Idiot in Nissan cuts off semi and wins a stupid prize!

Idiot in Nissan cuts off semi and wins a stupid prize!

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That dashcam is really cool


Same. From the missing branding I can only guess it's a bit more expensive model. Maybe one of these mandatory cams from the insurance company.


I am an administrator for a company that uses fleet vehicles. We have about 16 shuttles we operate. The camera systems connect direct to the computer and have their own g-force sensors and GPS. These aren't actually required by the insurance companies, but bigger agencies are foolish not to invest because they allow you to get better insurance premiums. Check out Samsara as a brand. Super simple interface with great features and fleet management. They have a cool video that shows what these things can do.


What a fantastic name for a company that monitors people who drive all day. “Samsara, there is no escape”


Samsara is also one of the best cinematographic works, especially if watched in 4k. https://youtu.be/HCkEILshUyU


Stoned or not its definitely worth a watch.


If you dig this kind of mesmerizing videos check out their previous works Baraka 1992. Here is its full version in 4K on YouTube. https://youtu.be/v4yzgTt0Ckw


This film changed my life and sparked a curiosity that has led me around the world. Also...blocked in Australia...time to break out my vpn.


Samsara is great. I'd never used fleet management software before this year and it was real easy to pick up on


Yup my old courier company had an annoying case with insurance that got cleared up purely because of the gps tracker (didn’t have dashcam working for some reason) but just proving the speed and location was enough hard evidence to avoid liability of the company driver


This cam is definitely connected to the vehicle controls. That’s why it was able to immediately detect hard brakes and speed changes and g force of decelerating.


g force and speed detection doesn't mean it's hard wired. Sensors can do that just fine these days. Can't say it's definitely wired, but likely. Even your phone has g force/speed detection. Some USB and harddrives do. It's pretty cheap now.


Before the chip shortage you could get an IMU IC for ~$0.20 in qty >100. Most communicate over super common interfaces, very easy to integrate.




/r/confidentlyincorrect No, most decent dash cams have g-sensors in them. And speed is easy because most of them have GPS. Tapping into the vehicle systems for either of those things would be way more complicated than having the camera handle it independently.


Lol, you are not correct though. This is more than an off the shelf dash cam. You're right about dash cams though, but this is an advanced ELD system with an integrated camera, and most likely multiple cameras. Most large OTR trucking companies almost exclusively install a module that is hardwired into the the truck's ECM. The install is more complicated, yes, but it solves two problems. One, the driver is unable to deactivate or modify the driving logs, hide the camera data, or hide the driving stats. And two, dispatch can access all of the data in real time and automatically be sent alerts if the driver is exceeding the speed limit, has a hard breaking event, or has an engine error code that pops on the ECM. Furthermore, collecting this driving data is completely irrelevant if it isn't packaged in an efficient (automatic) way for dispatch to decipher. Typically, federal guidelines state that a driver can only drive for a certain amount of hours before taking a break because there has been many cases in the past of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. An ECM connected module automatically contacts dispatch and alerts if the driver is about to hit their limit, or already has. The penalties for getting caught are fairly serious. Regular infractions can potentially garage your entire fleet.


Or, you know, just using a basic g-force sensor. Much simpler.


Yeah, somehow it can detect speed limit signs and how long until you cross them which is real fancy. Must be to ensure the truck drivers stay safe


Speed limit sign crossing in ....2.....1.....nevermind


*Flying Nissan in 0*


what da nissan doin' doe 😳


So, you know all those captchas where you were asked to identify speed limit signs and traffic lights? You were training this software.


What about the ones where we had to point out the squares with the military helicopter inside?


I'll let you use your imagination for that one.


I rented a crappy Corolla that detected speed signs, however it also detected them on frontage roads and such.


Is that really what it’s doing? I thought it was using gps and maps data about speed limits. I’ve got a 2015 Corolla


My 2021 F-150 does this, when adaptive cruise control is turned on. It'll read speed limit signs and speed up or slow down accordingly. It's pretty amazing.


Yeah, I rented a 26' Penske truck that had it. Pretty amazing technology


Pretty cool, its a shame the people that should really use that feature never will.






I’m more interested by the dash cam than the crash. That’s some slick stuff.


It's a USKO fleet dashcam.


Is that the driver's heart EKG on the bottom of the screen?


