Yeah I found it hilarious that she thinks *anything* to do with tiktok videos is accepted gym etiquette.


And she said she was recording for 15 minutes. ​ 15 fucking minutes of this bitch doing shit she could be doing in her living room at home.


And performing a contraindicated exercise as well.


What do you mean contraindicated both Reverse Nordics/Saddle stretches and half splits are perfectly fine to do. She’s just dumb for thinking anyone cares about her recording.


She’s not even doing it right. She should keep her knees in and ankles out, not the other way around.


There’s this gym guy on Tik Tok that calls these people out. It’s great and most the time these people take down their video.


What’s his @? I went to see if this girl still had this video up just out of curiosity (not to harass her, just to see what other people said) and she has changed her @ slightly and there’s no sign of the vid.


Joey Swoll! He's a good dude and single handedly trying to remind people that the gym is a shared space to which they aren't entitled to dominate.


Love his videos. Truly a such a genuine and overall amazing guy


Met him in person mutiple times at my gym. Really cool down to earth dude.


I say almost everyone who gets called out by him do some type of apology video or delete the video/account. I saw one person try to make another video trying to call him out for not understanding the situation. Did not get the support she was expecting lol.


Joey Swoll his videos are great


Joey Swoll


And what makes it worse is when the person's followers reinforce their narcissism and tell them they're right.


Didn’t you know they passed a new rule at the Gym etiquette council? If you are in a gym and making a tik tok video you automatically have the right of way. Especially if your doing something that could be done in your living room at home.


\*right of way\*


Legit wondering what someone would do with a 15 minute video of themselves stretching. It’s not like there is a lot of technique in what they’re doing.


Post it online so she gets paid by guys looking at her butt?


Lol why when we can go to reddit and see it for free!


You can't reason with simps. They have more cum than sense.


This one right here.


It isn't the workout she was looking to record. The whole point was to set a trap for normal people doing normal things, walking by her working out, and then get pissy.


Bonus points if that person is not as fit so she can also fatshame him or her.


I admitted know nothing, but I'm not entirely convinced that this 'stretch' isn't doing more damage that good. Especially on the ligaments above her knees.


FR. My gym doesn’t allow video recording or pictures on the main floor. There’s a special area for it.


Also I would say bad etiquette to be filming people using gym in the background


My gym actually has started forbidding filiming and photos in the gym area. Too many people stand around the mirrors and film themselves working out for 5 minutes, then they just sit on a bench and upload photos.


My gym has signs all over asking not to video on the gym floor, locker rooms or pool area. I’m glad I go to a gym that has those rules.


If anything video/photography should be discouraged.


My gym doesn't even allow you to record, take photos, make calls, or text outside of the lobby.


Someday you’ll just have to grow tf up


But today, is not that day! For her at least, it seems.


Aragorn at the Black Gate\~ "One day... ONE DAY.. you will have to grow up... BUT THAT WILL NOT BE THIS DAY !!!!"




Imagine how offended Aragorn would have been if some crewman walked in front of the camera while he delivered that speech.


At least in that scenario the crewman would be getting in the way if his job and it would be somewhat understandable.




Seems like every day


That's Reddit for ya


On this day, we cry!!


Do you mean grow up as in just existing in a world and not recording yourself doing mundane shit constantly? or Do you mean grow up as in not expecting private gym privacy when you're in a public gym? or Do you mean grow up as in not expecting the world to break-down and cry when SOMEBODY IN A PUBLIC AREA WALKED BY YOUR VIDEO WHILE IT WAS RECORDING 😭😭




All of the above.


Plus extra, probably.


All 3, but I realize that's probably too much to ask of this lady.


She was filming herself for FIFTEEN fucking minutes, and that one second of a woman passing through ruined your entirely pointless video.


and stop filming in a public gym…


Yeah if you wanna film yourself working out, at least do it at your fucking house. The shit she’s filming literally doesn’t even require any equipment


Not entirely an issue. Filming yourself lift to spot lapses in form or critique yourself is nbd. But filming for internet points is cringe. Ive recorded myself doing squats / deadlifts to fix form as I lift alone and *gasp* didnt upload it to the internet.


This chick thinks gym etiquette is not walking between her and her phone. Lmao lmao. Record your stretching at home lmao. Gym etiquette lol.


"nobody has gym etiquette" the only one who had no gym etiquette is the one FILMING in the gym


Seriously… why can’t these young people JUST work out. It’s not a damn show




Oh my god I miss Stewart.


This looks like an exercise that can be performed.... anywhere?


Walking in front of the camera probably was deliberate. It was an FU for tying up the space with pointless narcissism. At least at my gym, the astroturfed run is there for pushing a weight sled and some other exercises.


