Don’t blame me for Sydney cluster, it’s NSW’s problem: PM

Don’t blame me for Sydney cluster, it’s NSW’s problem: PM


The virus is a known, real threat existing outside our borders. The federal govt are responsible for our international border, for national security and for quarantine to stop disease from overseas entering Australia. Its impossible for this muppet to deny responsibility in any credible way.


Absolutely , and fair blame should also on Dutton for not protecting the population


Damn right. That scumlord was all too quick to propose sending out his jackbooted border cops into the streets of Melbourne CBD to demand papers from any undesirables they singled out, all because of the bogeyman of "terrorists". But he was missing in action when the real serious threat to our nation actually materialised. Smoke and mirrors border protection, which failed at its first real world test.


This is a good article about the Duttons and Morrisons of the world. It was taken down soon after it was published, but still available in archive. >Macho leaders like simple answers, black and white, goodies versus baddies, right and wrong, us and them, my way or the highway. They are not just daunted by complexity, nuance and shades of grey, they downright despise them. >Ban them, shoot them up, grab them by the p***y, nuke them, run the bastards over, lock her up, stop the boats -- it’s all invigorating, exciting stuff, and entices many who still think that a big daddy and a bit of biffo can solve everything. >But when a macho leader hits a situation where aggro and belligerence are not just useless but actually damaging -- not to anyone else, but to themselves -- they are lost. >When the chips are down they fail us, because machismo is not strength; it is not smart; it only has one answer: authoritarianism; one tone: belligerent; one style: scorn. Macho leaders must have an enemy to fight. They win by dividing people into us (the good guys) and them: greenies, gays, inner-city elites, Muslims, African gangs, Jews, dole bludgers, noisy Australians, feminists et al. >This is the polar opposite of what is needed right now. https://web.archive.org/web/20200507235319/https://10daily.com.au/views/a200106jxotm/jane-caro-the-world-is-run-by-right-wing-bullies-who-are-useless-in-a-crisis-20200107?fbclid=IwAR3MxtCKRHLoKmyNm7I0dSQe8tNjtssItZE8CHmR1oLKKNKIr9jvXAM6MD4




Smirk and mirrors.


This Govt was contacted by Pfizer in June/July 2020 for a vaccination program that would have been done in January 2021. They refused. Then lied about it (an SOP now). Imagine where we would be now hey? Not just the health advantages but our economy would be going strong and not just squandering the profits from iron ore sales. Every business that shut down this week, think of them and their workers. Why is this not reason enough to motion no confidence in this smarmy jerk.


I've been trying to find more info about this - can you share some sources please?


No confidence motions will never happen because the Libs have successfully crushed any notion of moral integrity in their members Power is the only thing that matters to them on any level


I would so love to slap that smirk off his smug fat face.


With a seasoned hardwood Moby Dick era longboat oar THHWWACK!!!!!! THHHHHWACK!!! THHHHWWAAACKK!!!!!


The reality is that the majority of government work is mudane and arduous with little recognition at the time of implementation. We obsess endlessly over refugees but plant and animal quarantine is a dead end for a government high flyer or minister. We spend hundreds of billions on defence but simply kick climate change down the road for others to fix.


So, what you're saying is that they lack the capability to increase operational tempo when it comes to shit that is actually urgent. Unless it's boats or robodebit. (Btw can some one sic robodebit on Gerry Harvey whilst were at it. When was the last time all their holding were audited?)




And defending the defenceless Au Pair's needlessly caught up in a system clearly not meant for them.


It’s amazing isn’t it we can find beds to lock people up ... /s


It's crazy how the party who would never shut up about being tough on border protection has just shrugged their shoulders and given up the moment border protection actually became important. All spin no substance.


Yeah and it was right from the start with that cruise ship


The only boat to that needed to be stopped


But there were rich people onboard - can’t inconvenience them


even worse than that, there were rich hillsong members stuck on a boat with poor people. What would of happened if they'd caught poverty on the boat.


Then we'd have to rapture the ship...


They were only tough on the poor. They bent over backwards to accommodate the rich.


Because it's about racism and classism, not actual border protection.


