Jesus Christ almighty, that was an incredibly shitty thing for them to do…I’m so sorry that you had to go through that, my dude


Thanks dude. If its anything, when my boss tried to get me to leave through a fire exit I just said "gee, thanks" and kept walking. No clue why she decided to follow me like that, or get me to leave through a fire exit when everyone had to leave through the main entrance. Guess it was like I was a commoner at that point or something lol.


Some people just take a sick pleasure at other people’s misery. At least you’re free from such a monstrous woman.


It’s honestly no use tryin to figure out why shitty people do shitty things, it’s an exercise in futility. It’s not easy, but the knowledge that their shitty treatment isn’t a reflection of you, but rather a reflection of *them* is what’s important. It sounds like you’ve had a rough go of it and I’m sorry you’re goin through it. And btw what your old bosses did was absolutely illegal. At least in the US it is; employers are not allowed to discriminate based off illnesses and whatnot.


They are not allowed to discriminate against you for illness in the UK either




"from the hospital phone" implies they were still at the hospital after their **suicide attempt** unless you think OP stole the hospital phone for later use at home. If someone gets into a car crash and is unconscious do you presume "job abandonment". A delay in informing their employer given the extreme circumstances of a suicide attempt needs a little understanding. I think we can presume that OP was not in full possession of all their faculties and the balance of their mind was not perfect if they were attempting to end their own life. That would mean that they could reasonably be described as "too incapacitated to contact work". Even friends and hospitality staff could be forgiven for not making contacting OP's job the number one priority given they had just tried to take their own life. Mental illness is *illness* and if the lack of full performance at their job was due to an acknowledged and ongoing mental illness then maybe a conversation could have been had and reasonable accommodation should have been made by the employer (solutions suggested to aid OP's memory, for example). I honestly can't understand anyone who looks at this and is fully on the employer's side, when they were cackling in laughter at someone who had tried to kill themselves.


It doesn’t matter how long you were there, if they discriminate against you because of a disability (which it appears they have), you are protected from Day 0 (the day of your interview/first interaction with the organisation). ACAS normally only allow 3 months less 1 day from the date of dismissal. However, in extenuating circumstances (such as hospitalisation), they can grant an extension. I would look into that option of you have the strength to do it. Whatever you decide, good luck with everything.


Fuck those people, name and shame! Be glad you don’t work for such slime anymore. Hope you’re doing better OP


I'll second this. Name and shame. That way people will know who to avoid when looking for work.


I'll probably leave a shit review on Indeed. As far as Im aware its all I can do at this point.


Oh hell. This is disgusting and they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. I’m so sorry you had to go through this and deal with these absolutely abhorrent human beings. I hope and pray karma bites them in the ass REALLY HARD.


This world screams "mental health!!!" and then people do shit like this to someone obviously struggling. It's so effed up.


Holy fuck I’m so shocked. These people are awful, it’s insane how easily people lose their humanity when it comes to the work field. We’ve truly come to a point where we’re seen as working machines and nothing more. I’m sorry you had to go through that, it’s fucked up. I hope your new job is a better environment for you.


Are you sure you don't have schizophrenia?


This is absolutely awful. Can you do something about this with any higher ups or anything? Those people are evil and should not be in any position of power. When I attempted suicide and was in the hospital, my boss told me to take all the time off I needed even though it was super last minute and we were going through staffing issues. I was never made to feel bad and got as much time off as I needed. You should’ve been given the same courtesy


HR is the biggest bully at any company. Sad that 75% of the time the department is made up of a bunch of worn out sorority girls who feel the need to use their position as a tool to take out their insecurities on employees. HR is not your friend


I am sorry that you went through this. Those people sound incredibly rude and unsympathetic and just plain ignorant. It was brave of you to open up about your MH battle. MH issues are so stigmatized across societies and it’s a shame because if we had a broken leg, it’s visible and treatable in an ER. However with MH illnesses they can be invisible to the eye. Wishing you strength & happiness and hopefully you can see a good specialist soon to offer some relief. Hang in there. 🙏


I'm glad you found a new job. Those people don't deserve a decent sort like you.


And y’all shit on the United states about healthcare. Since you haven’t been officially, you can’t sue them or anything for wrongful termination.


I thought discrimination due to a disability (mental health is a disability) is illegal no matter the time frame- I’d check again.


OP said they haven’t received a diagnosis as of yet; I think that’s why the old bosses cut them early, because if OP had their diagnosis then the employer would be in a sticky spot.


Think you've hit the nail on the head. The minute I brought up the fact my mental illness was undiagnosed, that was when they sent me outside.


