My god this looks so effing good ! It even looks like she's got her sister working with her !! And obviously Susie cashes in the insurance money because Midge has bought the apartment and now this !!! I'm so beyond excited !!!


Yeah it looks like we'll see more of Tess this season. And maybe if she's working with Susie she can get financial independence and get away from her husband.


I know this isn't necessarily related to your comment, but I was shocked to finally figure out on my like 4th rewatch last month that Tess is played by the same actress who played Francie in Gilmore Girls - the redhaired, mean-girl at Chilton. I knew she was familiar, but i just didn't figure it out until now. Excited to see what happens with her this season!


Some will recall her as Sammi from Shameless. She's not very popular amongst those viewers though!


She was also in desperate housewives


Amen sister !


I am kinda worried because at some point it seems they are both entering jail (there seems to be police officers?) It might be they got away with it at first but then they were catched? Still súper excited. 😬


I think it's probably the bank , and they are there to verify the insurance claim? Idk but it seems that they do indeed cash the money


I'm guessing the fourth/final teaser trailer (tomorrow?) will be about Joel? I'd kind of hoped there would be one about Lenny but I guess he's not a main character so probably not!


Ya a bunch of people on Twitter are assuming it’s either gonna be a teaser for whatever Milo’s character is gonna do or it’s gonna be about Joel (and possibly Joel with Mei) but I would kill for a Lenny trailer. Though who knows if there is enough time with him to even get a trailer out of it. I know he’ll be more involved in this season but the show isn’t too concerned with Lenny’s career except for showing the big moments. And that’s fine, it is a show about Midge after all but because it sets him up Midge’s friend first and a influential comedian second it means there isn’t enough of him outside of Midge’s sphere to put in a trailer


I think it's safe to say the final teaser will most likely be about Joel as he's the only other main cast member who hasn't been featured yet, and Lenny and Milo's character are just side characters. I do think they're missing a trick though by not doing a fifth teaser for Lenny - Amazon Prime know that Lenny's a fan-favourite and that people like the Midge/Lenny relationship, so it would make sense for them to use him in their marketing for the season. Oh well, there's hope to see Lenny in the main trailer when that hopefully comes out in December/January!


The real question is, what part of [\*Rose's Turn\*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsgVIr3LNbU) will they use in the fourth teaser?


I think it'll be about Joel and his parents. Those were my thoughts exactly when watching this teaser.


Season 4 premieres on February 18, 2022, with two new episodes dropping every Friday for four weeks.


The colors of the show are always amazing


Like her hats


I love the Canadian Club sign on Times Square!


OMG, I'm so excited to see more of Tess and her curly curly hair!


I am too! I'm hoping that Suzie uses her law degree to help her leave her husband!


Is that white dress the one Midge was wearing at the end of S3?


God, I love Susie. The more Susie, the better!


this is probably my favorite of the 3 teaser trailers


So far we’ve gotten a Midge Teaser, Rose/Abe Teaser, and a Susie Teaser... are we getting one about Joel and his story tomorrow?? 👀


Update: I was right!!


Oooo a brief shot of her with Harry! A reconciliation perhaps?


I love Susie so much, when she is sad and her voice starts to crack i bawl my eyes out i dont know why 🤦🏻‍♀️