Oh yeah, I’m actively not beating the main story. A bunch of extra quests and plot points don’t happen if you do it first.


Same. Played through once to the end then the permanently smoke filled parts of the map and aggressively scaling difficulty ruined it for me. Challenges broke, left open and can’t close, stuff missing, etc. Tried another play through to do all the side quests and activities but I drift to other games.


For me it just felt like a level of disrespect from the devs in a way. I got through the game at my own pace in my own way generally playing the game *how I wanted to*. For me that culminated with the original korek charm and finally beating the game. After the scaling difficulty (for some reason after beating the game), the korek charm change, and the howler arrow resistance buff - I was no longer able to play the game *how I wanted to* but was instead forced by them to play their single player game *how they wanted me to*. Only one of those keeps players coming back. Haven't been on since.


I got the infinite death loop for 3 weeks at launch. Beat the game after it fixed. Deleted it instantly


Same, didn't even bother going back tho. Not being able to play for 3 weeks after getting hooked the first couple of days absolutely killed it


That def killed the momentum of the game for me even after the patch . And then elden ring released and nothing was the same


Is this me


Nice ass baby




I've had it uninstalled for a month.


It lost its touch before I beat the game.


Yeah the game never felt the same aftter it, i dunno the ending just changed so many things for me it just doesn't feel the same


I beat it and stopped touching it, After you beat the game it’s like “What else?”


> I beat it and stopped touching it, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


ba dum tisss


That's the most tragic part about this. Consider how much effort went into the game, into remaking it, all to churn out a product with little to no replayability. Meanwhile, I'm still coming back to Dying Light 1 just to ice cream scoop zombies into the wall.


For me and the guy you replied to. It was boring before we even finished it. I bought it on release day for reduced price but i havent touched it since like the 3rd week after release day. I never finished it.


I'm a little ways through the central loop/2nd map and its meh now. I skip a lot of dialogue in side quests and I'm now zero percent invested in the story. Game is fun here and there, but if I had the chance now I'd ask for a full refund.


It's hilarious how much people were shit on for being even slightly negative when the game first came out. And all the pride for pre-ordering. Ah, gamers are truly the victims of their own false hope and nativity fueled by buying into marketing, fooling themselves and each other, buyer's remorse and feeling like their purchase decisions are part of their own personality/ character.


Agreed, but in their defense I think a lot of people including me didn’t realize the game would be so boring after you beat it. I was pretty in love with the game and I thought it was a very solid game…. AND then I beat it. That’s when the game got awful, no endgame content to keep you interested. Just an empty world that you parkour around in


Tell me about it. All the complaints people have now, I was saying on Day 2 and people were acting like I was the most toxic hater on the planet.


Ns. I thought i was the only one who thought it was a massive let down, everyone was so hyped and enjoying it so much i just assumed it was a me thing. Just today i got reminded of the game due to rumors of dead island 2 to now see that the general consensus is the game is much weaker than the first. Im not saying im glad that people have changed their mind its just so weird how hype and marketing affects people.


honeymoon period is running out for most of us now


truth! i had a legit comment about the end and got downvoted by 4 people im like what are you 5? were allowed to have “unpopular” opinions about a game that was rushes crashes constantly has multiple bugs AND STILL glitches after I played through 2 times. like really?


Same dude


Ended up rebuying dying light 1 and starting a new game. By the time I finish the story and all the DLC I feel like 2 will have a decent amount of content for me to jump back on to. I will say the crafting and combat are tighter in the first game but I’ll give 2 some time to get the kinks ironed out.


And the nights are so much better and feel natural and not like a minigame...


Mini game!!! Thats the perfect way to describe it


The Following on its own was a better game than DL2.


I really disliked the car in a parkour focused game.


I enjoyed it a lot because it made you feel vulnerable. In the base game, you didn't have to worry much about large hordes because you could simply climb up, but in the following, they took away your greatest advantage, verticality. you now don't have anywhere to hide and it's so much more terrifying when your forced to be eye level with the infected. add in the foreboding ambience and the long stretches of roads and nothing else. You really notice your surroundings and the lack of hiding places in the countryside and it's genius in my opinion


I can understand that, but it was still fun to drive around, and for me the car was less transportation (I mostly ran everywhere) and more the best collectible in any game (I love searching for the paint jobs SO MUCH and they’re so unique and fantastic art pieces)


Me and my sister LOVED that they added a car in the Following, it made for a slightly different gameplay loop, with upgrading your car, racing to the next destination etc. etc.


