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Doge is a joke and I will be laughing all the way to the bank.


dont you think theres a little irony in saying "all the way to the bank'?? lol


Yeah but I'm a retarded astronaut with a bumper sticker mentality.😁


I’m deceased 💀😂


Gets your $250,000 life insurance policy, buys more Doge, very much thanks 😊


Highschool me did a solid for current post college me. Although it’s pennies compared to what I earn in general. $25 for 12.5K doge wasn’t such a bad idea


Why didn’t you tell me to buy


Ikr what a douche




What do you mean it’s more after trading?


He sold at some point smh


Yuh. I was about there when I got mine at .004 cents per. And been buying non stop since.


It might have started as a joke but I think we are getting to the point where it is no longer a joke. There is enough money in it now to be a real player. Doing my part by accepting DOGE as a payment option [www.shibacoffeeandtea.com](https://www.shibacoffeeandtea.com/) Coffee roasting business outside of Atlanta.


Someone: *says something doge related* You: Im doing my part check out my coffee shop! Every. Time.


Every time someone says anything about cryptocurrency or dogecoin, I'm going to tell them I'm doing my part by drinking coffee and talking to people from Atlanta lol Them: "Have you heard about dogecoin?" Me: "I AM DRINKING COFFEE FROM ATLANTA! And I live in a van...down by the river!"


The fact that so many businesses have opened up to the Doge market and are accepting Dogecoin is a testiment to the fact that it is no longer a joke while also being the reason it is no longer a joke. Yeah it still has goofy origins and no cap but it's here to stay it looks like. Might not be a get rich like Bit was a few years ago. But still.




The more adoption of DOGE there is the better, same goes with more users purchasing and trading with it! I just really hope the developers also return and put an end to DOGE mining so we could really reach beyond-the-moon values!🐕🚀 🚀**🌚** ​ ​ >I've created quick guide for people who are new to crypto trading and purchasing DOGE, learn how to do it safely at lowest fees! [https://quickcryptoguide.com](https://quickcryptoguide.com/) **INCLUDES EARN FREE CRYPTO** list, all the legitimate, safe and non malware ways I know of on how to earn tiny bits of cryptocurrency for yourself! **NEW** Tips & tricks about trading, dangers of it, stop-loss, OCO and more! **NEW** Crypto glossary, TOP 50 currencies quickly explained!


Good info




Definitely not a joke anymore! I don’t have to say I think or maybe because it already is serious. The joke is on the person who still believes it’s a joke! Real talk!💯🐕🚀🐕🚀🐕🚀🐾💎🐾💎 The joke is on you man lmfao 🤣 diamond paws all the way to bank!


Diamond paws 🥰🥰


I wish I bought it when it was 0.001 now I would be 100k at 0,04 :( I would still hodl ;D


I've always loved the memes, but the coin itself has never been a joke to me. I had a chance to invest in Bitcoin very early on and didn't due to the inefficiency and extreme cost of mining. Dogecoin and LTC were exciting to me because it was a chance to invest in a coin that didn't pose the risk of becoming as bloated and corporatized as BTC. Sure there are other LTC coins and platforms, but the Doge community is just so unique, I'm all in. My only regret is not buying more when I first got in. I don't ever expect or even want to get rich off of Dogecoin, I just want to see it reach a modest value and stabilize, so Doge can remain a low-cost and efficient currency available to everyone. TL;DR: HODL, my fellow shibes, HODL.


Why would you not want to get rich off of dogecoin? That’s literally why we’re all here


You missed my point. I didn't mean I'm actually against it, I just don't expect to, nor is it my primary motivation. I hold enough that even now, I've already seen a massive ROI. I could cash out and have a down payment on a house. But I would rather continue to hold, spend it with merchants who accept it, and be a part of the growth rather than yet another trend rider.


If that's how you feel why are you here?


