I like the idea that an EA social media employee thinks they know what a 10 is.


10 is when it looks decent enough to be sold


And then you 10x and you can get even more money


I hope we're talking games and not people rn


At a glance, their entire Twitter account reads like a "Hello, fellow kids!" situation. So gross


thats like every brand on twitter


10 DLCs, maybe?


You mean Belle Delphine isn't a 10???


BD is a mid 5 unless you're on the sex offended registry


im sure the people who downvoted you are perfectly reasonable people and not closet paedophiles


Isn't she an adult?


An adult that looks and or cosplays as "barely legal" So while the person is perfectly legal and all, she does aim for the kind of people that like em younger


Yes but she looks like a child


Googling her she looks about 18. Weird take... she's an adult


She looks like an adult to a groomer not to me or anybody


Yes. Looking at that pic of her without makeup and the wig, that 5 sounds optimistic.


Because multiplayer games are far easier to monetize


But yet ea makes single player, fallen order might be the only polished game they have released in last 5 years.


One does not exclude the other - EA got a bunch of different studios which could make proper singleplayer games - yet the majority of EAs releases are either multiplayer or singleplayer with additional multiplayer (and both versions heavily monetized)


And th multiplayer games that turned out to be good in the end got scrapped for another shittier multiplayer game. Gone but not forgotten, battlefront 2


EA can't run studios in a way that their employees like being there. Good single player games require the studio is determined to make it good, you can't rely on the multiplayer aspect so the game itself has to be solid. That doesn't happen if the entire staff hates what they're doing and who they're working for. They bought and ruined so many great studios, now long forgotten, it's a bit of a mystery how they ever stayed in business. Except it's not: because they make the same content year after year: sports games. EA's entire business model has been "rehash, rebrand, regurgitate". You can't make good single player experience with that. It needs to be new and creative.


EA were originally against making a single player star wars game, with the excuse that players rather play multi-player, but in reality they only wanted to make the game that would generate most money, and then fallen order became one of the biggest star wars games.


Because they had a massive campaign against them for years saying "no one wants to play them" while they were pushing games as a service. We were very lucky to get Fallen Order at all and lucky it was good, because if it wasn't, they would keep shilling the same shit. Oh wait, it's EA.


It is an experimental exception.


Visually polished, mechanically…not so much.


Its one of the best games I've played recently because of its gameplay and mechanics. Not everyone is a dark souls fanboi


This, i play from games and other souls likes as well and i really don't see what makes those oh so special. They are good, yes but other games are at least comparably good. The hivemind around the games is absurd to me at points.


Beautifully Crafted Worlds, Large and Varied Enemy Design, Amazing Boss Fights, Build Variety, Games are sold as a complete package, excellent Expansions/DLC, In-depth Lore, responsive and well designed combat, next to no filler content. That's what makes them so great.


I get that, it's not like i can't appreciate those games. For me they might be as well a step above the rest. I just don't understand how people act like everything else is trash. They clearly just look at r/gaming and get absorbed in the hate.


I'm not sure who you're talking to but the souls community definitely do not see everything else as trash.


They were somehow oh so special enough to get a whole genre named after them


The gameplay needs refinement


>All the cool kids are buying Moneycoins™! You don't wanna be left behind, right?


The Sims shows how easy EA can monetize single player games. While I love The Sims (except 4) those DLC including "stuff packs" cost quite a bit and do sell.


£1000 worth of DLC


This, just look at the sports games. No effort on the single player modes. All the effort and attention to the online modes that sell packs etc.


Well, didn't turn out that great with the new Battlefield.


Definitely and absolutely this, and only this.


They can't microtransaction the hell outta single player games


Assassin's creed says otherwise


I corrected it to say Succesfuly, the AC premium shop didn't even make as much money as the base game sales. Wouldn't call that a success especially with how over priced the shop was


Where are you getting that? Ubisoft has said Valhalla is the most financially successful game in the franchise and a lot of that is the microtransactions.


The Sims would like to speak to you, buy simpoints to buy furniture and other individual items to use in game and it worked successfully.


I was mad about that too so I used mods to get those items


Dead space 3


Laughs in genshin impact


Genshin is def a multi-player game


No it's not what?


Are you sure about that?


