[no spoilers] Does anyone have tips for someone playing Origins for the first time and struggling severely?

[no spoilers] Does anyone have tips for someone playing Origins for the first time and struggling severely?


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What class are you Tank you need Alistair and he needs to keep aggro I normal go sword and shield warden because I find it easier than hoping the ai works Dps I use leliana rogues are easily kill early game so distance is good and morrigan is great dps Healer you need to spec morrigan with healing unless your a mage then you do the healing. I never used sten didnt really like 2nd warriors and there are other characters but no spoilers You need to control the tank for most of the fight then pause change through characters to use there spells also go to character setting and change there potion uses and how much mana and stamina they can use. It gets easier as you get better abilities


Same here so I had no choice but to reduce the difficulty to easy which I never normally do. Very frustrating.


I recently replayed Origins with a rogue character specialized in Dual Weapons. What I find is that having mages and a tank really helps in my case, which is why my party always consist of Morrigan, Wynne and Alistair. For my Rogue: * Make use of Dirty Fighting and Riposte whenever they're available since they can inflict stun * Spend points mostly to Dexterity and Cunning. Only raise others if you need more stamina or to unlock other skills if needed * Grab the Assassin specialization later on for the Mark of Death, which is a really useful skill for bosses and higher level enemies For my mages: * Grab the Heal spell for Morrigan * Grab the Paralyze, Mass Paralyze (Sleep is also good if you need a crowd control spell earlier) * Grab the Mana Clash to deal with mages * This isn't necessary but I find the Fireball to be great to knockdown archers/mages or knockdown enemies that are ganging up on you * Spend points mostly to Magic and Willpower. Only raise others if you to unlock other skills if needed Nothing special to add for the tank though. I just spend points on Strength and Constitution and make him use skills that grab the enemies attention. Your characters' position during combat is vital as well. If you're facing mages or enemies that have AOE attack, don't let your party be near one another and spread them around. Other than that, save often. Good luck!


To add to this: If you focus on stunning your enemies, there is also a really cheap poison with that effect (you just need deathroot and a flask). Then get the passive ability Coup De Grace for automatic backstab on stunned enemies.


It get easier after Lothering as you unlock more abilities and other party members. What class are you playing? I played a rogue. You need to make sure that you check the position of your attacks for rogues. Make sure you have a tank (Alistair in early game) he needs to take agro. Morrigan on healing or support (early game). She's good for crowd control. Use her abilities which immobilize enemies on enemies that matter. You need to figure out which part members' abilities work well together depending on your class. Set your tactics. You have to manually control your party and make sure people are doing what they should be doing. Pause is your friend. I paused before each battle so I could get a good view of what's happening. Where enemies are. Plan ahead. If there are archers at the back go rogue and take them out first. Same with mages. It's not an 'easy' game to play. It's not like Skyrim where you are alpha and can smash everything easily. Sometimes you have to use your brain and think. I died so many times but each time I tried to think what went wrong. How can i be better. What can i do differently. But yeah it does get better when you progress more. Have fun. Good luck.


Best solution is to lower the difficulty. No shame in it. I had to do that many times when I've played Origins. Also, you should check your companions' tactics. Make sure Alistair's tactics are set to "Aggressive" and "scrapper". Make sure everyone has high dexterity and high constitution. Also higher strength for your tanks and cunning for yourself, since you are a rogue.


How are you planning? What class are you, Whos in your party? There's a lot you could be missing, like i didn't realize you could change your party members tactics for the longest time.


In DA:O you win battles by controlling the battlefield. Check out Morrigans elemental and entropy spell trees. You want Area-Of-Effect Spells that freeze, knock-back or put enemies to sleep. If you can start out a fight by briefly immobilizing half of the enemies then you can focus on the rest of the group with less resistance. For more difficult encounters after Lothering you probably want to fit Alistair with heavier armor and make sure that enemies target him instead of your rogue - get him the ability Threaten and make sure he's using it (via tactics). To make the most of this setup he needs to be healed frequently. You can give Morrigan the Heal spell or be on the look-out for a more suitable mage companion.