Because the joke of doge makes it valuable. Meme power is an asset


This guy thinks doge declines in value every day: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/m1suvz/say_no_to_doge_just_say_no/gqfs84h/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3




People are afraid of Dogecoin popularity and spreading all sorts of rumors. Please stay out of this community and take your negativity to fb instead.


I put $10 in dogecoin as a joke and it quadrupled overnight. I wish I was dumb enough to put in a lot more.


Seriously, its doomed it dropped 0.0037$ ! we are doomed! \*Proceeds to buy 1111 Doge coins.


I foresee Doge becoming a universal currency of sorts. The fact it’s a meme makes it 10x better and friendlier.


Best version of this meme yet!


Is it too late to join in on doge?


Nope, 1$ is still far


Is it possible tho? I have $20k lol


It’s not a joke if you make money


It’s a joke when you put [email protected]$.08 and it tanks immediately :/


But it literally is lol


**lol, but it literally is.** *-iDomBMX* *** ^(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete')


I like good jokes. Now i gonna buy soms more


Explain Doge to me as if I were a 5th grader.


Fast transaction time, low trans fees, "reverse" inflation, amazing community, decentralized.... I really wish the majority to inform themselves first, before critiquing it.


Ok..... now explain it to me like a 1st grader


Whats your point?


It’s from The Office - just joking


Oh, never watched it, soon I will tho


https://vimeo.com/27060669 Great show! I messed up the line. But I’m an idiot


“Such wow”


Someone in the crypto.com app subreddit asked me yesterday why I was trying to buy dogecoin.


I had $400 on dividends I didn't really know what to do with lol Crazy times


My father actually believed me when it was .03. I am so proud.


Happy to hear, how much did you both invest?


Enough to be content but far from whale status. I am just happy.


Right? I knew literally nothing about it, but I liked the dog so I bought some. Now I'm sorry I only bought 30,000 back when it was .005.


I just like buying high and selling low so if dogecoin crashed ill panic sell


I'm still looking for an exchange to buy Dogecoin from ... 😐


Crypto.com Voyager Kraken Gemini


Are there fees on crypto?


There are transaction fees that vary per coin and per network used. Coins that have miners and are high dollar and popular such as bitcoin and Etherium will charge more, while smaller coins that do not have miners or are of a smaller value per coin like Stellar Lumens will charge less. There are also broker fees depending on the exchange to buy and sell. The best I've found thus far is Kraken because they're very up-front about what you pay. There are times I know a coin will go up and I'll use any one of them regardless even if it's a few pennies more on one than the other. If I'm mobile, lately I prefer to use Voyager or crypto.com, if at the computer or trading will use Kraken or Gemini. I'm a US user, but the ones listed are supported internationally. If you're in a specific country or territory, you'll want to make sure that where you select is supported. Even when not, some will let you send, receive and trade cryptocurrency with them, even if you have to buy it with fiat elsewhere and/or cashout elsewhere back to fiat if you're doing trading with it. You'll find that each has it's strengths and drawbacks based upon what you plan to do with cryptocurrency. If you plan to just buy some and hold onto it, you can do that with a place like kraken, gemini, kucoin, coinbase, and others and simply keep it in a wallet outside of the exchange you buy it from. There are TONS of wallets out there, most of them decent, but I've found Exodus and Lumi to be 2 really good ones if you plan to use an online wallet. Exodus works well for PC, and Lumi works well for Android. Although I have tested places like Robinhood and Paypal, I don't recommend them because currently they let you buy and sell a few types of crypto BUT: a) Their fees are high b) They don't let you own the coin and export it to an off-site wallet and c) Robinhood market manipulation. Even before the Gamestop fiasco, would suddenly make the cryptocurrency side go "down for maintenance" the moment your coin value went up and pretend they didn't know why it was down (repeatedly) to prevent you from profiting and selling your coin. And then, once the coin value fell or you lost money by them doing that, the system "suddenly came back online, everyone!" After seeing this happen 6 times in a row, every single time, and getting lied to by support about how blatantly obvious it was, I decided not to ever by crypto on there for anything. While Paypal has not done this, they still could because they own the crypto and not the user. They don't give you the keys to it to own it. The old adage is true: "Not your keys, not your crypto". That's my 2 cents, 5 cents, or 1 dogecoin worth on it. ;) Hope that helps.


