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This whole article is “a movie came out. And here are some twitter opinions on it that I found that follow a specific narrative that will work as an article”


That's like 90% of articles now.


And Netflix is like, Cool. As long as you watched it


Seriously this headline is just tempting everyone to watch it.


“Bet you won’t watch this!”


90% won't watch this!


Bad news is sometimes better. I’ll put something that gets a lot of praise on my “must watch that” list. If it gets shit on or is controversial I’ll nearly always check it out in the next day or two. Pretty sure marketers are aware of the fomo heavy criticism can bring.


Same thing as “You gotta try this it tastes terrible ! “


It’s the equivalent of a little kid wanting you to go look at a dead animal they found for the gross-out value.


Everyone knows that top tier journalism can only be mined from comments sections.


The people are just so knowledgeable.


Its journalism now. This is what we get when we use social media.


Half a page of written stuff for the article, 1.5 pages of Twitter reactions. That's modern journalism for you.


You misspelled “advertising”.


My thought. You’re not wrong buuuttt


I’m surprise no one on twitter is angry that Marilyn is played by a mermaid in this film.


I'm sure *someone* on twitter is angry about it. You just have to look hard enough.


That is like 75% of the articles on the Internet these days


It's not just a few. I have not seen anyone who's seen it say anything good about this movie


The story is that it's No.1 on Netflix. The nonstory is people on the internet griping.


The discussion thread is ugly too. I watched this last night without reading anything and was actually pretty entertained. It does seem very dramatized but not a lot of movies have sperms shooting across the screen like a starry night. It wasn’t exactly a history lesson.


What does this mean? Are there, like, star wipes edited in as scene transitions but instead of stars they're a bunch of cartoon sperm? Or are there, like, actually dudes shooting ropes on screen? Either way it's a bit fucking weird, I'm just not sure which is more odd.


The previous commenter, in my opinion, is grossly misrepresenting what happens in the film. There isn't just "sperms shooting across the screen". First there's a scene where we see Marilyn get raped by a studio executive. Then there's the first abortion scene (yes I said first), where Marilyn is forced to have an abortion she doesn't want to have, and cries on the operation table. During this scene the camera *enters her cervix*. Later on in the film, Marilyn is pregnant again, and sees a vision of this new fetus (in all its cgi glory), and the fetus says to her "you won't do the same thing to me will you?" THEN we have the scene where *John F Fucking Kennedy* forces Marilyn to give him a blowjob, while calling her a "dirty slut". After this we're treated to the second abortion scene, where its implied that she's pregnant because JFK forced himself on her. And I haven't even touched on the obsession the film has with Marilyn's daddy issues (she calls multiple love interests 'Daddy' throughout the film). This movie isn't empowering, it doesn't celebrate Marilyn Monroe's memory. It's not a discussion about how she was exploited by Hollywood. It IS exploitation. It's porn. And I feel that any further skepticism can be cleared up by [this quote](https://www.avclub.com/blonde-andrew-dominik-gentlemen-prefer-blondes-1849587095) from the director saying that the movie is about "well dressed whores"


This sounds absolutely vile. Thanks for the details, definitely going to avoid. This sounds like an excuse to show a woman’s worst moments under a thin veil of “but it’s history!” No it’s torture porn.


>“but it’s history!” And most of it's fake anyways not even based on rumors just outright nonsense


The director literally called it “punishment fantasy” so you absolutely nailed it. It’s trash.


Oh, so the dude shooting ropes was behind the camera. At least Tarantino has the decency to make the non-foot related parts of his movie good, which from the sound of it it seems like this guy forgot to do. Are we seriously doing talking CGI babies in the year of our lord 2022? And it's not even a PureFlix movie? I guess that "bit fucking weird" I initially assumed was actually a whole fucking truck load of weird.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s a pathetic film, narrating a fictional“re-imagination” of her life, that disgraces her as an artist. It would’ve been ok had it been based on some kind of auto-biographical account. But NO, the movie proclaims it as an “re-imagination of events surrounding Marilyn’s life”. How do you end up projecting to the world a demeaning life of an artist in the name of “re-imagining” of popular gossip surrounding an artists life!. It’s a cruel portrayal that looks to destroys any positive legacy she may have left behind. Netflix with this movies production team, can now be added to list of people who have sought to exploit and harm her, at every stage of her life.