Don't feel bad if you need to reduce the difficulty on Origins, it's much harder than the other Dragon Age games and harder than Mass Effect. Also it's not super intuitive so it takes some time to get used to.


Lothering is a big step up in difficulty. If you're scraping by, that's fine, especially if new. But that place is in an awkward spot of stronger enemies and just starting to build your character, so you feel weak.


Invest points into Coercion! This unlocks more dialogue options for your character (Persuade).


I had the same problem. In my opinion, a game should be a challenge at normal difficulty, but not overwhelming. On casual setting, I believe a game should be easy enough that you can finish the game by simply having the computer level up for you and let the AI control your characters. The thing is, you do have to learn how to use tactics and you do have to pay attention to what abilities you have, and in some cases what your characters have. If you don't really want to mess around with that, I highly recommend looking up a team build guide and not just a character build guide, because that will allow you to more smoothly get through at least the beginning of the game. Also, right after Lothering, it may not be a good idea to go to Redcliff first. But if you do, you probably will have to die several times before you figure out how to handle some fights, which sucks with the Redcliff quest because iirc the fights can be long.


The best thing I found to "cheat" fights is to make your party hang back, walk forward slowly until an enemy locks on you then run back to you party and beat the lone enemy up. Rinse and repeat until you are left with no enemies.


I feel you, first time I played origins it felt quite unforgiving at places. Also first few levels you don't really have many abilities or good gear so that makes it a bit tougher. Pause is your friend, it gives you a chance to evaluate and issue commands. Switch between characters if you need to, for example to use someone's cc ability or cast a heal etc Setting everyones first tactic to drink least powerful health poultice when below 25 % health may be useful. Give your mage the heal spell and cone of cold /glyph of paralysis. Crowd control helps a lot in this game I think. Try to keep enemies frozen /paralized etc If Alistair is your tank build up his dex (and str up to 42 for armour), also get him shield wall ability. Kill mages first. I hope this helps some😊 It s a great game


The gameplay overall is pretty familiar but I couldn't get over the combat. So I simply used two mods and played for the story and the world state. if you are on PC use this https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/2672/ or this https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4497 I used both. These mods exist for a reason 😜


Don’t know how far in you are but best class for beginners is Rogue playing with two handed weapons.


What class are you and who’s in your party, I would suggest go super offensive and use morrigan as a controller through spells like paralyse and sleep. Also tank alistair is mandatory in the early game. Learn how to combine spells as once you get storm of legends spell combo, you destroy everyone no matter what the difficulty and their stats. Learn to use the tactics aswell


I main dual wield warriors (dwarf commoner and City elf are good for this, though dwarf is still my fav not just becoz of the sweet stats for warrior), they can tank multiple enemies and deal high damage to multiple enemies as well. Not only do I take control of my char in combat, I actively try to position and manually use companion's abilities, sort of an active micromanage playstyle, when morrigan gets to level 7, the 1st thing is to get her the heal skill, as Wynne would somewhere further in the story b4 joining up. Leliana and zevran I would personally position behind enemies for backstab, though leliana is more range oriented and provides buff, zevran is dps rogue, though I find leliana winning in comparison as she holds her own quite well in melee as well. Morrigan and Wynne are mages, so naturally are powerhouses, though fragile, but this is where your warriors shine, they jump into the fray to keep enemies occupied. Morrigan deals the best damage and debuffs to harass or soften up enemies, Wynne is more of a healer but surprisingly dangerous in her own right with earth elemental spells Alistair is a tank, though sometimes can be outclassed, but some leveling will make him good. Note that he is meant to be more defense oriented. Sten and oghren are pretty much the same, though oghren as a berserker will have higher health and dmg output than sten, but sten could be made a berserker as well. Dog is pretty op if used right, high health and debuffs, mangle skill on the right enemies make it a force to be reckoned with. If you get the dlc gears such as the sword from darkspawn chronicles and orlesian battledress, you can use Yr stat boosting pendant and rings to let Yr char or companions wear them, same goes for weapons as well. But if you switch to weapons from say, a high leveled stat bow to Yr melee, and you're not wearing Yr stat boost accessories, the weapon will be unequipped and you'll have to re-equip it via the accessory again, so it's a drawback on its own


