I think Soldier boy has totally spiralled from Jensen Ackles being a hot dude to people actually worshipping a fucked up asshole.


O yeah for sure. Some people are VERY forgiving with characters only because theyre good looking.


Pretty privilege


I misread that as petty privilege




Unfortunately, this extends to real life as well.


Yk like how TikTok [demanded a guy be dropped from his charges and prison time cuz he was “cute”](https://amp.popbuzz.com/internet/tiktok/cameron-herrin-sentence-jail-justice/)


People like that must be so terminally online that they can't really grasp actions having real-life consequences.


This phenomenon has existed well before the internet. Ted Bundy had hordes of delusional women at his trials protesting on his behalf, thinking he was either too good looking to have committed the murders or too good looking to be charged for them. The internet simply makes it easier for them to find eachother.


honestly though i feel like even the deep is being praised for his looks even though he was one of the worst characters in the series from the start. i notice that even if a character is mildly attractive they recieve different kinds of treatment from the viewers. tbf this isnt anything new


I dont *like* the Deep. But I very much enjoy when he's on screen, usually to laugh at whatever crazy bullshit he's got going on. But even in serious moments (poor Timothy) he's a good actor and handles his scenes well. But he's still a piece of shit.


Say what you want, Deep’s scenes are often the most comically entertaining in any given episode.


The Deep just creeps me the hell out and I'm kind of repulsed by him despite the fact that Chase Crawford is decent looking man.


Yeah, but I guess people don't like Deep at this level, he is mostly likeable due to his comic style, though no doubt he was an asshole too.


I think people praising the deep is just a meme. Nobody actually likes him, the whole joke is that he’s the least likable, most pathetic character so we pretend like he’s the hero of the series. I mean, uh, Peak solos the 7 easy 😤


>Jensen Ackles being a hot dude to people actually worshipping a fucked up asshole. ... Jensen is a real guy.. soldier boy is made up. 🤷‍♂️


What was the actual purpose in pointing out something everyone already knows


That was the point of the comment, people went from finding the actor hot to revering the evil character


Not the point


[When I'm in a missing the fucking point competition and my opponent is a Soldier Boy fan](https://c.tenor.com/GICcCwIljO4AAAAC/squidward-nose.gif)


I am personally of the opinion that while the creator's message is important, so is discussing and critiquing the plot and characters from our own perspective. The idea that "creator said X, therefore only X should be argued" is one that in essence takes away the opportunity to discuss a story in greater depth and treats the creator's take/values as dogma. It's more than ok imo to doubt the creator's message. Now, regarding the actual point of the boys: it usually takes a more nuanced/neutral take than is often discussed. For instance: On compound V & Supes: while yes it leans more on the "V/supes bad" line it doesn't exactly paint non-supes in a good light: Butcher and Hughie literally receive powers similar to their supe opponents, while Starlight and Kimiko are both good supes/V users. On SB: he is like Butcher: bad relationship with his father, they both self medicate to get through the mission, he's downright horrible to his team, but he is also portrayed as someone who follows through: he promised to kill HL, and he was gonna kill HL. And tbh the end scene of the season has (so far) vindicated SB's desire to follow through (Ryan has turned out to be HL Jr). So yeah, at the end of the season SB is so far proven right and Butcher messed up. Because of Butcher's indecision, the boys are basically back to square one on HL I feel like I need to stress this out: NONE of the characters on the Boys are supposed to be role models, but most of them, including SB, are a mixed bag imo.


I would maybe argue some of that for other characters but not as much for SB. I’m sure he has a good quality or 2 but that bad far outweighs the good. Like the sexism and racism. Also I wouldn’t say him killing HL was him following through. I think he saw himself in HL and he hates himself internally which is why he killed HL. Not because he has some obligation to follow through. I think he could care less about that


Interesting take. Thanks for sharing it >he hates himself internally which is why he killed HL Wouldnt that mean that he is regretful? Like if that's the case and he recognizes that he's been shitty, does that mean that killing HL is like an attempt at redemption for him? Or is it more about continuing the line of abuse from his father?


Personally my impression is that he both wants to be what his father wants him to be and at the same time loathes him deeply, which makes for a pretty conflicted personality. Add to that those superpowers and his situation in life and you have a ticking bomb. If he had been there when Homelander was growing up he'd probably be more stable and be a different kind of an asshole, though I doubt that'd made HL a better person in a meaningful way.


