ULPT: Are you a male that is 28+ using Tinder Plus?

ULPT: Are you a male that is 28+ using Tinder Plus?


Why over 28?


Because they are more desperate.


According to tinder they set their price on what certain demographics are able to pay. So the general consensus is, the older you are the more money you have to splurge on something like Tinder.


I'm sure that's a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Yeah, that's why I don't think this pro-tip is really all that unethical since it is to combat unethical business practices.


I used malpractice to destroy the malpractice.


I needed this laugh!


This is what airline companies do, however they use algorithms, from what I’m getting tinder just does a “if age then pays this price.” Also AFAIK California is the only state that recognizes discrimination based on age


That’s for employment anyways. This is for consumer products, they can discriminate as much as they want.


California also banned ladies nights at bars where women would get in free or get discounted drinks.


And the bars’ solution was to offer silly nights. Some I remember were high heels night, spaghetti strap tank top night, skirt night, etc. I remember an interview with the owner of one bar and he said business has actually improved with the ban of ladies night. He said that there were a few guys who took “advantage” of the situation and got discounted drinks, but after a few weeks more girls were turning out to see the guys act silly.


I think that's because women got wise to how predatory "ladies night" is. Bars trying to get women drunk to make money on the men who would come out in droves to try and take advantage of those women. However, the crowd of men willing to wear high heels for a drink discount isn't as likely to be as toxic and predatory, and likely just more fun.


https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/25/tinder-agrees-to-settle-age-discrimination-lawsuit/amp/ “Under the Settlement, Defendants agree to a multifaceted Settlement structure, which includes a universal participation component (automatic benefits to all Class Members);” the settlement states. “An additional cash or cash-equivalent payout to Class Members who submit timely valid claims; **and an agreement to substantially halt Defendants’ allegedly discriminatory practices going forward.”**


There’s a class action right now with bumble just because it caters to women. Which kind of defeats the purpose of bumble but thems the breaks


I received money in this lawsuit because my account was terminated while I had an active premium subscription (whatever they call it). I honestly have no idea why I was banned. The last thing that happened was I told a new match that I wasn't looking for a relationship at that point in my life, she unmatched, and 2 days later I was banned. I think my payment for the lawsuit was like $13 or something.


I got banned from bumble for asking a girl if she liked bread. Or it might have been the next thing I said but I can't recall...


“You look like you love bread”


How to tell someone they fat without calling them fat


Maybe she mistook it for "bun in the oven" lmao


A hot dog in the bun?


Hmm, do more women use it because of the BFF friend and Bzz network functions?


No, because they don't have to deal with men spamming their inbox


I honestly don't understand the difference. If they get spam on Tinder by swiping right, why wouldn't they get spam on Bumble by swiping right and beginning the convo? And if they don't begin the convo, why bother to swipe right? I honestly don't get the point.


Sometimes they swipe right just to see if they get a match - make them feel attractive to get matches with attractive males even if they aren't interested in making contact.


It lets them be the first to message.


How is giving discount to younger users a business malpractice? This happens at tons of places like concert tickets, train tickets buffet etc. At some places tickets are cheaper for even unemployed people.


Maybe to children or students, but I don't know of places that give discounts based on age.


Senior discounts? Kids eat free? That last one might be a relic of the 90's/00's though


In Europe many museums get a discount or are free if you're younger than 26, regardless if you study or work.


Age is protected in an employment context. You're kind of SOL otherwise. Theaters give discounts for kids, students, and charge adults more. Same for plenty of events you buy tickets for, and even some subscriptions. It's standard practice.


Age isn't even protected there. Age discrimination against the older crowd is illegal, age discrimination against the younger crowd is legal. Some states might refine this, but that's why you can have 55+ communities legally.


No? Insurance is entirely based on your age, sex, family and other stuff. Look at car insurance, the price for a single man in his 20's to a woman in her 50's is different


Insurance is a system of financial gambling and payouts. This is to get laid.


Dating is a system of financial gambling and payouts.


Similarly, financial gambling and payouts are a way to get laid.




Price segmentation isn’t illegal and has been a thing forever. Why do you think student / military / teacher / senior etc. discounts exist


It may not be illegal but that doesn't mean OP is an asshole for telling us how to circumvent paying the inflated prices that Tinder is making some people pay I'd give OP an award but I blew the money for it on my overpriced TinderPlus subscription


Who is calling OP an asshole lol


I think you’re misinterpreting my comment because I agree with you.. I was just speaking from the perspective that it’s not some form of illegal discrimination. It’s absolutely a shitty business practice for a dating site though


I think you’re projecting, they didn’t insult OP in any way, shape, or form. They simply stated it was legal for the company to alter price based on age, which doesn’t take away from anything OP said.