I think it's just a graph of the g-forces front/back and left/right


That surely cleansed his colon.


That explains what ended up all over the semi’s windshield.


Man, Forza games keep getting more realistic


Maximum brown pants and matching interior


*Takes screenshot* this ones going to r/cursedcomments


Assuming they survived. I can't imagine they did, and if they did, they gotta be real fucked up. Like, forever life changing fucked up


Someone else posted that both driver and passenger survived, almost unharmed.


I'm almost positive Vin Unleaded didn't learn his lesson there, and will be back out doing the same stupid garbage again. But I'm hopeful. The worst part is a guy going out and doing his job now has an accident on record because some shithead couldn't bear the thought of sitting behind a semi on an open road where the guy eventually will get up to speed if not already. God forbid Mr. Nissan can't zoom zoom around like a Fast and Furious extra.


But the truck driver's behavior wasn't the cause of the accident and acted the best he could. How can it be on his record?


Always on your record just for being there.


Well, that sucks


No doubt telling the story of the truck that cut him off too I’m glad he isn’t seriously hurt, now I don’t feel bad about yelling “take that you selfish fuck” and imagining that was every car that does this on a daily basis when I merge lanes and fantasize about just doing exactly what this truck (well really physics) did, but instead I just sigh and let them have it and part of me dies


Cars have gotten so much safer over the years. I don't think they would have survived 20 years ago.


The car is 20years old. Its a Nissan 350z If u Want to fact check.


Generally the longer a crash takes the better the chance you'll survive. The type where you plough into something big and stationary is what kills you quick. I'll take skidding, rolling, and flipping a while over hitting a tree any day.


Hopefully enough to keep em off the road. That kind of driving is a danger to other users.


There’s one born every minute


Save a life. swallow c;


You don’t want to be ingesting that DNA, sister, just flush it down the shower drain.


usually these stupid fuckers are the ones that are unharmed.


I think you underestimate how safe modern cars are


i saw this on another sub and they did survive!


I can't even count how many times that car flipped. Imagine this is slowmo, "Let me In" style.


Cars doing cartwheels all the way home…


Something, something, semi-colon.


Can you imagine handing that video over to the highway patrol. Dudes like. I got video. You won't believe this shit


I caught dash cam video a few years ago of a crazy accident that I was not involved in (not nearly this "good" though). Highway Patrol watched the footage and then asked the other witnesses if they had anything to add that the video didn't show and then dismissed them on the spot (no name, numbers or anything). He took my information, asked for a copy of the footage and let me go too. I had my dashcam for a week at that point. Crazy to catch something that quickly.


Thats crazy. I haven't caught anything good on my dash cam. Just asshole drivers.


It's worth the peace of mind either way!


this one is probably minor compared to the unreported shit that cops deal with everyday


Yikes, I'm thinking that might have been a fatality.


Same I thought that too but the driver and passenger both survived! Here is the article for more information: [https://www.carscoops.com/2021/05/how-did-anyone-survive-this-horrific-nissan-350z-barrel-roll-smash/](https://www.carscoops.com/2021/05/how-did-anyone-survive-this-horrific-nissan-350z-barrel-roll-smash/)


Wow - doesn't look like a survivable crash, that's amazing.


Yeah if those rolls were real roll overs they’d be toast. Super lucky to have spun like teacups


Give it up for the folks at Nissan


A few months ago when driving home on a rainy day, I spotted a 350z that had just wrecked, upside down in a parking lot adjacent to the road. Based on where the car landed in relation to the road, it had to have been going pretty fast. I was amazed to see the driver crawling out of the wreck, and that the arch of roof where it meets the door was not crumpled in at all.


Nissans have a pretty good track record iirc for wrecks. My sister got t-boned on the driver's side @ 55mph. She came out of it with just a couple of scratches.


To do list: Buy a Nissan


Wreck said Nissan.


Fail to survive. Pikachu face.


Post on reddit for karma???


Be careful of survivorship bias.😟


From my experience with them, second step is buying a new transmission just after the warranty ends 😭


Yeah, avoid the CVTs on the 4 cylinder engine vehicles. I've worked for a number of car dealerships and Nissan is the only one where we literally kept transmissions in stock. 6-8 at a time, and if we didn't do at least 3 trans replacements a week, it was a slow week. On the plus side, I've got a Nissan with a manual and it's been a champ. Shitty speakers in the car though.


