***PLEASE UPVOTE THIS SO PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THE DEFINITIONS ARE!!! ALSO PLEASE NOTE THIS POST WAS INSPIRED BY*** [***THIS POST***](https://www.reddit.com/r/YAPms/comments/ocahiw/political_classification_of_us_states_from/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) ***BY*** u/Klejnot__Nilu ***!!!*** **Progressive:** Left-wing states that want the Democratic Party to shift more to the left. These states have been trending more and more blue for quite some time. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are good examples of progressive politicians. **Modern liberal:** Center-left states that support mainstream Democrats and like the current state of the Democratic Party. A liberal could easily beat a progressive in these states. Joe Biden is a good example of a modern liberal. >!Modern liberalism is also called social liberalism, left liberalism, and new liberalism.!< **Populist:** States that are left-wing populist on economics but center or slightly conservative on social issues that swung greatly from Obama to Trump in 2016. These states used to vote for the Democratic Party but are now turning to the Republican Party. A Democrat who is moderate or conservative on social issues and left-wing on economics would win in a landslide in these states, but a modern liberal could easily lose to a right-wing populist. Joe Manchin, Collin Peterson, Jon Tester, Jim Justice, and John Bel Edwards are good examples of populist politicians. **Centrist:** States that are dead center or just about. These states could go to either party, but generally are lean or tilt one way. Not that many examples of centrist politicians in America today. **Liberal**: States that are slightly conservative on economics but slightly progressive on social issues. These states used to vote for the Republican Party but are now turning to the Democratic Party. A politician who is right-wing on economics and moderate or progressive on social issues could easily win by a lot in these states. Susan Collins, Larry Hogan, Charlie Baker, Chris Sununu, Phil Scott, John Hickenlooper, Lisa Murkowski, and Kyrsten Sinema are good examples of liberal politicians. **Neoconservative:** Center-right to right-wing states that support mainstream Republicans. They favored the Republican Party under Obama more so than under Trump, but are not hugely against Trump. Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Nikki Haley, and Jeb! are good examples of neoconservative politicians. **Right-wing populist:** Right-wing states that love the turn the Republican Party has taken towards Trumpism. These states might vote for a populist over a neoconservative. These states have been trending more and more red for quite some time. Donald Trump, Josh Hawley, and Kristi Noem are good examples of right-wing populist politicians. **Theocratic:** Utah.


For Ky I guess you’re kinda right in presidential elections but we had a pretty populist governor and he lost re-election to a dem. I feel like right-pop is a bit strong for any state with a dem governor but idk


I feel the alleged “populist” nature of the rust belt is often overstated. Not saying it doesn’t exist but I see it overstated a lot in the internet. Sherrod Browns career fits the mold (even then I’ve never seen him really pander to Social Conservatives) but I struggle to think of a single other Rust Belt Senator or Governor who does.


Another populist is Sherrod Brown (love him) and Bob Casey. Like Casey is anti-abortion.


Sherrod is probably progressive TBH but gains tons of support from populists. Casey could definitely fall under populist.


Blessed Sherrod Brown


Connecticut and Rhode Island should probably be modern liberal.


Yea they could definitely be modern liberal. Progressives weren't really getting that many states when I was making the map so I decided to hand CT and RI to them.


As someone from Connecticut, we are modern liberal


Florida is pretty populist/ right wing populist


Yea I wasn't really sure what to put them as but considering they've been a battleground state in presidential races since 1992 (except for 1996 and maybe 2004) I decided I would just make them centrist. Could also be populist or right-wing populist as you said :)