Iceland restaurant /cafe recommendations best eats outside rejavik

Iceland restaurant /cafe recommendations best eats outside rejavik


I had the most amazing fish soup at Gisli, Eirikur, Helgi in Dalvik. It is a simple menu: fish soup along with bread and salad, but it was really good.


Ishusid Pizzeria in Höfn (The Mexican Pizza was a-ma-zing) The Soup Company in Vik (around the corner from a local craft brewery too) Tommi's Burger Joint in Selfoss (great burgers, great atmosphere, perfect for a quick fix after a long day) GK Bakari in Selfoss (delicious pastries and breads) Skool Beans in Vik (great cup of coffee and blueberry muffins in an extremely nice setting)


The Soup Company was so good that we went there twice. The Icelandic Lava Show attached to the restaurant was also worth the price of admission.


Good to know for the next time!


Yeah, I was of the mindset that something that looked to me like a tourist trap couldn’t have good food. Wow was I wrong, that soup was awesome. That you get a refill for free is even better - get the sampler for your first round and you can switch to a (normal) bowl for your second.


Thanks did the soup company and Skool beans in vik and it was awesome! Skipped by selfoss but will go to hofn soon


Enjoy! Don't forget to visit the [Viking village](https://www.urbex.nl/the-viking-film-set/)!


Gisli Eirikur Helgi Kaffihûs Bakkabrædra in Dalvík. It's a café / lunch spot that simply serves fish soup with a salad and bread bar, and lots of baked goods for dessert. The soup, bread, and desserts were all simply incredible. Like, beyond amazing. Super cool vibe inside and lots of homemade crafts and clothing on sale made by the owners and their family. Make sure to hit it up if you head up north by Hauganes or Hrisey island.


Pylsu Vagninn in Selfoss. Ask for a large chip. Its ridicously big


The best place I went to outside of Reykjavik is Ölverk Pizza & Brewery in Hveragerði. The wood fired pizza was awesome, and the beer was great too!


I included restaurants and cafes around the ring road that I loved in [my post here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/VisitingIceland/comments/pe69rp/815826_ring_road_trip_report_with_lots_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Wanted to try Mia’s Country Van near Skogafoss but was closed the day we went. Skool Beans in Vik Pakkhus in Höfn Tjöruhúsið in Isafjordur if you are in the Westfjords. Absolutely need a reservation.


I'm in no way impartial given I lived there for years on end, but Kaffihornið (a rock solid mom and pop diner that's been in business since I was a kid), Íshúsið (Pizzeria), and Pakkhúsið (Reasonably mid-to-upper range restaurant) in Höfn are all great eats. I go once a year to Höfn for the local town festival and my fiancé comes with me. I'm convinced she mainly goes for the food. Traveling with me to my home town is a distant second, albeit she'll never admit it. However, if you're just looking for a pure cholesterol bomb in Höfn go to the Hafnarbúðin down by the docks. The Olsen-sub, club-sub, or the luxury-sub are delicious but easily cover your calorie intake for the day. Hafnarbúðin is not an upscale diner, it's very much hangover food sold in the exact sort of establishment you'd expect to sell bbq sauce and fatty meats on oversized bread.


Birki in Höfn. New place, awesome food. We were sad at first we couldn’t get into Pakkhús which is also supposed to be excellent… but didn’t care one bit after Birki.


Bryggjukaffi in Flateyri. Nice little cafe with surprisingly good soup.


Kaffi Lára El Grillo Bar in Seydisfjordur. Good burgers, ribs, baked potatoes, and beer.