The vaccine also exists outside our borders, but damned if we're allowed to get it yet


My son is severely disabled, extremely weak, and because of different complications he's has pneumonia twenty or so times, numerous collapsed lungs etc. A *very* compromised respiratory system. Yet, we're *still* waiting for him to be allowed the first shot of the vaccine. 22nd of July is his first shot. His numerous carers aren't even being told yet when they can have their shot. Talk about incompetence. Morrison and co are hopefully going to pay *massively* for their indifference and stupidity at the polls.


I wish you, your son and his carers all the best.


Anyone who works with at risk children is eligible. Your carers can go to any vaccination hub. If they have access to one and haven't done so already they're not trying hard enough.


it's not a race though


How goods the cricket


We will decide the vaccines that come to this country and the circumstances in which they come.


I don't hold a constitutional s51(xxix) external affairs power mate.


I think the actual Muppets could do a better job of running this country. They've saved theatres, jobs, Christmas,etc




Change the national anthem to Rainbow Connection. Let's face it, it's an awesome song and way better than our current anthem.


"Someday we'll find it, a competent government "


>Its impossible for this muppet to deny responsibility in any credible way He doesn't need to "deny responsibility in any credible way" he just needs to deny responsibility and then the first person down the line who gives a damn (in this case the states) has to pick up the slack. He's a middle-manager that got ejected upward into the top job. This is what middle-managers do. They delegate. Either to others in their own department when they can't escape responsibility or ideally to someone else's department. He doesn't need to have a "credible" excuse about why someone else has to do the work. He just needs to have an excuse. If it's a good one or not is irrelevant because at the end of the day he's the one who gets to decide if it's acceptable or not. If you've ever seen a manager's meeting at a large company or government department you'll recognise his kind.


Come on!!! I'm a prime minister, not a fireman. I can't help with the fires, so it's better I use that time to go on holiday. /s


A parliamentary inquiry by the federal government blamed the federal government, and Scott Morrison directly for Covid failures https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/COVID-19/COVID19/Interim_Report/section?id=committees%2freportsen%2f024513%2f73930


Would love to know which bright spark thought that hotels would work fine as virological control centres.


Totally acceptable back in March 2020, but here we are 15 months later and that's all we've got? Pathetic




Nah at this point it’s fucking malicious.


Acceptable in 2020 but not in the 19th century when [dedicated quarantine facilities](https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/point-nepean-national-park/attractions/quarantine-station) were established all over what would eventually become Australia.


Best option available in the short term. But we're not in the short term any more, are we Scotty? Didn't they manage to set a hospital up on Christmas island in lightening quick time a few years ago?


Since the pandemic begun I have been involved in building a brand new private hospital wing which will have 75 single bed rooms + ensuite. We're almost done. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that something like this could be achieved in a fraction of the time in each major city of it were bankrolled by the federal govt.


I'm familiar with mining. Those guys could have set up a million self contained accommodation units in that time. They simply didn't want to.


Exactly. Would have been so easy to set up a FIFO style camp.


It also could have been re-used afterwards. For example creating such a camp at RAAF Base Darwin would have given us a secure quarantine facility with direct access to the airfield that post pandemic would have replaced the deplorable on base accommodation. If they needed a roadmap for how to do this quickly and effectively just look at the facilities the US Marines put up on the same base.


The premiers did as a temporary measure because the federal government were instead proposing at home quarantine. As the last year and a half have shown, trusting people to quarantine at home would have been a disaster. The premiers were probably thinking that they'd only have to do hotel quarantine for a few months while the federal government sorted out something long term... but here we are.


We are Melbournians who booked a holiday in Northern-ish NSW town a couple of months ago with family, partially chose this location so that a relative from Sydney could drive up to us and visit while we are here. We are on that holiday right now crossing our fingers because we are not in a lockdown zone, fully aware we may be required to isolate/quarantine when we get home. We obviously had to cancel the visit from Sydney Relative with everything happening. You know what Sydney Relative said yesterday? “Thanks bloody China virus!” Not thanks Gladys for not being on top of this outbreak earlier, not thanks Scomo for fucking up *both* quarantine and the vaccine, but thanks China. It’s been so long since this was a problem we could blame on China. Too many are obviously still buying the narrative from these guys.