No it wasn’t


Nights were such dissapointment so me and my friend havent even reached the skyscraper part of the story yet. We have been playing since release like maybe once a week/couple of weeks for 2&3 hours max lol It just doesnt feel that great like the first one and nights especially dont feel natural at all, instead like a minigame where you trigger the chase. Just lame Big reason was also the no sound bug...


Yeah some of the bugs in the game made the game unplayable, The infinite death loop corrupted my entire game once, Had to start an entire new play through, I bought the game the night it released, Pre-ordered it in fact actually and even though the game has improved, It wont live up to what Dying Light 1 was, Techland has to add a lot more content/DLCS for it to live up to its 1st game. But i’m in no rush, Techland needs to take their time


Yeah that’s the one thing I’ll say. We kinda forget that the original wasn’t especially well loved at the beginning either, and that they improved it via lots of patches, content updates, and dlc. I’m hoping that it happens with 2 as well


Havent even started it up since Elden Ring came out.


Same here, im too addicted to elden ring




I AM MALENIA BLADE OF MIQUELLA Does that trigger ptsd yet good tarnished


Goddamn waterfowl dance….


nope bc I can dodge waterfowl consistently 😎 i genuinely love that fight


Haha same here. I had alot of fun in DL2 but nothing compared to ER. Im on NG+ in ER now, 200+ hours.


Dying Light didn't start this rough at all and at this point, it's watering down the idea that they will recover with extensive content. In fact, dying light didn't even need to release extended content a few months past its release date because there was so much to do. take it from a guy who got the game about 3 months after its release. It's become clear that a new standard has been set by techland where they will continually fight an uphill battle that cannot be won in enough time to make up for the loss in the fanbase they've had and will continue to have. It started with the extremely small DLC outfits that we all wore for a few levels, depending on what level you are, then they became completely useless because for some reason they don't carry with your progress. Now we have Mahala's visions, a woman who gives hints of easter eggs the entire fan base has already figured out. Techland made a statement on their Instagram that there were 200+ easter eggs to find, but In all honesty, I think it's a bluff to keep players playing. There is no way that over the past 2 or so months that we've been playing that we have only been able to find a handful when there's supposedly 200+. Then we have the future, a DLC. A DLC that takes place side by side with the epilogue, which in my opinion seems like a lazy attempt at avoiding the responsibility of creating a canon story after the main story got so much negative backlash, in other words, damage control. That or they're field testing a rewrite for the entire epilogue, possibly even making it canon. An idea that I wouldn't mind considering the latter. But I digress, my main point is that techland has gotten considerably lazy. I'm sure I loved the first game as much as you guys, spending over 300- 400 hours having the times of our lives enjoying an innovative addition to the zombie sub-genre. But if you're one of those people who hold on playing, commending techland, and generally supporting their bad decisions just for your love of the first game, give it up man. And for those who don't play games very much/games like this, or have just started playing/ played before the first game, I'm really sorry man. Games have just gotten real shotty over the past few years and they've gotten comfortable with releasing half-finished games, broken games, or both. It's a sad standard that I hope doesn't stick around. But in parting, I'll suggest one awesome post-apocalyptic survival series that you or may not have heard of, Metro. Truly beautiful series.


Correct me if I am wrong but it seems this game disappointed a lot of people. Like I figured being a fairly new game and one that was super hyped I would find it on the top 100 played games on steam stats, but I did not. Left 4 Dead 2 is still on it though which blows my mind cause that game is old, but fun ahah


Dying Light 2 is straight ass compared to the 1st. The only thing that 2 does better is literally parkour. I got tired of 2 around the time of the Auto plant factory mission and even by then it felt like such a drag gameplay and story wise. Dying Light 2 got Ubisofted and it lost that feeling of what made Dying Light unique.


Haha, got Ubisofted 😂 silly, but so true


I didn't even finish it I started playing farm Sim. Instead


Damn that’s how bad it is huh


It was a very cool intro but the story is all over the place. I will them credit for the parkour it's super smooth and the animations are awesome. Plus the whole "choose a faction" thing is stupid I think they could've gone way further with that. Also there was a ton of bugs and lag issues for me I'm on console though.


My friend and me started off loving it , but now, all we get is black screens , missing audios , stuck when tryna fast travels and horrible cut scene problems /: It’s so unbearable that we don’t even play any more I know the game will fix it self but why not just wait until the game if fully developed before releasing it, I would’ve gladly waited for its full clean , crisp release 🙏 I’m still a fan 😔


Game is not as good as DL1. Barely manages to keep 1-2k more players than DL1 does. I played the game for four hours and was done with it. It lacks all the charm of the first game and somehow feels less complete than the first game did. The systems implemented in DS1 after launch have no reason to NOT be in this game AT launch. Why even make a sequel? This just feels like a downgrade. Even the story somehow manages to be more shit. Glad the honeymoon period is over and people can admit this game wasn't as good as the first one, which I'm still playing and having more fun with.