Narcissism is always pointless to the irrelevant person observing it.


>.... anywhere? Thinking same thing. LOL and WTF ?


It's all about the show


Look at MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


They're like needy kindergarteners trying to get the teacher's attention.


Tik tok nonsense mentality. "Its vitaly important that the internet can see me stretch" No, it really isn't. No1 cares


It’s seems to me the younger generation has been indoctrinated into the cesspool that is social media, which dictates “look at me”. I find it pretty sad, and distressing on a human level. I once saw a young lady on the train flipping through endless selfies. She was on the train for 20 minutes looking at endless pictures of herself. Something is wrong.


Honestly, I don’t get these fucking people. You’re filming in a public space…if you don’t want people getting in your shot, reserve the whole fucking gym or go somewhere else….and regardless of their unfounded “lack of respect” do you really need the whole fucking video worth of you doing the same fucking stretches you’ve done in other videos? Cut that bit out and move on with your conceded life…..


But this video is everything, she is a stretch star her stretch star is shining bright for the world to take notice and that woman stole her thunder.


I often go to the gym to....stretch?


The legends are true! The prophecies have come to fruition! She is THE CHOSEN ONE (of stretch)!


She left her big girl panties at home..


I don't give a shit about your workout.


She’s not even working out, she said she’d been there for fifteen fucking minutes just stretching. Narcissism is very real these days.


What's the point of these videos? The only thing I can come up with is people want to check that their form is right, but they don't need 15 fucking minutes of doing something to see it.


Thirst traps. Everyone wants to be an influencer now.


Well, it's easier than getting a real job.


Really going to be interesting to see how it plays out, because just like with all famous people, at a certain point you will become less famous. At that time it can take a real emotional toll on people, we used to see it with child stars.


Yes. 99% of "influencers" make 0 money. Sure, it's just a hobby for some or even most of them - but it's a lot of time and energy being put into a hope of something that won't happen.


Yup. Like all the Twitch streamers with 0 views. Everyone wants to get paid to basically just film what they are already doing. It very, very rarely works out that way.


If you’re lucky enough to have it work for you, it sure is.


It's not. It's harder, shorter lived, and you end up in worse place.


I'm happy to see it's turning around


Checking your form is not ruined by someone walking in front, so we can take that one off the list. What are we left with, this could take awhile.


I guess we're left with a self entitled bitch who's going to make somebody's life a living hell.


I've taken videos at the gym for two reasons, make sure my form is correct, especially on squats and deadlifts, or when attempting a personal best on something like bench. I could see even doing a single set but 15 minutes of stretching and then bitching because a woman briefly walks in front of your all day camera?


Honest to god I don’t think I’d even notice her camera or process that she’s recording. People just aren’t that interested in what you’re doing most of the time. They are in their own head, worrying about their own shit.


Saw the look she gave as well? So freaking arrogant :0 Saw that and felt my blood start to boil hahahaha can't handle those type of people


I’d have knocked her phone over “on accident.” I can’t stand these people at the gym


Some people believing having nice ass gives them some kind of special pass everybody needs to respect


To be fair, men have probably bent over backwards to give her what she wants because she has a nice ass for a good part of her life.


Can confirm, no man has ever bent over backwards, or forwards to give me what I want because I don't have an ass. Men need to do better for women without asses


Tik Tok needs a bitchy Karen voice to read shit like this in... the upbeat happy voice doesn't match this chick at all.


I respect her workout and be sure to stay clear, but I don’t give a shit about her filming session. My personal view is that you generally shouldn’t film in the gym anyway unless you have a setup where you can ensure that you aren’t also filming bystanders who didn’t consent. Lots of people have a hard time going to gym in the first place due to body image issues, and it takes them a lot of courage just to show up. I want to respect that and help them feel welcome.


omg, finally. someone that has common decency


Yup. All of this. Isn’t it etiquette to not film anyway?


Honestly, both of the gyms I’ve gone to had rules that filming wasn’t allowed in the first place.


If you walk close, it catches your legs. Waking on the far side puts your face in frame. So silly


It’s a public space (after fees). If she wants to video herself stretching for whatever reason, she should do it at home.


Yes yes yes yes yes…. Thankyou!


She doesn't give a shit about her workout either or she'd be more too concerned about that to bother filming it


I mean, homegirl had been stretching the same muscle group for 15 minutes so I don't think she really cares about working out in general. I used to dance ballet and even I think that a 15 minute floor stretch for quads and hamstrings is excessive.


It's almost like the gym is a public space where other people are allowed to be, who knew. Edit: It is truly frightening how many people don't understand that privately owned businesses have public spaces for those who are using the business. They must not get out much.


