I came into the comment section to see if anyone actually disliked it…


This is r/halo, I’d be more surprised if OP was actually serious about his questions instead of this being a karma farm


I see so many posts like this one. It's like going into r/Spiderman and asking people if they like Spider-Man


I genuinely believe OP is serious but I’d be shocked if anyone hated it. It wasn’t my number 1 but it was definitely one of my favorite


wasn’t it absolutely hated at launch?


It was a mixed bag. Plenty of people disliked it for a variety of reasons, but it seemed like many more liked it on release.


The Bungie.net forums were on fire for weeks. Mods had to step in and mass ban people for repeat complaint threads.


Indeed. I'm sure if the forums were archived you could go back and see me vent my frustrations as well. That said, plenty of people loved the campaign and never visited the forums once in their life.


Most of the dislike came from timeline disparities with the books and also armour abilities, but now that the lore aspect has been "fixed" it's not hated anywhere near what it used to


I remember my friends hating it because “it’s not Master Chief”, but once everyone actually played it was received as one of the better ones at launch


Yeah, like H2 at launch people hated it


Halo has never been well received at launch


*CE intensifies*


Like every halo game besides H2


ngl prob the old halo fans would say it sucked ass in lore wise


This is legit just karma farming change my mind lmao *dAe on r/Halo liKE jOhn HaLo?*


Just sort by controversial


I remember when the game first came out tons of people dislike the campaign just because I didn’t have master chief as the focus. ODST got the same treatment as well. The Fanbase back then was horribly toxic compared to now.


“compared to now” … really lol


I mean as weird as it is, it's probably a bit better now. I dont know for sure, but it seems halo infinite's campaign was well received overall.


To be honest with you I don’t think it was well received I think it was just that people who were overalls passionate about this series have all left.


Maybe. I just remember this sub seemed content with it, mostly. And this sub is normally the opposite- complaining about any minute thing to imply 343 is literally the devil. That isn't to say 343 doesn't have major competency problems, but every time I check this sub its way more negative compared to what I and my friends think.


I’m not denying that most people liked it I thought that was good but those overzealous fan that used to be in the community have all but left. That’s all I’m trying to say.


It's the same levels of toxicity, just aimed elsewhere.


Lol right? I feel like the fan base is more toxic then ever.


Lore nerds hated the changes they made to the fall of Reach as well


I actually really enjoyed ODST because the squad had personality, noble team has zero personality.


I agree, one of the things that absolutely baffles me is people saying that reach was emotionally resonant with a compelling cast of characters. I feel like I played a completely different game, and I really wish I could play the game that people seem to have played because it wasn’t Reach.


What I've seen a lot of people echo in several communities I've been in, is that Halo Reach's characters weren't great, but the setting was amazing. I have to agree. I don't care much for the individual characters aside from Jun who just has the sass, but really the missions are gritty. You're seeing humanity at their worst, without the space opera filter. The gunplay feels right. The enemies look good. And YOU are Noble 6.


I hated it. I was a pretty devoted fan since HCE launched, got into map making for Halo PC, modded my og Xbox to mod halo CE and H2, and I read every book as they came out. I went into Reach's Campaign expecting some of the events of the established lore to be present, and literally none of it was. The gameplay itself was fine, but compared to what could have been, it felt like every mission was "go push a button"or just didn't make sense. I'm not trying to tell anyone they shouldn't enjoy it, but my experience with it is permanently soured by my unmet expectations.


I feel very similar to you. I really wanted a video game adaptation of the Fall of Reach books and while I thought the gameplay was great and the story was fine I just felt like the fall of reach story was a step above video game reach’s story


I didn't even expect it to be a 1-1, I just thought it would hold to the same general sequence of events, and maybe we'd get a giant space battle, or a huge covenant assault on the ground based generators.... But nope. Nothing in common except the planet's name.