I just checked steam charts and the first actually has more players lol. I really wanted to like this game too, I ended up deleting it after the launch weekend though.


It needs a new game plus mode and more interesting weapons and enemies.


I haven’t even beaten the game and I got bored of it fairly quickly.


That’s what turning DL into a generic Ubisoft game’ll do


I feel the same. Hit it and quit it. Now that I beat it I’ll wait until the DLC’s are dirt cheap and try it again at some point. But I would honestly rather have a new DLC for DL1. I would pay double for that!


I personally always find myself coming back to it, then again I also like it a lot more than other people


I come back to it for the parkour and running mechanic, Love first person parkour games and Dying Light 2 is the icing on the cake when it comes to that stuff, After realizing Mirrors Edge may never come back, Dying Light fills that void, But sometimes the side quest get boring and repetitive


I don’t know what it is. It just doesn’t feel like the first game once did


Me and my friends have been on the final mission for the past month, we just don’t play it anymore. I loved the game but can’t convince myself to finish it when there are other games I’d rather play.


Yeah I stopped playing it a couple weeks after launch. It really doesn’t have the staying power of the first game yet. Hopefully they can add some nice post-game / end-game stuff to do, maybe I’ll give it a whirl again later this year.


I don't want to sound critical, but the "feeling" difference between DL1 and DL2 is huge. I remember keeping restarting DL1's story just for the sake of it, just because it was so natural to roam Harran and live its story. DL2 is a beautiful game that I loved and appreciated... but it still feels more like a Far Cry spin off than a Dying Light sequel. Again, this is not just a bitter criticism, only a way to say that I "felt" the second game way less, not sure exactly why. Probably the ultimate goal was better (I \*did\* care about stopping Rais, while I don't give a single f\*\*\* about Mia) and surely the fact that I can't actually complete the game because two quests are bugged (the NPCs disappeared) didn't help. I started a second save but I stopped very early, because I wasn't sure the bugs were solved and I didn't want to meet them again. Also I realize I didn't want to re-experience the whole PK vs. Bazaar thing, while I **never** got tired of the Tower vs. Rais conflict in the first one.


gotta say i agree, harran was more immersive because you could empathize with crane and his goals more. he had to actually SURVIVE, aiden chose to enter villedor and fight waltz, someone with almost zero backstory.


Honestly, if they didn’t go the route of making every interior a copy paste and didn’t lock most of them to nighttime making them feel gamey af, I could see myself coming back to the game on and off for a long time. As it stands right now, everything feels to gamey, too activity esque and it all too samey for me to get immersed. One had similar locations too yes, but they had a lot more effort put into them.


It lost it's touch half way through. It's shallow, repetive, and missing literally everything that made the original fun. I rushed the story then uninstalled and never touched it again.


The game is too acrade like instead of realistic like the first.


Yes, it feels like theres not enough content in the game then i expected.


The night is way to casual for us, we used to get raped in DL as soon as we left any safehouse. In DL2 we can stroll around pretty much unscaled.


It's boring, plain and repetitive, lost interest after getting max level


I cannot get over the floaty parkour I wanted to like it so bad but it’s just… eh…


Not at all my favorite game of all time, I can't stop playing it...


other games lost their touch when this game came out for me...


You beat the game and don't feel like playing again. What's the problem here? Is it considered abnormal to finish a game these days and not want to play it anymore?


I don’t think you understand this sub. They’ve been playing DL1 for like 7 years straight! 😂 I’d come on here and ask how they can still play such an old game. But I get it DL1 was THAT good. I loved it for a couple years. But much like. The new mortal kombat, they just tried too hard to be “new” that they lost that magic the previous game had. IMO of course.


Dying Light 1 BECAME that good. It wasn't always. This sub seems to forget that the reason they love DL1 so much is because there are years worth of content and updates to play around with now. And in 7 years, maybe DL2 will be the same.


Not true. Indeed, they added to dl1 for years, but at its core - the gameplay loop, mechanics, vibe, feel, OST, etc were always good. Those core elements trump dl2 by a mike, hence why not amount of work will improve it beyond the 1st game.


Disagree, the only thing they added in 7 years that added value for me (and all my friends that play DL1) was the following. I've spent about 1000 hours playing DL1 and that's because the core gameplay that's been there since launch is so good. DL2 is missing core features of the first game that can not be added in with updates without a major reworking of the games coding.


