Reddit has gone the YouTube way (have you noticed how your homepage always recommends things you’ve seen already, or it insists on the same videos for weeks?).


I see posts from 12+ hours ago all the time


The posts I see are made less than 24 hours ago


My feed is so stale half the time I see stuff 18-48 hours prior. Used to be that things were kept pretty new and fresh. I would have completely new feeds a few times a day. Now it refreshes maybe once a day or less. Pretty shitty


The signs are cropping up everywhere. The only thing missing is "the next platform" for reddit to start hemorrhaging users. And reddit will be placed on the shelf next to /., Digg etc. Some folks will stay but the core is ripe for harvest.


I've noticed this too, seems the 'Frontpage' gets stake and isn't updating. Had this issues a month and things went back to normal but the past 24 hours has brought the issue back. Top post on my Front-page I viewed like 10 hours ago and the post itself is like 18 hours old.




Have you tried blocking them? I don't know if that hides posts from the blocked user but it's worth a try.




iirc blocking users won't block paid for ads, so *shrug*


Yeah, but you can block paid ads. I just reported some car thing and a bank thing as unsolicited spam and after you pass that window, there’s a toggle on the bottom, asking if you want to block the company you just reported. And I did. But I just did it about ten minutes ago so I can’t tell yet if it works. So is another fakeout thing? I think I’m blocking Hertz Rent-a-Car but in reality, I’m just a little monkey who moved a toggle switch that results in absolutely nothing?


I would like to sort my home screen after "top post last hour" or something.


I believe there is a setting that hides posts you already seen, or voted on. At least there use to be. Not sure if that setting is still around.


Thank god! I thought it was just me going mad! What’s happened to Reddit!!!


The potato batteries are getting overwhelmed




I am a few months away from my 11 year mark. This site has gone to shit, sadly. I don't care about the karma, but boy is the quality down.


I'm not disagreeing with you. But I've been here since the site was about 2 years old; the "old-timers" long since have left. I rarely see any of us around anymore. Hubski was an attempt to create a new home, but it's never built a following. Medium is a decent place. Clubhouse is a decent app. All I'm saying I guess is that it's been going to shit for a long time. Eternal September has lasted for ages.




Sorry- why leave no permanent record? I don’t follow why/how that links to the user population exploding? Or is it because of the ease of getting karma (in comparison to previous experiences with this site)? Just confused in a random conversation, just asking just cause. Edit: grammar


I seriously hope you don't regularily post fixes to problems, only to delete them so future people trying to fix the problem can't find an answer.


Agreed. 7 year registered, but a few more before I signed up also. Reddit has gone to the shithouse in the last 3-4 years. Mods have gone crazy with power to ban over stupid shit that wouldn't even have gotten suspended 4 years ago. I personally think it's a reddit cancel culture hell-bent on thought control. Micromanaging bitches at the helm.


People downvoting you already proves you’re right lol.


That's not how that works, but sure.


Couldn't agree more but is there another website to move to? I'm ready to dump reddit but don't know where to migrate to


I'm not sure just yet. I tried the chan's for a bit, but they started the same cancel culture shit, they were infiltrated ultimately also. I have started getting my ational/international political news off AON and GETTR, they seem to be the most truthful and moderate.-----I gave up hope on any of the big letter news networks years ago and even FOX well over a year ago. Might try the reddit discord pages,worth a look anyway. Also, reddit is supposed to monetize this year--;;-its going to get *real* shitty then....🤧


Wow, it took you that long to drop FOX? No wonder you need some alternative "news".


I actually quit using FOX around 5 years ago, but started labeling them badly about a year or so back. I don't watch them or any other big letter fake news networks, don't support or patronize them either. I honor journalism-----and those places don't practice it anymore----they haven't for years😁




Fox is going too far left for anyone. Journalism is "supposed" to be central. Neutral. Just report the news and keep your fucking opinions to yourself. Well, journalism is dead, and we're stuck with this shit. BTW, you mention fascism there.....care to educate us on what your definition of the word is? Or is that just a snazzy label you want to paste around?