> The gameplay itself was fine, but compared to what could have been, it felt like every mission was "go push a button"or just didn't make sense. I'm replaying it with my GF and it feels exactly like that. "Oh yeah we gotta turn on this AA gun, also turn on this radio tower. Yeah we got to destroy those AA cannons too."


same as a huge EU fan and reading everything i coudl gets my hands on. I remember the teaser image , i thought oh shit we're getting blue team. but no we got a weird story that shat on anything canon at the time, we got s4s in spartan armour which again was a totally throw for me. and we had a campaign that was very much corridor shooter with firefight endings of the lvl. mp with reused campaign maps ext.


Agreed. As a big EU fan, the story messing around with the established timeline and canon had me up in arms back in the day. I wasn’t expecting it to be a retelling of the FoR, but at least be something new that fit into it. I used to suggest that the game could have taken place over 4 days, and it would have helped a lot. I hear you on the level design too. Halo CE had a lot of “get here, hold out” sections to it, but Reach did it with level areas that were used in the FF game mode. So while the campaign levels are decent, I felt like I was being dropped into a FF match every 10 minutes.


Reach was extremely divisive among the community. I personally really dislike Reach's campaign because 1) it shat all over established lore, 2) the characters are boring, and 3) armor abilities are awful.


I love the characters personally but I can understand why some people wouldn’t


I hated how there short it felt. I was so invested in the characters and the atmosphere of Reach. It was so breathtaking along with it's majestic soundtrack.


I’ve always loved it


I dont like it, i f*cking love it. The story is just soo good. Fond childhood memories.


same here, I remember playing the campaign with my brother years ago


Second best Halo campaign after H2. I don't care if it doesn't line up perfectly with a book that was written 10 years prior. It's awesome. Paramount should've taken notes from Reach on how to deviate from existing lore.


Plus bungie has always stated, Games > Books


yeah, a very fair stance, even as a primarily book fan myself


Yep, if you are going to deviate, make it count.


I will say I will always be partial to the books, since that is the halo I enjoy. Games are nice and all but the books are just amazing


They are! They are all in audio book form too, and the narrators they hire do such an incredible job. They have Tim Dadabo (343 Guilty Spark) do the narration for the Forerunner books.


ooooh I should check those out. I own and have read all the physicals but I havent tried an audio book since the old old hobbit/lotr ones


Audios are pretty solid on average. Only complaints are based on the narrator’s voices. Which has nothing to to do with text.


I agree. I think I have been through most of them except the stuff that has come out in the last 3 years. All great. Have not read “the Flood” don’t think I ever will.


Doesn't hurt they did a good job of it. The Witcher games did the same.


Bungie always stated that what happens in the games is cannon over what happens in the books. So the game is ultimately what they intended the lore to be.


Besides, the book barely even covers the actual fall of Reach. It only does so from Chiefs perspective from space in about 40 pages. While the game isn't even the events as they happen in real life. The letters that came with the Limited and Legendary editions explicitly state the game is an interactive reconstruction based upon whatever intel ONI could recover from Reach. So the most glaring inconsistencies can be explained away by that. In the end, both takes are awesome as hell. So who really cares?


There's like 1 or 2 things that contradict each other: in the book, the autumn is in space dock, while in the game it's in dry dock. Easily handwaved by saying it had to undergo some additional work in space dock. The only other thing is that chief is seen (as an easter egg to be fair) on the autumn whilst in the book he would be running an op (I think data retrieval) on a space station above reach. Idk but neither ruined the other for me, and both have SO MUCH to add to each other despite the very rare retcon/contradiction


Yeah the campaign is a work of fucking art. Great plot, great set pieces, hard hitting emotional moments. It was Rogue One before Rogue One was even a dream.


I remember when I saw the Rogue one trailer I was like “this is gonna be Star Wars Reach”


And it sure was!


*looks back at Jorge’s death* Yeah, fond…


I miss all of noble. But Jorge... Jorge was special.


Describing Reach as childhood memories reminds me how fucking old I am.......


> Fond childhood ~~memories~~ trauma. Shit had me fucked up 😭😭😭


Im convinced all my fond childhood memories are hidden trauma's.


OP: “Childhood Memories” Me, born in the 80s: 👴


Whats good about the story exactly? It doesn’t impress me in the slightest


I love it, I just played through it again on Friday.