Not to disagree with any of your main points, but the director's comment was about a different film starring Marylin Monroe, not *Blonde*.


That's my bad, I misread the quote. Still, I've been pouring over interviews and it seems like Dominik just doesn't have this thoughtful, profound message to deliver about Marilyn like he wants people to believe.


Happens to the best of us Oh yeah, this seems 100% like viewers are just being subjected to his fetish material from everything I've seen - very icky


Thats click bait 101


So basically modern journalism?


I haven’t seen it yet but I just don’t understand how this movie is going to do anything different than what My Week with Marilyn did? Like haven’t we already gotten the dark and depressing reality of her life? How is this movie going to be that much more real or special besides the stylistic choices? Edit: LOL based on the responses I’m going to pass on this film completely


I mean people can't stop making Dahmer movies


Playing devils advocate, the most recent dahmer miniseries seemed to be the first that covers EVERYTHING from start to end about the horrific dahmer saga. Having it all there I’m hoping makes it so it’ll finally stop people from creating even more material because it once and for all just covers everything and anything hereafter would seem even more redundant.




lmao this is the first time in my life that i went "there really is a xkcd for everything"


Yeh I thought it was extremely well done and told and honestly there is no need to redo the Dahmer saga any more because it can’t be done better than that.


The only problem being it’s inaccuracies and it’s lack of sensitivity for the victims families


The recent miniseries is probably the first well received movie or tv series on Dahmer so it probably isn't a great example. Most Dahmer movies / series have been cheap production or terrible quality.


Dahmer/Monroe Rule 34 Hollywood Blockbuster when?


"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." -- Dahmer/Monroe


When will they give the people what they want?


I'd kill for a movie like that!


Hey this dude killed people, let’s make endless movies about him. Fucking stupid.


The constant Ted Bundy garbage puts me on another lever of pissed. By people obsessing over him and retelling his story over those of his victims, they are giving him the notoriety he wanted. And he wasn’t good looking; he was 70’s “normal guy.”


This is a big reason why I don’t like when endless shows and films are made about crime without being responsible in its depiction. There have been so many mass murderers that have admitted or written in their manifestos that they wanted that kind of notoriety for themselves.


Totally. I appreciate true crime when it is sterile (just facts like forensic files, cold case, ect), advocating for victims to tell stories (ID has a program Evil Lives Here which is told by the victims and/or family), or solving cold cases (HBO has some great docs, not for the faint of heart). It’s too easy to get ghoulish when examining murders as entertainment. Never understood the people who delighted in romanticizing the monsters that walk among us. Edit: clarity


This isn't really a biography, but based on a novel from Joyce Carol Oates that is more of a riff on her life rather than an account of it. Sort of like PTA's "The Master" was a riff on L. Ron Hubbard, but it wasn't about L. Ron Hubbard. But people don't seem to be clear about this.


Maybe because here the character is literally named Marilyn Monroe and is marketed to make you believe it's a biopic. In The Master they changed Hubbard's name to Lancaster Dodd to make it less obvious it was about Scientology.


tbf the Master would've gained a lot more attention if it was marketed like that but unlike Monroe, Scientologists are still alive and scary.


Well, you're not wrong. That changes people's expectations.


You’re right. If the movie had named MM’s character something else, it would have been a lot less offensive and more effective at making its point. It also doesn’t help that so many people are personally invested in and highly protective of MM.


That makes the movie make more sense. Oates has a real obsession with rape as a subject in her work.


Well for one thing the character in the master looked nothing like Hubbard while this is very obviously trying to pass off as a an autobiography


Like ip man?


You telling me Ip Man didn’t fight Mike Tyson in an old warehouse? Idk what to believe anymore.


