Lol isn't that what they paid the first time round??


First time it was the cost of a mcchicken. This time it costs a big Mac meal


“But the first time we only had to buy a sandwich, now we’re having to buy a value meal” - a boomer, probably


Pretty much, yup...


It wont surprise me if a few of them are doing this just only for tax breaks.


Talk about getting grandfathered in


Wouldn't want to give them cardiac arrest from sticker shock, after all, the wittle snowfwakes.


All for people learning despite the age Not for the price difference between a young person going to uni compared to an older person. Even Stevens on that one


Yeah I’d be cool with paying $10 a semester more than I’d be cool with everyone paying $10,000 or more a semester.


At $10/credit, I'd be happy to pay as much as $210 per semester at the peak of my college career. Sure beats that $12,000 in just tuition at that time, along with the mandatory cost of living in the dorms for 2 years before being allowed to move into an apartment.


Exactly this. I don't want ANYONE paying $10k a year in tuition alone. I want everyone paying $200 in tuition. I want more people affording to take night school classes to learn about passion topics, rather than course that only lead to careers.


Looks like the young people can sue the school now for age discrimination


Age discrimination only applies to 40 plus years in the US. Reverse age discrimination is totally legal.


Almost like the people who write the laws write laws that specifically benefit themselves to the detriment of others... That's a gerontocracy for ya!


>Reverse age discrimination It's just age discrimination.


They need their own separate classes. Having had to be in a class with these types of people they severely hinder the learning process. Whether it’s struggling to use necessary technology forcing the professor to slow down and show them basic tasks, or it’s injecting their opinion unnecessarily they constantly slow the flow of the class.


The most insufferable generation of lead poisoned psychos


I feel like this issue isn't mentioned enough. The most valid theory I've heard as to why they're so unbelievably shitty.


The amount of lead poisoning we put into the environment until the 90s was insane.


As a Mother...


For myself, one of the most 'wtf' things I ever read on Reddit was someone telling a story about a lady they sat with on a class who went back to school in her 30s after having two kids, and would vocally contradict the professor and anyone else in the class at every opportunity, prefacing ever occurrence with "well, as a mother..."


I have heard this so many times in community college it was surprising.


Immediately makes me think of [this quote](https://quotepark.com/quotes/1921054-bill-bailey-theres-this-one-celebrity-rosie-odonnell-a-tal/) from Bill Bailey's "Part Troll" standup.


Not school, but I recently finished virtual training for a remote job I just started. There was an older woman in my training who was **insufferable**. A lot of other reasons I disliked her so much, but she also held up the entire class constantly as she figured out how to use a computer. 4 days in and she says "well its hard to keep up switching back and forth between screens." The trainer was like "did they not send you 2 monitors?" She said they did, cut to spending 20 full minutes of the trainer explain to her how to have 2 monitors set up correctly. Unsurprisingly it did not help her keep up with the rest of the class.


theres a finite amount of space in classes. especially if they are participating and being graded. fuck these people for taking up the space of someone who needs to take this class to graduate and use it for their career. and doubly fuck them for taking it and paying just $10 a credit for it.


Most public universities do this for 65+. They also don't allow those students to register until right before the semester so they aren't taking the place of another student seeking a degree. So it's really "we have extra space that won't be taken, want to take the class?" That said, public college should be free for all. Per /u/fbomb4


Or maybe there's empty seats because young people can't afford the young people price.


Universities generally have full capacity of students but that doesn’t mean all courses are going to be at full capacity because as a course gets more specialized the registered students who are eligible, interested, can make the time, and a host of other things become a factor. Not disagreeing with any comments in this thread talking about cost and making education more accessible, just noting that this isn’t just a its to expensive problem. It’s a logistics problem as well.


This is just a giant fuck you to young people. "Yea of course we can make education affordable. We just don't want to."