I've been subjected to a couple of deeply wrong convos too


And the irony is, over here in China I get a lot of people saying it started in the US or Europe. Also the Chinese govt loves to make a big song and dance of every single case imported back to china so that people routinely cover their faces when they see me coming (even if we have both have a mask on and im fully vaccinated) and move to another seat on the subway because “foreigners have the virus”. Its fucked up. This has the ability to bring the racist ignorance out of everyone on both sides it seems


Racism is a human trait. No race is immune from behaving like this if the conditions are right


Totally predictable response from the man. He's not responsible it seems for. . . anything. In his own god fearing mind that is. Who knows what's in his mind though, since he believes in fairies at the bottom of the garden.


The only thing Morrison is responsible for is delivering good news. And leaving a wake of destruction behind him *tsk* Classic Morrison


Vintage, even.


I was trying to think what have they done that was positive?


He built a chicken coop! What more do you people want?




Exactly, no need for responsibility yourself at all!


> He's not responsible it seems for. . . anything. This is his bread and butter though. Quoting from an earlier comment I've made, Morrison's great (and so far as I can see, only) skill in life is a slimy capacity to disappear when things get tough and reappear at exactly the right moment to take credit for everything when it's getting better. His sense of timing in this game of pulling back and pushing forward has failed him on occasion (most notably the Hawaii holiday and subsequent bushfire debacle), but he's largely been remarkably good at reading the public mood. Obviously the warped media environment helps this strategy, but Morrison himself seems adept at balancing when to dodge scrutiny and when to raise his head above the parapet for just long enough, when to push something unpopular before the public mood turns, and when to beat a PR retreat. It's infuriating that the strategy works (and indeed that he spends so much prime ministerial time and energy on simply ducking and weaving from any sense of responsibility), but hopefully the non-rollout of the vaccine will cause the mood to turn.


He doesn’t believe in fairies. Fairies are evil demons sent by Satan to confuse the truly faithful. Obviously. /s just in case it wasn’t obvious.


It’s so weird that Australians consider him acceptable as PM during normal times much less now. He’s everything everyone claims to hate - selfish, lazy, a massive cunt, sneaky, blaming everyone else for everything all the goddamn time.


This is so spot on. I can’t even think what his positive character traits are. At least with Abbott, though I hate him and his politics, I could see positive character traits. What about this cunt is good?


He has zero redeeming qualities. At least abbot had a heart for certain things despite his fucked ideologies. This fuckwit is the equivalent of wet socks while stacking the dishwasher


How good are franking credits though?!


Fuck me, it really never is his fault is it? Incredible. Talk about failing upwards.


This guy is just every bad marketing middle manager ever, passing the buck to those below him.


It’s like when you want to play an RPG on hard mode, so you create a character with all the worst character stats and traits. “I can’t reduce my charisma, intellect, or wisdom any further, so maybe I’ll pick up the Unaccountable trait too.”


He's also clearly getting more and more insecure about the fact that no one likes him. Even among Liberal voters, even among his Cabinet, there are people who like him being PM, but no one who likes *him*. And he knows this.


They can't even knife him like the last 2 now can they? Some new law?


They changed the amount of votes needed to instigate a spill, yeah. That and because after 14 years without having a PM serve a full term, having yet another leadership spill would make them look incompetent (moreso).


Maxed out the smug stat


Chose the face preset that looks most like a smirk.


I worked with a guy that is basically the result of forgetting to assign points during character creation. He is just 3/10 across the board.


Hey, I don’t cough on the victims mate!


Covid patients are lucky we don't shoot them


You know this might just work/s


It's cool though, Uncle Murdoch will run interference for him throughout the media. Can't have his stooge getting grilled by the so-called journalists of Australia.


There was a [parliamentary inquiry which released a report in December last year](https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/COVID-19/COVID19/Interim_Report/section?id=committees%2freportsen%2f024513%2f73930 ) that found the Federal Government was primarily responsible for Covid failures and even directly blamed Scott Morrison, but six months later he's still out here pretending it's not his fault. The media are letting him get away with this.




But great photo ops!


“If I don’t say it’s my fault, then technically I’ve done nothing wrong. I wonder why nobody else has ever thought of that? I must be on track to becoming the best PM ever.” -Scumo


“I commend Premier Berejiklian for resisting going into a full lockdown.” he said this on 24th June. Not even 3 days later he’s thrown her under the bus.


She's no longer useful to the "Libs good, Labor bad" lockdown propaganda machine.