Succesfuly I should say. The main thing that drives microtransaction sales is competition. People spend to have better stuff than other people or to have better looking stuff. If there is no immediate way to show off the purchase to people the incentive for the vast majority of people goes away. Microtransactions are already driven by the 1% of players who have addiction and gambling issues, the game being single player would cut that number down even further to closer to 0.25%


It will become pirateable eventually so yeah they cant really monetize it


I agree with everyone saying it's easier to make people pay a fortune on multiplayer games - but one reminder: Sims.


I'm honestly surprised they haven't made a multiplayer sims game yet Players would love it because imagine all the dumb crap we would see if there were big servers for it or something, though they would probably ruin it with crap tones of micro transactions


I'm equally happy and unhappy about it as well - I'd love to play sims with friends, but yeah given how much they technically make with all the DLCs, this thing would cost a fortune....




It's already a thing? I was trying to find an online version and all I could find was a mod for the Sims 4


Yes it passed me by at the time too. There's also FreeSO which is a newer 'implementation' of the game (as it was shuttered 13 years ago!) - [freeso.org](https://freeso.org) \- might be worth a try.


Sims 4 was designed as multiplayer, but when SimCity 2013 bombed because of the online only restrictions, they panicked and back peddled, but there's still a lot of elements left over from the original design in the game, which hamstring it somewhat.


isn't that just second life?


They'd have to wipe servers every now and again to keep the world turning and people wouldn't buy whatever they monetized just because they know it'd get wiped


They did have a multiplayer the sims game on Facebook called the sims social


"and think of all the microtransaction possibilities! Skins for players, all sorts of clothing, all sorts of house furniture, decoration. Being online means people will care even more about their cosmetics! Add DLC's and MXT's for extra features like sims dating / family etc... We could milk the living shit out of it." Probably how the discussion went.


With the playerbase in 2042, its not that far off being a single player game.


If there’s no competition, there’s less incentive to pay for cosmetics or booster.


Yeah. You would need to make an actually good game, where people throw money at your dlcs because they actually want more of it. There are a few games where I immediately buy every DLC they release, simply because I want to support them and their game. All of them are indie games.


For me that game was Witcher 3, I absolutely love the dlcs


Also gives a justification to prevent people cheating in items.


The WWE 2k social media idiot tweeted this same thing. It's like they're sharing notes on stupid shit to say


How dumb is this company? What sort of edgelord do they have running the PR department?


What's a 10? What's the context here?


It's a twitter meme where they put like, she's a 10/10 but "something people/I don't like thing"


Ah, gotcha.


It’s good PR for them, everyone love’s multiplayer games right! We spend money on micro transactions right kids!? But it’s really obvious they are trying soo hard


It's more difficult to pressure people into microtransactions when it's a single player game


Because they have a hard time implementing micro transactions to single player games.


You actually have to put effort into making single player games. EA relies on pumping out annual lazy multiplayer games with microtransactions to milk the most money possible




With multiplayer games they can monetize the hell out of them. Single player games are far more difficult to monetize, usually just a season pass/DLCs.


Harder to do post purchase monitory transactions than a always evolving multiplayer game


Why do we care what EA thinks?


Because they make games for frat boys and 11 year olds


Because they won’t be able to nickel and dime you as much




You have to try much harder to monetize a single-player game. No one cares about skins, emotes etc. because nobody else gets to see them. The only DLC that people will lap up in a single player game are expansions, but that takes effort and the game has to be good to begin with. Star Wars games are different because people are almost guaranteed to lap them up.


MEGA64 once said: "i just want to sit on my ass and play video games like I've always had, and experience an enthralling storyline" I'm not a fan of multiplayer games as well. the only ones i play are VRchat and if im really bored, Among us. i usually just play older games or single player games


Company that ** checks notes ** recently released a disappointing multiplayer shooter dunks on single player games. News at 11.


tbh i think most people are taking the joke not as an actual joke


STFU EA The way you treat gamers it's a wonder your multiplayer games have more than 2 players to begin with...


The social media manager is a genius and you all fell for their plan


Yeah, they simply combined two memes. The "they're a 10" one with the "one EA executive said nobody wanted single player games 15 years ago" that people still repeat for a bit of self-deprecating humour.


If EA feels this sour about single player games why don't they just sell all their single player IPs and Studios. Would love for BioWare to go with Sony or Microsoft as their distributor so they can continue to make great single player adventures. It's the EA affect that's been hurting BioWare games the last few years.


Dunno why you’re getting downvoted?? You’re right


Because single player games need a story mode, which requires hiring writers, which EA doesn't want to do, hell they don't even want to hire half the staff that multiplayer games need.