You're partially correct but partially wrong, there is nuance here, especially regarding the type of segmentation/discrimination you are doing. For example, you can't charge a gay person more for a haircut because you dislike gay people. Or discount a straight person or etc. California itself is pretty strict. You can't do ladies nights, you can't do men only activity clubs, etc.


All your examples are based on protected classes I think. Because of their work (or lack of it), military, teachers, seniors and students can get discounts. Gender would not be a part of it, I suppose.


Yes that’s why perfect price discrimination does not truly exist. It’s the white whale of revenue and pricing strategy for businesses


Or "white male"


Tinder also gives women more free likes than men


Nah. Maybe if it was women paying more, but since it's a male thing it's acceptable


Jokes on them..I’m 29 and all my friends and I are more broke now than we were at 18!


Yo, just so you know... Some of us get offers and discounts to renew or upgrade... Routinely enough that it's economical on a 33y/o single dad server in a tourist town... It's kinda fucking bullshit, but I wouldn't renew if it didn't magically become cheap right after I discontinued the sub...


"able" lmao


the older i get, the less i'm interested in messing up my pleasant life with some nutjob. because if they would be interested in a relationship with me, they'd probably have plenty of other issues also.


I like this reason the most. lmao


Facts. I can vouch for this.


Yeah this isn't true, it's actually the inverse - Men who are older are generally seen as more desirable on the dating market in general (And I'm generalizing don't eat me). 35 is seen as the best age for a man to date, as he's at his most physically desirable and wealthy statistically speaking. Don't fckin eat me look up any study you want. But it's definitely not because they're desperate.


Yeah I'm not sure why this is getting down voted, women are no doubt attracted to confident men, and that surely comes with age.


It's not hard to find this shit really: https://www.financialsamurai.com/why-single-men-love-growing-olde/ It's a golden age literally.


Ok. All I want to know is what the prices are and how they compare


This isn't Tinder, but OkCupid charges $60/month for a 30-40 year man




For $60 you could get Netflix, Prime Video, Pornhub Premium and a whole bunch of snacks.


tbf for 60 bucks im taking just a VPN, ride the high seas and get a shitton of snacks. I know PH Premium isn't in the list, but do we really need it ?


Valid point. Any video can be found with a well worded Google search.


I'm more of a torrent guy personally, but open directories are good too


its honestly not that necessary if you have a nice ship


By snacks, do you mean 2 dollar hoes?


But for $60 a month, the people could be real


Have you been on any online dating service? 50% minimum are non real profiles.


Match got caught scamming people with fake profiles. I used to be on Match and every time my subscription was up and I wasn\`t going to renew I would get bombarded with likes and winks and e-mails that I couldn\`t access unless I re-subscribed. Once I did, the profiles were missing or they never answered back. It was a scam.


Didnt match get introuble for having workers make fake profiles and chat with people then ghost the?


I know one of the founders of a particular dating site. In the early days the developers made several profiles each, all as women, to get the site going.


With a match rate <5% vs 100% efficacy on pornhub and a 50% real v bot ratio your actually paying a much higher premium to gamble at the chance of a real person.


Eharmony is like 68/month for its cheapest plan and women in my area aren't up to par. Least no spam profiles. Quite a ripoff.


Holy fuck, I remember when it was free. Met a few good relationships on there


I met my wife on free OKCupid


I was wondering why tf the prices nearly doubled since the last time I used it a couple of years ago..


what the fuck


first month for 1 month is always 29.99.... 43yo male


Same for 37(F). Six month sub is $89.99.


6 mo @ 14.99. Saves two pennies. ;)




Grindr has a much higher success rate.


Can't seem to find any women on it for some reason


Try Howlr for a crowd that is even more horny.


Is howlr mostly m/m as well?


I just searched and it’s a furry app? Whatever that means


Oh no


Oh no


Oh no no no no no


Oh yiff


Furries are people who dress up in animal fuzzy costumes and somehow get sexual gratification from it. For me, jerking off into a toilet seems way more appealing than finishing in a rented fox suit.


You seriously underestimate these people.. Rented fox suit..


I swear, there might as well not even be a 'gender filter' on that app. Like 80% of the users just tick literally every box so they show up no matter what you search lol


Why are gay people so much more sexually successful than straight people? I feel like gays do a REALLY good job at being gay but a lot of straight folks just suck at being straight. It’s just sad. I feel like the “””normal”””/“””default””” sexual orientation would be having more sex/intimate encounters but it’s the exact opposite. Straight people suck at being straight. How do you even know you’re heterosexual if you aren’t intimate with the opposite (hetero) sex?


>How do you even know you’re heterosexual if you aren’t intimate with the opposite (hetero) sex? By not being aroused by any other sex/gender. Not that hard to figure out.


Well there's no Grindr for lesbians, and even if there were, it's guaranteed to be a ghost town compared to Grindr.