If you had SB raising HL, HL would still be evil he would just be way harder to manipulate. Idk if they outright say it but Vought definitely got rid of SB so they could mould HL into an emotionally stunted manchild that they could control.


Ye as I said, just a different brand of asshole.


Dude stop debating, surely this guys a trump supporter


I didn't know that sitting and trying to make a well-thought-out statement is the sign of a Trump supporter. Seriously dude XD


Okay! I didn’t mean to debate. I was just sending one message then leaving. Preciate the response tho !


This post and many others like it seem to be criticizing the fact people are idolizing characters like SB, (which is irony) rather than simply judging the character as you’re explaining.


What I am arguing is that seeing SB as also being good/right in some parts, like the season finale or the Forrest scenes with the priest (kinda mentioned in this post) can be valid, regardless of how the creators intended the character to be like in general. I'm also arguing against the idea that there's a 100% clear good-bad distinction in characters overall, just shades of grey Besides, I haven't actually seen anyone unironically argue that SB was 100% good. Personally, I've seen people say "SB was right about HL and Ryan" or that the character is badass and people calling them "fanboys" and responding with "but SB has done X and Y bad thing" or "that's not what the creators intended" Although ngl I haven't read literally every comment here, so some might have idk


I mean, he is badass. But he’s also bad, and an ass


The closest thing to good guys are MM but he neglects his family over his obsession and Annie but her powers suck and she doesn't like to dress nice.


> and she doesn’t lien to dress nice This has “women should smile more” energy.


More like starlight but she's a hypocrite who has also killed people and she literally put her moral high ground above stopping the biggest threat to humanity


It’s not really a matter of he’s “good” or “bad”. No one is stating he’s 100% of either side, but we can definitely deduce he’s a terrible person overall as he has few redeeming qualities. There are multiple post that attempt to explain away SB’s behavior that clearly show a double standard. This isn’t really a narrative analysis, as the issues revolves around people completely missing the point of the character and then idolizing him because he has humorous lines.


Depends on what you’re willing to forgive I guess. Racism is a sticking point for some of us.


Yeah you're right SB is also racist. I kinda forgot the reference to Birmingham. The general toxicity has been more pronounced overall. Which reminds me that Starlight also accuses Butcher of being a bigot and compares him to HL, so I guess they also have that in common. Regardless though, when discussing the season finale neither of these are relevant.


Imo it’s all about being honest about the characters. The Boys is all about terrible people, they’ve all got problems. But I don’t have a problem admitting I love Homelander because he’s a piece of shit. The best part of the show is watching him get more and more unhinged imo. My problem with a lot of the Soldier Boy fans is when they defend his morality. By all means love the guy, but don’t sugar coat him also being a turd. They’re all turds in their own way.


Yeah agreed. They're all a bunch of cunts lol


It’s because he ended up being the only one willing to kill homelander. And killing homelander is way more important than a character being a bit racist because he literally threatened to kill everyone. Ergo, Soldier Boy is morally superior


He's also a product of his time where most man is casually racist anyway. For what he is he's adjusting quite well.


True, my grandfather was born in 1942 and he was never liberal enough for todays standards, but that doesnt mean he wasnt a great human being. In 60 years ppl will call us bigoted and yet we wont magically turn into terrible human beings.




Hahaha *"Understandable, have a nice day"*


He shot JFK, bru.


Omg now you made it political!! /s


I really don't see Butcher beating the shit out of Hughie or Frenchie until parts of their brain is splattered out on the ground..... but I guess they're just two sides of the same fucking coin!


>they're just two sides of the same fucking coin! That's exactly the point being made for Butcher and HL, and his similarities with SB suggest something similar. Butcher really isn't an all good guy (almost no one is on the show really) that is well established (by Starlight, by mindstorm and hughie, by the fact that he wouldn't take a deal that would protect his team, by the fact that in season 3 we see him treating his team like trash etc). The main character perspective kinda overshadows all that but it's still true. Again: both have horrible relationships with their fathers, both tried to avoid that by enlisting to the military, both share violence and cruelty as the primary way of expressing emotions, both are cruel to their teams which leads to their teams turning on them, both are bigoted, both self medicate during the mission,


I mean doesn’t he literally kill them in comics?


1. Put a spoiler on that. 2. Are we talking about comics Butcher?


Yep and comics Butcher is a pretty different animal tho isn't he? So far the books and the comics have diverged quite a bit, it'd be a real shame if they just took this back to the comics ending...


