I felt a great disturbance in the grift; as if millions of vaccinated Americans suddenly cried out in confusion and asked, "Who's Dave Rubin?"


His fan will be so disappointed.


Some of them might featured get in r/HermanCainAward


Some of them probably already were.


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I think I've realized that all the hate on this sub is just people projecting their own pathetic lives. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. It's basically watching people's smallness. Glad I figured it out. Peace.


Found the one disappointed fan.


Cool, bye


oh yes, you've figured it all out. it's clearly just us projecting. It's not at all the fact that Dave is just a shitty person despite all the evidence posted in here daily. good riddance


I think I’ve realized that all the hate on this comment is just you projecting your own pathetic life. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. It’s basically watching a persons smallness. Glad I figured it out. Peace.


Found the Rave Dubin simp


I almost literally cannot believe someone as smooth brained as Dave is lauded by media figures until I remind myself that the Right is a cult


Isn’t he a democrat?




Dave would describe himself as an "enlightened centrist" but he's so fucking dumb that he has no idea what political affiliation actually means. He's a shill at the end of the day, and as a result he's found a home in the Republican party.


He’s starting to use the word “evil” a lot more lately.


Maybe he's realizing "Let's Go Brandon" is long past stale


Sent from Florida* is getting to that point, too.


couldn't agree more. he's flexing so hard about it lmfao I don't think this is going to happen any time soon (I think it's time to accept states like Florida and Ohio are turning into what Virginia has become for Democrats except the other direction), but if De Santis were to lose the governorship to a Democrat...I guarantee you Dave will spend his whole day bitching about how terrible Florida has become etc. etc. i don't really care about the Democratic Party but I would love to see a Dem become governor in Florida just to see Dave's meltdown and 180


Imagine risking your one and only life to go to an overpriced Rubin talk (“overpriced” defined here as any amount, including free admission) just to hear him dimly regurgitate stale and dated talking point that he only sort of half-believes and that you’ve heard a million times before from literally any conservative since post-WWII


I don't know how I actually had respect for this guy before and thought he was an intelligent dude before Dude is just a walking meme idiot now


I'm embarrassed to say that I used to watch the guy semi-regularly back in the day. Now it makes me question all the content I consume currently.


I think questioning what you watch is good, though. Otherwise you'll turn into Dave Rubin.


I can’t help but feel if he didn’t go full Trump-suckboi he probably could’ve remained a relatively compelling “voice of reason” right leaning figure. Damn I’m glad he exposed himself so badly though. I, unfortunately, used to enjoy watching him too but it’s comically embarrassing to watch his stuff now. Would not bet against him doing what Milo did and “turning straight” just for the grift.


Milo has to be Memeing right he has to be joking about turning straight right. Is he actually trying to act like he's actually straight now and try to force it?


Admittedly I do not follow it at all, but my understanding is that yes, he is legitimately leaning into his “straight reformation.”


Oh wow talk about fully deluded. I guess the first move is for Dave potentially his husband to convert to Christianity probably Evangelical Christianity And then get "divorced" from his husband Go to a conversion therapy camp And then marry a women and continue to be "best friends" with his husband I wonder if televangelism is in his future


I don’t know how to do the remind me thing but if this comment ages well, I’ll buy ya a beer buddy.


Let's see if he converts to evangelical Christianity first in say 2 years !RemindMe 2 Years


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Did you just censor Trump?...don’t do that


I prefer to use daddy's money Donny.


So stunning. So brave.


Extremely brave. Super stunning.


Well if he toured anywhere that had vaccine requirements he would have no audience as none of them are vaccinated. At least now a couple of morons will be able to see him and maybe his mother (but I'm sure she has disowned him by now)


It literally serves no purpose but to pander to his base. It enriches him further, like most brave acts of course do. Also, the few people who come to see this moron speak are not vaccinated, anyway. So he incurs literally zero loss on any level. He's cosplaying as someone principled.


Oh no...... that's terrible..... I'm gutted 🙄


So stunning and brave


If only these people cared about as much about real problems. Healthcare, climate change, infrastructure etc. No wonder the world is in the state it is. Too many humans only care about enriching themselves and "fuck you got mine". There are those people on all political sides (Jimmy Dore, I am looking at you) but they are especially common among the right. Is there even one conservative who does not constantly complain about wokism, CRT, vaccines or whatever else the current monster of the day is? I'd bet you could remove a solid 5-10% of the human population and it would massively improve the world. We could be living with 100% renewables already if people didn't waste their money and time supporting grifters.


Dave Rubin is a stupid cunt.


Dave wouldn't last a second in North St. Louis.


You know who else didn't play evil games? Luke Skywalker, remember that guy?


Only the bravest ideas


Yeah he refuses because if he was booked at a place with a vaccine mandate, it will then expose him as having been vaccinated. Gotta hustle that grift baby




what kind of events are these? Stand up? i know he goes to conservative circle jerk conferences, but what does he do to sustain an entire event by himself lol.




yea...i guess im just curious on like...what he does? lmao, talk on stage for an hour about how awful the left is? Peterson had his whole 12 rules thing, as dumb as it was, i understood how you could see a live lecture on that stuff.


I love that the only publicity that he gets is from Sen bhapiro. So irrelevent and dillusional about his reach and influence.


He even *looks* dumb.


What can you say, my body my rules used to be important, now it is something to be mocked. It is almost like it was never a principle in the first place.


1.Who the fuck is Dave Rubin? 2.And why the fuck should I care?