spelling.


Also sometimes it's just fans. Imagine trying to have dinner with your family and people keep trying to secretly, or overtly, film your children. Or people keep walking up to you screaming, sobbing, shaking, grabbing at you, etc. Fans are psychotic. Paparazzi are sociopaths.


We used to go to Disneyland once a month when we lived closer and would see celebrities almost every time and people always treated them like zoo animals.


It's so gross.


Money. They sell these photos to tabloids. If the actor loses their shit, that’s an actual story and those photos are much more valuable. They have nothing to lose by attempting to get the actors to lose it on them. I’m not defending their actions, just explaining them.


>They have nothing to lose Because they've already lost their dignity.


“Working professional” is a generous way to describe the paps. Literally any soulless loser could do their “job”. They’re barely photographers and barely journalists. They’re barely human and almost certainly have no sort of soul or feelings. Any paparazzi want to argue? Or are y’all just husks that don’t count?


Me and my friend group loved argyle in our watchthrough, I don't really get thr hate


This is like the first ive seen about people hating argyle. I watched s4 when it came out and in the early discussion threads everyone was loving him and i didnt see any hate.


Agreed I’ve seen people mention the hate for him (which I’m sure exists) but I’ve seen nothing but positivity fortunately


Even my anti-weed mother likes Argyle


Ikr, he’s one of my favorite characters. I actually like him more than Eddie, even tho I still really like Eddie


David Harbor is a gem. I'm so glad someone told him to ignore the garbage human yelling.


They should have walked out or confront that idiot


100% in hindsight yes, but I can see how they were probably caught off guard. I’d imagine they’ve been treated pretty nicely up until this point. From here though, I hope they’d make a pact to say any uncalled for attitude from anyone, be it pap, interviewer, even fans…they all get up and walk off. Have each other’s backs.


That idiot would have loved that because it would have sold more copies of their trash magazine.


It's even better that they ingored them, pathetic people like that feed on attention. Why give them the satisfaction?


That'd be a gift for the paparazzi. Feeding the troll


Paparazzi are literally the scummiest people alive




Literally professional stalkers


Seriously tho, what they did to Eduardo was way worse than stalking. They were directly attacking him!


If the owner ofnTMZ had a spine he would fire them and change the model. People don’t want this trash anymore.


>People don’t want this trash anymore. The public also consume copious amounts of this shit. It it wasn't profitable it wouldn't happen. People are the problem, not jsut Paparazzi


Stalking is also a direct attack and extremely psychologically taxing. You know they'll follow him around too. It's awful.


They're like the Nitrous Mafia at Phish shows. Absolutely ruining the scene that they are part of.


I accidentally stumbled on TMZ's YouTube channel, a few years ago. TMZ sucks in the first place, but their channel mostly consisted of shameless groups of creepy, invasive people (mainly men) harassing and yelling at young actresses...and there were even clips of I think someone like Mischa Barton, (or whatever YA-adjacent star) outside a drugstore close to tears because she just wanted to be left in peace... But no, some jerk was peppering her with terrible questions. "What did you get at the pharmacy? Whaddaya have? What did you get at the store? TELL US!!!" Disgusting. I watch a lot of random YT videos, but never again, TMZ. Paparazzi should be ashamed of themselves. Sure, famous people are in the public eye, but they're still human.


Jeez, that sounds like how the UK media were twenty yrs ago. The were the lowest most shameless scum on the planet. Constantly waitng for actresses and models to get out of a taxi cab to get and upskirt shot. Disgusting.


God, I know it's a little less than twenty years ago but I cried watching the media and paparazzi hound Amy Winehouse in her documentary. Fucking vultures.


The paparazzi and the media in general made her the butt of every joke. It’s really sad in retrospect.