Looking forward to the ”interior redesign update” lol.


Was meaning more bug fixes, DLC, and The Following to be exact, also things like the special events and added skins/weapons. When you boil it down, DL1 and DL2 are not that mechanically different, in fact, they have more in common than they have differences. So the things that will split the fanbase most are the smaller differences like art-design, enemy design, map layout, colour and lighting, weapons and characters.


To me those small differences **are** big differences. The ones you listed off are what was most important to me in Dying Light. The mood and tone of the first game was just so good. The second game just feels a bit lost in those regards.


Fair enough, I have no illusions about my bias for Dying Light 2's movement and traversal mechanics. I played a few hours of DL1 and I just didn't enjoy it very much, the parkour in DL1 is just so bad, and incidental feeling (to be fair, it was standing on the shoulders of a giant), and zombies were so not my thing. DL2 instantly had my attention when I saw how much better the parkour looked, if a bit floaty.


Oh absolutely the parkour is second to none in DL2, but what i loved about dying light one was all the survival horror elements stacked on top of the clunky, but decent for the time parkour of the first game. The tension of *having* to use the parkour to stay out of danger was thrill inducing.


Not really. The only thing they added after launch was the Legend levels, the Following and the numerous cosmetic packs. It's not like they revamped the entire gameplay. Also, I waited 7 years for this game to release and I paid full price for it. It's not a early access game, it's a AAA sequel. Being ready at launch is the bare minimum.


Which it was, minus a working co-op experience. I could count the amount of DL2 bugs I experienced at launch on half my hand.


DL2 is not an early access game lmao, it's a 60/70$ AAA game lmao. It's release state was unexcusable.


That's what I'm saying. It ran really well with hardly any issues. And I think you mean inexcusable.


That is in no way true as besides the following and some smaller dlc, not that much changed about the game in those seven years. And it didn’t need to because the foundation was already rock solid.


You say BECAME, but I started playing 4 months after release and it was instantly my favourite game. I appreciated all the changes, but they were minor compared to the core game.


That isn't an excuse that we have to wait around for content, the devs could have implemented literally anything to make the game more repayable. Take dark souls 3 for example it has the base game and 2 massive DLC'S yet when elden ringcame out its base game can still be considered to have more content then dark souls 3 had 5 years down the road. I don't think that's really an excuse for games anymore and it's just down to whether or not the devs care enough to do it


Somewhat, yeah. A great game would get me hooked to want to play it again and again, and many offers a lot of incentives to have players revisit after they beat the main story like endgame content and New Game+, or hell, the gameplay itself is worth replaying even without those. Right now DL2 has none of those with only NG+ to be arrived. Not that I’m saying DL2 is not a good game, it’s just not that good to revisit, considering DL1 even at launch still have more replayability than DL2.


Games are meant to be repayable nowadays


I struggled through all the glitches (and my god towards the end of the game were there a lot), because I wanted to see it through. Halfway through the game I was thinking about doing a ranger build, but after unlocking all the skills, I realized that the way I geared my character didn’t matter as I could switch play styles in an instant. This point is only relevant in light of the NG+ feature that’s dropping. To each their own, but this game would be incredibly boring on a second play through.


Fuck I had just gotten to the city then Elden Ring dropped and I just haven't been interested.. and I love zombies. I'll get back into it one day im sure.


That’s what happens when you beat a game.... elden ring I played for over 400 hours and beat all 7 new game pluses, now that I fully beat it, I can’t play for more than a second... because I beat it


Right, but 400 hours is a lot more longevity than maybe 50


Yea? But my point was, after you beat a game, it’s hard to keep playing it (except Sod2, that game has the most replay ability out of any game I’ve ever see , it’s also my favorite zombie game) Bc, you beat it, btw I have 220 hours on dl2 since I did all side quests and played through story 4 times, Dude I really need that new game plus,


Yeah but you beat elden after your first run through it, the game obviously had a lot more to offer beyond that first playthrough to make you play it 6 more times, can you say the same about dl2?


Well actually on my very first game on elden ring, I did all the side quests I was aware of and beat every single boss possible, the other 6 new game pluses were just for satisfaction of having them all beat and having such high stats, Elden ring is exactly like dl2 for me, I beat all side quests, got maxed artifact gear and maxed skill tree, since I fully beat it, I don’t play it, my point is, if you don’t feel like playing dl2 after beating it, that’s not your or the games fault, it’s just some games work, you finish them, your done playing till update


Doesn't the fact that you beat literally everything in your first playthrough speak volumes that you went back 6 more times, I did the same in my first playthrough and now I'm on my 4th character. I understand what you mean that some games you finish and don't go back but fir me at least I spent a ton of time just messing around with friends in dl1 and I will go back to playing dl1 again before I ever boot up dl2 again


Dying Light 1 is so much better. This sequel is pretty repetitive. I play RDR2 instead.