Late to reply - but glad i finally got to this. Very helpful, I’ll look into the platforms you mentioned and hopefully eventually I’ll acquire crypto literacy. I’ll mostly be mobile and planning to hold/trade - thanks for all your information! Reallg doged a bullet


You're very welcome. 😊 One thing I should probably add is that Voyager might no longer be safe (crypto.com and the others are). After Mar 31, Voyager stopped processing deposits and withdrawals on their system, no longer has phone or email support, and is holding 2k of my money hostage for over a month. They will take the ACH from your bank and make it disappear, same with crypto deposits. They were fine prior to the last week of march, but they seem to have become a full-on scam now like Uphold is, so I would be careful and not use them for now to wait and see what happens. The others are still ok.


Crypto.com is the best option of these choices. Kraken is the most complicated to deal with


I use binance. They have a really good app and fees are pretty good


I believe there are two, Binance and BinanceUS. Which one do you use?


I'm happy with my return on the $100 I spent on dogecoin and few years ago but I'm still holding and watch me drop another $100 into it when I get my tax return


Lol I love how this meme gets posted on a down day


Gotta remind the army what we are fighting for!


Love this stonk!!! Oh, and thanks for the F-ING DISCOUNT SALE!!! 😂


Best Joke Ever 💎🙌




God damn you criptsy!!


No joke, every boomer aged, retired broker I know (there's a lot down here in Boca/Delray), has said to invest in Doge now, and go long on it.


I was hesitant at first buying doge at .012 being new to the crypto scene now I wish I would of bought more lol I’m glad I did still 😁


It is a joke in the moon going to Mars


I wish i had bought it back in the day


True 😹


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We need it to get to .10 let’s go baby


You guys are getting returns?




All I hear is BUY THE DIP.


C A N We hit $1 next year??


Funny, because I made a bunch by buying BTC when it dipped... The last 10 times. Don't buy doge.




So my question is....when is Doge gonna actually do something? I'm bored AF..


I'm the Michael of crypto investment


I guess you buy jokes.






You sound like a parrot repeating the same thing, without actually informing yourself in the first place.


They could put a cap on it but don’t want to. They want it to be a every day currency. It has no limit because they don’t want high transaction fees. It’s .08 a transaction and will remain close to that. Bitcoin is 18.00 per transaction and will increase as it comes closer to running out. The miners mine it and create the security by verifying the blockchain they all get paid in coins as the number of coins decreases they have to mine more to make the same. Do some research. Imagine a person in any third world country that doesn’t want to carry around cash or a card and get robbed. He makes a few hundred dollars a week or less He can put his money in DOGE or Bitcoin. He makes 10 purchases a week if he uses Bitcoin it’s 180.00 if he uses DOGE it’s .80.


Bitcoin produces around 3 billion satoshis per hour, isn't that concerning? /s 5 billion Doge is just under 4% of the supply.


1 Satoshi is 0.00000001 bitcoin. The total supply is 21 million. Every knows that.


Correct, although I think you may have missed my point. Your claim is essentially "large number = bad", so I applied the same logic (jokingly) to Bitcoin. Of course large numbers look scary without context. But as I said, 5 billion is under 4% of the Dogecoin supply. That's not crazy - Bitcoin had 4% supply inflation before the 2020 halving. It's a different scale. Consider 2 things: * Most people can easily afford over 1,000 Doge - and always have been able to * Dogecoin doesn't really operate in decimal amounts like other cryptos (although it technically can)


SKL crypto is next, tonight its pumping




You better be paying in crypto and doing it dogestyle!


This is the way