Or chasing them in cars flashing their cameras, blinding the drivers and causing accidents. Diana's death was the impetus for our government to start making the papparrazi laws


>What did you get at the pharmacy "A cheap condom so I don't catch whatever your mum has." It's a shame saying this would permanently taint their public image, but damn I wish I was famous and widely regarded as an asshole so I could fire off stingers.


"and extra-strength Imodium for my explosive diarrhea...might wanna stand back, it's pretty bad."


How awful. I feel so bad for Eduardo. People suck. I liked him, he portrayed lighthearted comic relief and I thought his role was needed for the overall California plot.


A stereotypical “surfer dude” type character is always appreciated in my eyes hahaha.


He also plays in American Vandal, with somewhat the same characteristics.


Any movie I’ve seen him in he’s the stoner/laid back guy lol


The Package. His best movie IMO, it's so good. Its really stupid and a lot of potty humor, but some of the things are so unexpected it had me crying laughing.


That was a funny movie indeed.


His character in the package was exactly like my best friend growing up, the whole group really reminded me of my friends growing up. Extremely crude movie but hilarious.


I think his booksmart character was written for him.


as someone who was born and raised in California, there’s a lot more Eduardo’s than Brady’s.


Everyone I’ve talked to about this season has loved his character. They’re tripping


I didn’t care for the character much but I think it was more that I disliked Jonathan’s personality shift and attached Argile to that too. But I loved his pizza phone call scene


They massacred Jonathan’s character so Steve and Nancy can get back together.


Nancy and Jonathan never really worked for me, I liked their dynamic more before they were a couple and the season two flirting but once they become a full on couple in season three I was already done with it. Jonathan is one of the weakest characters in the series, his entire personality is protective older brother that likes the pretty girl


I actually just rewatched the first three seasons after season 4 V1 came out, and what I found myself being surprised about is how good of a character Jonathan is in season 3 and how much more he actually gets to do individually compared to the first two seasons. He actually gets to personally kick more ass himself outside of Nancy and I actually appreciated him and Nancy more this season (realistic argument between them in episode four, I believe). Still a weaker character, but I used to think season 1 was his best season when I actually think season 3 might be.


I actually agree. After season 3 I kind of became meh about him. The way he treated Nancy for the first half of the season (after *everything they’d been through*) pissed me off. Nobody would listen to her and you’re supposed to be the guy on her side!!! I know he apologized but it just made me care less about the character. Steve would have believed her right away and jumped straight into helping her out. I know it’s the writers fault for giving Steve a phenomenal character arc where he becomes his best self while Jonathan kinda got back-seated but still. And I don’t dislike him (and I really like Charlie- I just watched Marrowbone and sobbed; excellent movie!)so if he ends up getting an awesome arc now I’ll be totally fine with it! But if he doesn’t, I’m ok with that, too, at this point.


Yeah definitely gave me 3 ninjas bad guy vibes.


Made me think of Brad Pitt from True Romance mixed with Keanu from B&T.


Right, but they put the clever twist in his long black hair and being a bit chubby looking, right? I loved him in the new season.


without him they never would have made it to suzie's


his character was lighthearted and lovely, a nice addition to balance things out.


While his character was pretty 1 dimensional he did save the California scenes from being a complete slog


I also think it’s necessary to have characters who react like normal people to the events of the show. The main characters are all used to the batshit scary stuff, so it was actually really sad to see Eduardo’s character super scared and freaked out


Does he have social media. Can people show him support. That is fucked up, especially saying that right in front of his cast member friends.


Ik he's got an insta


The thing is, I disagree with this, IN MY OPINION Argyle was pretty one dimensional, and he didn't really contribute to the season, and it would have been cooler if he had been a little more fleshed out than just being comic relief. #But none of that even matters when we're looking at a clip like this. How the reporters/photographers are treating Eduardo is fucking vile. Unprofessional doesn't even begin to describe it. Imagine you're a rising actor, you landed a role on a huge show and probably can't believe your luck, you did a perfectly fine job with the *material that was given to you*, and then this happens to you, people yelling at you to get out of the way like that because they didn't consider your role good or important enough. If you want to take photos with only some of the cast, I'm sure there are ways to make that happen that doesn't involve shouting at one of them to... leave. This was horrible :( No matter what anyone thinks of Argyle, this was horrible. I hope people on his socials are showering him with love tbh.