This is the generation that perfected fuck everyone else except for me. They went to college when it was mostly paid for, cost of living was really cheap, and jobs were abundant and could generally cover a household on a single income. They were also dumb enough to reduce taxes on the wealthy, while benefiting very little themselves, and continuing to double down on failed systems and rolling back gains in civil rights because they bought the lie that not screwing minorities was what ruined the country, not giving rich people all the money. Maybe the generation that collectively received so much education and still collectively ended up being so dumb shouldn't be allowed to make any decisions anywhere ever again.


Upset that I was born at the end of the “Fuck around” century, just in time for the “find out”


No, it's because we're lazy millenials, we deserve it 🤡


It’s all the avocado toast and trips to coffee shops.


I feel like it's the boomers saying "Your coping mechanisms are bad"


Meanwhile they get drunk every weekend and smoke a pack a day. And they say we have expensive habits.


"I felt bad today so I bought another boat" "can technology fix the climate already?"


I bought bubble tea and some beer today, obviously I deserve poverty.


I don't even like avocado's ffs


Gen z here, avocado toast slaps.


I’m an older millennial and the concept of avocado toast didn’t even occur to me until it became a meme making fun of us. And my first thought was, “That’s such bs; we aren’t out here spending money on luxuries,” but my second thought was, “But that doesn’t sound expensive and it sounds delicious as hell.”


Nah gen x are the lazy ones. Millennials are entitled. And gen z are… cringe? I don’t know, I’m sure they’ll come up with a label to throw at them and dismiss their concerns.


The worst part is that entitlement is completely legitimate. Millenials are getting fucked over. We are getting into are 30s. Sorry we feel entitled to retire before we die. How terrible of us for wanting our wages to keep up with our parents and grandparents inflation. Oh no, wanting a reasonable housing market. The entitlement. If anything millenials are sarcastic as fuck.


Seriously. I'm a millenial who just turned 30 and the earliest age I can retire is SEVENTYTHREE FUCKING YEARS OLD. A boomer co-worker retired at 60 this year, so I'm expected to work 13 years longer than them. That's depressing as fuck. Like I'm probably literally gonna have to work until the day I die, which funnily enough, makes me want to die.


Gen xer here. My retirement plan is to die in the climate wars.


I hear you. I do. We have to fight for change, and we aren't likely to see or benefit from it ourselves. It's gotta start somewhere. Tax the rich. If they won't pay, compost them.


This is WHY millennials are sarcastic as fuck.... We were pretty much forced into it.


Im starting to think it's a coping mechanism.


It is.


Couldn't tell.


I'm Gen X and I get it. From an economic perspective, my parents had it made - cheap houses, plentiful jobs, free education at the State University. It was a great time to be a white person. When I graduated in the early 80s there was a big recession and no jobs (thanks Reagan). Community college started to cost as much as 4-year institutions. Capitalism had come in and made a business out of education and the opportunity that is downstream of it. It took me 30 years to accomplish what my parents could accomplish in 10.




It's the lead induced brain damage.


I’m becoming more and more convinced that the theory of leaded gas, lead paint and lead pipes is true and they are the main cause of the brain rot we’re witnessing in baby boomers.




I just hope the only prolonged effect from these last couple of years that I will I have to deal with is my current existential dread, and I’ve already had that going for me since 2018.


Man, I really fucking hope not. Covid almost killed me (26F). I'm terrified it fucked with my brain whether through trauma or inflammation, because ever since covid, I have not been handling very well, mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm one of the most progressive people I know. If I ever get like the stereotypical baby boomer, someone needs to tell me so I can fucking kill myself.


Don't worry, Nectarine. If the time comes, I will tell you.


Quality Shrub.


Don't forget the sociopathy


Isn't that the way how Roman Empire fell? Lead-induced madness?


Yeah. And the level of lead in the blood of the Roman aristocracy was likely far below the levels in the average American during the middle of the 20th century. Romans knew about the danger of lead, and did not often use it in the reckless ways that people have claimed in the past. They did use lead pipes for water, but as with modern lead pipes, they ended up developing a calcium carbonate layer that separated the water from the lead. Using wine sweetener containing lead was a problem, but that was mainly used on special occasions.


the generation that perfuckted* everyone else


You mean the ME generation?


