Buy a new motherboard? Then print a shroud for the fan inlet


Bad Luck, I feel for you.. the screw has gone through fan and bridged out circuitry causing a short circuit.. it's Fried , Dead I thought they inverted the main board box like on the original 3 Pro, they should have as it was a major complaint with V 1. Def print a shroud/cover for it when you get a new board.


Well thx


You could debug this. You might get lucky. But even if I had the schematic in front of me and worked at the company that designed these boards it would not be easy. If you want to check anything, check them power inputs and start from there. There should be 12 or 24V coming in and it should feed like 3.3V to the microcontrollers. Check those voltages. If they’re gone you could try replacing the voltage regulator. But honestly these boards are so cheap just buy a new one.


Dude they’re half the price of the printer


In that case debug away! There is a probably a crystal oscillator on the board which controls the clock to the microprocessor. It might have got damaged. It could be an easy replacement. See if you can find it from the schematic and see which pin it goes into. See if anything is toggling on the board.


Which do you value less? Your time or your sanity? If it's the former, buy a new board. If it's the former, you've just learned a valuable lesson - unplug electronics before working on them and let them discharge.


The board has a 6-month warranty.