Anti-mask idiot goes batshit crazy at Miami airport

Anti-mask idiot goes batshit crazy at Miami airport

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Where are one of the 500 cops usually at airports?


They're busy making sure that people are safe from regular sized toothpaste.


And making you throw your water away and re-buy it for 20 times the price once inside.


One thing I love about my (PHL) airport - we have a city ordinance about "street pricing." The airport isn't allowed to do that. Whatever it costs "on the street" is what the airport vendor has to charge -- and that goes for the restaurants, too. No paying 15 bucks for the same Big Mac you could have picked up on the way for less than half the price.


Damn LAX needs that. A small microwave gas station burger is $15 there


NYC airports are currently on the line for a picture taken of a $27 beer.


This needs to be wayyy more common. I've heard of some states and/or cities taking similar actions with amusement parks too.


I just carry an empty water bottle and fill it on the other side of security. Many airports have water fountains designed to fill bottles now.


You can even fill it with ice. Ice is allowed since it is solid.


The police don’t regulate that. That’s the Toiletry Search Agency (TSA)


Thanks for making me laugh


And from cars that sit in pickup/drop off lanes for too long.


I have to say, we *need* those cops outside. I was extremely happy for them to make a few cars just sitting there move the last time I was trying to load my luggage.


Yeah, everyone in that area acts like they're the only person with important travel plans, it's an absolute zoo if not regulated by cops or security.


This was arrivals which in a way is worse. The airport has a "Cell phone lot" that is free to use if you are in your vehicle. You wait there till someone calls you and go grab them from the curb. You don't pull up and wait 20 minutes for them to clear customs. About 5 people did this, thankfully the airport police made them move on when there was no more parking for pickups.


I'd give you a gold, but I had to spend that money on a full set of toiletries and sun block after my last flight.


I've cut down on a few steps and buy stuff at the drugstore and drop it in the garbage can on my way out.


It's incredibly disturbing. What if this douche starting stabbing people?


He did pick up the pylon and threaten the people with it. That's assault with a (potentially deadly) weapon.


Dis he scream “im a marine bitch” after kicking the wet floor sign and storming back with the energy of an angry toddler?


Thought so.. as a Marine, I’m embarrassed he had the gall to yell that out. Like that’s gonna earn you any points when you act a fool. Ugh this dude sucks


Former marine here. You should have seen me the other day. My grocery store was out of the bread I usually buy. I thought about yelling about being a marine but I decided to just buy a different type of bread. Corps values. Edit: things I’ve learned from this one dumb comment I spit out in my phone with almost no thought. 1. There are a ton of folks out there who think that calling myself a former marine is somehow a grave insult and I’ve insulted the Corp and myself and pissed on the flag. Former marine is cool. Or at least it was when I got out over two decades ago. 2. Crayons. Good lord a lot of folks know about that joke. It’s incredible how widespread that joke is. 3. You folks are really generous with gift things. I don’t know what they are called. Awards? Thank you all.


That’s showing restraint, I’d have thought you would go straight for the crayons.




Some would say recovering.


Like you could say no to a delicious red


You say that like he doesnt already have two 64 packs in the cart.


“Corp values”. Nice.


Most of us are just trying to live normal, productive lives. Then this asshat comes around and makes us all look like angry apes.


Someone ate his favourite flavour Crayola.


If all they had left was Rose Art crayons this might be justified...


I guess he’s a veteran and is going to get a free pass because of it. “Veteran in crisis” rather that “intoxicated dude who assaulted his girlfriend in a women’s bathroom before going ape shit on airport staff when they wouldn’t let him on the plane”


I really hope not. After reading the news write up about it, the author mentioned more than once how he was a “veteran” and under duress or whatever. I’m not anti troop by any stretch, but whether this dude served or not should hold no impact on legal ramifications of such a violent outburst. He put many people in danger. I hope he gets the help he needs if he’s suffering from his time on duty, but not until justice is properly served and this guy is forced to face the consequences of his actions.


Not all veterans are good. I can easily see someone with that "kind of temper" take photos of himself and some person being tortured by him; like we saw from Iraq. Sad time that things as simple as a piece of cloth that supposed to help yourself and others are getting these kind of reactions.


As with the police there are many who are attracted to that type of occupation because of personality traits like authoritarian. It's too bad they give the rest of their workmates and public a bad idea.


The best part is when he punches the guy but doesn't really connect then falls down on his ass.