Everyone medical knew lockdown then (in some form) was the only way to contain this. Most people with common sense knew it. But Scotty from Marketing again found the lowest road and tried to politicise it. Again. I’m so bored of this ignorant A-hole


Gotta delete the ignorant bit. Ignorant means doesn't know. This guy apparently has all the advisors up the whazoo. Incompetentence, willful even, is the term.


Will she fire back though? Un fucking likely.


James Merlino will have to do that for her.


"How can you blame me? I wasn't even here, I was on holiday!"


I don’t hold the the needle mate


But how good's passing the buck though?


We should have a whip-round and see if we can't raise some funds for a one way ticket to the middle of the Alaskan wilderness or something?


This guy is such a fucking loser


Full blown narcissist and sociopath.


The type of guy you get stuck with at some event the wife dragged you to and he ruins your whole weekend.


Ah classic scotty, never responsible but will take the glory whenever its available. I hope libs get rolled at the federal election but I won't hold my breath


The real problem is he has convinced himself he isn’t responsible. He will continue to make mistakes and be oblivious to them. That’s why he is so bad at his job.


Imagine if we tried to get this guy to say 'sorry' back in the day


"I didn't sail the ship here mate"


Out of the guy that wanted the Captain Cook statue?


Ah well I guess if everything is the state premiers responsibility and problem, why do we need a prime minister then ?


Someone has to provide input into where the pork barreling goes.


its literally his fault everything from quarantine to how he has treated labor states is his fault hotel quarantine should have been a temporary stopgap whilst the feds built dedicated facilities but here we are.


There’s so many contradicting points from the liberals that have just fucked everything up for all Australians. “We don’t need federally built quarantine, we just need better hotel quarantine” - Cases are still escaping hotel quarantine to this day and have done so in nearly every state so far. “We don’t need to rush to get everyone vaccinated” - Currently have lower vaccination rates than most third world countries, which is further preventing herd immunity and leaving Australians to DIE for their own profits. “We don’t need to get the Pfizer vaccine due to ‘health concerns’” - no such concerns were ever made to the government and now that we’re going with Pfizer we’re incredibly behind and have no stock of it. All of these points could have been solved if even ONE of them was done correctly, but due to the massive fuck up on every single front, Australians are dying and will continue to die. We can fix it, we just need a bit of albo-grease. Get the libs out and get labor in.


The ACT Labor gov built a 51 bed pop-up Covid hospital in 37 days completed in May 2020. It's maddening to think that almost a year and a half later the federal gov is still dragging its feet on quarantine facilities.


After 15 years of building new minesites back to back in WA, we have fine tuned efficient businesses that can produce, transport, install and power up remote camps more easily than anyone else on the planet!






I mean they're ultimately beholden to their donors more than they are to the electorate. They have grown to rely on the donor funds and have to do what they're told or the money dries up. At the same time they're confident they can scare enough swing voters to support them come election time. If you view all the LNP decisions in this fashion is easy to see why things tend to fail - most of the time decisions and spending favours big business and lobby groups, not the public need. Throw a few bones before the election and get voted back in. Rinse, repeat.


They have admitted this iirc


I have no doubt he has been campaigning to Gladys behind the scenes to keep NSW open. I would bet my life on it


He wouldn't bet his life on it.


He'd bet other people's lives and livelihoods on it.


"Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make" - Lord Maximus Farquaad


Can't help thinking of how they ran the 2019 election as a presidential style popularity contest between Morrison and Shorten. The coalition barely put any credible policies up at all, it was largely waged on smear campaigns and "who do you trust more, me or Shorten?" IMHO Bill Shorten would've been a great PM throughout this crisis. Remember, when the Beaconsfield mine disaster happened, Shorten as head of the union did not leave the site until the surviving miners were rescued about a week after the collapse. Morrison would've pissed off on holidays and said it was all Tasmania's responsibility. That's the difference between a leader, and somebody who was only in it for personal gain and status.


I agree, Shorten would have been a good prime minister, the type of bloke who has his feet on the ground and lacking the bullshit snow job approach of Morrison. Great pity and a real fail for Australia.


While I agree with ya but if shorten was in the press would absolutely smash him over things like job keeper and every other minor thing even if he did handle it well. The headlines and outrage the press would kick up would probably keep Labor out of government for the next 20 years. It's imo that it's better to watch these fuckwitts drown and cop it. Slowly but surely the public are changing their opinions on the better economic managersTM


What you say about the press is so depressingly true. They would smash him hard, just like they did with Julia - along with at that time Mr No - Abbott.