Gay men are generally just more promiscuous. Guys just have higher levels of testosterone than women so they're usually looking for something and right now. Plenty of guys don't get emotionally connected to their sexual partners, so that could also make it easier?


It's just cuz dudes are horny lol, women are less horny and less willing to go to hookups (for reasons like safety, desire for emotional connection, etc) while a lot of men are into that stuff. So, of course gay guys fuck a lot, it's because they're guys whose target audience is guys.


Uh, men? The answer is men. This isn't that complicated.


If you can document evidence of this, I think you should send it to the attorney general in your state. This is price discrimination. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/competition-guidance/guide-antitrust-laws/price-discrimination-robinson-patman I don’t know if there is a payout for calling out antitrust behavior but it might be worth your time if you are noticing the different charges from Tinder anyway.


Don’t waste your time OP, this is perfectly legal. > The Act applies to commodities, but not to services, and to purchases, but not to leases.


So like every club in vegas ever?


There’s two sides to that, not having a Nevada ID and also self discriminating during online ticket sales.


Could you please explain further? I figured they were two seperate tickets and they wouldn’t let you in with the wrong one.


NAL, but if they denied you entry for having the "wrong" ticket it would very much make them liable to a gender discrimination law suite. It's self discrimination by paying for the more expensive ticket. Take for example a drivers license regardless of "gender" listed on it, you are still allowed to operate a vehicle. Same goes for ticketed events, you still bought and paid for a ticket. So they would need a really good reason to deny you entry. So within the group of friends we always just buy female tickets and have never had any issues, just strange looks. It's basically understanding the rules of the rules of the game and how to play it. Also Nevada is a one-party consent state for audio/video recording and thus you could document the incident. This would then be admissible as evidence in such a case.


Thank you for explaining! That makes totally sense. I’ve never actually had an opportunity as whenever I was in Vegas it’s for other reasons. What about the not having a Nevada ID bit?


That you're shit out of luck on, as the "tourist" tax is just a thing in Las Vegas.


What is a "female ticket"? I've never heard of this before. I've heard females get in for free and men pay a cover to get in. But never 2 separate prices.


Imagine tinder but with no women on it. That's what a judge told the guy suing over a bar having "ladies night". It is "discrimination" but it's likely not illegal because ironically the company is trying to make a product palatable to more customers. Straight men are generally not interested in a dating app filled with straight men.


Denying entry based on sex is illegal. So is charging different prices based on sex. That’s why in California ladies drink free is illegal.


Are womens only gyms illegal then?


Denying entry, yes. And in some states like CA, yes potentially illegal. I'm not a lawyer but I know in some cases suits like this get laughed out of court. So


Ahhh. Kinda like how chat roulette went from funny random videos... to a bunch of penises jacking off to other people's penises... and all these penises are just hoping for that 1 unicorn lady to get them there.


Lol, yeah, buddy—I’m sure they’ll win that one.


~~If you’re an 18yo female in this thread, I’m just wondering what the price for one month is?~~ Edit: What is the difference in price of Tinder Gold for a young woman (18F) to a less young man (28M)?


It's not too late to reword this


I usually pay by the hour. This guy flexing asking for a monthly rate.




Tree fiddy


Lmao you made me notice it


Someone please legit answer this person please because I want to know as well.


Being an 18F on tinder is already a step above gold or their highest premium service, plus its free.


You want an 18 year old? I can get you an 18 year old, believe me. There are ways Dude.


But for a whole month it's gonna cost you a fair amount


But will she be wearing nail polish?


If she came with nail polish originally then yes. And geesh, I think the reference was missed on a lot of people in this thread but I don't care, you got it at least.


U interested huh buddy lmao


How is that legal?


Age discrimination is legal now? Edit: And sex.


its called price discrimination, a system that economics describes as when a company gives different pricing to different demographics. For example, veteran or student discounts which are completely legal. Age discrimination is not illegal if you are under the age of 40, so tinder is engaging in price discrimination for sub-40 users to maximize profit.


yea because its about men, so its fine


Isn't age and sex and whatever discrimination allowed for consumer products, just not for employment? I'm thinking of club nights where women get in for free but the men pay, that's always been a thing


Idk about age discrimination but sex is for sure legal.


Here’s a better tip that’s a lot easier. On iOS you can pay for a single month, then go into your device settings/manage subscriptions. There it tells you all the different prices they offer their plans at and you can pick which one you want at what price


aha, that explains why I see guys show up on my feed


That's not the reason. I'm pretty sure those are guys who intentionally marked themselves as female so they can try to talk up desperate straight dudes. What I mentioned above ends with you making your profile the way you originally made it. So you'll pop up as your intended sex.


Either that or their just checking out how other guys do their profiles


That's possible as well 🤷‍♂️


And why would they make an entire profile with multiple pictures and a bio to do that?


They wouldn't. But they already have an account, and you can toggle who you're looking for at any time.