To be fair soldier boy beat the shit out of black noir so badly that his brains splattered out of his head because black noir and the rest of payback were betraying him at that moment. Which I’m not justifying the beating of his teammates I’m just saying that one was a bit more explainable.


Idk why people are being dicks to you. Takes like 2 minutes to read a nice well-thought out comment on a mutual interest but these idiots act like they're soooo busy even tho they are on this subreddit?? Anyway I agree with your points. imo the show has a really problem with telling us things about soldier boy, temp v, Hughes, etc but not showing us. So what we are told is polar opposite of what we see, which is obviously difficult to reconcile.


Thanks, mate. I appreciate your comment.


Death of the author.


He’s awful but they gave him some of the best lines in fiction


He’s toxic masculinity personified, I’d say


It's almost horrifying how that's considered a positive around this subreddit.


No no no, we love Jensen Ackles, he’s funny and a good actor, plus handsome and the dude who played Dean


True, but I think some get lost in Ackles’ charisma and forget just what a piece of shit Soldier Boy is


It’s the wolf of wall street again, isn’t? Where the guys it mocks love it most.


Go back even further. Figh Club again.


As a huge Fight Club fan you just reminded me of how insufferable some Fight Club fans were back when that was driving pop culture


Apt parallel


Fr if it wasn't Jensen who played him I would not even like soldier boy one bit


Because a lot of folks don’t get they’re the butt of the joke in The Boys.


It's not that horrifying - have you picked up on the adolescent vibe of the subreddit, of this very post? You're in a community of teenage and teenage-minded boys.


He is fine af, but not marriage material


I'm really confused, maybe I'm just getting old , but isn't a Chad not a bad thing to be? Certainly used to be.


Hey, he’s a hero!


He didn't storm shit


Nah he just toxic...


What is the difference between toxic masculinity and regular masculinity?


Toxic masculinity is that type of masculinity that makes you hide your emotions and lash out at others. Normal masculinity is fishing and chopping wood.


And a diverse knowledge of the world ....and flannel and IPA


Normal masculinity is more like having a beard and wearing more ‘manly’ clothing.


What is this, 2012? Normal masculinity is being a man who is confident.


Well, you can be masculine without being a man.


So if you don’t chop wood and fish you’re a bitch. Let even more versions of toxic masculinity spring forth.


If that's what toxic masculinity looks like, I'm gonna be the most toxic motherfucker I can be


You can be well groomed and in shape without being a total dick lol. It’s not like being toxic is a necessary part of any workout routine or good hygiene.


Like Jensen himself. Well groomed, in shape, has a beautiful singing voice, and is by every account I’ve seen a super nice guy that’s loving and devoted to his wife and children.


Soldier Boy but without being an asshole is what a real chad would be.


Most people are toxic to some degree, especially on the internet. And people seem to think only men are toxic, but from what I’ve seen women are frightening toxic here too


yes... toxic masculinity is a different thing from being toxic in general.....


One example of toxic masculinity would be stuff like keeping your emotions locked up because of the whole, “men don’t cry,” stereotype. An example of toxic femininity would be expecting a man to pay for everything for you.


Aint too surprised why they downvoted u 😂😂😂


I agree, the downvotes on your comment prove right to this


He sad look likes not is are like


Please tell me this is satire. With some fans of this show it's hard to tell


Outside of sub, Soldier boy is treated as a chad. Especially those sigma male edits you see on IG.


I mean most ppl like soldier boy as an anti hero because he's "funny" delivering, hide what he truly feels under a shell (like most men of his time) and also the fact that he's played by a guy as handsome as Jensen Ackles make him more appealing (halo effect)


Actually I’d say Soldier Boy is more of an Anti-Villain. Whereas an Anti-Hero like the Punisher or Billy Butcher May do the wrong things for the right reasons, an Anti-Villain like Soldier Boy does the right thing for the wrong reasons; For example, the desire to kill Homelander is, in and of itself, an inarguable good, but he holds that desire for incredibly selfish reasons.


True. They miss all the depth the character has.


Most IG sigma male edits are heavily sarcastic


That might be their original intention, but is that how they're interpreted?


Yeah I can't really speak for the audience...


It’s the same thing as Patrick Bateman being “idolized” by men. I guarantee 90% it sigma male content and memes on Instagram, YouTube, tiktok, etc is sarcastic. The concept is funny. The issue is that people take it seriously because of that 10% it idiots like Andrew Tate and his followers that make the jokes seem real by actually doing things more absurd than the memes.