I enjoyed My Week with Marilyn but this movie was completely horrendous. It was just a series of hardcore rape or sex scenes or nudity with abusive overtones mixed in with photoshoot recreations. It was clear that the only purpose of it was to sexualize Marilyn even more if that even possible and the whole thing just seemed like an excuse for everyone to film Ana de Armas naked for two and a half hours. I have a very strong stomach and violence and abuse in movies usually does not bother me, but I 100% legitimately threw up after I finished the movie. If they wanted to make a porno about a starlet of fiction then go right ahead, but it’s horrible to do to a real dead human being who can’t speak for herself and is still being used for money even in 2022. Also side note: it included a pretty graphic scene with a camera inside her vagina as they pried it open for an abortion she said she didn’t want. This was not very long after she found out she was pregnant but they kept putting in clips of a full grownass baby in the womb which just felt weird and kinda prolife-y idk. Just regardless of the “controversial” aspects of this movie, the writing, plot, acting, etc. were crap. Also they casted someone way too skinny to play pre-1960s Marilyn


I got through to where they were dropping her off at the orphanage and I stopped. Even that lead up was too much. Why did they make this movie.


That's exactly where I stopped too, about an hour ago.


Wow, OK, yikes. I think this one is definitely a pass. Thanks for your summary and sorry you had to see that.


I finished watching it over an hour ago and I’m still sitting in silence wondering what and why did I subject myself to this movie. It felt like one long exhausting fever dream that would not end.


Holy shit you actually physically puked afterwards?? My god.


Wait, she had a forced abortion? That is fucked. Poor Marilyn.


No, she did not. Marilyn was pregnant 3 times in her life and miscarried all 3 times.


The real life Marilyn did not. But this fictionalised Marilyn did.


She didn't and there is no evidence or story that two of the specific people who raped her in the movie ever raped her in real life, among other things. It is a weird fanfiction, not a biography.


So confused on the last part.. my god


It's complete fiction represented as a bio. The director seems to hate women and the way he directs seems to show that


100% The movie is trash and is so disrespectful in pretending to be an accurate depiction of her life.


Yeah how is that even legal?? If she was alive they could be sued for defamation


The film is surreal from the beginning, it's clearly not a bio. If anything, the film hates on men more than women – they're the negative influences, the absent fathers, abusers, enablers, manipulators, etc. It's more about how being objectified causes someone to dissociate from their own personhood than anything.


Dominik showed her mother trying to drown her in a tub as a child. (Which also never happened) and then abandoned her, and then showed her adopted mother abandoning her as well. Then we have Marilyn, a pathetic breathy victim calling all men “daddy.” There just weren’t any more women characters to vilify.


Maybe if they make enough movies about it people will stop pretending her life wasn't incredibly sad and full of exploitation.


If no one talks about it for 15mins does it mean we collectively have forgotten? Some things just dont need to be repeated to get the point across.


Where do you get these opinions? For years, every piece of media about Marilyn seems to be around how she was a tortured artist, how she had a lot of mental problems and how she struggled to be taken seriously as an actress... she was sexually assaulted as a child and she was probably sexually assaulted in Hollywood too... but the last part isn't confirmed, so it just seems like trauma porn to add it into her life. At this point, it would be more groundbreaking to do a movie about her where she is happy and she just works on her craft, because all these biopics are the same... they really want you to know that she was miserable


Making up abortions and being sexually assaulted by the president is pretty bad


This movie is also based on a fictional book, based on the idea of Marylin. People watching it don’t realize most of the stuff they portray is utterly fake, and the movie is basically some dude was obsessed with Monroe, and made a movie objectifying her. Ew.


Talking fetuses.


I only made it a half hour in and gave up. It’s just misery porn.


forced myself to the hour and a half mark and then realized there was over a fucking hour left. that did it for me.


I was the same. Made it 30 min I and then I read about the graphic rape scenes and knew I didn't want to have that imprinted on my mind.


Biggest problem the film has is that it discredit her and makes her lifeless. She is portrayed as empty to a point that she is just sulks in the corner. I mean this kind of viewpoint is difficult but it just is done well(see Wanda), it can work.


BTW GUYS WANDA IS A BARBARA LODEN FILM lol. Not the Witch Wanda. Its really good but very lofi.


I found this movie to be a textbook example of what can happen when a director has too much control and no one to rein him in. It has all the textbook negatives of that. * Way to long, almost 3 hours is a textbook directors cut runtime * The movie is stuffed with artistic shots, some of them quite beautiful, but they drown out anything close to a story someone could follow * Just a weird borderline fetishization with the lead actress that overshadows the movie and comes off as very creepy


And if you watch and read some of the director’s interviews, you’ll realize he’s a raging narcissist and misogynist, and doesn’t even care about Marilyn Monroe. Really disappointing.