Utilize Alistair as your tank. Have him initiate combat and take hits, he's built for that. Just build up all his shield/defensive abilities, don't worry about him dealing damage. Since you're a Rogue, you can actually be quite powerful. Focus on the backstab skills. You have to consistently position yourself to be behind enemies but that shouldn't be an issue once Alistair gets the attention of the enemies. There are talents you want that convert I think your Cunning into damage(so you don't need to waste points in Strength since you're gonna want Cunning anyway). Do NOT go archery, it is complete shit in this game. Keep Morrigan as your back liner. Focus more on crowd control type spells at first but since you're playing on Normal where there is no friendly fire(or very minimal)you can get AOE spells. Just make sure Alistair has initiated combat and has generated enough aggro. You'll get another Mage companion soon(don't want to spoil), definitely want to use her. Your main party will be Alistair/Morrigan/other Mage/you(as Rogue). This is a solid balanced party. In combat, don't be afraid to retreat. Force enemies into a bottleneck. Make them chase you, don't chase them. This is especially useful against enemy archers. Against enemy mages you can just have your Rogue go stealth and kick their ass, they're squishy and you can sneak up on them with stealth. You can also use your mages crowd control spells to lockdown specific tough enemies.


Two mages with frost spells and Force Cage trivialize every encounter. So ignore Morringan's shapeshifting tree and just have her focus on frost and eventually force cage. alternate your frost spells between the two mages and keep your enemies permafrozen while your tank bashes than for some sweet combo damage. I do believe Rogue also has abilities that combo with the frozen status.


Don’t play it with a attacky mindset that DA2 and Inquisition give you. Origins is suppose to be a much more slow paced tactical game where you set tactics and pause the fights to issue out commands. If that doesn’t appeal to you put it on casual and then it turns into a attacky game where you have to do little micro management for yourself and your team. I did it that way for every class and had no problems what’s so ever. I love origins but that old school style of gameplay isn’t for everyone me included, I’m much more a mindless hack and slash DA2 guy


It's an old school RPG, where abilities/spells are too powerful. To make it easier, have someone be a dedicated healer and configure the AI slots to cast heals on anyone whose health is under certain %.


Lil spoiler here but use the Traps are a girls best friend level up glitch quest. If your having trouble.


I think I get you. As a rogue, if you focus on getting damage skills for Alistair early on he will struggle. What he needs is susties from his defender tree. Cone of Cold and Sleep ASAP for Morrigan until a later playthrough. If you're a rogue melee, you should avoid the weapon attack talents yourself and focus on the rogue talents, at least at first. You get two support moves from that tree, stun and armor break. However, two weapon sweep is good burst AOR damage, and Momentum is worth getting as soon as you can, though you need a lot of stamina to keep it running. You need good positioning to backstab. Without it, you're just a bad warrior. One of the reason the gameplay changed so much between the games was this.. Edit: Also, with one point in poisoner a character can throw bombs for a burst of AoE damage.


Just to add to what other people are saying, if you aren't already, use the tactical pause. Combat will go by too fast and there's too much to micromanage at full speed. Also a rule of thumb that helped me is target mages first, then archers, then everyone else. Even if a boss is on the field. You don't want those grinding your health down while you're fighting the melee mobs. And mages will absolutely wipe you out if you leave them alive. The melee mobs will have to chase you while you run around dealing with the archers and mages, reducing their damage, whereas the ranged mobs can damage you all the time.