Morrison would’ve blamed the mine workers themselves and prayed that the gold was okay


No one knew of Shorten until Beaconsfield. I was in my teens then and not into politics at all, but I remember him standing out and being impressed by his leadership. If he can do one thing well, it's manage disasters. Exactly what Australia has needed since the last election.


Every Labor leader comes in needing to fix the disaster of simply following a Liberal government


Couldn't be his fault .. people sent by God to run a country couldn't possibly make mistakes like rejecting an offer of 40mill Pfizer jabs that would have us all vaccinated by now !


Spot on. Roll out that red carpet bois


It's his government's responsibility to manage quarantine and immigration. It's literally written into the constitution!


Hot-take: Anyone who supports this dickhead is either evil, or straight up ignorant. After the bushfires, Brittany Higgins, the covid handling, robo-debt, his Hillsong bullshit, he should be fucking dead in the water. Never seen someone dodge responsibility and contribute nothing so much as Scott. If people could read up on some of the above (and feel free to add more) they should be horrified. But honestly people will just fall for the usual dumb memes like boat people, death tax, carbon tax, franking credits, "better economic managers!" etc. If you base your political views on memes and catchphrases, you shouldn't be fucking voting.


Worked with a guy that was this ignorant at the last election. I honestly questioned him for not even 5 minutes before he realised he made a dumb decision.


This comment makes me optimistic though. You were able to convince 1 person. If everyone in this subreddit made it their mission to convert just 1 person then Labor could probably win elections again.


Don't forget ~~physically forcing~~ assaulting people to shake his hand after their town burns.


That for me is included in the bushfires, but to add some details for it: 1) Forced handshake 2) "I don't hold a hose mate" 3) Cunt goes missing in Hawaii What else for the bushfires?


After the forced handshaking he literally turns his back and walks away as she’s saying ‘we need more help’ Edit: kangaroo island, saying at least no one had died, then after being told people had died he comments that he was thinking of firefighters.


Pretty sure the bushfire funds still haven’t reached the communities


The dismissing of the struggles of fireys because most of them were volunteers, thinking that they've volunteered because they *want* to fight fires and not because of a sense of duty and altriusm.


I totally agree but the reality is the libs will go basically unchallenged until progressives get some sort of voice in this country. Labour has in some way caved on just about every progressive issue you could think of, where do they even sit on the political spectrum?


He's such a cunt, that I've been here in Phuket now since March last year, countless flights cancelled and I'm getting my AZ shot tomorrow for free here on the island. In Thailand. Not fucking Sydney. Hilariously though, this cunt will get back in because it's confirmed Australians are goddamn retards when it comes to voting. Confirmed bigly.




People who can pay, because they can pay.


People who can afford business and first class. Edit: I was being serious.




The question is, will we fuck this guy, and all his mates off already when we get the chance. Time to get loud. I chime in to my LNP family and point out facts which row them up and then they say "let's not talk politics". Fuck that... It's time to talk politics and have the difficult conversations at the dinner table. The LNP would burn us all for a buck given half a chance. They'll certainly burn the climate. You might argue they are the real existential threat. They are only better economic managers if siphoning money out of it to their own benefit is the test, and truth of that coined phrase resides in the word "managers". Yeah they can manage spin, optics, media and politicking but when it comes to actual leadership they're as strong as a wet paper bag. Much like the thickness of their skin as they sue everyone under the sun for defamation when they uncover uncomfortable truths. Like shining a torch in the dark on the mouse plague, They all scatter and scramble over each other. Keating actually summed them up well in [this](https://youtu.be/gAAf9nSd3ig) address which appears to be true to this day. "A mish mash of motions" "no philosophical binding" - no vision - no inspiration - avoids tough decisions. Time to disband the coalition. (And just to be safe, this is all MY OPINION).


I am from a liberal family. I abandoned them at the last election after Turnbull left. My folks were still on them. My old man is off them for good now too. My mum needs a bit more work, I’m sure she’ll come around now Joyce is back and the cache of sex pests is complete, let alone not even a step closer from being broken up Morrison is revolting


> I am from a liberal family. I abandoned them at the last election after Turnbull left. Do you miss your family?