Buy a 370Z or a Skyline GTxx Got all the power you need, Nissan's very compact yet very powerful V6 under the hood stock on most (all?) models and trims. The Skylines are looked down on a bit as not being "real Skylines" sure the engine is nice but the lack of cult following has meant they've stayed relatively affordable unless you get an Infiniti. Surprisingly spacious, originally these cars were advertised as being as quick as a sports coupe and as spacious as a saloon. Very reliable, of all my mates who have owned either of the above cars, only one has had serious problems, but was apparently more due to his being an Infiniti G35 and needing some special voodoo transmission parts when he blew his clutch dropping a set in a supermarket carpark, I'm not familiar with the specifics. Low to the ground with plenty of aftermarket support for anti sway bars and nicer springs, significantly reduces risk of end-over-end or barrel rolls which are the bad ones. Conversation point with older folks who remember the Datsun 240z fondly as the cool kid on the block's car. Not a heavy as fuck gas guzzling behemoth incapable of doing the one thing it was advertised as being capable of doing (go anywhere, do anything, despite you or your family never needing to leave the city and even if you wanted to, you're not going to take your Mazda CX5 offroading anytime soon), unless you count being able to haul your screeching brood from your suburb to a local chain restaurant as an SUVs primary selling point.


My dad got hit in his Nissan Armada in a pretty bad wreck and his car looked much better than the other cars. Still totaled but he was fine. My car, a Hyundai Sonata hit a mail box and it looked worse than his car which just got his frame bent.


Nissans may have their issues, but they definitely seem to be built strong. I've seen plenty of G-series cars, as well as the GTRs and the Zs that have gotten into horrible wrecks where the driver survived with relatively minor injuries or even walked away. Several years back a Redditor posted in /tifu where he smashed his Infiniti G37 at over 100 MPH while driving drunk. The guy was massively busted up and suffered life-altering injuries. The car wasn't even recognizable. But he survived and is expected to fully recover- eventually.


Well, not a 1995 [Nissan Sentra](https://youtu.be/i5xYsDhhA1M)…


The roofs of most cars don't seem all that strong given how thin they are and how much even engines get smashed in a crash. They do hold up surprisingly well. I wonder how the whole glass roof cars have been handling rollovers.


Its weird to think about, but a flat spin with the cabin in the center, likely isn't as bad of a G-Force as the sudden slam, or any other type of spin/roll


Yeah, the fact that they spun like that with several smaller collisions, dissipated a lot of energy slowly without a massive sudden stop. What would’ve been much worse would be the car slamming into the rock and just staying there. That’s almost guaranteed basular skull fracture


I suspect it’s the sudden stop that’s most deadly - and getting squished.


Speak for yourself Dale - I like getting squished by semi trucks. Builds character, ya know?


Also G forces from spinning, the body can only handle so much.


Every incident is survivable if you're lucky enough.


One of the outcomes of having smart engineers is saving stupid people. Go figure.


I always thought it was the instant stop crashes that get ya. Like hitting a pole. I'm no a crash scientist though.


Nissan has a pretty decent safety reputation


I remember listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson, in reference to the stock car crash that killed Dale Earnhardt, that helps explain the survivability seen here. His point was in car crashes it’s better to see a car keep moving for a while so that there is time to disperse the energy of the impact. In Dale Earnhardt’s case, his cars impact direct into a wall, with no where to go, caused his body to absorb the energy of the crash pretty much killing him on the spot. I’m sure I’m butchering this message, btw. Plus there is the amazing engineering in the car frame that protected the passengers, and I’m sure there seatbelts kept them from being thrown out helped as well.


Modern cars are incredible.


It does actually. They’re lucky the way they spinned was the best possible outcome, would definitely have been seriously injured if they rolled over or crashed and stopped. Also modern cars are much safer than before


Spinning and flipping is actually good unless lands on the roof or flat on the sides (even that isn't that bad, especially if it's still putting most of the energy into spinning or flipping). The initial impact the whole underbody of the car was dragging on ground and it basically went up the hill like a ramp and started the spins. All the impacts after that are at the corners of the car. That was a super lucky crash.


An article posted on reddit and within the article it mentions the crash was posted on reddit. What an endless loop.


"not today satan"? Was he the passenger then or some shit? Cause being a fucking idiot is not Satan's fault.