No the best part is that this is a federal offense and he’s fuked


As in, lifetime flight ban, boat ban, train ban, and, depending on state BUS ban because if he's willing to swing at airport security who's trying to de-esclate then he's willing to swing at *anyone* ergo, he better get used to road trips


And all that pain over not wearing a flipping mask. Edit: turns out it's a drunk angry response to his gf. The mask issue will just compound his woes.




>A Local 10 viewer said just before this confrontation, the man entered the women’s restroom near gate D23 and got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend. Wow.


I hope she got on the flight and left him for good.


Yeah ditch psychopath or she could be the next


Next? Bro she was first.


She’s probably the one in this video half-heartedly trying to keep him away


If he chased her ass down in the women’s restroom where he assaulted her, yeah I would be scared of him too.


Being a veteran doesn't give people immunity from being total pieces of shit. Good grief. Edit; understandably there are many service members left behind. If this guy slipped through the cracks I hope he gets help


"Maybe some of the troops are heroes but not automatically, I'm sure a lot of the troops are jerks. Most people are jerks already and it's not like giving a jerk a gun and telling him it's okay to kill people suddenly turns that jerk into a hero."


And thats why i took the muffins


Always happy to see a sad horse show reference


I’m a veteran and I cringe every time someone breaks into the automatic hero worship bullshit. Yeah, most of us are ok people, there’s definitely a few heroes, but there are some legit utterly repugnant war criminal evil fucks walking among us. I met a few of those barely human bastards while serving. Seems like the macho culture attracts a few spectacularly bad apples, in addition to the regular folks I served with.


I remember looking around at some of the soldiers in my unit and it hit me... some of these racist, detail dodging, dumb af, lazy, cowardly, whiney losers are going to get the full hero treatment when they get back home. One of those epiphanies that really changed my world view in an instant.


That lines up with my experience. Some of the best people I’ve met has been while serving. Some of the worst people I’ve met has also been while serving. The job attracts all kinds of people for a lot of different reasons, but the vast majority of us aren’t heroes.


Ya know what I did in the navy? Nothing, definitely no hero by any means


Where is this from? I recognize but can’t remember.


Bojack horseman


America has this weird hero-worship culture surrounding soldiers and cops. As a nonn-American I find it so jarring, and completely antithetical to the supposed American virtues of liberty and individual freedom to fawn over authority figures like that. So gross.


One of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that there isn’t a draft or mandatory service. Making a hero out of someone who ‘volunteers’ makes in easier to recruit young people. It’s also a reaction to how the Vietnam veterans were treated when they returned home; getting spit on and being called baby killers, etc.


As a veteran myself, I completely agree. This behavior does not capture the ethos that I, and I believe the public at large, expect from veterans. I only hope that they get help, whatever form it may be.


To be honest, I found that the military tends to attract a higher number of assholes that most other professions.


As a vet, I'd definitely agree. I've been out almost 20 years, and I've never had a job that comes close. I met some great fucking people, but also a disproportionate amount of assholes. And I was in the Coast Guard, which isn't a combat branch, and required a higher ASVAB score than the other branches. I can only imagine the Marines or Army would have been worse. I will say everyone met from the Airforce seemed really nice.


We're nice until we miss our tee time


I was in the Air Force. Thank you. You are right. There is a disproportionately high number of assholes in the armed forces. I never, anywhere display anything announcing that I am a veteran. Car decals, baseball caps, shirts, nothing. It’s just something I did (that they still pay me for). I actually knew a guy who wanted to be a door gunner- so he could see how it felt to “mow down a lot of people at once”. Seemed like a perfectly normal guy, - until.


So he domestically abused his girlfriend but he gets a free pass because he has ptsd? That's fucked up. Edit: respect to people suffering from ptsd and trying to cope. I also support rehabilitation for people suffering from mental illness. However mentally ill people are not immune to consequences. I also jumped the gun assuming that since he's being hospitalized that no charges are coming.


Are those the only two choices? Can’t we hold him accountable AND get him help?


I mean, do we even know if he has PTSD? Just because he's a veteran doesn't mean he's necessarily been in those conditions. A mental break can have many causes.


Fucking embarrassing. Swore an oath to a Constitution he clearly hasn't read (See amendment 14..) and then makes the rest of us vets look awful. Thanks, blue falcon.




Too bad they won't release a non violent prisoner to make space for this guy.


Let's just say they're *both* best parts!


Was gonna say - why isn’t he in cuffs?


It looked like the way I punch in dreams.


I use to dream all the time I was stuck somewhere and had to punch doors and stuff. Only one time I gave a strong punch and woke up right after. That was the last time I had these kind of dreams.


Love the falling on his ass with the hay maker


Oh yes, the good ole' swing and a miss!


