Love that guy.


The day he'll pass will be a very sad day for the global left. Chomsky has consistently provided stellar analysis on a number of fundamental issues since the Vietnam war. I've read several of his books and I found them all to be excellent readings. Considering that I'm a historian by profession, which makes me an especially demanding reader, that really is something.


I've always wanted to read his work. Any recommendations on where to start? I'd love it to be somewhat familiar to today's situation


Manufacturing consent is a really good read and just as relevant today as when it was written. But I would also highly recommend optimism over despair for a way more recent book that talks more about current events.


“Who Rules the World” is a collection of essays that are relevant and also accessible to any audience.


Anyone have the rest of this interview?




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Libertarian Party, a “grass-roots” (Koch/Corporate sponsored right wing) trick to dupe everyday taxpayers into thinking they are the same as Multi-National Corporate Conglomerates when it comes to “The Unfair “ Tax Man,” and “ Big Government” That’s trying to “REGULATE YOUR LIFE.” Those that realize this are now “anarchists,” for the simple fact they refuse to admit they were duped. “pride goeth before a fall.”


I have never met an anarchist who has ever been a right-libertarian. I have no idea what you're talking about. Also, anarchism by far predates right-libertarianism. Can we on the left just not fight about this stuff and focus on union drives and mitigating suffering?


Someone has never heard of anarcho-libertarianism. There’s absolutely a group of people who say “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” to both Governments and Corporations alike. I agree that the Libertarian party is a ruse to keep people focused on the ‘limited government’ aspects of the ideology, but the core principles are present within anarchy as well. I think the difficulty lies in the execution, and the balance between individual, private (corporate), and public (government) power. In order to give more power to one group, you must take from the other, and many libertarians are unwilling to consider the idea that you can increase your individual autonomy through government regulation in any way. It’s also dreadfully disappointing that Libertarians and Anarchists, although very similar in principle, have been polarized to the point of being on opposite extremes for the general public. But I guess that’s how the Uniparty retains control.


anarchists (but in quotes… so fake anarchists…) are ex libertarians who refuse to admit they were duped into being a libertarian..? is your issue with anarchism or anarchists? i cant tell


Libertarians have the incorrect assumption that markets are perfectly efficient and that intervention in that market creates inefficiency. They fail to understand that the same inefficiencies that they attribute to government intervention like nepotism, favoritism, waste, fraud, and abuse also occur in the market. For anarchy, it's probably the least understood of the political systems due to its use for shock value and association with violent youths. Anarchy is not chaos, but a harmonious community of free individuals. It is not disorganized, but simply organized on non-government principles. Anarcho-Syndicalism is probably the best practical form of anarchism because it provides a way for workers already in a capitalist society to affect the economy and society as a whole.


Libertarianism is to dudes what astrology is to girls.


Yeah so, pay me a good wage and I’ll give you my work ethic and knowledge. Or I can mow grass for less than half the corporate wage




I enjoyed watching that a lot.


I do like him but I can't understand how you can think that and support election in our current democracy


Sure they can murder you! Ask the people in factories during the recent tornados.


Spent his whole career describing what he slept on when it actually happened


Expand on that.


He's not wrong, a little hyperbolic but not wrong




Well as the interviewer says they can't kill you, totalitarian means total which implies power to kill, so again abstractly it maybe argued an employer can remove resources but they can't shoot you on sight which would be the most server kind of totalitarian. I'm not arguing against him I mostly agree just think the language could be nuanced a little




isn't this the guy who denies the Serbian genocide of Bosnians in the Yugoslav wars?


No. What you are refering to was an interview with him by the Guardian. Where they manipulated the interview to make it sound like he denies genocide. He later published a post, explaining his opinions. He never denied the genocide. He just did not see it as black and white as people were pushing it back then. The west wanted Yugoslavia to fall, and they found a way to make the whole situation black and white while manipulating with different political parties within Yugoslavia. And making one side the root of all evil, so there is a reason to go to war. And this is comming from someone with Bosnian Muslim roots. I recommend reading "Yugoslavia: Peace, War and Dissolution"


Thanks for the info will look into it further! Edit: Looked into it further and seems that there was a lot of pushback on both Noam Chomsky and people who saw it about said interview. Thanks for the heads up about the reality of the situation that I had thought occurred! Ok I am adding another edit, so I did not get this information from the aforementioned source. However, I had viewed it as evidence that what I had questioned was wrong. Furthermore I had reviewed the other source that I had gotten my information from. That being a YouTuber named Kraut who made a video about Noam Chomsky and his claims which I do believe does not take information from the aforementioned article and also takes information from various books written by Noam Chomsky such as hegemony and survival. I am unsure what to believe at this point and would be great full if anyone else could share their thoughts if that is ok. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/VCcX_xTLDIY