Some people think their terrible decisions are just a result of “bad luck”.


If I’ve learned one thing from watching stupid people get hurt, some things that you think would definitely kill someone end up only leaving minor injuries, while someone who slipped gently on a banana peel end up in the icu. You just never know with these things


“Not today satan, not today,” the man says. “Gonna have to wait a little longer to get me..." Yeah, this was totally Satan's fault... Drive responsibly, people!


>passenger I would never ride with the driver ever again.


If they survived then it was Dom and Letty in the car. Nothing is stronger than family.




it looks like US395 in the socal high desert. there are fatalities there on a weekly basis. thankfully they survived


I was looking to see if anyone else thought it was the 395… dangerous road


Asshole even cuts him off twice


And sprays something all over the trucker’s windshield! I’m imagining it was meant to be like octopus ink, to help the car get away with its fuckery, but was delayed die to all the other loss of control


nah no way, they'd be shaken up but that would be super unlucky if that was a fatality, it's the slamming into something and stopping instantly that kills you, not being tossed around. 350z's are built on a very strong and rigid frame too


Most likely a bunch of cuts, bruises, and A high chance of a broken arm knee and or shoulder. I've been in two car accidents involving multiple rollovers, one involving launching off a 10+ ft embankment, and walked away with minor bruises and cuts. The ability of modern cars to keep the occupants safe is nothing short of amazing. Compared to the rolling steel boxes of 70 years ago.... We need a national car safety engineer holiday or something. In terms of total lives saved in our country that's got to be getting up there.


Apparently they survived, but interestingly just extreme deceleration forces on the brain can kill you via “diffuse axonal injury” so even if your car somehow protects you from being smooshed you can still die quite readily from something like this.


Now that was violent as fuck.


The driver was basically unscathed. Can you believe that? Just said he was a little sore. Nothing broken.


In that case this looks fun. Ticket for 1 please.


That will be 30,000 dollars.


+ambulance bills


+10,000 for some pain meds


+5 years of your life wasted due to opioid addiction.


+permission to use footage on reddit for _sweet_ _sweet_ karma


Only to have someone repost


Nissan should use this to advertise their car then: "We won't stop you from driving like an idiot, but we will stop you from dying when you do".


Once you understand the science behind vehicle injuries it becomes very believable. The simplified version is: G-forces cause damage. G-forces are caused by changes in speed. If it takes a long time to stop, then your change in speed is pretty low, which means low G-forces, which means low damage. This is why hitting a tree is *way* worse than spinning out and rolling a bunch. When you hit a tree, you stop instantly, which is a huge change in speed, which is a lot of G-forces, which is a lot of damage.


I think I've heard before that if a crash has a lot of rolls in it generally they are less deadly. I think it was because as it is rolling (in this case spinning) it spends more time slowing down than if it just hit something front on and stops immediately. Dunno if it is accurate though.


As someone who enjoys physics, this was interesting to evaluate. Because they crash into sand at an angle, it would have some give, and relatively slowly rotate the car (compared to a surface with much less give, which would cause the same forces over a much shorter time). Then, the car is spinning SIDEWAYS, which means that a lot of energy was imparted to it to make it spin end to end that fast. That's super lucky because a lot of the energy of the crash goes into slowing you and making you spin instead of stopping you outright. That spin also has an added effect of making it much harder to start the car rolling sideways. In short, it wouldn't have been fun to be in there, but I can definitely see how they survived it.


Jeez, my man turned into a beyblade






_let it rip_


I believe i can fly


I can spin around and touch the sky


I thought about it in the hospital today


spread my rims and spun away


Nah, he just really hated that sign in particular.




All you have to do to avoid this kind of thing is be patient.


Be patient or become a patient.


True I agree with both of you but also.. wtf happened? Did he jerk the wheel or something what made him lose control there right at the end when hes about to be in clear


As the Nissan tried to speed around the trick to be ahead in the zipper merge (a thing many drivers do) the truck clipped the right rear portion, basically executing a pit maneuver on itself while passing.


And have a passenger in the back to remind you how fucking retarded you are being.


Or just run over a few centerline posts until you can safely merge back in.


Me first me first me first me first -the driver, probably


that's no fun


“Hon, would you slow down please. You’re scaring me. Hon….? HON? HO….”