Voted the most hated company in the world twice in a row. They still act smugly. It's almost like a brand-wide delusion.


It's disconnection and dumbassery.


I don't think they are hating on single player games, they are saying they're a 10 but you never get to play a game with them because of them only playing single player games. No splitscreen campaigns, no party games, can't even play Mario kart with them... Them shitting on single player games wouldn't even make any sense because fallen order is their most well received game in years.


They don't. They never have. It is a fabrication of the internet meme machine. Their 'hatred' of Single Player games is about as true as Morbius' morbilions of fans.


If that was the case. They would've never removed singleplayer from recent battlefield game


I'm not sure that's necessarily a good example. The vast majority of people who play Battlefield do it for the multiplayer. That's not necessarily EA hating single player games, that's just them not spending money on a component of the game a lot of people won't play. A better example would just be pointing at how few actually single player games they make.


They like single player games as much as it makes money. Battlefield single player doesn't bring the profits they think it needs to be worth it, so they don't make it. They still make single player games though, this is probably just a dumbass intern who doesn't know what they're talking about. It's definitely not the company position to make fun of fans who only play single player games They still make Sims, remasters and remakes of their older single player games and Star Wars single player games


No, no that's not how that works. They dropped a component to a game that less tham a fifth of players bother with. Not spending time and money on something people aren't even playing does not equate to 'hating' it.


Fair point but That didn't stopped them making one of the worst online fps launched


That literally has nothing to do with their supposed hatred of singleplayer games. They have, but it's completely irrelevant and derrivative.


Who’s a 10 ? The girl ?


Because they challenge everything?


because you're not giving them money when playing


Because Money.


EA have as much right to comment on good games as Bill Cosby does to judge a children's beauty pageant. That is to say they are motivated by lust and will inevitably fuck the life up of the one they choose as their special protege. But, because of their extensive experience, they're far more successful at it than they deserve to be.


Can't make money in cash shops if there's no fomo, single player games you're not missing out on anything vs the next person.


Have you seen how much money GTA Online makes? Every publisher wants their version of that level of success.


If you go back a few years the risk reward ratio for single player vs mp was heavily in favor of MP. However today with F2P MP games that are good and already have a huge install base and regular content updates. A purely MP game is a tough sell, which is why MP games are struggling. Unless you're Fortnite, apex, COD etc. Single player is a different audience meaning they switch games constantly, so putting out a constant flow of Single player games is a good business strategy if they are good.


Because they cant manipulate a new generation of kids into spending enormous amounts of money in their games and develop them into gambling addicts... #DISGUSTINGGROOMERS


Can't force in microtransactions


Because it’s harder to get away with adding loot boxes and other predatory monetization in them


It's much easier to stick micro-transactions into multiplayer games because people will pay to try and get an edge on other players.




Only one person pays for the game. Once


They *could* be going for something a little better than what everyone's thinking, that means you cant play together. Probably the profits though.


They make less money it's all about the money not the customer they build a product yet they are the ones that shouldn't be commenting after the bf2042 game that failed


They don't. Which is why they keep making and funding them.


No micro-transition


Because multiplayer games are easier to monetize and moderate to hell and back (read that as give little to no reason to ban accounts and hopefully cause players to buy the game again on a new account)


Maybe because it's harder to get money from them. Community EA games try to do something else with it like in the sims, with expansion packs.


I think I've been playing too much POE. When I read this I thought EA meant Explosive Arrow.


Does EA not make the SIMs games?


Because they want people to buy their microtransactions infested multiplayer games and the sports games that only update the player stats every year.


Because they only make the big money with multiplayer games (through thousands of micro-transactions sprinkled in their games).


They've already accepted their burn... ​ https://twitter.com/EA/status/1542706383694565378


Because you can't just make an arena and a few props and call it a single player game like you can with multiplayer...


Because they can't justify selling loot boxes as much in single player games


...Doesn't EA own the SIMS game franchise, which is a single game? Lol.




Elden ring is the best game I've played, because it's single player and has zero micro transactions


People might have taken this the wrong way - this also means you can't play games with the 10 which sucks for you. Maybe that was the point?


How can EA know what a 10 even looks like if they’ve never seen one?


As I think people who say this usually mean "singleplayer and coop", that makes her an 11.


