Pat Connaughton is like everything you want from a role player who spaces the floor. I want wings who have his shot selection.


He’s a great example of the benefit in having an older player. The under 25 crowd can step it up too, but the best role players tend to be closer to 30 or older.


I think Vuc isn’t on the team unless he takes a pay cut next season. I think Coby gets shipped because Ayo can take his role as 6th man.


Man, next season is so crucial for this team. If the Bulls continue to be bumslayers and go out meekly in the first round, then we are really fucked unless Jokic decides he likes Chicago’s Serbian population.


it will be interesting to see if AK remains agressive on shaking up the roster or if he thinks he built a good team as is


with all his talk about continuity I’m scared that he’s gonna double down on going all in around the mediocre trio of Zach Demar and Vooch despite having probably the weakest group of young talent in the entire league and already having given away several first round picks


We're much closer to being an NBA hell team than most of us would like to admit. I'm not sure how much longer we can count on Demar playing close to the level he played at this year. I think it's why so many people put so much hope into PWill because if he doesn't blossom into a star we're probably in trouble in a couple years.


NBA hell is dead money and no talent. We have Zach, Lonzo and DeMar at the very least for talent for the next while given Zach re-signs. And we have no dead money on our books and nobody who is likely to become that. Biggest risk to that are just injuries to said talent. Most NBA hell teams are due to career-altering injuries (John Wall & the Wizards, for instance). The other way is to go all-in on aging stars like the Lakers have. And they aren't officially in hell at least until LeBron isn't an MVP candidate when healthy.


NBA hell is no cornerstone player, no young talent, no draft picks, and all of your cap space tied up in an extremely mediocre core i get what you mean, but I just can’t help but feel terrible about the outlook of this team. even though I’m extremely high on PWill, the only good young (under 25) pieces on our team are Zo, who’s injury problems have become a big concern, Pat, who has a wide range of outcomes, and Ayo, a second round pick that imo does not have a high ceiling at all. that doesn’t instill hope for the future especially considering our lack of draft picks moving forward, and a Big 3 of Zach Demar and Vuc sure as hell doesn’t instill hope for the present.


I mean, Miami was capped out with a core of Dragic (who they traded 2FRPs for btw), Whiteside, and Waiters. But by staying competitive, they got to recruit Jimmy (and eventually Lowry, both without cap space). The secret sauce is drafting and developing. I understand that the NBA has turned into a "if your ceiling is the 2nd round, you're better off tanking," but I don't think that's the case for us because we can recruit FAs as AK did this past off season. The crucial point is for AK to nail his draft picks well. Ayo and Pat are good starts


I don’t understand the “NBA hell” tier label for being a low playoff seed with low contention chances. Am I mad for thinking the last five years before we made it back to the playoffs and hoping to strike gold from #7 were way worse?


Don't get me wrong I would call this year a success. But if we're like this every year where we're just barely better than a play-in team and have a ceiling of a first round exit that would get tiring really fast. As a fan of an iconic franchise from a big market I want to strive to more than merely being happy we made the playoffs.


I hear you, life like the Pacers or Magic isn’t good enough. But I’m not convinced with the idea of tanking as a better strategy. I’d much rather live as the raptors and hope for that one lucky perfect storm year, or more preferably like the clippers or nets and build a good enough platform to attract the stars, with the big market - like you mentioned.


Yeah that's fair, I'm just not really sold on our long-term future. I don't know if we're good enough to do what the Raptors do. It seems like every year the Raps always have one or two shiny new toys that their fanbase is really hyped about and they're usually pretty solid at developing them. We have Patrick Williams, who I hope is good but is currently much more of a question mark than what the Raps have with Barnes for example. And we have Ayo who is cool and I think will have a good career but I'm not convinced that he'll ever be a big needle mover. So two years from now I don't know what the Bulls are going to look like. AKME are sorta handcuffed this year and probably won't be able to make any huge earth-shattering moves. So that means we'll probably have two main sources of optimism heading into next year: 1. Hopefully we're a lot healthier this time and the team gels better now that they've all had more time to play together 2. Hopefully Williams turns into a beast The east is tough and will only continue to get tougher with teams like the Cavs on the comeup so I'm not sure what we have will be enough to give us a boost in the standings over the next couple years. Basically when I look at it I think it all comes back to Patrick Williams. If he can be good on a consistent basis that'll change the dynamic a lot.


Using Toronto as the benchmark you’re absolutely right on the difference being their development. FVV and Siakam playing at the level they are from how they started is incredible, the last player we can be proud of achieving that type of success is still Jimmy Butler? I’d also say Nurse is a better in game coach. My impression of Billy D has improved over this season but there’s still a way to go. But then let’s also talk of the difference of what we can do with our market. Toronto is not attracting the free agents we’ve just shown we can now. Lonzo Caruso Tristan. When you’re able to attract talent then you don’t need that young core as much. Extreme example but the Lakers went from a young core that was going nowhere, to cashing it all in for the bubble ring, to the current dumpster fire of vet mins. Big market life can be volatile haha, but my point here is that a young core to hope gets better can also just be a waste of time, I’m not a believer in what OKC is building right now or what Philly tried to do with the process.


So real talk. We will 100% be shopping Vuc & Coby. Probably with our Portland pick. What’s the best deal we can make?


Vuc is staying. AK already said that they wanna keep the core of team


Vuc is expiring. We’d be silly not to look for offers.


That would be a massive mistake.