Turnbull didn’t leave, Turnbull got kicked out by the slimy fucker Scotty. I’m not a liberal voter but I actually didn’t mind having Turnbull as PM


Wow your dad was off them before your mum, thats crazy! Even with all the misogy! But im glad to hear they are walking away!


It is something to remember when you think to yourself, 'surely they are well and truly done for now' that there are a whole bunch of people out there that think this is all fine, you just don't see it cause echo chambers etc etc etc. Some random health dept FB post had a 60 something lady running down the thread replying to everyone critical of the post that they were just liberal haters and nothing would make them happy.


See if they'll watch even 30 seconds of [this long list of Liberal atrocities](https://youtu.be/Yjyrq5S7x6U). This isn't just your opinion. It's objective fact that Australia is a worse place to live than it was when the Libs took power in 2013, by so many measures.


Yes, go ahead, throw Gladys under the bus. Yes we understand, it's never your fault /s


It's a beautiful thing..Their friendship was so contrived...They clearly don't like each other. But now that will be made obvious..It'll be just another shit fight in Lib land.


Fucking hell you might be the “PM of Australia” but you are still also the PM of every single state Take some fucking responsibly Scott you lazy fuck


No, Morrison. This is **your** fault. You rejected a golden offer from Pfizer last year, you’ve resisted lockdowns right from the start, and now Sydney is living through the result of **your** failures. How about taking responsibility for something, just once in your life? You are an embarrassment.


What do you mean? He is taking responsibility for putting a spin on everything. Claim some undelivered successes potential early on (e.g. Vaccine rollout, Aged Care, FTA with UK) and then blame others later when it failed. Speaking of FTA and the UK , watch how Dan Andrews will get the blame if that fails.


That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did, you deserved it.






Do we expect anything less from Scott “Why the fuck are you talking to me? I just work here” Morrison.


The worst leader we've had the misfortune of having in recent memory. We really need to re-look at our political ecosystem and wonder what it is that introduces the dregs of Australia's society to leadership. As a foreigner, I've always thought that Australians are some of the world's most exceptional people, punching heavily above their weight in all sorts of categories be it finance or Hollywood entertainers and to see the country being led by Laurel and Hardy without the comedy isn't quite as funny as I thought it would be.


It’s our incredibly unbalanced media, more than anything else. Especially Rupert Murdoch.


Im unfamiliar with this website and thought this was satire at first, but he really is bumbling and tone deaf. Self protection is his only interest. I dont believe in hell but he does, and he can rot in it.


The Australian Financial Review is a legitimate business/finance masthead of Nine Publishing (formerly Fairfax).


Yeah when you're starting to see things like this in the AFR you know the business community is fed up with this shit. They've realised that they can't bully the state governments out of lockdowns because they're in effect the last resort. Now the question is why we're at 6% vaccinated and Israel, the UK and the US are all up over 50%?


It shows how he has failed upwards, doesn't it - never take responsibility, let the shit wash off you. The guy is a coward. The absolute state of this country!


During the fires, holidays in Hawaii, during a pandemic takes extra leave and holidays in England. Has to ask wife about the morality of rape. This is just this year, I know it’s a tough year, but you need tough leaders, he is not that. Just a sharkies supporting dad is not what the country needs.


Honestly, that's an insult to the Sharks and to dads. Morrison's a lying snake who reneged on his federal responsibility to handle quarantine, so he could blame state premiers when cases inevitably leak from the stupid system we have due to the policy vacuum. He's a vapid wanker with no scruples or morality whatsoever, who pretends he's a virtuous man because he goes to church, has a wife and daughters. He could have jumped down a volcano in Hawaii and Australia would've been better off for it.


Yeah weird how the Federal government bears absolutely zero responsibility for the pathetically sluggish vaccine rollout and the nonexistence of specialised quarantine centres a full 15 months after the seriousness of the pandemic was apparent. Lazy incompetent dickheads that they are.


Can a journalist ask him at the next press conference "What the actual fuck is wrong with you?". I will pay for it to happen.


A fair weather prime minister. Bush fires and Covid has shown how weak he is.


I'm starting to think Scomo was made PM to make Abbott look better in retrospect.


Vintage Scomo, gas lighting never gets old for this cunt, in more ways then one too.


"I don't hold a needle, mate"


The Smoko prayer [Narcissist Prayer](https://www.thelifedoctor.org/the-narcissist-s-prayer)


For such a devout christian he sure loves washing his hands of things.