Single player games have an end goal. Once reached you stop playing the game. People don’t buy cosmetics for games they don’t play anymore


I am 10. 10$ short of the old DLC that is still full price.


I got that they're a 10, why did EA feel the need to repeat themselves?


Because EA is so out of touch with the world that they're in another galaxy.


Probably for the literal opposite of Nintendo's reason for hating multi-player features in games.


Because it’s harder to have micro-transactions in online games, fuck ea what a shit evil corporation




Bro they're making a killing with the Sims franchise and that crap ain't online...


People don't buy in game perchases on single player games


I had a stroke reading this


Beacause to sell a single player game, it must be good.


When they're a ten but they spend all their disposable income on shitty pay to win games


Multi-player is easy to monetize. Also the suck at story writing and emersion.


They suck making games


Well it's pretty obvious. Because they can't put in micro transactions and make money off online content.


They're a 10 but only play single player games? I dunno about you boys but that's at least a 28 in my book!


They don't. It's all in your head. How can you even attribute "hate" to a soulless corporation? They still release just as many single player games as they have in the past, and will continue to do so, because they sell.


I‘m not gonna defend EA for their horrid business practises. But I think you‘re all reading too much into that tweet.


Tjeyre a 10 but they buy EA games instead of cracking them


i game to immerse myself in worlds. if i wanted to meet up with a bunch of twatty little shits, i'd go back to school. socialising is about meeting up with people in real life anyway, some of the best multiplayer gaming experiences ive had were exclusively split screen games like mario kart / golden eye etc. playing online FPS games is basically single player gaming without the immersion, and 1000s of mouthbreathers.


They’re a 3 but have a lot of customization options that could be monetized… EA: 11/10


I think people are missing the point LOL. If they only play single player games they won’t be able to play with you :( wouldn’t that suck ass


Ironic considering Fallen Order was the only recent game EA has made that was decent enough not to get the obvious paid reviews.


Because they're not in line with TEAM games. I personally dont play single player that much. Why play alone when you can play with friends?


Cyberpunk 2077, God of War 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, The Last of Us Part 1 and 2, Marvel Spider-Man, Detroit Become Human, Elden Ring, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, Demon Souls Remake, Bloodbourne, Batman Arkham Aslyum, City and Knight, Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4,5, Silent Hill 1 and 2, Siren, Bully, Manhunt 1 and 2, Red Dead Redemption 1, GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, GTA IV, Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 (which were made by Bioware NOT EA) etc etc etc.... What do they all have in common? Better than anything EA has put out the past few years (Jedi fallen order is a exception and that wasn't even made by them 🤣)


Sounds like a match made in heaven to me ❤️


Because they can’t charge micro transactions


They made one of the best Star Wars games ever. Jedi fallen order. You think those sales would dictate them being more single player friendly but let’s be honest Respawn is the only developer they have still making good games.


Slot machines are single player BTW


Cause they can make more money from micro transaction content in multiplayer games.


because they can't make ridiculous amounts of money stealing from people through constantly changing microtransactions


It's a damn twitter meme format. Y'all are reading too much into it. It's not like they haven't released singleplayer games in the past and won't stop either bruh


Because single player games are literally one play through done. Maybe two. They sell for $60-$70 and that’s it. Multiplayer has endless money and players flowing through it. Personally multiplayer is more fun to me. I like story games when I’m relaxing though.




That makes it like a 15


“No money”


That sentence seems very suggesting...


Because MP allow them to squeeze your wallet and get more sweet dollars from microtransactions, battle pass etc


Better than being a 0 that only makes multiplayer games.


Its harder to fill a singleplayer game with micro transactions


Because AAA games are cartoonishly expensive too make amd they need some way to nickel and dime you to keep the lights on if/when their games dont sell like a doom eternal and blowjobs combo


IMO, a 10 is only achieved if they love single player more than mulitplayer


It's harder to make money on


They're a 10/10 BECAUSE they only play singleplayer games


According to some anonymous people who worked for EA, one of the questions the devs were asked was "does it make as much money as madden?" And that was, apparently, the only real question asked. Ofc take this with a grain of salt, but, I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.


Is this real? Like what the fuck ea? Everyone hate your online games except fifa. But since its just football what the fuck even are you guys talking about? Every other company beats your online games yet you still protecting them lmao. Just look at your last disaster battlefield. You are bad at this just let companies do what they want.


Pay-to-Win works pefectly for multiplayer games.


Can’t manipulate you into. Using useless crap otherwise