I would have gone with selfish bordering on narcissism generation, but that's good too.


That’s what they were actually referred to 50 years ago: the “Me” Generation.




Don't forget about cracking down on generational wealth and inheritance once they got theirs.


Are you kidding? They are all for getting rid of the inheritance tax because they have no concept that 99.5% of the population won't pay it ever.


That was actually the WW2 generation’s idea. Those born during the war, not those that fought in it. Stupid though, the inheritance tax is necessary.


Vote. them. out.


Only 10% of boomers went to college


I agree. They ruined everything for us so they could enjoy life.


It's not even enjoying life. Plenty of the poorer members lived miserable lives scraping by to survive (and often failing). They are supporting an impossible dream from a past that wasn't real even in the past.


>They are supporting an impossible dream from a past that wasn't real even in the past. I find this a particularly interesting take. I'm seeing it play out with my Boomer father. He is the very definition of the Boomer who doesn't understand me and my life (millenial) at all nor cares to try. He had a heart attack last July for which he had to get a triple bypass surgery. This resulted in him having to quit his career in machinery due to not being able to handle the physical labour of the job. He now works retail which he has never worked in his entire life. He didn't graduate high school but went to college anyway. His work paid for his education so he could be master machinist in his industry. Then worked a fair paying job (we were average middle class in a small town) up until his heart attack. So while I sympathize with him and his frustration with having to work at Home Depot which in his mind is a step down. He complains about making so much less than he's used to while also getting government CPP for seniors. I think I got off track of my point. I was trying to get to the fact that yes, they are supporting an impossible dream and telling us young people that were not working hard enough etc. But I don't feel bad for the majority of the Boomer generation because they at least had a chance at creating a good life. Cheap education. Low housing costs. One income could support a family. Yes many failed. But the fact that they had a fucking chance compared to what young people are dealing with now. I agree with your sentiment but there will be failures in every generation in every era of life. But it's hard to feel bad for the generations that had it significantly easier than others.


Well, they'll all be dead in 50 years which is a relatively short time in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully the extinction of the boomers will bring forth a better world.


I'm a gen Xer who will probably be dead in 25, while not at all unfitting, it is rather cold comfort.


A better world would've been possible if we started 20-30 years ago. There's absolutely zero hope now at our current point in time stopping catastrophic climate change. So starting in 50 years? Friggin' laughable. I feel bad for the children being born now, in this day and age. They don't have a fucking chance.


We will be lucky if we are not all dead in 50 years.


Don't forget they knowingly destroyed the planet all for an easy life.


I worked in an admissions office for a few years. Most public universities do this for 65+. They also don't allow those students to register until right before the semester so they aren't taking the place of another student seeking a degree. So it's really "we have extra space that won't be taken, want to take the class?" That said, public college should be free for all.


But no-one over 65 is able to take advantage of this. I personally would chance having to stay in school a bit longer because my classes were filled to avoid paying out the ass and going into debt. And yea, should definitely be free for everyone. Edit: under 65


What I'm saying is this benefit was ONLY for those 65+. Students couldn't just wait to sign up. People 65+ could sign up, mostly "non degree seeking" to just take classes


I know but why is that? If it's vacant space i don't see why geriatrics should get preferential treatment. Open that up to everyone.


Lots of universities let people audit courses. It’s always been a thing.


So i guess all that money for small smaller classes was totally bs then :/


You don't expect a generation use to getting things cheaper to pay what others pay do you? Senior citizens discount, cheaper tuition, cheaper mobile plans.


Giant punch in the face. My husband and I are paying a crazy amount of money to send our daughter to college.


They went to college originally for pennies and now get to go back for pennies again


>*"The younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break.* >[*No, no, I have no empathy for it. Give me a break."*](https://youtu.be/QWUDjwIrBpk) -person who created student loan crisis


Well that's infuriating…


this is around the time he personally voted to kill student loan holders' ability to discharge in bankruptcy too!