Yes 100%


Why is soldier boy there instead of The Peak?


Asking the important questions


Please be satire Please be fucking satire


Sanest r/TheBoys member (OP)


Is your brain getting fucked by stupid




Alright buddy , enough TheBoys for today


Mans literally Andrew Tate with women wdym 💀


“How a real Chad looks like” is terrible grammar. It should be “this is WHAT a real Chad looks like.” If we’re assuming Chads are bad guys, then sure. I guess Soldier Boy is a major Chad.


Well the meme never specifically stated it's referring to soldier boy, this is just a picture Jensen Ackles working hard at his job to get paid which is pretty Chad if you ask me.


OP is prob not a native speaker


They’ll never get better if no one tells them when they make a mistake


He looks nice, and is a funny character... but he's not a chad. He's the literal embodiment of toxic masculinity.


most people that use the term chad probably mean with it toxic masculinity tho


Yeah I’m confused, isn’t a chad just the ideal man’s man which is often directly related to toxic masculinity?


He's just hot, nothing more nothing less y'know "do the Helen Keller" but also erase the mouth and he's perfect


Y'know what, fuck my original comment he's just eye candy


How the hell are we supposed to get such amazing songs then?


Extremely handsome and physically strong piece of shit. Disgusting embodiment of American Imperialism‘s public front AND cowardly murderous knife in the back hand, sad, sad, saaaad example of old forms of toxic masculinity. But hey, at least he wouldn’t knowingly fuck a nazi if she stroked his Ego. Only if she were a proper American lynching Superhero. Gotta say though, if you compare old man toxic masculinity to Homelander‘s more current toxic masculinity, Soldier Boy‘s the better one in the bad lot.


Pretty much sums my thoughts, well said!


Today is not a good day to have eyes, I hope this is satire.


Out fresca’d again😔😔


Motherfucker is so mentally fragile that he literally explodes every time he is reminded of his trauma and needs an elephant sized cocktail of drugs and booze on a daily basis to cope with reality. What's chad about that?


I feel like a lot of people would be like this if they somehow managed to survive 30 years in captivity constantly being tested on with fatal painful machines but idk maybe I’m wrong


He was always like this. Or arguably worse in some of the flashbacks. The problem isn't what he's been through, it's how he chooses to deal(or not deal) with it.


It says how chad looks like, it didn't say anything about how chad acts like ![gif](giphy|pCJcExvbKdSeyyv8zP|downsized)


​ ![gif](giphy|2IaRLSMi6SaHW3ozfh)


I don’t know about you, but having PTSD doesn’t prevent a man from being able to be a “Chad”. We need to stop making fun of men’s mental health.


Way to miss the entire point. It's not about his PTSD. It's about how he can't even acknowledge that he has it because he thinks it would make him "weak", despite the fact that he can't even function because of it.


He is slighltly less bad than homelander. Instead of an asshole egocenteic sociopath, he's an asshole


Soldier boy is meant to represent American conservatism, kinda John Wayne vibes. Someone who's rugged, gruff, but ultimately an asshole and who's ideas just cause more problems


He’s not even half the man Mother’s Milk is


Guys please stop missing the point by several thousand miles


I love the caracther, but he's toxic and bully others to feel strong... So the old definition of Chad in movies


Soldier boy was fucking terrible, or am I missing something?


He's a fucking monster what the fuck


This is worse than Facebook memes


If he was given proper time to deal with his ptsd, maybe a therapist and stuff, he could've become an actual good guy I never got the feeling that post-Russia Soldier Boy was still the same dickhead he used to be, it really changed him Also Cool man go boom


Utter piece of shit. I fucking love his character. So toxic. So funny. So fucked up.


He’s a horrible person, like everyone else. I love him.


Black Noir is at least 10x the Chad Soldier Boy is


did you watch the show


The real chad is mother milk, not SB


This post made me leave the sub


I’ve got to leave this sub. I don’t know how it turned into a bad Facebook meme page.