That's the thing I think a lot of people are missing. The problem with Blonde isn't that it portrays violence against women *in itself*, as that is a very real issue in the world, and art should be used to comment on these kinds of issues. The problem is that this movie doesn't actually care about how women are victimized in the entertainment industry, because it *relishes* in their pain. The director believes women like Monroe are just "well-dressed whores" *(God, even saying that to quote him feels gross)*, and that these women deserve no pity. Frankly, this issue is present in almost any movie that portrays violence against women in this manner. Rarely are they made out of sympathy, as most of the men in the entertainment industry don't really care about the systems hurting women.


This whole film was just a constant suck by all accounts. I knew I wasn’t walking into a fairytale before watching, and I am just as familiar with MM as the next casual person. But the film itself was just absolute shit. One sided, overly experimental, try-hard artsy black and white ever so often bullshit. 3 hours of bleakness plus boobies. But yo TIL Charlie Chaplin jr. tapped it. So that was interesting


He didn’t tho. That was an invention. Couldn’t disagree more with your take, but clearly you’re not alone.


Yeah, too many people aren’t understanding that the movie is based on a fictionalized story centered around Monroe. Which, to be honest, I’d entirely the fault of the marketing for this movie. Heard way more about the rating than about the basis of the story. And Chaplin Jr. died in 1968, years after Marilyn died. So the scene depicting the phone call she receives about his death is clearly fiction. I know not everyone would know that, but still.


Isnt the last point, the director talking about how Marilyn was fetishized to this point and it was creepy?


He literally makes up a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t even true though. Extended rape scenes for example that never actually happened irl. It’s all pretty gross and the director has said some pretty sexist things too. I find it a little ironic that every film to be made about Marilyn Monroe has been directed by a man who has know idea what it’s like to experience any of the actual obstacles in her life


I’m not even going that far. They lost me at “I went to her grave and spoke to her!” Indulgent tripe. She deserves better.


I couldn't get past 20 mins. You could tell it was purely exploitative only showcasing her abuses and no humanity.


the 20-minute mark was where I tapped out, as well. I was like, "Nah, I don't need this in my life today."


This movie is a waste of time and money.


I gess they got people all over the world to talk about it (mostly bad) so they are making money as they expected.


I turned it on and waited to see if it was building to anything. It wasn’t. It is now the worst movie I have ever wasted time on.


Now watch Gus Van Sant's "Gerry".




Joyce Carol Oates described the copy she received as "emotionally exhausting." I just found it exhausting.


Coming from JCO, that means something.


This feels like The Writers' Almanac. What the hell has Joyce Carol Oates been up to these days?


My ex and I both worked in a bookstore, and liked Joyce Carol Oates’s author photo best of all author photos. For some reason, he stared referring to her as “Oaty” and now any mention of her, I think “haha, Oaty.” Dumb story, I know, but I had an Oaty moment of amusement just now and felt like, at last, I must share it. Edit: a letter


Thanks for the update. - English majors of reddit


I’m sure she’s still writing in her journal every day, several pages, and writing at least 2 novels and 1 nonfiction book so she can keep up her insane publishing record.


tried my best to stay unbiased while watching the movie but i came out just thinking it was a bad film in general...


But…but…but it got an eleventeen minute standing ovation at some eurotrash film festival?!


They clapped because the movie was finally fucking over


Lol Venice is the oldest film festival in the world, it’s the polar opposite of eurotrash


Europe is old yet full of eurotrash


Blonde is pretty awful. The movie is based on a fictionalized account of Monroe's life. It's very sad to see this done to a pretty interesting person. I mean Marilyn Monroe was a advocate of Civil Rights, she's was vocal about her abuse in hollywood, and battled with depression which would have made a more interesting film. Also the abortion shit was kinda silly. The film paints Marilyn as having multiple abortions over the years but that claim has never been verified or backed up from sources who knew her.