Can't go wrong with orther Morgan and the gang


What a massive circlejerk this sub turned into


For real, people always compare this game to dying light 1 and how they've beaten that game 8 times but only beat dying light 2 once and got bored. But dying light 1 has been out for 7 years....obviously you're gonna come back to it if you enjoy it enough. But if you don't have urge to immediately start a new playthrough on dying light 2 it's cuz its garbage.


Plus the first game had YEARS of live service content to make people come back, and it will be the same for the second game.


If a game that’s 7 years old has more replayability and reason to come back than the sequel, then something’s probably gone wrong with the sequel. They had the updates from dl1 to learn from with the sequel, why would they forget everything that went into the first game and made it better. The base game of dl2 is competing with the endstate of dl1, it should have been developed with all of dl1’s updated content in mind. But they just forgot all that stuff, released the bare bones game and figured they’d add it in through the updates…


If Dev's didn't added the same things from dl1 that doesn't mean that dl2 is a bad games. Look at the bright sides of that game. Bro that game is just fucking 2 months old. Be patient.


Im not saying to add the exact same shit from the first game. Just to know what made the game better to have ready for the sequel. E.g. new game + and nightmare difficulty… They weren’t in the game from launch despite being such basic fundamental aspects that the first game added. Now updates are just getting the game to be on par with the first. E.g. a patch to fix physics (how the fuck was physics broken for launch), dlc for faction armour (cut from the game), parkour challenges (yay…) and fixing korek which they broke in the first place. Thats not to mention the airdrop nerfs and general scaling bullshit. World gear doesn’t level past 6 but enemies do. Dl1 had that shit solved with gear and world levelling with survivor level, how did they fuck it up so badly? The only bright side i can fully support in dl2 is the parkour, which is dragged down by a shit skill tree and repetitive world. They won’t be fixed by any updates. I can’t comment on what the game could be with updates. They released the game in as a shell of what it could be and are patching it into a better state. If any other company did this it would be unacceptable. Steamcharts are proof enough that people see though the sub-standard release


I beat it haven't touched it since. I didn't do that with DL1 for reference


Well at least you got to the end game I'm trudging through some pretty average missions atm.


I'm just waiting for New Game+ tbh. Then I'll probably give the game another go or two 🤷🏻‍♀️


I was one of the first to say this game stinks and i got shit all over....but the parkour!....please parkour is not a fucking game in of itself or else the damn challenges wouldnt be boring af


Me with every game of this type


Got bored halfway through


I agree. I completed the main story and was starting to do side quests. Then dl 1 came out on special and started that with a mate for my 4th run through. A much better game imo. No climb stamina and a grapple that pulls you to ledges are all round just better than the 2nd mechanics. Also it just feels like more love was put into the first game.


That's quite literally every game for me. I get on and go through my library of downloaded games and think "oh that looks good maybe I'll play that" then exit out after 5 minutes


I’ve been addicted to Apex Legends or The Witcher 3 recently, And when i get bored from dying in those games i switch to Dying Light, Then switch back to The Witcher because i realized i won’t stay dying light for longer then 5 minutes


Tbh i beat the main story a couple months ago and havnt played sice


I was really disappointed in the story. As far as I know Rank 9 gear doesn't drop in the world. I didn't like how suddenly all the enemies were the same rank as me and were taking multiple hits from maxed out modded katanas to put down. I really do not enjoy the gear system. I hate that random ass drop shit. I much prefer a system that allows us to craft our own weapons and armor, and add the buffs we want. I mean, why does so much of the legendary tank armor I come across have ranged attack stamina consumption down, while almost none of the ranger armor has it. Why do I keep getting XP buffs on rank 9 armor? I've already maxed out both combat and parkour skills... Why would I ever want electric damage down as one of my stats? That damage type is extremely rare. A lot of the buffs on gear seem like poorly thought out filler. If I could craft my own gear, choose their buffs, and then upgrade those buffs, I would have a reason to keep playing. I could craft that perfect build to use for an evil NG+ play through. But I have no interest in constantly checking the shops on the off chance they will have a rank 9 piece of gear that fits one of the builds I'm working on.


I beat the game the all the level scaling happened and it just wasn’t enjoyable anymore, so it was uninstalled…


For some reason I keep going back to Dying Light 1. That game has something 2 doesn’t have and i honestly have no clue what that could be


its immersive, it feels lived in.