It surprises me that you're even allowed to film in there. Especially while others are clearly in the picture.


You’re not. That’s why she’s “annoyed” as opposed to probably making a scene. She’s probably already been told not to record once


I like the part where she states her phone was on a bright pink water bottle like it's some sort of universal "on air" sign and everyone should just know.


Her pink Hydro Flask! It's very important that you know what color and brand it is.


It shouldn't be allowed, but more and more people post pictures and videos of other people online without their consent these days.


But she doesn't have the required equipment to stretch at home (other people, that she thinks are all watching her with great interest)


The gym is actually a private space owned by a private company that is allowing this person to be there. It makes me wonder what their policy on video recording is. We might think of malls as public spaces (and they name themselves things like "Towne Squares" to perpetuate that illusion), but they are actually private spaces, so you can't just enter and start recording in malls, though I'm sure phones have made that much easier as opposed to when I was a kid and we had to have a whole video camera to do something like that. Edit: I want to clarify I do not mean there are laws preventing you from recording video in private spaces open to the public. But in every personal experience I've had, either working in retail or filming friends as a teenager, workers are trained to ask you to stop recording. Typically, if you want to use that for anything, you're supposed to get express permission. The fact we all have cameras in our pockets blurs this further. My main point here was to say that this is not a "public" place, but a privately owned place that is open to the public.


>you can't just enter and start recording in malls As long as they don't have signs explicitly prohibiting it, you can, but you also have stop/leave if they ask, regardless of signs.


She's deleted her account like every other entitled gym user.


She got cancelled by joey swole calling her out. This went viral months ago


Love that for her, haha




She has a new account. It's the first one that pops up when you search the username on this video on tiktok.




In her mind, everyone *wants* to be in her video.






If this is what's going on at gyms now, I'll stick to the trails.


It mostly is not. This person is an aberration.


The only people who record at my gym are true form checkers, I don't think there's as high of a prevalence as reddit posters want to believe.


Because obviously the only footage you see posted controversially like this are from fitness influencers. Form checkers tend to stick to private socials, if they post the footage at all.


I would agree with this. I only see people recording for form checks on the squat bench and deadlift


Its their world and we are just living in it...


I don’t exist until she comes into contact with me.




It's their world and we are simply in their way.






It’s literally the top post of all time on that sub


Here’s an idea. Don’t record yourself in public spaces. You could have recorded those stretches at home and got angry at the cat blocking the camera.


A mischievous cat would have least made the video funny.


Social media has created The most narcissistic people.


Oh no , they walked Infront and we missed 2 seconds of your stretching . Anyways anyone wanna get ice cream ?


Let's go for pizza!


It made narcissism addictive.


Created? No. Gave them a platform? Yes.


She seems genuinely annoyed to have actually encountered other human beings in a crowded public place. In her defense, who could have anticipated the fitness center selling memberships to people other than her? It’s like the gym owner is trying to make money off the business…


It’s also crazy she assumes everyone notices her phone on her water bottle. People are usually in their own worlds it’s a very self centred way to think


The gym is usually the one place where you can find everyone with their headphones in at the same time. Personally I’m always wrapped up in my music and thinking about what exercises I should do next.


“hydroflask”, if you don’t mind.


Hahahahha true


I hope those people walked i front her camera on purpose. "Yeah i know what you are doing and i am annoying you on purpose because you are being annoying just by being here"


I was hoping some dude would just stand there and scratch his balls.


This just in: 1) nobody at (just about every) gym gives a flying F about your workouts, your “stretch” or whether or not you are recording them. No. One. 2) you’re not special.


3. Nor does the rest of the world who's not at a gym.


Who gives a fuck ? Get over yourself kid


Gym etiquette. Put your fucking weights back. Don't make new people uncomfortable. Help when asked. Work on yourself.


And wipe down the loads when you’re done in the sauna


Almost all the gyms I've been to also have little plaques up around the place that say, "For the comfort of all our guests, please do not use your phone for anything other than music in this area." My experience is that it's super inappropriate to film anything, anywhere in a gym.


There are a few like this at my gym. Filming every mundane thing. A young angry woman yelled at a lady for interrupting her shot and the lady grabbed her phone tossed it to her and said your phone is interrupting my workout. The young woman complained to management and they basically told her the gym was for everyone and if someone blocked her shot too bad and they also told her that she didn’t have permission to film anyone else in the gym without their permission so maybe stop filming all together.


I like how it says ppl dont have gym etiquette yet shes in the filming…


If I saw someone’s phone sitting somewhere for 15 full minutes in a gym I’d assume it’s not filming because who tf is so narcissistic they’d film themselves stretching for 15 fucking minutes?