But then they are only seeing Gay/Male interested guys.


I always see guys like that and its normally gay dudes that have a fetish for straight guys


James Charles


no that's kids


It can be both


Pro tip, if you feel the need to pay for tinder to increase your matches It's probably not gonna help From experience -_-


Not true imo. it just increases how many people you match with and get more options. of course you do have to follow rules 1 and 2


The real life pro tip is always in the comments…


I'd say, rather than pay for tinder+ or whatever it is (I haven't used it in years) spend that money on a professional photo. Rather than paying tinder to give you more matches, get better photos taken of yourself. At the very least you get something tangible with the money rather than a vague promise of more.


Are there any photographers in the room that can confirm whether or not this actually helps people? I don't feel like you need professional photos on Tinder, but it might be just me, so I'm interested.


A friend of mine did a professional photo shoot and a wardrobe upgrade and it had a substantial impact. The number of matches went up by easily a factor of 10.


SLPT: instead, spend that money on hookers for guaranteed sexy time just like god intended.


I think the problem is, so many people are paying for things such as that exposure thing and people get pushed to the back of the queue.


I see that men haven't figured out yet that most of the women's profiles matched to them are bots or haven't been used in years because women avoid it like the plague generally. Remember Ashley Madison?


It's fighting unethical pricing/consumer practices, nothing wrong with that


Not even unethical. Just thrifty shopping.


I just tried this and they are charging more for an 18 year old with woman in the Netherlands than a 30 year old man. The six and twelve month options are twice as expensive.


I'm well over 28, but I only use Gas Buddy. Thrifty women with cars rock!


Why would anyone pay for tinder? You can use it for free. Besides, it's shit anyways. Bumble is much better.


I’m a pretty average dude 31 and I’ve had great success on tinder. But I live near the center of a largish city.


And you're 9/10, I'm 8.9/10 no luck.


I’ve tried using bumble and there’s some glitch. Every time I add a photo, it doesn’t register and asks me to upload new ones. I’ve even made a new account and it hasn’t been fixed.


The app said you're too ugly


depends on your city. bumble is ass here but in my old city it was on par with tinder. but tinder will always be popping. and ill usually pay for a month every now and then to see who 10+ likes that i missed. edit: id also typically buy it before traveling so i could use the feature that lets you swipe in different cities. that shit was cash.


Bumble has been by far my worst experience. I'm getting matches at the same rate I do on tinder/pof but most of the time the girl never says anything and the time runs out-or, my favorite, "hey" its pretty funny seeing the shoe on the other foot, it's not easy to start the convo and they are just as shit as we are fellas


How is this unethical?


Your better off churning Tinder accounts every 90 days anyways. It puts you at the top of the list and you have opportunities to match with girls that may have not matched with you the first time. As partner preferences can easily change on a weekly basis you get to take advantage of that.


Wait, they charge more based on age and gender? That sounds like discriminatory pricing


This is definitely ethical as fuck OP


That’s pretty sexist and ageist no? I mean I know, nobody cares about guys etc but this is kinda blatant


Yeah that's so fucked up it can't be legal. Can it?


do white people pay more or less




The only thing unethical here is tinder charging different prices based on age and gender.




You're matching them so you swiped right on them?


I legitimately know some dudes who swipe right on everyone just to get more matches. Could be an ego thing or a desperate thing. I don't get it either


Ironically enough swiping right on everyone absolutely *tanks* your ELO score and gives you less and less attractive matches while also putting your card at the bottom of the deck


Damn I'm gonna have to grind left swipes to get my rank up in the tinder game


Just remake the acc. There is no climbing back up.


Wait, tinder has ELO?


Eventually you realize that all the women that you'd like to match with, won't


I use the hotdog method https://v.redd.it/tfn60rd4tc451 Edit: Improved version https://v.redd.it/nbahf3pdnai71


Tinder has an ELO system. You're ruining your chance at quality matches with this behavior (assuming you aren't messaging these bad matches and you're just ghosting them immediately).


Take my fucking upvote lmao


That's not unethical, that's getting around really shitty business practices. I've never used Tinder, but they really charge you more if you're older and male???


Not on Tinder but I straight up want to try this just to see if it works.


I thought you’re not allowed to discriminate based on age or sex? Am I missing something?


I can't imagine why anyone uses dating sites that let you change your age. Or don't list how many times your age has been changed since your account was created.


Buying tinder plus isn't going to make you any more attractive. Sorry bro.


Honestly if you want any hope of matches as an average dude, you gotta pay. I used to be able to get matches pretty easily, not a lot, but a few a week. Ever since they started with the premium pricing bs I can go weeks without a single match. I’m certain the algorithm’s shuffling premium members to the top of the stack, and the free ones are left to rot at the bottom lol.




Like 0? :0




Bro please post a selfie




No but it makes the process much easier