Karma police at least showed up


He gave it all he could, it wasn't enough.


Kept the Radiohead playing on the OK computer speakers.


This is what you get..




He talks in maths…


He was arrested. https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/08/28/military-veteran-hospitalized-following-violent-outburst-at-miami-airport/


No. Fly. List.


I bet he'd be shocked too


That’s the part I was waiting to see


"Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was America!"


Oh, Randy!


I didn't hear no bell!


Oh yeah, he’ll be posting r/conservative in a couple months claiming they put him on the no fly list because he voted for trump. Edit-fixed the sub.


"I'm being persecuted for my conservative ideas!" Oh my god, which ones? "Ohh, you know the ones.."


>"I'm being persecuted for my conservative ideas!" > >Oh my god, which ones? "The one that ended with me committing assault on people...but they were tryin' to violate muh freedoms!


"How were you a political prisoner?" -"I kicked a giant mouse in the butt, do I have to draw you a diagram‽"


“Attention Marge simpson your son has been arrested. Attention Marge Simpson we have also arrested your older balder fatter son”


Also jail


Acting super belligerent and aggressive at an airport? Believe it or not, jail.


What about undercooking fish


Straight to jail. And food poisoning


We have the best plumbers in the world. Because of jail food poisoning.


Yuuupppppp, hope it’s worth never flying again buddy


And his village will be sad that their idiot can't fly any more.


Fantastic. All because he couldn’t control his fuckin’ emotions and threw a tantrum. What a twat.


Perfect use of twat.




I don't care if he is a vet, stop leading with that. He beat his girlfriend and then tried to beat innocent people. He's a coward and a bad person.


Yes who gives a fuck about his work history.


“Ex-Graphic Designer Causes Scene At Five Guys”


A headline like that would really draw me in.


Paints a very good picture of what happened


If only we had seen de signs.


What he did was just too... *graphic*.


As an ex-graphic designer (well, technically I never found work in the field) your comment has enraged me. Does anyone know if there's a Five Guys that has stanchions that I can throw at this guy?


I don't care how he is feeling. All concerns should be with the ~~punchingbag~~ "girlfriend" . I hope she is being helped. This is going to be a long-term horror that she will have to endure and learn to move on. Life changing experience.


Vets can be some of the most cruel people in the world, because they were literally taught how to inflict pain. My father is a vet, and spent the majority of my childhood abusing me. I have very little love for American military.


Ah, the first 3 words, “A Florida man…..”


TIL what a stanchion is


Right though? I've seen stanchions all my life. I've been guided by stanchions, stepped over stanchions, unclasped stanchions, moved a couple stanchions even. Never once did I know what they were called or that they even had a name. You better believe I'm gonna start dropping the word stanchion in front of friends and family now. "Hey, watch out for that stanchion" or "Follow the stanchions" and just wait for reactions.


This is absolutely the best. Its like when people give advice to use someones name as soon as you hear it to increase retention.


it’s just the name for an upright metal tube supporting something. a bicycle/motorcycle has two of them going up from the front wheel


Ahh so there's more stanchions around me than I would have ever thought. Who's been keeping it a secret? Maybe Big Stanchion knows the key to stanchion success lies in their low profile. Smart.


I think I love you. I never laughed this hard.


[Apparently he was in a “mental health crisis”](https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/08/28/military-veteran-hospitalized-following-violent-outburst-at-miami-airport/)


“A Local 10 viewer said just before this confrontation, the man entered the women’s restroom near gate D23 and got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend. The viewer said the man was then denied boarding on the flight due to his aggressive and possibly Intoxicated behavior.”




He was drunk and had got into a physical fight with his girlfriend. The news says he's in a mental hospital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfoTeMpwqDc


I love how this video sounds like the news caster drops an f bomb at the beginning.


I love how the guy at the end walks up very deliberately while still on his phone, like “I’m here to regulate this moron.” I really want to see if they started throwing down.


That dude struck me as a possible off/duty cop or air marshal. He was walking with assuredness and confidence.


He didn't seem the least bit nervous. I wanted to watch him handle this!


I know! He put his phone in his pocket so non chalantly... probably just said "sorry gotta go regulate a moron" and hung up.


Yeah he did! That was such a cliffhanger. I want Part II so badly!




I bet that was CBP. They aren’t always in uniforms.


Ah yeah, the Cry Baby Patrol are nothing to fuck with.


Sameeeeeeeeee it was just getting good.


No joke! Had I been there in person I would have happily missed my flight to watch it all pan out


The person who made this video ruined my day.