There is enough blame for Scomo and Gladys to share.


I legit thought this was satire.


Lack of federal government quarantine centres is what is causing this, lack of vaccines is what is causing it to spread. Both are PM's fault.


Scomo is a fucking dog. And fuck you to everyone who voted for him 🖕


‘I don’t hold the hose, mate’


Makes me think of Trump: “I don’t take any responsibility at all”


The rest of Australia has stood by & watched the cavalier attitude displayed by the NSW govt and many of the beach/party/shop going public. Very much a ‘business as usual’ approach. WA, SA & VIC all panicked according to the favourite shock jocks. I don’t wish a breakout upon NSW at all - by now, most Sydneysiders should have been vaccinated. The blame lays squarely at Morrison and Khunt’s feet.


Maybe one day he can tell us all what he is responsible for He is a disgrace


Kissing hands and shaking babies?


He is responsible for for successful and popular stuff, like that crime app bust, even if he just heard about it.


at least he didnt blame victorian government for this outbreak. that is an improvement in his side.


This guy has to win the award for the most useless cunt in Australia. Fuck you Scotty!!!!!!!!


But he's the Prime Minister of New South Wales, so it is his responsibility


This guy is horrendous. An absolute coward who cannot lead. I am embarrassed for him and embarrassed by him. He cannot go quick enough.


We really need to work together to get him out!


I thought that headline was coming from a satire article. Nope. Murdoch


Incompetent, Insecure and In Government.


One thing I hope comes of this Sydney outbreak is that the PM of Sydney shows his constituents what a total cunt he actually is. If he abandons Gladys, as the heading suggests, then that will be glorious


A forward thinking actionist government with our fantastic LUCK when it comes to avoiding wide spread outbreak would have stepped up to their responsibilities and actually made this better for everyone. We could have had federal quarantine centers established in every state. With 100% of all international arrivals being directed to one of those centers for secure processing, testing and mandatory quarantine. All flight crew would need to follow the same procedures or be restricted to red zones in airports. It is not that hard, nothing about managing this stage of the outbreak is difficult, a high schooler could work out what needed to happen and take action a year ago. We could have avoided all lockdowns for the last 6+ months and the future. We had this bloody virus eradicated in our country, Something the LNP said was 'impossible' early in the outbreak mind you. All they needed to do was secure the borders, if this had been people on a boat they would happily have redirected them all to christmas island or some other facility and detained them till they passed the required tests. But no, we can't have the LNP taking action that might possibly damage the bottom line of their largest donors, so instead we get stop start bullshit wreaking havoc with the entire country for more than a year past when it should have been contained, destroying the livelihoods, education and small businesses of millions of Australians not to mention the potential loss of life of many of our loved ones. All because Morrison and Co are Lazy ass backward cunts who just don't give a fuck because we only elected them and not donated to their party or offer them board positions when they retire. And don't even get me started on how they ballsed up the vaccine rollout. I swear the next person I see that tells me Scotty and his LNP buttjockys are doing a 'not so bad job' is going to get a good bloody talking to.


“I don’t hold a virus mate”


It's not as if things like the NBN, the Murray Darling Basin Plan failures, Robodebt, sports rorts etc etc weren't known before the last election. Yet, the Australian public, egged on by "news" (joke) outlets such as the AFR voted for them. While it is true that the Coalition is obviously not up to the job, the Australian public voted for them. Well. What did we expect? Voting in incompetent clowns is precisely the way you get the outcome we have.


This poor excuse of a human being makes Australia look more repulsive by the day. THe constant attacks on the poor and vulnerable and the utmost contempt for his responsability to serve the people he works for. He would have never made it as PM if it wasn't for Rupert Murdoch owning enough media in Australia to control public opinion. What a disgusting situation.


scomo does nothing as a PM but blame others, that is not leadership, he needs to be sacked


Interesting. What is Morrison up to nowadays? Is he in quarantine from his G7 shenanigans, or is is he in lockdown because Kirribilli House happens to be greater Sydney. Or did he get out of town before lockdown was declared? Or is he ok because, you know, he’s got the jab and screw everybody else?


He probably counts himself as an "essential worker", despite the fact he does as little work as possible, and is (by his own design) as essential as tits on a bull.