Not to mention the talking fetuses begging not to be aborted…


everything i read about this movie seems so unreal i feel like i have to see it to know youre not joking


Glorified torture porn for nearly three hours. Another very exploitive film about a dead person from Hollywood


It's basically a horror film


I couldn’t get past Armas’ terrible Marilyn voice. I was hoping it got better but 10 minutes in I turned it off.


Her acting was so over the top I had to watch Michelle Williams play Marilyn Monroe to cleanse my eyes


I agree. I don't get why everyone is praising her so much, it was ott and nothing about her acting screamed Marilyn Monroe.


Just watched it last night. Wasn't a fan. Spent too much time on overly indulgent "artsy" scenes that had no point or missed the mark. The actress' speech choices were a distraction. Painted Monroe as a fool and a victim... She was no fool and while certainly a tragic figure was much more dynamic and complex than portrayed. ​ They took their time getting it all wrong.


Agreed. They literally gave her the intelligence of a 12 year old girl.


The odd speech choices are probably because like 5 years ago she didn't even know English. Odd casting choice.


Very odd casting choice. They use the name, the hair color, but she doesn’t look anything like MM.


People were initially defending this as exploring Monroe’s “LatinX heritage” because her mother was born in a Mexico (to a family from the Midwest)... and de Armas is CUBAN.


Sorry but you're wrong because Ana de Armas went to Marilyn's grave and asked permission to do the movie. And since she did the movie we can only assume Marilyn gave her permission. Therefore this movie is endorsed by Marilyn herself...


This. People who have the argument “well her life was tragic” just don’t get it. It was so exploitative and unnecessary in so many ways, including how long it was. I hate how they portrayed her as this submissive and damaged damsel at the whim of men.


She’s kind of the figurehead for women to take control of their life and relationships with beauty and chutzpah. If they’re portraying her as being taken advantage of it doesn’t serve her actual life nor legend well.


This is the biggest part. They trashed her legacy with this narrative...


100% - agreed


First and foremost, I have to say Ana de Armas' acting is absolutely amazing. Say what you want about the movie, but Ana deserves an Oscar for this. When I watched the movie, I didn't know it was based on a fictional novel about MM. I had to go back on the internet afterwards and fact checked everything. The things depicted on MM was very graphic, violent and sexist... and understandably some viewers are disgusted by it. But what we don't realize and appreciate is that, this is how things were 70-80 years ago. The decade MM died in the 60s, women weren't even allowed to participate in a marathon. People seems to have forgotten that 70-80 years ago, America was a sexist and racist place. Women had no power and someone as beautiful as MM was going to get exploited and used by men. The concept of a casting couch is as recent of a thing as 10-20 years ago with Harvey Weinstein. It is disgusting, but it was also the truth. Leaving out all of the "sexist" and "cruelty" is like saying if I made a movie about Hitler and WW2, that I should leave out all of the cruelty and mass murder against Jews because it is disgusting. Sorry, you should not try to bury the past and rewrite history like that.


Ana de Armas did a pretty good job. The director and screenwriter did not. Such a solid performance wasted with a disjointed production that received zero support from its supporting cast. I don't think it was "detestable" but it wasn't good.


Looks like they just wanted Ana to get naked...


It was so uncomfortable, honestly I would not recommend or rewatch this movie. It gave me a nightmare, first one in years. I am still just so disturbed.


Honestly, it’s just not good. The direction is obnoxious and totally overdone, and it’s incredibly disrespectful to take liberties with the life story of a real person. It’s a bad movie and I will never watch it again or recommend that anyone else watch it.


This movie sucked.




It just wasn’t good.


Completely off topic: Honestly I’m still pissed about Kim Kardashian wearing MMs dress.


I agree it was really unwatchable. I wanted to see a movie about her life, not this garbage


Controversial opinion I guess, but I loved it. It’s like an emotional fever dream. Ana de Armas gave a great performance, her accent really didn’t bother me. It was certainly a lot at times but I’m glad that movies like this exists.


My wife and I tried to watch it and turned it off after 45 minutes. It had nothing to do with Marilyn, really it was just an exploitation movie and could have been about anyone or no one.


Isn't that the point? That the woman was treated that way? It's not supposed to be a happy movie, and I think people are mistaking depiction for approval.