I've been playing it for at least a couple of hours, almost every day. Something about it just keeps me hooked.


Oh I stopped playing weeks ago when I beat the game, collected all the end game loot, and felt no desire to return. I'll come back when they start doing fun events like in DL1.


I won't be replaying this game for a while or until it gets dlc. The story is so boring and lackluster. Got the true ending first playthrough but man what a disappointment. Once parts of the city got destroyed some chests were unobtainable after whole buildings collapsed. Effectively locking me out of a 100% play thru. Characters were very flat and forgettable. Half the time they give you choices to make and they don't really matter and in some cases your just forced to agree with their plans instead of challenging them as they give you 1 choice to choose. Then the settlements become a game of do you want the crossbow or not as you let the peacekeepers take over parts of the city and they cannot be changed after wards. So you better make sure your happy with that faction taking over that area of the game. The game feels hollow and devoid of meaning.


The shear volume of bugs, many of which ended up being quest breaking for me, killed the game for me for the most part. Loved it at first though


The game feels so unfinished or like they started something and went another way halfway through. With today's game development its like money, presales are the big motivators, not finishing the game properly. Its almost like we really shouldn't play a game till its been out for a year. I will probably wait at least 6 months with Starfield. And Aiden's overall personality is so gross.


It doesn't have the same ambience as part 1, it's not nearly as scary


Ya it has no endgame content I haven't played since the week it came out but once ng+ comes out I'm gonna jump back in


No end game content yet. Same way with DL 1 when it first released. Just give it time


Yea the game was fun but it didn't last long I hyped myself up for the game too much than i needed too The game still great dont get me wrong


Same bruh bruh I play for like 5 mins them I bored and turn it off


I'm having a great time with it personally, completed the story ages ago and I'm still playing because I'm in love with the movement system and combat. It's got its flaws but I could see most of them being ironed out with time. I get why many DL1 fans are disappointed, and I wish we got something more similar to the old DL2 trailers. But this is still a really, really solid game in my opinion - just parkouring in Central Loop alone puts it up there among my favorite games of all time, and the combat vs humans is absolute gold.


I do this with all games. There's never been one game to rule them all.


This feeling you get after beating a game? Yeah it's normal. You've just been brainwashed by season passes and 100 tier grind fests that offer "free loot" that takes atleast 4 months to aquire it all. This is what games used to be. Fulfilling and complete. Not slave drives.


nope I still fuckin love it


Yup. I bought this game as a buffer tbh for Elden ring and that’s exactly how long it lasted upon release. I enjoyed the game but it lost its longevity like the first one had


This sub got so cringey. Like hey I beat the entire game and put 100 hours into it and now I don't wanna play it anymore. Game is bad?


I beat the game after 40 hours and will likely never play it again, where as in elden ring I have 200 hours and just jumped straight into my 4th character and still discovering new stuff


I love it, and do still put it on regularly (mostly to gather Chamomile and Honey for my trophy farming), but yes, post-game sucks quite a bit. The thing is, as gamers we ought to realise that games aren't meant to last for months and months, we're pretty lucky that Developers want to keep supporting games like this after launch, used to be that a game came out, maybe an expansion a few months later, then you wait for the sequel. Now, you can expect to be playing a game for over a year, regardless of whether it's an online multiplayer title or not.


Then play something else. My man, it’s a game. It’s there to be fun; if it isn’t, don’t play.


OP sounds like someone that didn't enjoy dying light (1) past the story. There's a lot of people in the comments that are obviously the type to play through the story of a game and never pick it up again. That's really sad of you. Shame. To me, this is like a Spiderman game; the whole, killing zombies and parkour is the gem that never gets old.I go on my ""Old"" spiderman game just to swing around and feel like spiderman. Sometimes you don't need a story or quests to enjoy a game. ​ Its a shame so many people think playing a game is some sort of race to get as 'apex' or be done with the storyline. Do you guys ever have fun? For example, Minecraft. Do you guys ever... enjoy the game itself? Cause it really sounds like you don't.


Elden Ring actually made me angry at how bad it truly was, for me anyway. I found the main character and most of the story and voice acting and writing to be aggressively mediocre. The Parkour and melee was fun enough, a more stripped down, mechanics focussed game would have been better IMO.


Nah, I’m playing it about as much as I played dying light 1. On and off for hours at a time, there’s *alot* of good games out rn that are taking up my time too lol.


This is honestly any game I beat. Once I beat it it doesn’t matter how much I love it I lose interest.


You’re not alone. Tbh, I don’t even think delaying it would help. This game is just really underwhelming when compared to the list of games I got going like Cyberpunk.