No officer I didn't see how he got covered in bruises, see the video stopped.


This is what an adult tantrum looks like. Breaking things around him and a lot of chest pounding. Over measures taken by a business to protect their customers. I don't get it at all.


Why do these fuckers always walk away then come back like a dog returning to its vomit. You can hear the conversation they are carrying on in their head.


I always think they are in an invisible mosh pit.


This is a child’s tantrum he just hasn’t had someone physically stop him yet so there is no crying.


No airport security?


Ikr, how are we meant to prevent terrorist attacks from al quida when we can't prevent attacks from Yall quida


A fucking men


Too busy strip searching old ladies in wheel chairs at the checkpoint.


Such a scene to fall on his ass on the first punch smh my head


Where were the security guards?


Cavity searching someone because they were wearing a turban.


That’s quite the temper tantrum for that 240 month old toddler.


His mom is looking for a doctor that will perform an abortion in the 72nd trimester.


Why do people always stop recording in the middle of the freakout?!? Like, damn I really wanted to see that guy get the taser


Came here for the tazering. Was disappointed.


"*Fuuuuuuaaaack* low battery?! Out of storage!? **god dammit!** *frantically trys to delete daughters dance recital*


"Remember that dance recital, I love that recital, I'm sure you still have it on your phone as a memory, right?" "uh.....check out this rando going apeshit at the airport that one time!"


Where’s the rest of the video


I love how weak this dude is. He keeps stepping up and not doing shit. He finally rolls up his sleeves, steps up like a boss, swings and misses so much he falls down. What. A. Bitch!


Knocks down random objects. See? Showed you! Take that


He owned that yellow sign just like he owned the libs


I'm glad he does that instead of knocking down people


Rolls up his short sleeves


Yeah like when he picked up that post and pretended to bat or throw it at them and in the end just throwing to side


Petulant children.


All over a piece of cloth. Beyond stupid


“bUT YoU’Re tAKiNG mY RIGHTS of frEe SPEeeeeCh awAY with a MAAAAASSSSK!” We can still hear you speak sir






Did that guy get dropped, by his own punch?


What’s really gonna be funny is when he is forced to wear a mask in jail 😂🤣


Where tf are the cops?


They are busy confiscating shampoo


You should see how upset he gets when he sees a sign that says — No pants, no service. It’s a direct attack on his freedom to air his balls out.


Wearing pants is fascism. #freetheballs


i wanted more footage and to watch it all go down. all of that would-be-gorilla-like grandstanding and no payoff, he shoulda been hit with a tranquilizer dart like the wild animal he—thinks—he is 😅


He reminds me of those school bullies that act like they are gonna swing but just hopes you flinch so they can boast to their friends how bad ass he is.


Security there’s a deranged primate here bring some ivermectin


Scary how shit the security at that airport are.


He needs some dewormer.


Yet the security will make everybody take off their shoes and make you lose the water bottles....


Lol. He punched his own ass to the ground. What a pile of dog shit. Maybe this hurricane will blow him away.


I bet he’s got a whoooole lot of guns back at his house for the terrorist attack in his quiet suburban hometown that’ll never happen there in a million years. But afraid of a little piece of cloth on his face.


I can tell you right now as a real legit redneck that guy if he owned any guns it's a Glock 9mm and probably has $3,000 of tactical bullshit to talk shit 24/7 of "if _____ happened to me I'd turn them into (description of mangling that is only achieved by a fucken howister cannon)


It's easy to find his truck in the lot too...Punisher skull with blue lives matter paint job, "come take them" in Greek sticker, sheep decal. Rebel flag optional.


This is what ungoverned insane people look like.


What a bitch.


Oh, I’m sorry “he was going through a crisis.” Had he been black, he would’ve been shot. Fuck that.


Whiny little bitch. **JFC...**


Why did he go that mental? I am unable to understand much of what he is saying :(


My guess: did the rest of his cocaine before going through security.


Well you have to hide it somewhere. And his ass was already so full with his own head that he had to take it.


Don’t be fooled, he may look like full grown man on the outside, but on the inside he’s just a devilishly annoying child




Half a punch? You wanna kill the guy? He fell with *his own punch*




Begging to get tased.......


Should probably cut back on the 'roids


Nah he's not big enough for this to be Roids. My guess is his girlfriend refused to go with him if he was going to cause a scene about masks, so he went anyway by himself, got there plenty early, and sucked down enough bloody marys to feel tough enough to throw his tantrum. Guy is a fuckin clown.


Anti-maskers are the cancer of society.




The Liberian flag was the perfect touch lmao