I could maybe get with that if it hadn’t been for this interview with the director, which I thought was disgusting: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2022-09-27/marilyn-monroe-blonde-director-andrew-dominik?_amp=true He truly wasn’t interested in anything she achieved and he laughs off her contributions to film. This is basically “beautiful woman suffers in a way that is entertaining to you” and it’s such a bad take on her life. He lost me at the idea that no one watches her movies. I grew up on them.


Wow. That dude comes across as, at best, a massive tool. Does he think being cruel and superficial makes him sound smart?


Saw that one too. Wouldn't be surprised if the pans are accurate when you have a director viciously shitting on and being ignorant of his subject. Fuck that guy.


That’s what gets me about this whole thread. A lot of people are assuming this was directed with good intentions and crafted to show sexism when the director has made it extremely clear he has no respect for his subject and is quite sexist himself.




I'm glad you came around but... I genuinely have no idea how you can come away from this movie and think it was made with any respect to Marilyn's legacy.


I also heard him laughing when he said something along the lines of I adapted the screen play in 2008. It was absolutely impossible to get made. And I think it had a lot to do with how the men were portrayed. Nobody thought there was a market (insert like legit giggle) for feminine rage and trauma. Like, having not seen this movie yet, I see two different takes on it playing out in the comments. And like neither seems entirely unreasonable. But that laughter… like I mean I don’t know if it is a nervous tick or something… but it was unsettling to say the least. Part of me wants to watch it so I can kind of form my own opinion… but that (gleeful sounding) laughter makes me want to stay tf away from it… I’m going to go check out this link now, feel like I’ll probably end up not watching the movie..


The part where the interviewer tries to explain that she and her friends love “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and he asks if it’s because it’s about “well-dressed whores.”


Yeah… thank you for posting this… Because no - I’m absolutely not watching this: “Now, to me, that’s the most important thing. It’s not the rest. It’s not the moments of strength. OK, she wrested control away from the men at the studio, because, you know, women are just as powerful as men. But that’s really looking at it through a lens that’s not so interesting to me. I’m more interested in how she feels, I’m interested in what her emotional life was like.” I think he is skirting around what is actually interesting to him. And it sure as hell isn’t her emotions. This dude is detestable. Seriously - thank you for posting that link. Saved me from having to find out the hard way why this movie was made. I imagine the emotions this article made me feel would have been felt like on a whole different level watching the movie. And I’m just not in the headspace for that.


It felt like he enthusiastically participated in the worst objectification of her that happened and therefore is not someone I’d ever trust with her story.


Wow that guy really seems to suck. What a disastrous interview. Turns me off even watching the thing.


Jesus... the guy is an arsehole


That is sickening


Wow what a total dick. Perceptive audiences sensed his sadism I guess.


The movie tries to be a commentary on how she was exploited while doing the same thing.


The movie is doing the thing it’s attempting to criticize.


I would say that's a new low, but iirc, Cuties did the same thing with its "message"


Generally, that is what drama does. It manifests ideas in action and dialogue. If you just want somebody to say something is bad without making you feel it viscerally, then stick to the internet, where that kind of sterile tsk-tsking is ubiquitous..


speaking only on the movie itself, it was surprisingly boring and slow, given people's reactions - but the end was surprisingly poignant. (ofc any violation is not ok and awful to see, to be clear, I just wonder how many people are watching the entire movie - it is very "arty")


People are actually watching this after all the annoying shizz with the director "asking" Marilyn for her approval of the movie? This is like, oscar-bait at best.




I’ll never know how sexist it is because I couldn’t finish it. It’s so incredibly boring. Three hours of what seems like barely a story that gets constantly interrupted by long artsy scenes that made me lose track of whatever thin plot was unfolding.


Now I have to watch it. lol


I swear I think Netflix is paying for these headlines to make people check out the movie. I saw it- it’s no more sexually explicit than an episode of euphoria or most other HBO shows. It’s an artsy fartsy movie with some rated R scenes, but nothing much beyond that


The critiques about the film are honest and on the nose. However I feel like a lot of people idolize Monroe and her career. But have a hard time separating the artist from the person. Which is actually what the film was about. The world putting her on a pedestal for desirability is relevant even in todays time. The casting couch is still very relevant. Abortion rights-controversy and how women deal with it still very relevant. The suicide and abuse topics are extremely relevant. I don’t need any of those things to have actually happen to Monroe herself to understand the relevance of any of those topics. It doesn’t disgrace her memory because it’s fiction. Anyone with access to google can figure that out. Film is art. We need to examine it subjectively. Without projecting our own feelings into every celebrity we idolize. Plus it was just really good cinematography.