I'm waiting for them to vote to kill the ability to discharge the loans in death.


Yeah, it was super cool when the judge declared me insolvent and wiped out all of my medical debt… except left $170,000 of student loans on the bill lol. I wanted to scream: How do you expect me to pay for that? I’m insolvent—you just said it!


What is he refering to when he says changing the world?


Turning it into a garbage heap if he's talking about what his generation did


Probably talking about war and the “start” of the tech boom, every day I want to get out of this country more


More like they went to college for pennies and we go to get pennies


I think politicians just say RIP to the younger generations because of climate change so concentrate on the older ones as the last to have an easy life.


They don't deserve an easy life.


It makes me sick


Can't you just wait 40 years before sending her?


That would be ideal! This made me laugh




I did not know this. They invented the system so they sure know how to keep taking from it while everyone else suffers. Why not just do the right thing for everyone and you still get what you want. It’s ridiculous


Not just that, they're never going to use these qualifications.


Back in 2009 they briefly introduced tuition fees in Northrhine Westphalia (largest state of the country population wise), Germany, which was like 500€ or so per semester if I recall correctly, bumping up the total amount of money you had to pay to around 800-900€ or so. We protested hard for a month or two until the state government caved and got rid of that fee. I paid only 300 ish Euros every semester throughout my bachelor's and master's degree, most of that was for the public transportation semester ticket, which allowed me to use almost every bus, train and subway in my state, which was awesome. Originally I had planned to move to Canada and study there, but paying 48k ish Euros a year just to study abroad was an insane price to pay. It's crazy how you guys in North America just start you work life already in debt.


Meanwhile in France you get paid up to 600€/mo to study and all meals provided by the uni's restaurants are 1€.


I don’t think you could even buy a bottle of water at any American university for 1€


That's amazing. And how it should be!


And to make things worse, employers make degrees a minimum requirement for damn near every job, even ones that require no specialized knowledge. So you either take the debt at the start of your career, or you're blocked out from ever advancing your career. Either way, the poor get screwed the whole way through, and they wonder why half of all young people don't aspire to anything more than being a twitch streamer or influencer.


We’re seeing the collapse of American society I think.


I give one more decade until the US falls.


It's nothing new. In my smallish Floridian town the cost of the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment is 1300. Unless you're 55 or older. Then you magically get access to apartment complexes with a $575 per month rate.


These programs have been around for decades. It's basically auditing the classes and no certificate or degree can be awarded for them.


So you're saying that teaching the class isn't very expensive, and we're only paying the big bucks for a massively overpriced piece of paper?


Is this news?


And propping up sports programs, and building new facilities with shoddy construction and dubious long term prospects, and other such "campus affiliated businesses". And sending out tons of paper in the mail as adverts, the true American way. You're paying for things, they just aren't really always educational things. The college experience (tm)


Mostly the sports programs. "*But it brings money to the school!!*" Okay. When do they use that money for the school, then? Not the sports. The argument is that you spend some money from the school to bring more money into the school. So, again, when does the school see that money? Because it looks like it's just a justification to pay the coach millions and millions of dollars.


Technically.. yes. I did audit 3 classes for $15 each while doing my masters at >$2000 class. They won’t review homework, you won’t participate in exams, but you can work through the material and learn exactly the same things.


"but yeah, fuck you gen x and millennials"


Meanwhile, gen z in their parents basement riding the last two years of free insurance that does shit all anyways


26 and living with my parents. Rent around here is absolutely horrendous and I cant afford it by myself on top of all of my other bills, even making $15 an hour. Shit is bonkers


I'm 24 and living with mine... Yeah the cost of living is not really feasible. Unless you're cool with living paycheck to paycheck and having no spending money and wearing down your body from stress and overworking it. Shit is mad bonkers.


Haha you described my life in a nutshell :*)


As if they weren’t already handed enough free shit in their lifetime!


