What do y’all think of Victor Oladipo off the bench?


hope we get christian braun. might not have the potential of some of the other players but its basically like taking a caruso clone. athletic, high defensive effort. can shoot and a good passer.


What is a better plan for nba draft. 1. Keep the #18 and draft by need 2. Keep the #18 and draft best player available 3. Try to Trade up to number #?? to get ... which player?? 4. Try to trade down to get more picks and/or players? If AK does not think that we can get a player that might help us right away, I would look into trading down... My idea is to try trade down with memphis #18 for #22 and #29. Or maybe with Spurs for their #20 and #25. Or even with OKC for their #30 and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl... Or some similar combination... What do you think?


draft best player available, i really dont think we’re in the position to draft for need


Trade Coby and the #18 Pick for the #12 Pick and draft Mark Williams, maybe. Otherwise, I'd say to draft the best available player at 18, since anything outside the lottery is generally a crap shoot.


OKC dont want Coby when Tre Mann already looks promising


Fair. I don't really think they'd take that offer besides maybe being able to flip Coby for more picks or another young prospect. I don't consider it too probable to be completely honest, but AKME are legitimately wizards so I wouldn't be surprised if they got it done.