Playing it again now, too 👊


One thing I don't like is despite taking place in one of the largest battles in Halo canon, you don't really get to fight an actual large battle like in the Ark or Covenant in Halo 3. The battle in Tip of the Spear is an illusion, it's just you in a Warthog with Kat with the large battle taking place far in the skybox.


Thats a problem with halo as a whole, it sets up these massive conflicts ala battlefront or battlefield style but never ever delivers on them. Thats why i want a battlefront style game but halo instead where you fight as a marine in all out battle but can also drop in as an ODST or get to spawn in a spartan or elite etc


For some reason, when I was like ten years old and I saw a paper advert for Halo Wars in my copy of ODST, I thought Halo Wars was going to be a Halo version of Battlefield 2


Imagine a BF style Halo game. I Would love that. I wont mind the EA BF2 style. You got 4 base classes or marines, and a selection of Elite Units.


I'd prefer a more planetside 2 style


Been wanting this after season 2 came out. Fuck a BR mode. A battlefront style mode would definitely bring Halo back into the good graces for some people.


Yes it would.


Aka: Halo 3. Supposed to be THE big last stand on Earth against total annihilation. But just gave us the road towards that conflict and nothing actually like it. A weird time jump to make us miss the height of the invasion of Earth. And then the Ark. New Alexandria might not be the massive battle against a Scarab or whatever. And the highway in ODST might not be either. But both showed an invasion and more urgency than H3. Bungie really had a problem getting the scope of their invasions right until Reach. And even then it's mostly in the background.


How have I never thought of that? That sounds sick


In the tip of the spear level I was so happy that finally there was a big battles then when you had to do a solo mission taking out turrets I got disappointed


So much potential in the halo universe and all we get a free to pay multiplayer mode


Arma 3 has really great halo servers where you can experience this. I haven't tried it myself but I've seen a youtuber play a lot of it and it looks fantastic


This sounds lit.


But why use Spartans on the front lines? They are used much better in Spec Op settings.


I assume that’s just constraints with the engine and tech at the time, however battlefield one seemed to capture massive battles quite perfectly so hopefully they can figure it out in infinite for the future. Even the ark and covenant battles were not “large battles” as far as actual large battles go, they’re just better illusions than the one in reach.


also, BF1 had *amazing* sound design - it really makes you feel like you're in the trenches with explosions and screaming going off around you. That goes miles towards building the illusion of your relatively small skirmish amidst a larger front. Maybe it's the sci-fi setting, but I've always felt that Halo's sound dept is one of its weaker points. The soundtrack is great, but the rest sorta falls flat for me.


> Maybe it's the sci-fi setting, but I've always felt that Halo's sound dept is one of its weaker points. I agree; I remember every time a new Halo got released you had complaints that the AR still sounded like a popcorn machine lol. Infinite has taken some big strides in that area. However I am not impressed with the MP spartan chatter/AIs/reducing the presence of the announcer, not one bit.


Didn't care for it, it always felt like you were just on the sidelines of the fight. Like the real action was happening elsewhere and you are just on a milk-run. Tip of the Spear is a good example of this.


Can't stand Emile trying to snipe Elites with his shotgun in Pillar of Autumn. That foundry was nerve-wrecking on Legendary.


i like the idea that he can’t see through his scratched up mask so he just shoots blindly hoping for the best >!ignore the fact you can use the helmet with no issues!<


It's my favorite; I think it was the fact that all the Spartans had personalities, the fact that there even were other Spartans, and that you got to be a part of a team. Plus I had read the Halo books and thought the Reach story was fascinating. Edited for grammar.


The spartans felt like professionals with there own quirks and personalities, less stupid comedy and more seriousness given to their situation. They are not just any soldiers, they are Spartans and they acted accordingly.