"Normal" way things go in my point of view is, in very general terms, that when you're young you get alot of monetary benefits from your parents. When you later get older, most of your monetary surplus goes towards your own kid, passing the focus down the generations in order to give each new generation in your family as good a start in life as you can possibly manage. Boomers are the first and hopefully last generation to absolutely fuck this up by not only sucking the tits of their parents while young, but also milking their own kids in old age (although often indirectly through taxes i suppose). As i said, very general terms, but shit is fucked up.


And you know if we cancelled student loans the same boomers would then cry and lose their minds because they had to pay their whole $10 and that's just NO FAIR


It’s $30 per class, thank you very much^/s


I'll gladly have my student loans reduced to $10 per credit... if it makes it "fair".


Why can’t I make money of the backs of several generations? Wah wah


So those fuckers set the most rediculous university prices we have ever seen then get to go to school for pocket change. Boomers have literally had everything handed to them


Then be like “I did it on retirement income, you all are just lazy” 🙄


Don't worry folks, by the time we are retirement age Social Security won't exist. Buy stock in bootstraps.


I feel with the type of food we have now, less people will make it to retirement age to collect social security. We are just paying extra for their comfort.


Everything has sugar now. If you don’t believe me, check the labels. Oh, wait, there are 100 names for sugar now. And politicians on the right don’t think insulin should be $35. The war machine is dying so I guess they need us all in medical debt.


Keeping the masses poor and dumb feeds the meat grinder. It's an airtight strategy, effective, profitable, expendable. There's just this teeny problem of the sheer moral perversion of utilizing that playbook.


Exactly, this shit pisses me off.


Old habits don’t die hard, apparently


On a Sliver, no wait, on a Golden plater!


And they call us younger generation entitled?!


Unless they’re learning exclusively how to save something as a pdf, this is bullshit.


Oh hell yeah, make them learn something useful.


Sweet, good for them. Now I'll just go buy an entire house for 20k quick.... Oh right


They bought their house for the price of a modern car and their first car at the price of a modern smartphone. Then they bitch about younger people being "too attached" to their smartphones. Smartphones are the only expensive thing we can afford because Boomers voted for Reagan in the early 80s and mortgaged Millenials' future so they could live high on the hog for the rest of the 1980s.


My grandparents can sell their apartment for x300 times the amount they bought it for and they're baby boomers.


“Benefits are for me, not you”


- Boris Ingelton, 68, from his midterm poetry paper


Mother fuckers still typing with 2 fingers though, guaranteed


And their password is written on a post-it placed on their monitor.


And it is their first initial, their last name, and the year they were born. Username? Same.


My boss has hers taped to the underside of her keyboard.


And they still can't remember it.


And they'll have the AUDACITY to beg for help with the most basic technological needs while at the same time refuse to be shown how to do it


“It’s gone up a few cents since I went back in 1950.” - boomers


The oldest boomers would have been 4 in 1950.


See what we mean?! College was so cheap that even infants could afford it by working the textile mills for a few weeks. /s


They are the worst people to have in class too.


It's been a long while for me, but in my Psych 101 class there was an older woman that had several simple questions after almost every class. 100 of us had to stay an extra 10 minutes because she didn't understand anything that was going on.


Please tell me that's where you got your username.


Inquiring minds want to know


Nope. For some reason I was imagining myself being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and I thought emphatically saying "That's a great question Barbara!" would be kind of funny.


Lmao that's even better.


Then you get the ones who argue with the prof every class and get all ornery about the prof not backing down like they ought to because respect your elders or some shit.


We had a girl like this in my Anatomy & Physiology class. She was an LPN for like 20 years and decided to go back and become an RN but she argued with the professor about everything to the point it took away from class time. I was so happy when I heard she dropped the class.


There's one in every class.