Yep this. I didn't need his character but he is a human being who in the real world they were being callous and cruel. Also he wasn't in the way. They can get effed. Good for David for sticking up for him.


Yeah I love David for that. Wish he'd had some mic turned on from before so the reporters could have actually heard him


Argyle was the only saving grace of the California crew. He's like a load bearing wall. You remove that, and California scenes would have dragged the whole season down.


I know that a lot people don't like Argyle but... I watched multiple interviews with Eduardo and he was always very nice to everyone. He portrayed his character pretty good. He did nothing to deserve this hate. 💔


I liked him. He's clearly right off the Duffer Brothers' wish list of 80s stuff. Last season they did Russian cold War & mall culture. This season, they got roller skating, pre-internet hacking, & the funny stoner buddy.


I expected to be annoyed by him, but he was purple palm tree delightful.


He was schmackin'




Me too but I love him now, I hope he is going to stay for season 5


Don’t like the character and be disrespectful against actors are two différents things. The paparazzi who say that is a morron. I agree with you, I’m sure Eduardo is a cool guy who don’t deserve this hate


Pretty sure this was the premiere so no one knew what his character was like yet.


Oh my god you're right it's even sadder than I thought


No excuse. I don't even like Argyle and I hate how those people are treating his actor in this video.


I’m quite surprised at this, I loved his character and performance. This is just uncalled for.


i will never trust someone who does not like Argyle.


>I know that a lot people don't like Argyle but did he do something bad in the past? there is no reason to hate him if he didnt do anything bad.


Argyle is character Eduardo portrayed in Stranger Things so I guess torturing kids with blip blip blip blip counts as bad lmao. They looked so dissapointed in this scene.


They are talking about the character, not the person.


How can you be that rude?


I know right? What happened to these people that they became so needlessly scummy? It's one thing to have anger issues and get mad when someone bumps into you, but like... this guy was just sitting there HE WAS JUST SITTING THERE He's part of the goddamn show, and he's a main character, and he did an amazing job portraying said character, so like... ugh, I don't get it


Paparazzi are the scum of the earth.


Honestly, just really rude, I’m not even the biggest fan of his character but he’s just as valid an addition to the cast as anyone this season and they all get press. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s belittling his work and a bit of racism added in there too.


Hasn't Argyle already been in more screen time than Will did in season 1? Will was considered a main character, no idea why we wouldn't consider Argyle a main character. If you don't like people like that character then you've become a part of the joke. Lovable dumb stoner friend is ubiquitous.


I saw one of them in another video leering at Millie because she's 18 now.. creeps.


Pretty sure they did the same to Drew Barrymore back in the day, too. There's always the creeps counting the days.


There was literally a countdown to Britney Spears’ 18th birthday on MTV and many radio stations. It’s been disgusting for decades.


They wouldn’t leave her alone about her virginity status, either. They were constantly hounding Britney and Justin Timberlake about whether they had sex yet. It was fucking gross.


And Emma Watson too.


Context: On her 18th birthday, the second she opened the car door to go to a party (or some event idk) - paparazzi were all on the floor trying to grab an upskirt photo. It's disgusting. And the same thing's happening to Millie Bobby Brown, who's the newest big child actor who's turned 18.


I remember Dan Radcliffe calling this out at some stage, talking about how disgusting the countdown was and the behaviour of the paparazzi


I heard people starting flooding Millie's Instagram with inappropriate stuff when she turned 18 a few months ago, but I'm not sure what the full story is there.


I vaguely remember there being a subreddit that had a count down


Disgusting. Paparazzi are evil scum.


