The way anime Light is hunched on the floor, looking up at this big imposing Ryuk sells the scene so well... and then he stands up to be on his level. How is the cinematography of an *animated* show better than an actual film production?


That has nothing to do with the cinematography you are literally just comparing the anime to the movie even though in the manga Light literally screamed when he saw Ryuk and in the Korean Drama he literally ran out of his house and didn't stop for 10 minutes. Every version did it differently and I don't see why people are going to hate on this version even though the other 3 handled it differently as well.


...what? literally the *only* thing I commented on was the cinematography. and yes, the composition of the frame *is* cinematography. wasn't talking about the screaming. one is just a better composed scene than the other.


My apologies I'm just tired of reading the same comments comparing the movie to the anime even though the Japanese films and Korean Drama and even the anime had differences from the manga. I can understand what you mean once again I'm sorry if h at I said came off as rude.


Honey calm down the doctors are already on the way. ^^^^put^this^bitch^down


Dragon Ball Evolution was funnier than this comment


Yeah acting could have been better but is freaking out and acting like a baby an unreasonable reaction to seeing an eight foot tall demon? I don't think so, if anything, the anime handles it too quickly.


The anime just shows the kind of person Light is. To be fair, Anime Light was expecting Ryuk, Netflix Light was not.


Sounds like people are pussies! Who screams like that. I get jumping and even a scream, but holy hell that was unrealistic. And besides the rest of the movie shares oin this scenes lack of quality and attention to the source material.


different people react distinctively to different situations but I guess the american Light is just a smart dude in a random school and the JP Light is a highly gifted person with a super intelect...


This sums up the ride that is the Netflix Death Note.


In the Netflix adaption defense light never used the book and knows nothing about it. I think that's a pretty good reaction for someone that knows nothing about what he has in his hands.


*cries* this is how America will see our beloved Light. Hope all you who cheered for all this bullshit change are happy.


Its the fact that in the Netflix movie he stares at Ryuk with cold dead eyes until the plot dictates he should be afraid then he loses his shit 😂


Hmmmmm... Anime.


I couldn't stop laughing when Light met Ryuk in the movie.


It felt like an 80s movie


the movie adaptation is like a parody. how can you act so badly?


Light Turner reaction is more geniune if in real life you encounter a fucking giant ugly demon. NOBODY in this world would react like Light Yagami


Someone with balls would. If your gona die (and seeing that I'm betting it ends one of two ways not knowing what it is) fight or flight...I'd say reaction would be 50/50. I know a lot of people that would find the nearest thing to beat it with not run away pissing themselves.


You're not being honest. You can say that about a man that is stronger than you, or an animal like a bear or something. But a HUGE, MONTROUS DEMON with that smile, dude, come on. You don't have enough statistics to say that you would confront it because they don't exist, this never happened to anyone. It's in our nature being afraid of stuff that you don't know. I put myself into that situation, i would be fucking scared as fuck. Not to mention that all those books flying around and breaking the windows and etc.


i can't speak for others but that was a large problem that i had with Light Turner. one of Yagami's most interesting qualities was how different / calculated he was, and besides the very end plan that Turner had, he displayed neither of those things. of course reacting the way he did to seeing Ryuk was more normal. but the way Yagami reacted to Ryuk and everything else in general was part of what made him such an amazing character.


I agree with you one hundred percent. But the problem is this comparison. It's okay to prefer one of them, but we all need to understand that they're all totally unique and different approaches about the same premise, and nothing is wrong with that. Light Turner, since the beginning was not made to be like Light Yagami. Fans are overreacting saying that netflix RUINED our favorite anime. But that is so wrong i can't even pick the words... i mean, the anime is still there, alive, if you think that it is perfect you're not interested in other views about the same concept just don't watch. People are threatening / harrassing Adam Wingard in his social media, god these people are so stupid.