I always wanted to tell those older students to fuck off so badly. Stop wasting my time and money


I hate it when I have a boomer in my class. In my first semester going back to college, I had to take a CAD class. To this day, it's still my only "easy A" class. Every class, he gave us five things to draw from blueprints in SolidWorks for homework, and every week we had a quiz where we had to draw one thing from blueprints in class while timed. Super simple stuff. Usually, I would finish with the next homework during class, so I didn't have to worry about it. This class had two boomers in it. They never turned in any homework. One of them would always show up late (one time, he even showed up after the class was over!), and immediately start asking for help with the homework that we had already turned in, or on the quiz that we were currently taking. Of course, they would always share the same excuse "I work" and "I'm a parent" (even though they both mentioned that their kids had moved out) The number of times that I wanted to say that I also work full time just to get them to stop using that excuse... but anyway. It was so bad that on one of the quizzes, the professor walked the entire class through the quiz, step by step, just to try to get them one good grade. And they couldn't do it. The part that we were making maybe took five minutes of actual work, but the professor dragged it out to an hour. Meanwhile, the boomers were complaining that he was going too fast, and that he needs to slow down. The latecomer actually showed up on time that day, too. I almost lost it when one of them asked the professor "if I call the company that makes Solid Works, do you think that they can help me out?" What a boomer question. I don't know the actual answer, but they're probably not going to help someone with a free student license with anything, even if you did somehow manage to find a phone number. The only thing that I didn't get 100%+ (yes, there was even extra credit!) on in that class was the final project. Because I realized that I could turn in literally nothing, and still get a 90% in the class, so I decided to phone it in, and focus on harder classes' finals. Just a side note: if anyone ever recommends that you take Calc II, Ochem, and Physics all in the same semester, tell them to fuck off. Of course, one boomer tried to call me out on my lackluster work "wow, I expected that this would have been much better from you." Luckily I didn't even have to say anything, because the professor snapped right back with "Yes, but meeting expectations, such as with yours, is not always a good thing." This boomer turned in nothing for the final. I believe that they both ended up in the mid 20% range for a grade, as the professor put the final grades on the board during the last class with our student ID next to them, so we couldn't tell who had what grade, besides our own. Of course, we all knew who had the lowest grades. Fuck boomers. And fuck having them in classes. Edit: I know that at least one of them wasn't auditing, because they asked the professor questions about financial aid for retaking the course the following semester. The professor directed her to the financial aid office, and I chimed in to say that financial aid does not cover retaking a class. But she kept on asking about financial aid.


I'm a current student at the UMN and I just wanted to shout out the boomer in my comedy class, Jim. He's awesome and I think he mentioned that he was part of the team that invented Pringles? Great guy


Went on sale in '68, so assuming you have to do something before they're made, he'd need to be at least around 70.


“As a mother…”


More like "As a grandmother..."


"As a *Christian*..."


Damn you beat me to it!


“Well, as a mom…”


Back in the early 2000's, my college allowed seniors to "audit" classes for free, but they were only allowed to sit in on classes once registration was finished and everyone had gone, and they'd pick what was left pretty much. One class had a group of these old people that would just interrupt with the most stupid shit ever. They'd randomly show up, only come as a group. It was obnoxious. However, I had a history of the 1960s class with a professor that was too young to remember any of it really as a child. There was one senior in the class that actually lived through it though and would have been in his 20s at the time. He would actually give his insight as to how things were back then, and it enriched the experience and was quite nice. I also enjoyed the few times that he basically put the professor in her place to tell here that things she was saying were wrong.


Just wait for them to turn around and call young ppl lazy cos now the boomera went to collage twice and its not at all as expencive as everyone says!


I had a French class with some of them. They were auditors, so basically they say in the class and learned but didn’t do homework. Basically they weren’t supposed to affect the workload of the teacher. But they were SO ANNOYING. They wouldn’t stop interrupting to give stupid anecdotes about their life, because they wanted us to know how much life experience they had. Dude! You don’t speak French so none of your experience is relevant.


In Tennessee anyone over 60 can audit a class at a state university for free.