Surely if you have a documented suicide attempt that’d be more than enough evidence to show they are discriminating against you based on your mental illness? Mentally healthy people don’t attempt suicide. I lost my first job when I was 16 (UK also) because I asked to work fewer days since I was also studying, and was overworking myself, and I was honest that I had mental health issues at the time that were being affected by so much stress. I was “let go” by the following weekend. I wish I’d fought it at the time, not because I wanted the job, but because they allowed people to keep their jobs when they’d consistently turn up late, or drunk/hungover at a job where they had to look after customers’ safety, or they wouldn’t show up at all despite bosses knowing they’d been out drinking the night before. I was a good kid and showed up when I was needed. I just wanted fewer hours and they couldn’t give me a good reason for terminating my employment. Still refuse to mention any of my mental health history at any jobs since then. It’s not worth it.


I did ask on legaladvice about it and I apparently don't have a leg to stand on because I only worked there a few months. Shit sucks. Most I can do is give them a shitty review on Indeed lol.


You could also go to your local paper and make sure the whole community knows what reprobates those people are. It might also raise the issue of chronic under-funding of the NHS. Sorry you had to endure their mockery and I hope you're in a better place now.


Yes very fucked up im sorry you went through this. I suffer from bi polar anxitey depressiom ptsd trama is there not any laws there or anythimg aginst this


I have no idea how this is considered legal. I have no idea how so many people could be so terrible. All those bitches are going to hell. How can they live with themselves, treating someone in your condition like that??? People need to take mental health seriously. Those assholes put you in the hospital, they need to be held accountable for this. What’s going to happen when a student becomes suicidal, they’re gonna treat them like this??? They’re gonna fucking kill people


I would have flipped them the double bird, and then done it again upside down and sideways, told them to fuck themselves with a curling iron and never contact me or approach me ever again.


So in a nutshell, unless you can get officially diagnosed for your mental illness, they automatically assume your lying? Sounds about right. Happens everywhere now. I hurt my back and this couldn’t perform so well (manual Labouring job). It wasn’t bad enough to go and get it checked as it was a pulled muscle(still painful). I told them this in the performance investigation and they completely discarded it and put me straight in for a disciplinary. The general vibe I got was that if you get injured go straight to a doctor and get it in writing otherwise they just take it for granted your lying and lazy. I know it’s a total different situation but it seems like that was the grounds they used to sack you. If you can get diagnosed soon you may be able to sue them in retrospect.


Holy flaming shitballs, who are these people? I’m sorry you had to go through that, and I’m glad that you have now moved on a little. I hope things get better for you.


Thank you. So far they are. College has been good for putting my confidence back together the past few months. Hopefully once I get my vet nursing diploma things will look up.


It's a terribly unfortunate situation and I'm sorry you're going through all this. But, tbh if you're so mentally unstable that you tried to commit suicide how are the people in charge supposed to know you wouldn't snap and do something to an employee or a child?


Eh? Attempting suicide and harming others don’t exactly correlate! Look up the 2010 Equality Act to see why what they did was so wrong. They were able to sack her because she didn’t have a formal diagnosis, so they’re pretty much in the clear if this is challenged. I’ve unfortunately been the recipient of this kind of behaviour as well, also during a struggle with mental health. Your manager and the others are insecure vile bullies who thrive on ganging up on others. It never ends well for them.


They aren't a 1:1 correlation but, my point was that he's mentally unstable. How is the board of the school supposed to know how far his instability reaches? How do they know it stops with himself? That's an awful big risk to take. I never said I agree with what transpired, just some perspective.


Heartless bitches.. glad you’re doing better, hope you find a healthier work environment


Why are school administrators always such pieces of shit? This is an international phenomenon, apparently.


Unbelievable. It takes all kinds…I just pray you get the help that you need. These are insignificant, insensitive subhumans. At the blink of an eye our lives could change—a true little fact these women may not be aware of. I always say: “by the grace of GOD, there goes I.” Maybe they will learn empathy and compassion for others. Again, so sorry this happened.


That was horrendous. Consider this a blessing in disguise. You do not want to be working with people who have no empathy. If these people were decent, they would’ve attempted to try to do something to help you out. Instead they showed their true ugly colors.


Hugs 🤗 Your ex bosses sounded horrible. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. I mean it sucks how they let you go. But it sent you on for bigger and (hopefully) better things. Please get help if you can--if your current doc won't help get a second opinion. Or a third if necessary. Good luck and hugs 🤗🤗🤗


I want to serve them shit filled brownies after a Taco Bell dinner. Seriously. Fuck these people. I always tell my kids,”Watch how you treat people going through a Storm, you never know when you may find yourself experiencing the same Weather.” I’m sorry they did this to you. Sending virtual hugs.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. Treating you like that is appalling. I would recommend reaching out to r/antiwork - a lot of their resources are US based, but I’m sure that there is support for UK folks.