343 really dropped the ball trying to introduce S-IV’s imo. First off they don’t salute the master chief when they finally find him, and Palmer makes some stupid joke about his height. Also if you didn’t know beforehand what the Spartan-IV’s were, the game offers zero explanation as to their background so you might as well think they’re Spartan-II’s. Then the very next mission you have Spartan-IV teammates, and they get themselves killed extremely stupid ways. No one even acknowledges that 2 Spartan-IV’s just drove directly into a Wraith cannon shot. I’ve replayed this mission plenty of times and I can never get the Spartan IV’s to survive on heroic, which is just pathetic. Now compare that to Noble team, who actually kills a significant amount of enemies throughout the campaign and cannot die in gameplay. This is the reason the fan base thinks Spartan-IV’s suck ass.


You don’t salute in a combat zone, nor do you salute NCOs, service members don’t have some primal urge to salute people. In regard to your Palmer comment, like Sgt Johnson doesn’t make jokes about Chief to his face? S4s don’t need that much exposition, hence why cortana deadass says that they replaced Chief, referring to the new Spartans. Noble team in the other hand are just taken from the 5 man band trope, with one note and uninteresting characters sans Kat and Jorge


I've never heard anyone ever say they disliked it.


You must not've been here back around the time the game launched. It was roundly disliked for retconning *The Fall of Reach*, one of the very oldest pieces of official canon


Actually THE oldest piece of lore, Fall of Reach pre-dates CE.


I just wasn't sure if there were other prerelease stuff predating even TFoR


im pretty sure the cortana letters were the first thing but their canonical status is questionable


Yeah true I remember this game was HIGHLY criticised. And even the campaign was seen as dissapointing to many who read the books. And a common criticism was that the character development was poor, which is a fair point. I liked it but admittedly, I prefer H:CE, H3 and Infinite to it overall. It had better gameplay than H2 IMO but the story in H2 was top tier and better than the rest.


Pov: you're a new Halo fan


I can enjoy it in co-op but I don’t really like it alone. I was and am firmly in the Halo 2 camp. Reach’s campaign isn’t bad, I recognize the ambitious attempts at environmental shake ups. My problems, setting aside lore from the books which has been treaded to death, are that the color palette came out in that era where so much was washed out or used dirty looking grading and filters and it comes off as drab now and that I don’t care about the characters. I know the character thing is very unpopular but I just don’t feel anything about any of them. I’ve played that campaign entirely multiple times for various reasons and challenges and I can’t even name half them off the top of my head. They all feel generic military to me, and that’s my biggest issue. I want adventure, not a bunch of military ops and jargon for the whole game. I understand the decisions for this but it isn’t what I like about Halo. It was all contained to this rather safe location of one planet and led as military ops the entire way through. I want to explore new and alien places. Now all this said, again I have to emphasize that the game isn’t bad. It has some cool things here and there like seeing those giant creatures and the ostriches. The mechanics are well made. The multiplayer, while I don’t find myself playing it often in MCC, is well honed (and more colorful). And the ending is undeniably good. But I just have no real connection to any of it as a single player experience and think it’s one of my least liked entires in the Bungie series. I really think there’s an age element to why it’s so loved, and that I was past that age when it came out. I also don’t think Halo 3 is up to the love it gets and that’s *100%* age. By the time that came out I was pushing into my 20s and didn’t have the social connection to it.


I've only seen fanboys who read the books beforehand dislike it


As a fanboy who read the books and disliked it at first. I've come around to realize it's one of the best story driven halo campaigns and I frequently replay it the most. It's the same thing with the tv show right now, imagine reading the books and that story you love so much be retold differently for a 3rd time.


I read the book after playing reach and never had any issues, it’s just two different “events” if you will. The only conflicting thing is the inclusion of chief and blue team on the orbital station, and I guess the rest of the spartan 2s fighting on the surface, we never hear of that in the game.


Fun fact: The generators and Spartan IIs are referenced in the hidden radio conversations on all the Reach multiplayer maps, and tell their own perspective of the events from a marine point of view.


To preface, i love the shit out of reach. It's the game that comes closest to really capturing the human/covenant war. And if I hsd to pick honestly I probably ultimately enjoy the way it went down in the game more. That said, trust me it's a lot more than that They actually completely conflict in almost every way, all the way down to the timeframe. In the book reach fell in like a day's time, if even. There was no covenant showing up before the several hundred strong invasion. Pillar of autumn even getting close to reach let alone landing on it? Didnt happen. The civillians being evacuated? Impossible. Cortana being in fragments? Nope. This is all without even getting into the other stuff such as spartan 3's blatently struttin around in the open, not to mention where they even came from or why they had mjolnir, etc.