This movie is basically fiction. How is it legal to use a real person's name in a movie that bastardizes their story in what is essentially pure fiction?


I won’t watch it out of respect. They could easily make a movie about how she became one of the biggest stars of her time and her mental struggles in a tasteful way.


Well , I watched the movie last night . It felt like an art movie that normal people don’t understand. Unnecessarily stretched out, doesn’t touch much of Monroe’s life other than like 9 incidents , it is a fiction but it is weird to do that with loosely connected life of Monroe. It is a bad movie all together but good acting by Ana de Armas. You don’t get Oscar for a movie you can’t watch.


Life is too short to watch movies that get 45% on rotten tomatoes.


…you base what you’re going to watch off of rotten tomatoes?


This movie is just terrible.


Here’s what I don’t get: They quote a review that basically says, “She was abused horribly, how awful that the movie shows her being horribly abused!” What am I missing?


The point, I think, was that yes she suffered bad things, but her life was not *only* suffering. She was victimized at various points, but she was not A Victim. She was many other things that are important to look at if you're making a biopic and it sounds like this film is pretty gratuitous in how it only shows her as a helpless victim and nothing else. This review was informative and seems fair, I think: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/28/movies/blonde-review-marilyn-monroe.html


Average Redditors have difficulty understanding anything that's more complex than MCU flicks.


A majority of the comments don't even realize that Monroe and Norma Jean are two separate characters...


I guess I get the comments touting exploitation, but is there a better way to communicate that MM was raped than show it? Than capture the brutality through a carefully shot reenactment? When does social commentary become pornography? I’m not sure. I’m conflicted on this one.


Look, the director was making fun of her work and talking about how the woman he interviewed with likes “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” because it depicts “well-dressed whores.” That’s not a perspective of someone I trust to get that story right.


Was she? The book this movie was based on isn’t a biography, so I heard the sexual assault was inferred but without proof.


Yeah there’s no proof she was raped afaik and it was created for the movie


Except there’s zero evidence Marilyn was raped by Darryl Zanuck or forced to blow JFK.


I feel like this movie is gonna get a ton of viewers just because all the buzz and drama around it. Not because the movie is special in anyway


I believe you're right. I only watched it because everyone said it was bad. I had to see for myself. Spoiler alert: it's pretty bad.


It’s extremely difficult to watch. It’s not sexist. It exposes sexism. She was a continuous victim of abuse. From a performance perspective I just heard the accent slip too much. So like I said, a hard watch.


This is fiction, not her real life, so it doesn’t expose sexism, it creates it where it didn’t exist.


Most detestable part was the aspect ratio.


Even though it’s been years since I read the book, it was haunting and beautiful prose. This didn’t reflect that work at all and felt like watching a car wreck.


So a popular movie?


Strong feminist trying to give movie purist a taste of their own medicine.


I liked it. It’s a bit different than the book though. And it is not sugar coating things and it’s not meant to sugar coat. If you want to see a fairy tale then this is not your movie.


Lol at the dumb people who were expecting anything but a graphic tragedy. They wanted a movie about a girl boss who spouts inspirational platitudes because fake Facebook memes are all they know about her.


Movie sucked. Idc if it’s cruel or not. In a movie standpoint it was terrible. Random Scenes with no story line throughout the entire movie. Fiction based or not there was nothing that drew me in. Random men, random famous scenes. No “body” or substance to the movie. The director should be ashamed of himself. Terrible fucking movie. Boring. Not a single scene brought depth to her struggle even if it were to be true. They made her appear like she had special needs. Like she had no brain. This movie sucked so bad. Also the NC-17 rating was bullshit. Nothing more than a rated R movie.


Soooo hard to watch, for me it's an horror film. Disgusting scenes, painful really.


Wasn’t very good.