Honestly, this is going to sound harsh but it is not your employers job to “care”. It is their job to run a business. And it’s not fair to them to keep someone employed who may possibly be out frequently, and for long periods of time with short notice because they are mentally ill. See a different doctor, get a diagnosis, and get treatment so that you can be fit to work


Why did I have to scroll so far to find this completely reasonable comment? Not to mention it sounds like they had not been at this job very long which would not bode well for him in the eyes of almost any employer in the universe.


Thousands of people have mental illness like this. They need to work to afford the hospital bill so they can get the diagnosis in the first place, which they’ve started, has been an issue. What’s not fair is to hold something they can’t control against them and still expect them to function in society in the same way you can. You obviously don’t understand what mental illness is or does, you need education.


I think this is rather harsh, especially since you are talking to someone who attempted suic*de.


The world is harsh. Attempting suicide frequently kinda makes you unfit to work


I think you should get a job where he used to work. You’d fit in rather well.


Because I seek proper treatment for mental illnesses instead of self diagnosing myself with schizophrenia and want people who are consistent with showing up to work as employees? You’re right lol


Didnt diagnose myself or said I had it. I just said I might based on what the NHS have told me. Ive been trying to get help for three years and been accused of drug seeking or put on waiting lists. Asides from going private I dont know what else I should do.


You are a part of the schizophrenic subreddit and comment on posts about you being schizophrenic. I’d call that a self diagnosis


Not everyone has access to mental health care let alone qualify health care.


OP is receiving health care, per the post


I’m speaking in general though. There are many people who have trouble accessing mental health care. It’s more pronounced these days because many people are suffering mentally due to isolation, quarantines, job loss, etc.. Since the start of COVID there’s actually been an increase of hospitalizations in suicide attempts, especially in children who have a hard time coping with isolation. The wait times to see a professional are long, leaving people to suffer further until they see someone.


For a suicide attempt, they legally have to be held for a couple days at least. That would mean those people are not waiting, they are immediately being mentally evaluated


No, because you’re sarcastic, and heartless.


I’m neither of those things, the word you’re looking for is reasonable. Everyone has ailments, the world is not going to cater to you. The “woah is me” is not going to get you places in life.


This sub is called “Off my chest”, and no, I wouldn’t call you reasonable.


I wouldn’t call you reasonable either lol. Stop babying people for attention seeking behaviors. And that’s fine, not sure what the sub name has to do with it. This is Reddit, expect input to be given when you post on a public platform.


What a terrible day! My condolences, that actually is really fucked!


See, in America, they would think twice , because for all they know, that’s how they all end up in the national news, where politicians asks for thoughts and prayers.


This is so awful and due to it being traumatic is likely why it's still in the forefront of your mind. I'm so sorry that you can't get the help you need. I finally gave up on the NHS and now shell put £70 per session with my therapist. He is amazing though. (My husband is paying) I also have mental health issues depression/anxiety/PMDD and my therapist diagnosed PTSD. Yay. It feels like hell to work out my issues and it's such a long road. Please don't give up. Try giving Samaritans a call next time- they are actually not bad! Try to change gp's or something so you can get signed off work for a longer time so you can at least get benefits. It's a massive struggle going to work when you are fighting those demons in your mind. I truly wish you all the best


I briefly worked with 2 women who were incredibly nasty people. One of them told us a story about a man she didn’t like in her previous job. Her and (I can only assume some of her other colleagues) decided to play a prank on him and would move stuff on his desk, make things disappear and make his life difficult whilst totally denying anything was wrong. He ended up having a full mental breakdown and was apparently still suffering years later, and this woman was laughing about it. I was absolutely mortified. The other woman I worked with also found it hilarious. I was very glad to leave. The boss screamed in my face one day for no reason and told me it was my fault. Quit that day.


I got fired for saying I was suicidal because my boss was verbally abusing me almost daily. But I know an employment lawyer so I got a nice settlement but I was mentally fucked up for years after that.


I've been through similar before, after being admitted to the hospital for a suicide attempt. I was fired not even a week later. I ended up suing that company. I'm so so sorry you had to experience that. I would call an attorney just to make sure, who knows? Maybe you could get some justice. I really hope you're doing better mentally. I pray you have healing, strength, and a way better job now.


Those are nasty people. I’m so sorry they treated you this way. You certainly did not deserve it.


