Wtf is this game...its my second game in this

Wtf is this game...its my second game in this


'wtf is this game' I don't know, a semi-bot match?


I’m not sure what the point of this post is?


is this normal to get this much dmg in the budyonny


Its a bot match, so you’ll probably get higher dmg than in a regular in-person game


69k is not really special for Budyoony. Just a good solid game. I average 58k in my Bayern so frequently seen 80k + depending on the game. Also, i am talking about games with mostly people. That said, nice job.


Are we confused by how many medals we received, the overall scoring or number of bots being less than thirteen? Yikes!


the amount of bots and the fact i got 69k (nice) dmg


You won't get that much chances of using the torpedoes at all when it comes to Russian cruisers. The only exception is the tier 9 dm. Donskoi. There are many bbs who can reduce half of your health in one Salvo. So be sure to stay away from them and you rarely get fire in buddyony than on other tiers of same line. Unless it is a bot your fires will be put off easily so you can't score much.