I'm not a lawyer and I know people can take pictures of you in public, but in this context wouldn't it be sexual harassment? If I go outside and lay on the floor to take pictures under women skirts, I'm pretty sure I'd get in troubles.


Does anyone remember milliie being in a magazine for 100 of the sexiest actress and she was like 13 at the time.




> paparazzi were all on the floor trying to grab an upskirt photo. Why aren't they immediately arrested for that?


Remember Charoltte Church? The S*n was literally counting down the days until she turned 18


The Sun should change their tag line to "the pedophile paper"


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen too. I remember some creep made a countdown timer website to when they were "legal".


Natalie Portman too.


The Sun newspaper counted down to pretty much every teenage celebrity’s 16th birthday. Not only did they have topless young women on their page 3, some as young as 16, they regularly published paparazzi upskirt photos of famous women stepping out of taxis and limos. It’s appalling.


Pretty sure it's happened to every young, pre-legal starlit ever. There have been many creepy 'count down till she's 18' things in just my short life time. It's weird every time, but it doesn't really phase me like it did the first 4 or 5 times that it happened.


It’s even worse with communities around Internet personalities with onlyfans being around. People try to groom them into making one because it’ll be profitable.


Ugh they should just troll those creeps out of their money. Like post animal pictures or... photos of electric fans XD


As if they weren’t leering at her before she turned 18.


Before they half heartedly tried to hide it.


Wait those are really his gorgeous locks? I assumed it was a wig


No his hair is just beautiful! Honestly if Eduardo is reading this sub he has to tell us his hair care tips!


Indigenous hair. Usually just gotta keep the split ends from goin crazy and it's good.


real hair


Me too, I thought that hair is just too perfect! Oh wow


This makes me so angry. How people feel about Argyle as a character does not matter in the slightest. Eduardo has every right to be there with the rest of his co-stars. The hate that he's getting makes no sense whatsoever. Fuck that asshole photographer.


Imma be honest, I've only discussed the season with my wife and like 2 other friends. I haven't heard anyone hating on Argyle until I came in this thread lol. I thought he was a fine character. Good comedic relief, well acted, and incredible hair.


I agree with you, he's one of my favorite additions to the cast alongside Joseph Quinn. I understand that Argyle isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but the way some fans project their dislike for him onto Eduardo is ridiculous.


"Got me stressed out, she's not even my girlfriend!" "Open our minds? There's an open grave in front of me!" He's great. He doesn't decide his lines or the story, but he takes what's already pretty awesome and just makes it fantastic.


Agreed! I even come on this sub quite a bit and this is the first time I’ve seen people hating on Argyle. Not sure if I missed something orrrrr…???


Same! Everyone I've talked to thinks Argyle is hilarious. Surprised how many people in this thread seemingly didn't like him. I took the clip as the paparazzi rudely trying to get him out so they could get a picture with only characters that have been there the whole time. Dude deserves to be there just as much as anyone else.


David Harbour definitely is a man of culture.


I didn’t realize so many people didn’t like his character and I’m honestly surprised. I thought he was great comedic relief and I see him bringing more to the show in part two.


Same. I love Argyle. I'd totally have him as a friend and wingman.


Oh, no doubt. He’s solid wingman material.


Tbh, I wasn't very fond of his character. But the actor doesn't deserve this. The character and the actor are completely different people. It's like being rude to Angela's actress and hating on her. The photographer is so shitty.


I loved him lol but not as much as Eddie. I hope they keep him. I agree with you about the photographer. There was absolutely no reason to behave like that and I’m glad David was there for him.


Oh yeah I also want them to keep him. I don't hate him. And there many people who love him and so I think he should stay.


Boils my blood.


Argyle was obviously just there for comic relief, but I loved him all the same. We love you, Eduardo!


he was sitting in a line, what exactly did they want him to get out of the way of? The background? bunch of assholes.