I will never understand this gripe. Go ahead and record yourself stretching but don't expect other people to be on your agenda. If you want uninterrupted filming of your stretches, do them at home or in a place where there's no foot traffic. If you were in an area where there shouldn't be people walking around and someone truly goes out of their way to get in front of your camera then you have a valid excuse to be upset. Even then, just ask them nicely to avoid this area. And even after all that, no square inch of that place is yours. You don't own the gym floor that your camera is filming. It's not how it works, it's not how any of this works.


It’s also not a big deal at all. If I were watching this video interested in her stretches I wouldn’t be mad a person walked by???


How about the etiquette of not recording all the people in the background and posting it to the internet


Do these tiktokers not watch the other tiktokers that post this same shit and get roasted for it or what?


I have a feeling she’s already been called out by Joey Swoll.. lol


A long life of disappointments in store for this chic


I have a feeling these videos of people being needlessly offended in normal gym situations are a new scheme to go viral. Remember the "excuse me" bitch?


What the fleck is her problem? She doesn't own the place.


“my stretch that I can do literally anywhere was not at all interrupted by other paying customers who pay to use the space to workout and not film videos”


PeOpLe hAvE nO mAnNeRs while you take up space to film yourself gtfo with that crap


People like this have the bad gym etiquette. Just calling dibs on a space. Dipshit


“Recording for the past 15 minutes”. I’ll try to stay out of someone’s way if they’re taking a picture or making a video for a minute or two, but if you’re recording for more than 5 minutes in a public space, don’t get mad when someone uses that space.


Hey gym lady pro tip here: ![gif](giphy|129OnZ9Qn2i0Ew)


Person shocked to find out the world doesn’t revolve around them.


my entire life is *ruined* by the inconsiderate behavior of this person. did she sue? is she going to be ok? years of trauma for sure. /s


I don’t get why she wants 15 mins footage of herself stretching. Like if it’s for form, 30 seconds would be plenty, and it wouldn’t matter if someone walks through for 1 of those seconds.




The people walking by literally come and go within a second.


It’s a shared environment for crying out loud!


This is a gym not film studio


First world problems


Why do you need to record your workout in the first place? Get rid of that main character syndrome. The world doesnt revolve around you. Especially in a public gym.


pretty sure "gym etiquette" is doing your workout and leaving, not sitting there recording yourself stretching


You pay a gym membership for doing this? Stay home and stretch.


Why tf are you recording a 15 minute video of your workout in the first place? Nobody wants to see 15 minutes of boring, monotonous workout.


Did she ask anyone in the background if they wanted to be recorded? Talk about narcissism...


Proper etiquette would be to not record yourself in the middle of the gym floor to show off where everyone will walk by. Go home and do that 🤨


I miss the days when we worked out to better ourselves, not post to social media


Her intent is not health. Her intent is attention. Its just as bad as filming for clout. People walking past her phone are there to actually workout and she has no right getting offended. Silly attentionwhore gyms are for rats.


I belong to a planet fitness in a college town, a few weeks ago a kid had a tripod with like a giant Nikon camera, these people are out of control


There are people that go to scenic site and only look at it through thier phone screen. Ive seen someone not even glance up at the actual view. She legitimately looked at the view through her camera lens. That was when i realized im old and the world has changed. Im afraid of the future. I think smart phones have harmed as much as theyve helped. Smart phones changed the course of history. Im writing all this judgement through my samsung galaxy note 20.


Your personal space doesn't extend to your phone.


Everyone on TikTok is dying to see 15 minutes of stretches.


Hey! Can't you idiots see that the world revolves around me!


Omg I hate this so much. Dudes film in the locker room all the time. To say it’s gotten out of hand is an understatement.


Oh, noooo, it’s the end of the wooorld……


How people can have so much bad luck in just one day. Saddens me.


who records themselves for 15 minutes doing the most boring things to watch?


It’s funny, if she is that influential she would have her own gym, not be using her phone to record video in a public gym. I wonder if she had signs with “I’m recording!!!!!”.


Obviously set up on a bright pink hydro flask? So I assume that somehow looks completely different than if someone wanted to set their water down and leaned their phone against it to keep their stuff out of the way while they ~~worked out~~ stretched?


I mean if you want no one around, then go to a private gym. It's a public space don't be an asshole about it. I know this video is only for the clicks, but these people really ennoy me.


Oh no! Now her stretches were pointless!


I would have assumed that *not filming other people even in the background* was part of gym etiquette, but what do I know?


Stop filming in gyms !! They should banned it im getting tired of ppl complaining it’s a goddam gym workout & go home


I don't know how these people convince themselves that people care about watching them work out in the first place


Why are you recording this nonsense in the first place?