So, you mean the fbi placed marchers that breached the barricades and broke through the white house windows then? Yep----I agree they were fascists. But the overwhelming (tens of thousands) of others were there to actually to support democracy by picketing to make sure the votes weren't submitted because they weren't legitimate. Democrats don't practices democracy, you better get yourself educated on the terminology buddy......America was founded as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC,---theres one for you to learn----and not as a "democracy" which actually does have fascist/socialist undertones.




Explain why being a constitutional republic makes a bit of difference. We'll wait. God, you people are so stupid. If you weren't so awful I'd pity you.


I just think the MOD Nazis need to talk a long walk off a short pier. I mean getting blocked for swearing or having a difference of opinion is just stupid. either that or there needs to be different levels for each group. Like runlevel 2 on Linux allows you to see a certain level of bullshit. And if you want more or less bullshit you just adjust your run level (for that subreddit). Maybe mark wants to put his bullshit level for subreddit1 at level3 and then when Susan (who is a minor or something ridiculous) comes into the chat window she is automatically filtered out all the swear words because everyone knows that minors can't see under run level 8 on Tuesdays. There should be logic that is talked about. An algorithm. Otherwise Reddit has already become the next Facebook or YouTube. Fuck that. I don't think that being rude should be a requirement for everyone. Nice people can lick my donkey dick.


>I have with a single post. Not possible. The maximum you can get from a post is around 8k. That is if the post blows out of proportion (100k+ upvotes)


It used to be where if there was a 1k post you knew it would be awesome


Social media algorithms don't care about whether you're *enjoying* the content, they care about whether you're seeing their ads. They tend to hyperfixate on whatever you've clicked on the first few times and will show you more and more of the same shit over and over again. Which is to say... the algorithm doesn't like variety and anything novel. It just wants to serve you up more of the ame.


holy fuck how do you follow that many subs


I have a lot of interests haha


There are a lot of subs with common topics. I bet a lot of the subs he follow can be condensed into some super sub or something. Plus NSFW subs are super popular.


This is it. I follow maybe 30 or so subs that are History related for example


Exactly, I follow around 6-7


I'm sorry, I'm still recovering from "I follow nearly a thousand subs".


the actual figure is around 800. I have a broad range of interests


Can you name a few? I’m interested


The man loves his porn




Not OP but in a similar boat, it’s really just that any tv show or video game I’ve ever been interested in has a subreddit I’ve joined. Along with book series, movies, subs for other subs, subs specifically for fan art of the tv show, video game, movie or book etc etc etc. Not all of them are fun and interesting educational shit, but they’re all things I’m interested in


Stop it. My sides hurt.


It's been this way for a few years unfortunately. For 2-3 days it's the same handful of posts, it's fucking garbage.


Thankfully I'm deleting my account in a week or two. I'm done with Reddit :) I've deleted all my social accounta already and reddit was on the border but now it's an easy decision after seeing things over and over and some other annoying things have happened recently. My life has been much more better and more productive since I've deleted my social accounta, imagine after deleting reddit.


I wish that I could seperate my subreddits into different categories. Or I wish that Reddit app supported multiple users. Sometimes I want to look at computer shit. Sometimes I'm wanting to look at weed stuff. Sometimes I'm wanting to look at video games, etc. I wish I could make some sense of the 1000 subs that I belong to. I even wish that stuff like an RSS feed of the subs that you belong to I mean not everything needs to be super complex to do. And I think that Reddit should be a friend of RSS. I think that it's inevitable that Reddit will stop the rss features.


I follow 160 subs and I see new content every 8 hours or so.


So many reposts, people just farm karma.. i dont understand why, who cares about karma?


Karma will help you with your next life.


Reddit probably shows you a subset of all those subs. It would likely be too costly to show you an *actual* mix of your 800 something subs. Also caching. I wouldn't recalculate that shit every time you hit F5. I would cache the results for half an hour or so. But that's like my opinion as a programmer, man.


Thats what the sort by new posts is for


echo chamber


I use Joey with history on and "hide read posts" and "mark posts as read automatically when scrolling past" enabled. So I didn't have any idea what u were talking about.




I just convert my karma into bitcoin.


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