Yes, they don’t get credit, don’t do the assignments that require grading, etc. Pretty sure it long predates boomers.


https://onestop.umn.edu/academics/senior-citizen-education-program "Minnesota residents who are aged 62 or older may enroll in courses at the University for reduced costs, either to audit or earn college credit." "If you meet the residency and age requirements of the SCEP, you may audit courses free of charge, or take classes for at $10 per credit." "To apply as a degree-seeking senior citizen, visit the Office of Admissions. You will still receive the tuition discount through SCEP." Don't lie


"Meanwhile in Denmark" *Points at healthy welfare state*


the single worst generation of our time. the underhanded bullshit they pulled at the cost of the following generations... their kids. they put their old parents and the cheapest homes with abusive staff. they kick their kids out at 18 and still use them for tax deductions while they were kids are paying their own way through college. they got to take advantage of all the bankruptcy start overs before they got locked down by Biden and Bush in 2005. they crashed the economy four fucking times and the fifth is right around the corner. they fucked up the housing market to the point where you need four people's income to afford a God damn house. and now they want to take college classes because they're being subsidized by the next generations that they fucked over who have to pay for this bullshit with student loans


Everytime my dad scoffs at the economy, and us peasants who don't have what he has, I say really loudly, "Gee dad, how much did college cost you? A SUMMER JOB?" Because, yeah - my dad went to Cal Poly for a degree in Engineering for 5 years, and all he had to do was live at home during the summer and get a job for those months. Had his shit paid off before he was 30. He had 2 kids and a mortgage, but no student loans to pay off. But that's because he worked hard, not because he was born in 1955. 😶


This whole thread seems to think it’s a generational thing and not a political thing. It’s not boomers against forgiving college debt, it the folks on the right of all ages.


There is a huge generation component in there too. Let's also keep in mind that the average age of people in office can be categorized as old.


They had their chance to get a higher education for peanuts back in the 70s. This is some bullshit.


Old age makeup here we go


I looked it up online and there are some caveats to this article: -it seems to be only the Unicersity of Minnesota that is proposing this program. -this program has been created in 1975 -while the number of senior enrolled has increased, they only represent 0.8% of the total number of student of the university. -the tuition fees for a year are 15,480$ So it is a bit less dramatic than what the article suggest. However why the fuck was that program approved in the first place ? Senior citizens are usually the ones that are the most wealthy. Why it isn’t the opposite where senior citizen pay more and young adults get a discount. The board of this university never went to economics 101 or what ? Source: https://bringmethenews.com/.amp/minnesota-news/cheap-classes-for-seniors-at-u-of-m-spark-outrage


Wow this is old.


Are you fucking kidding me? I’m gen z, putting off my degree because I don’t want to register for winter courses that cost $675 a credit


This should be a simple case of discrimination based on age. I now identify as a 60 year old asshole :) Cheap credits here we come


Good luck finding any law that identifies people under 65 as belonging to a protected class and thus provides them with any consideration whatsoever. For the life of me, I will never understand why civil rights legislation is written to protect only certain classes instead of just making the blanket statement that discriminating due to age, gender, race, sexual preference, etc. in ANY way is wrong. If one group is being discriminated against more than another, such neutral legislation would naturally and fairly provide them more protection without the need for discriminatory "protected classes."


> Good luck finding any law that identifies people under 65 as belonging to a protected class and thus provides them with any consideration whatsoever. The law specifically forbids discriminating against anyone over 40 because of their age. While that means anyone under 40 is absolutely screwed ... it *does* open up an interesting angle of attack for anyone between 40 and 65. Someone, say, 50 years old could claim that the university is discriminating against them because of their age, and they *are* federally protected from age discrimination, unlike anyone under 40.


Right, you can't not hire someone for being too old for a job, but you can refuse to hire someone for being, say, under 30 for a management role for example, even if they have twice the experience of the 40 year old they promote.


All I can say is...what the actual fuck


Cheap education for me, not for thee. Now enjoy your 6 figure debt @6%. Hope you can afford to pay me rent...


The old people in my university classes were always the most obnoxious. Dominating the conversations, rambling and projecting some imaginary kinship with the professor by acting like their life experience put them on the same level as someone with advanced degrees.


same fucks that designed school to be unaffordable to us.