This has to be satire






I'm happy this sub isn't entertaining op's dumbass take anymore


He’s a huge prick


Nothing was confirmed, but I think he molested Gunpowder


For the sake of jokes, Soldier Boy is a chad But joking aside, Soldier Boy is only the most superficial scrapings that make up a “typical” chad; he’s buff, appears confident and capable, doesn’t take shit from others, and acts like he’s good with the ladies. In reality, though, he’s insecure and is filled with self-loathing, and while those two traits might be indicative of someone truly suffering, and don’t necessarily indicate a bad person, the main problem with Soldier Boy is that he takes that inner insecurity, and tries to hide it by being cruel to others. His behaviors that are designed to lift him up come at the expense of others; for example, he could be the only movie star, and when Black Noir tried to get his first big role, SB beat him to the ground. A true chad is one who uses whatever strengths they have to lift others up. True, the default skin chad is a buff dude with a chiseled jaw, but those are aesthetic, and not necessary prerequisites to be a true chad.


This show failed to make him appear as a true villain. He’s an extremely likable asshole.


Mf he killed jfk, shot up protestors, beat noir almost to death, and was abusive to his team


But we didn’t get to see any of it


Who gives a fuck it still happened. ‘You killed my family.’ ‘Which one?’


I just feel like there was a huge disconnect between what we see on the screen and what we are supposed to feel, he doesn’t come across as someone who’s a fraud in the slightest, he doesn’t admit it when confronted, he basically just acts like a slightly meaner Butcher. I just don’t get, “damn he’s worse than Homelander” vibes


He’s not worse than HL but he’s still a piece of shit.


Its really Jensen Ackles is difficult to root against.


Love the character but he’s pretty much toxic masculinity personified


Toxic masculinity doesnt exist


It was defeated by toxic femininity in 1973


No, he's not a Chad. Chads are just naturally good men, he did a fuckton of fucked up things that's why he was betrayed by his entire team.


Chad was a mohawked Adonis from Incel cartoons. I'm not sure he was "good". Even when walking, he was noted to physically batter other pedestrians into submission as he cleared the path before him. It was the famous "Chad Walk" meme. Sounds like Soldier Boy to me.


He's a bitch-ass motherfucker


Whoever made this meme either has zero media literacy skills or hasn't watched the show


He's an alleged pedophile.


He's a pretty basic sack of shit. Charismatic, but still basic and still a sack of shit


Love the character but please get better role models


So cringe. You are literally what the show is making fun of.


Pull the stick out of your ass and have some fun


Supporting toxic masculinity is so fun 😊😊


What's wrong with the guy in the first pic. Birth defect?


Yeah I think it’s the chin


Only a straight man can turn another man gay


You missed the point so hard you are in a different hemisphere


The Chad on the top is so homosexual that as a homosexual I often want to beat off to him. But also the one on the bottom. This post is about a hot top and a hot bottom.


I don't think anybody cares what people jerk off to


I'm so confused. I hear some people talking like being a Chad is about the best thing a dude can be. Then I hear some saying Chads are assholes. I'm an old fart. Please excuse my ignorance. Lol


I think it depends on the context


If we are talking Jensen Ackles the actor, yes he’s a chad and they’re the same picture.


I love Soldier Boy, he stormed the beaches of Normandy with my grandfather. Soldier Boy is a true american hero.


I swear a lot of y’all don’t know what an antihero is. It’s ok to like Tony Soprano. Character development is best when there is no wholly good or wholly evil. Just like every human there is good and evil in all of us. It is the battle between the two that defines us.


Are people allowed to love soldier boy as a character bc he's a hilarious garbage person and also Jensen Ackles is hot AF? How are people so fucking sensitive about people enjoying fiction. Like I also love Dennis Reynolds. He's a psychopath, but he makes me laugh. Is that not ok or is this only a problem because so many fans of the boys are a bunch of angry virgins and they don't like hot dudes being lusted after?


It’s pretty cool to see all the Soldier Boy simping on this sub


\>wakes up in the future \>immediately starts his revenge mission \>learns he has a son \>calls him shit \>has the mission to kill his son \>does it without hesitation \>completely focused on the mission


Call it toxic masculinity all you want, I rather take him as a model than the so called positive examples of male behavior that this show portrays. Seriously, who would be the reference for healthy masculinity? Hughie?


Mpther milks I guess? Wouldn't you use him as a role model?


I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t model the behavior of anyone from this show


Ever considered that **everyone** might be shitty in this show?


Except mother's milk he can do no wrong ♥️


There are many different Chads, considering there are many different things people believe, some might say soldier boy is Awesome, and others will say he is not, Only the reader can make that decision (Deep poetic moment🥺) (Also Btw he isn't much of a good person😥 I wouldn't cream my pants for him that much)




"It's the same picture."