What is your mental illness?


He doesn't like going to work. I've been diagnosed too it's rough.


The doctors apparently suspect its schizophrenia but I've never been able to get them to elaborate.


Mental illness makes people uncomfortable. Next job, I wouldn't mention that.


They asked on my application form if I had a disability and mental illness was one of the options. I just assumed they'd take it into account since it affects my day-to-day life.


If you mentioned it as a disability then they could potentially be in breach of the 2010 Equality Act. This is why they kept pushing to see if you had a formal diagnosis, which is hardly their business.




Dude, I don't know what your issue is with me. Do you live in the UK? Do you have any idea what the mental healthcare system is like? Do you know what waiting lists are? Have you read anything about how underfunded the NHS itself is? Also, when did I say I wasn't medicated? I was given anti-psychotics after being discharged when I got fired. I had been on anti-depressants for almost a year at the time. If you want me to send you proof, be my guest. I dont know what your deal is.


They're in the UK. Is that there too?


Yes (I’m in the UK)


What shit ass people they are. I am so sorry. You truly did not deserve any of this regardless of how long you've been there. I'm not sure if you've heard of Citizens Advice? (I'm from UK too). I've never actually used them myself but it might be worth getting into contact with them. Also, if you have it, it might be best reread the contract you had with them because they definitely have not handled this properly at all - even for a private company I think they still have to follow some sort of guideline. But of course all this could be a stressful and traumatic process to go through so you do whatever feels best for you. Fuck those guys. Honestly don't know how people like that sleep at night treating people like that. Sending my love


This would fit good over on r/antiwork I'm sorry this happened to you. You didn't deserve it


They were 100% correct for getting rid of you as fast as possible. People in your emotional state see danger everywhere and live in constant fear. And are utterly incapable of seeing reality as it really is. You absolutely cannot be trusted and in your apathetic state, you are a walking timebomb. I would bet that no one was laughing or smiling at you. That was part of your delusional world view. I'm sure you made a lot of mistakes, not just a bag in the wrong place. You were probably in your own dream world the entire time. People here will treat you like a normal person and give you the sympathy you crave. I, however, have seen your kind before. You are a serious danger to anyone around you. You cannot be trusted and WILL ALWAYS LIE. Never, ever, sympathize these types of apathetic people. They don't really want help. They want to take as many people as they can down with them. And they WILL take people down with them. ALWAYS.




I'm sorry that happened to you, that's terrible and unwarranted. Those women sound like they're less mature then the students.


This was so horrible for you, but it doesn’t surprise me. Corporations care nothing about their employees. Keep your personal business to yourself. A friend of mine had similar issues and told his boss he was in a car accident when he had to go to the hospital. He’s still working there and no one is the wiser. I’m so sorry this happened to you.


I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope you are doing well now.


Some people are just awful humans. Your boss sounded like a genuine pos.. you didn’t deserve that.


These people are scum. I'm furious on your behalf and I hope you'll look into lodging a discrimination complaint with the relevant body if you have those rights where you live. There's no excuse for this sort of treatment and the company needs to be checked so other employees don't have to suffer this inhumane bullshit as well.


Holy fucking cow… That was so fucked up. I’m so sorry that happened. I hope you feel better soon!


I’m so sorry for your experience. :(


(Sarcasm) such NICE people to work for! It's like Sharon (fake name, true story) coming to work with face bruised, head swollen, and people laughing at her. You deserve better.


What the actual fuck!!??


I, too, was 'let go' in a very F'ed up way and I've been digging out of that depression hole since March 2020. I'm very glad you've been getting better & have a different job now. You give me hope that I can get out of this, too. TY for your inspiration ✌️💜💪🏿


I am so sorry:( this was incredibly heartbreaking to read my friend but I am so glad you are still here to tell it to us and to seek clarity and just get it off your chest. They treated you terribly. And I can tell by how vivid it is for you that you replay it often. I hope in posting it here, you can begin to move from it. I also admire and applaud you for continuing to seek treatment and a diagnosis and I wish you all the best on that front. I love you and I hope you love you too!




I’m so sorry for what happened to you. Unfortunately these days there aren’t much people that care about mental health of other


can you raise this with the employment tribunal?


i'm so sorry you had to go through this :( i don't go to a private school but i am very closely connected with a few and know how they work. most people working there are just as entitled and prejudiced as the kids, and it's horrible to see. it's also horrible to see this manifestation of our poor mental health services - it affects people so much more than we think and the government needs to do something about this




For what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re alive!


\[making a list.gif\]


Post it to r/antiwork