This is disgusting. Seriously, I’m sick of paparazzi constantly dehumanizing famous people, it’s disgusting. Props to Eduardo for handling with such grace.


Who ever said that should get wrecked


Shmacked with a rollerskate




All in a BLIP. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip….


Would have been funny if he got up and stood in front of the main cast


That kid worked his ass off and brought new life to the show. That photographer is scum and probably causes accidents


Dood is the perfect addition as they transition to a lil more of a R rated show!


Whomever said that should be banished to the upside down. Shame on her.


On my first watch of season 4, the California/roadtrip storyline dragged a bit, but on a rewatch, I honestly loved every moment of it. Argyle is hilarious and has more depth than people give him credit for (the conversation between him and Jonathan while they golf is top-notch). In short, Eduardo Franco deserves support and love. As many have said, even if you don't particularly like his character, he's an actor and he does great work. Give the man the respect he deserves, ya dang "professional journalists" or whoever these jerks are.


Damn, I didn’t even care for his character but that’s beyond fucked up 😔


I hope they give this guy an awesome storyline now, just because he had to put up with this nonsense.


That’s his real hair?! I thought it must have been a wig, looks a great head of hair.


The audacity to actually ask him to move, as if she has any authority over him. Truly pathetic.


Jesus those people are worse than the bullies in ST at this point I mean wtf


This is so sad and so rude. You may not like the character, you may not like new characters entering, don't know what the reason is, but there is no excuse to be rude like that. He is a human being just like you all, and he has feelings. Loved how David Harbour got his back.


he was my favorite part of the new season other than Eddie. fuck these assholes I will murder them 😭😭😭😭😭


I love how protective David Harbour is over those kids.


Paparazzi are like this often. It’s wild!


David Harbour is the man!


I hate how some of you say "I don't like his character but..." No, that shit doesn't matter. At all. This dude doesn't deserve that treatment.


It’s unnecessary tbh. “I have to let everyone know I personally don’t like his character on the show” like no one cares lmao. It goes without saying that actors deserve to be treated with basic respect because they’re people, and whether or not they like his character doesn’t matter in that.


this is disgusting, i hope those ppl rot.


Treating those people like they're some kind of exhibits at a zoo. Paparazzi are pure talentless scum


Why would you even say this to someone who is part of the cast, you know by name and great potential for future fame with his USP (I was convinced his hair was a wig before I looked him up). You might dun goofed.


Eduardo was so good I’m glad they brought him on this season!


Paparazzi should be illegal


People who aspire to be Paparazzi, why?


So completely uncalled for, the paparazzi is a festering cancer on society. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? Each day I feel like we permanently peel off and toss away another layer of humanity, our basic consideration and compassion for one another. It's almost as though 30% of us have been sociopathic piece of shit bullies the whole time, and this is what happens when people see that their behavior will no longer result in the loss of their ability to take part in modern society.


these paparazzi don't have the slightest respect for anyone, Disgusting..


Paparazzi are so useless.


Why were they picking on him?? What dicks


The one that should get out is that rude photographer


Randomly popped into my head that David was in Seinfeld. The Limousine episode.


He should’ve laid down across everybody else as a fuck you to that person


He is one of the best chars this season! how dare they!


Has it been confirmed that this was what was happening? I can’t hear shit in this video. Regardless, I love Argyle and think Eduardo played him perfectly, and it’s not his fault that some viewers are too out of touch with their idiot stoner sides to enjoy his comic relief.


David Harbour shoulda just stood up, ended the shoot, pointed her out and told everyone; "her fault".


Damn, this has to be so hard for him. I know I'd die inside. I do not really click with his character (yet maybe?), but it's something else while the California Crew is showing. But I'd never do this to the actor. He put his hard work into this and still deserves to be treated like the other cast members (main character or not). I hope he doesn't take it too much to his heart


*Pass the right-hook to the paparazzi side* 🎶