I played around 70hrs of the game, it was fun. I paid 70€ for it, got 70hrs, which is 1€ per hour played. Best deal ever honestly. Played through it almost 100%, nothing to do after that. Traded it in to local Gamestop, probably in a year of two gonna play through it again, and that’s it. So far the most hours I got out of the game is on Wildlands (120hrs), paid only 10€ for it. Then Far Cry 6, Far Cry 5, Cyberpunk, Mafia 3 and Far Cry 4, Hitman. All those are around 90hrs. That for me means it was a worthwhile, but it had some issues. To me Dying Light 2 is a contender for GOTY.


This is exactly why I posted that it was a bad sequel and people got so upset with me lol.


I strayed a long time ago as the game just kinda ... sucks. It's outright boring and full of what if moments. The honeymoon period is over now and it's obvious that the literal majority of players just don't like this game. Dl1 is a flawed classic; people have already forgotten and moved on from dl2.


I'm not sure why people think this is a live service game. It's a singleplayer game that will have the occasional event. It isn't designed for you to keep playing it.


Yeah i dont even think ng+ will fix it for me at this point


I have but I heard that new game plus is coming at the end of April


Yep I’m done after 1 playthrough.


Yea I deleted I'll download it after they fix it up a little.


I took a break after completing it twice and still not getting the trophy for the windmills. Decided to make a new game save on a higher difficulty (normal), after changing my online settings to solo player, and I haven't had any problems with the game so far. I'm about 22h into it, and right about at the point where Walt steals the GRE key, and I don't want to pay 50 lockpicks per airdrop, so I'm running around the map getting all the inhibitors and whatnot done before proceeding. Doing a bunch more PK stuff instead of survivor stuff.


Lost its touch even before I beat the game (I still haven’t because I stopped playing it)


Played the game for two weeks hard during the time the bug where on Xbox your controller ends up bricking and then after that patch, never really got back into it


It had the charm and joy dl1 gave me, with a lot less tension. I’ll do it again to play PK, or maybe wait for dlcs before that, but I’m played other stuff to forget it a bit to get that mood built back up


Load it up, go to run about but the smoke makes me stop playing


Why did all enemies suddenly become 10x stronger after I finished the main campaign? I can barely kill renegades now


I’ve just restarted Spider-Man on ultimate difficulty, haven’t played DL2 for 2 weeks no


Sometime soon we're getting new game +


100%. I poured a ridiculous amount in DL1 & i finished DL2 within a week and haven’t touched it since the first 1st week of march. Ngl, the grappling hook nerf really bummed me out


Played through like 80% and then the big update deleted my save. Haven't been back since


I played it, did not even finish the game because it felt horribly boring. Bought Elden Ring instead and that's where I am at. Not saying it's a bad game however, since I found the first game's story also lacklusting. When they fully fleshed it out I will deffo play it again.


It won’t be like the first game for a while. I’d say it’ll be better when the support for dlc and extra content comes alive


Well there isn't really anything to do end game. There's collectables like murals but collectables are just fluff in the majority of games they're in. I did every sidequest as I played through and by the end there just wasn't much left I personally wanted to do. Whereas I feel Dying Light has a generally better gameplay loop and it always feels rewarding to explore even if you've already been somewhere. The combat while not as advanced as the second game feels like it has more impact and ironically feels generally better in comparison. The zombie population often feel denser, especially in Old Town. The side quests are also leaps and bounds better than the ones in Dying Light 2. A lot of them are tied to challenges, or are setup like "Go here, talk, leave." The side quests in the first game are a little bit more involved comparitively, having you explore interesting places and new set pieces like some apartments or the higher levels of the bridge, or quests that result in interesting or even comedic interactions with NPCs. Everytime I reset the story, I do the majority of the side quests because the interactions are actually interesting. If they just replaced the really good aspects of DL2 and pasted them into DL1, I would probably still be playing the game. Dying Light 2 is very much in need of a more repeatable gameplay loop and enjoyable side things to do. You can always upgrade blueprints but I can completely understand how that can just feel like a chore. Ng+ can alleviate this to some degree of course, but *just* repeating the story can only go so far. I hope whatever expansion they drop will quite a substantial one that will be able to compete in size and stuff to do with the base game. I didn't hate my experience with Dying Light 2, but it felt so much more "one and done". It also has the burden of building on the bones of Dying Light, which is a game that has aged incredibly well, and was pretty well received and a breath of fresh air for the zombie genre when it comes to it's gameplay loop. Techland is good about supporting the game though, they did it for a long time with Dying Light with fun mechanics introduced in community events, and The Following is easily one of my favorite DLC and it's definitely good enough to be its own game. I'll gladly put it up there with what is probably my favorite expansion, the Shivering Isles in terms of quality. The Following introduces a new path of upgrading through the buggy and a large world to explore with a absolutely massive change of scenery compared to the city. It was incredibly refreshing. In the meantime, I have a backlog of games as well as Elden Ring to play. So for now, I'm just patiently waiting to see what they do, and what kind of content they have tucked away in the oven.