He also could've gone straight and hit the plastic things and probably wouldn't have lost control.


That’s gonna leave a mark


In his briefs.


jeez that looked terrible


Wow, I thought this was a video game at first.


until the real life physics engine made a show.


That legit looked like if a plane tried to make a water landing. Good Christ.


yep, that’s pretty fucking stupid


Holy crap, that's crazy


Hope man had his seat belt on lol


wow. 8/10. Would've been 10/10 if he could've stuck the landing.


Is this on the 395 going up to Mammoth?


Definitely looks like it. Not many passing lanes on that stretch and people do some really stupid things to try to save a few minutes. It was worse before they added the cones, people would constantly pass on double yellows


I'm on the road everyday driving a commercial van for work and people try to cut me off and shit on me daily, but I really feel bad for truck drivers. They literally get cut off and violated dozens of times a day. Any ounce of space is seen as a open invitation to mosey right on in. I can't lie, I'm guilty of it too at times, but I try to make conscious effort to give them room because I know they cannot easily brake.


Definitely don't slip in front of a semi in a lane that's braking


Best bet for a safe minimum is when you can see the cab marker lights in your rearview mirror.


He needs some milk.


He drank his vitamin D. Not a single broken bone for the driver.


Haven’t met a 350z owner that doesn’t drive like an asshole.


Asshole is a factory feature on a 350z


Holy shit. I love laughing at idiots, but that was fucking intense.


If your front bumper is not in front of their front bumper when the separating line disappears you yield. It's pretty simple. Doesn't matter how fast you are going.


He beat the trucker to the speed limit sign under the time limit so he wins.


Did anyone notice the truck's HUD? It knew where the speed limit sign was, & what it said(?) Is that a thing now?


I used to deliver for Amazon in Los Angeles, they began installing video surveillance cameras that tracked traffic signals, stop sign and speed limits.


Back when I was in college, the saying about the 300zx twin turbo was that the only reason they had seat belts was to make it easier to find the bodies. Looks like the 350z is carrying on that tradition.


"............" -me


They survived though technology has come a long way I guess.


I came in like a wreeeeeeeeking baaaaaaall!


Cuts off a semi? Ouch


Nice quad cork in a car


Playing Footsie With A Semi


That's one clever dash cam.


That was very satisfying


What’s that killer dash cam stuff going on?


Since the semi was in the merging lane he could potentially have some trouble, especially without this video, for a failure to yield. Obviously the other guy was hauling ass and was the cause but that doesn't automatically get the trucker out of trouble. With this video will probably be fine but this is a great example of why you should get a dash cam.


Nah he tweakin


Cut him off twice lol


This is the kind of thing I like to see. Dangerous drivers safety taking themselves out and make the world a safer place. Not harming or killing innocents on their way to death.


That was amazing! He crashed with FLAIR!


Wait? The trucks lane was ending. The truck was merging. But the speed trumps merge. Looks like the car was at double the trucks speed.


The truck was going almost the speed limit. The Nissan was easily doing 20mph over. I'm willing to bet the truck had his signal on the entire time, too. People do this dumb shit all the time when trucks try to merge. There are also "do not pass" signs posted. Nissan 100% at fault, obviously.


a+ driving from the big rig


Your average Z driver.


Please don’t be a 350z….please don’t be a 350z…please don’t be a FUCK!


Witness me…….. mehhhh


it's like minnesotans trying to do a zipper merge. one trying to cut in front, another not letting them in, catastrophe, destruction, mayhem. it's all there.


Jeez he first almost kills himself and then nuts all over your windshield. Now that’s what I call a bad day.


Wow. This one of the worse crashes I've seen on this sub. This should be in diotsincars and HMFT.


I wonder if SFX operators /designers look at these videos and break them down to design more and more realistic auto crashes.


I mean he’s got good aim… taking out the sign which is the only thing that could be taken out.


Did everyone miss the sign that says DO NOT PASS? This is on the Nissan IMO.


So, maybe the Nissan driver was doing 100 or more, truck was doing maybe 55mph, Nissan driver comes flying up, thinks he's going to make it... and over-steers.


I've driven this stretch of road probably 10 times, and 9 of those times I've seen people try to get past a semi in this exact spot. What's great is that there is a passing lane not too long after this. Just be patient people.


That's the 395 southbound from boron to hesperia


Good thing the sign was there to slow them down.