Feel just like you I’m Aquarius and I’ve been going through some hard personal things recently. It’ll be worth it to grow from this. Pain can lead to growth


Keep pushing friend :)


Good thing about us is we tend to be self resilient! I know I had days like yours for yeaarrsss you just gotta remember, you won’t always be happy but you won’t always be sad forever. Just few the sad till you get tired of it then you’ll start going back to your “normal” you. It’ll be ok though. You got this


I haven't really left my home in 4 days.. I get it. Just keep swimming.


Hi friend. Keep on going and pushing, I know it’s hard but we have to. I’m right there with you 🤗💙


Party ON


Today wasn't really the best day for me emotionally, but I know tomorrow is gonna be better. Just know what you feel is only temporary.


I’ve been feeling in such a funk like this for a couple months. This too shall pass, and we will be okay fellow Aquarius.


Cheer up lonelyAqua.. you're not alone.. most of us feel the same way.. find somewhere to get good energy from and use it to stay positive.. try faith.. God has always helped me.. I sincerely hope this helps 🛸


We go thru the most mentally bC we supposed to be the worlds teachers so we gotta experience everything from some point of view, understand it and become the awareness(as a result we heal the world, unfortunately that’s our freaking job which is crazy considering how detached we are LOL), and becoming awareness means us observing our emotions and letting them pass. I tend to easily feel low but I’m still very egotistical and would never let anyone that’s not close to me see my vulnerability , but nowadays it’s getting more fun to just feel my emotions, get in touch with them, try to give myself an understanding as to why I feel the way I do and if I still feel the same way then I’ll know I did my shadow work and now I just have to let those feelings pass, if you do shadow work and still don’t know why you feel the way you do, then just ask for love light and guidance from the universe, say fuck it, and keep pushing, as humans seems like Aquariuses can’t catch emotional breaks Cuz we feel everything even when we feel nothing that nothing feels like some type of emptiness, only way we can be happy is if we say FUCK IT or act as AWARENESS and not make emotions our identity. But I’ll say this , it’s very very important for Aquarius to honor their emotions and not play them off, cuz I almost completely closed my heart chakra doing that shit😂 I love you my Aquarius friend and hope you feel better🦋🛸🌱