I couldnt play after the main story....


I decided to finally play Fallout 4 for well at least one playthrough for the first time! Right now nothing is pulling me back to DL2!


I felt the same when I finished the main campaign of the first one, but occasionally I roam there for some easter egg or whatever (Sorry for any grammatical errors, I used google translate)


New Game + will reinvigorate it for a lot of people, I suspect. I enjoy hooning around the city and clearing up quests I hadn't finished, but but endgame is a bit barebones, same as It was in DL1.


I really enjoyed the 80 odd hours I put in to finishing the campaign, doing side quests and jumping around drop kicking people. I will now wait until a good batch of DLC is released before picking it up again.


Yeah im just waiting for new content


Pushed myself to finish the story, then uninstalled.


Not many games without decent online modes have replayability outside of the main story.. 60 odd hours for me was money well spent Ive spent more going to the cinema 😂


Yep I take one step and think "yeah that's a good days worth right there" and go do something else


I'm the same, once story was finished game gained dust on my shelf, Ive playing the first game a hell of a lot more than this game. And Im talking launch state of both games before good stuff was added to dying light 1. Dying light 2 is kinda boring


I’m not gonna lie the combat took a huge hit I think my favorite part about the first’s combat was that it would periodically slow mo which looks super cool and also allows for easier parkour follow ups and it pisses me off when I can’t do them lol


First playthrough I was about halfway until my save corrupted 🙃 Second playthough speedrun the story and got an ending I didn't like. Third time I went all in trying to 100% the game with the better ending all achievements and side quests. My game bugged and some achievements just didn't unlock even though I definitely did them. I would play multiplayer but my friends don't have it. I love this game but I'm not going to bother to pick it up again until they patch it and release more content.


I’m not sure I’m even half way through the game yet spent £80 for about 28 hours of gameplay and 40 hours of it just being on in the background


Yeah I waited for 4 years for this it's not bad just not what I wanted


Same here. About 90 hours of playtime, 100% the story and about 70% of the sidequests and collectibles. The game got boring really fast even before the last mission, so... Im only playing again when some content drops or a nice special event. Till then, got a lot more stuff to play lol


Honestly not much point after beating it tbh, aren't any side quests I know of worth it and the only way to get high level loot is to raid one location devoid of danger.


Bought it day one played it until I got the sound bug , waited a week for the patch, got several different bugs soon after and then dropped it for elden ring.


The only thing I have to do is get my max health trophy. I started a whole second game just for that but I'm hoping dlc will just let me bring my max Stamina character into the game to get the rest of the inhibitors I need for health.


Not even finished the game. Not even got the grapple hook. Lost interest and moved onto different games. Might go back to it at a later date.


Logged three days into the game and taking a break until some content drops. Really love it though


Yeah. Once u complete it it’s very boring. I’ve completed dying light 1 easily over 10 times. Probably 20


I have a theory about these kind of hyped sequels..and games that have flopped on release like cyberpunk for example. The whole concept of pre-ordering a game actually ruins the development process (with the exception of Bethesda titles which just get released broken) I also think that we're partly responsible for this as gamers, in that pre-ordering a game and falling into that market scheme just forces extra pressure on the devs, who are essentially at the mercy of the studio right? And therefore sets some sort of precedence that this is the only way to make a coin on games to other studios. Thoughts?


It lost me when you go to the skyscraper area, the parkour became irrelevant there since you have glide a lot which I find boring. The first area was awesome cause you could get anywhere on foot. ****


I literally played maybe 3 times lol I'm not even far just don't really like it lol


I last played it the end of February. Haven’t launched it since.


Yeah, Elden Ring has indefinitely ruined most open world games for me, and it just doesn't have the charm of DL1. I think I played maybe 20 hours of DL2, I just rushed through to the main story by the end. I have 70+ hours in Elden Ring, it's just so good at open world exploration and doesn't reward every side quest or optional dungeon with bonus experience or a generic weapon that breaks in in an hour.


I get what you mean. With the number of issues plaguing it at launch with the lack of content and just weird design choices like a lack of save slots or new game + I found myself leaving it on the shelf when something else came along.