so... divy up the bmats and get to hammering? If people work together it only takes slightly longer for 10 guys to make 10 trucks than it would take one guy to make 1...


that is true, well its monkes using 100% of their brain 🤡


I just become a public mechanic some days. I will sit there and make trucks to throw into the public parking lot people don't have to wait. Just make sure your fueled up because I don't always remember to do that part.


Max builders is 3 afaik.


max builders is 3, more don't add to the hammering...


After you reach 3 people hammering you don't gain any more speed, just morale.


what? a line of 10 logi boys is long? I've seen lines of 100 in blemish!


post it here, i doubt anyone would try spawning there due to the queue size


I remember the line wrap around the garage, made dev add another garage for blemish later




Some of those guys should be helping build those trucks, get them out faster. When your truck is done put your extra Bmats in the inventory or something for the next guy so there is enough. Or better yet, train people on how these facilities work by getting them to help people build stuff.


"Max builders is 3 at a time" Yeah BUT... Imho 4 is best, heres why: Every now and then when holding down the build key your guy skips a hit, now the 4ths hit makes sense. Also and more importantly: every now again the 3rd stops for more BMats or other reasons. Now the 4th comes in real handy!


DO NOT DO THIS, as far as I know the fourth builder will "lose" bmats when building as if he was contributing, but won't make any progress (please correct me if I am wrong of course)


wrong. that used to be the case, it hasn't been for like 20 wars.


Why are these people not hammering?


Max hammering is 3 people. More has no effect.


Some guys will thank for the assist and don't drop off their excess bmats to you. Leaving you with with insufficient bmats to complete what you want in the first place.


It’s this. I take what bmats I need to build the vehicle I want. I’d jump at the chance to help someone build theirs but if they run off with the excess bmats I am now unable to do what I came for.


wow that looks like awsome teamplay... is it really this way? "you do your stuff and i do mine. i don't care if we fight for the same site" thanks for posting this, was going to buy it but now i wait at least for the final release.


This is a very small portion of teamplay in this game. Frontlines have consistent teamplay with infantry supporting tanks and mortars supporting infantry. Honestly speaking you have already missed out a lot of content by not buying it early, and I'm pretty sure price will be increased once the final release is out. Trust me, you wont regret buying it now, you will get hours long worth of gameplay everyday but its up to you ig.


Past the first couple days you don't really need to make more trucks, and there is a maximum of 3 people who can actually contribute to building a truck, everyone else is just aesthetics as their hammer hits will not register.


Could get trucks out faster if ya dorks all pitched in at once.


hey! language!