Haha true, there’s a lot more to it that I forgot.


Honestly its only because ive read the books so many times and played the game even more times that that all comes to mind so easily lol. What I would give for another game along the lines of Reach or ODST lol


I think the story gets kinda overrated by fans. Its good but wouldn’t put it on Halo 2s level. Reach’s campaign really shines with the gameplay and atmosphere rather than the story itself. There isn’t a bad level in the game. They all hit. None of the other games can say that


I used to be a fangirl who read all of the books and I loved Reach. Bungie had always said that game lore trumps book lore.


Love it, I think it's the best Halo campaign. Great story and gameplay, it does the best job of showing you the sacrifice many people made so chief could finish the fight. Being mortal is what makes Noble 6's arc the best, chief seems immortal.


I think this was done not only to show how many other people sacrificed themselves, but also how great was Chief's odyssey, who fought, often solo, against hordes of floods, covenants and sentinels, and the same was highlighted with ODST.


I think it’s also that in everything else you know you’re building up to an eventual win. In reach you and the characters know the planet is screwed and it’s only a question of how much damage noble can do on their way out.


I'm serious when I say it's the best prequel of all time. The weight of knowing the result of Reach going into it is fantastic. Then that final statement of the game, telling you to survive and then you realize it's not ending and you're going to die. One of the best gaming moments.


I think what makes it great is that, just like Noble Team, you know very well that you're fighting a losing battle. And this is built up along the entirety of the game. I love it so much.


Its different but it still plays like OG halo shit. Its perfect part of the saga


I agree narratively. The campaign was certainly good in its own right. But not in terms of gameplay. With things like sprint and bloom, it felt very different from OG Halo, and Reach had some of the biggest community shitstorms over its differences; I remember the hate it got vividly. The MP was by far Bungie's worst. On top of sprint and bloom you had loadouts and armor lock, and their weakest map design.


Agreed. All the non-Forge MP maps were literally just locations plucked from the campaign lol.


It’s the other way around from what I’ve heard. It’s mp locations being inserted into the campaign.


You heard right. Marcus Lehto, who was Project Lead on Reach, said it was a nightmare to implement and he wished they had never attempted it. It's mentioned in [this dev commentary](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_1LxdgGkOg) from the Reach Legendary Edition.


In the books the scale of the space battle was enormous. In the game its a 10 second cutscene of ships entering orbit. I wish there was about 1-2 more missions showing the sheer scale of the battle. Would be okay if one of those missions was on land too.


I wanted a mission firing MAC rounds from an Orbital Platform


I was never a fan of Reach as a whole. I found it hard to get attached to Noble Team, with the exception of Jorge. Maybe I'd like it more if I were to revisit the campaign, but I don't share in everyone's fondness.


this doesn't feel like actual reddit content. this feels like someone on a 343 research team trying to pry info from the community.


Dislike. Between the wooden characters, go-nowhere plot, and unnecessary retcons, it was the first Halo I didn't play until the next one came out, switching to Gears 3 less than a year after it came out. People whine that the show ignored existing lore and style for no reason. Reach did the same thing, though to a lesser extent.


I think its the weakest story besides halo 5. Was based on a bunch of characters that I had basically no attachment to (except for maybe Emile and that's mostly due to his VA) so all their deaths just made me feel "meh" it also severely nerfs the brutality of the Covenant, didn't it only take Reach like 3 days to fall in the book? I also feel like the game doesn't really convey the importance of Reach itself. The art style was good though


i like it as much as that sweet sweet military police helmet


oh look, a karma farm post. ​ and people will fall for it.


I don’t understand why post like this don’t get deleted by moderation, this’s just a nostalgia bait.


I swear I will create a "John 117" discussion post tomorrow


better than most games out right now, multiplayer on the other hand …is Awesome the custom games browser is the best thing to happen to MCC


I'm not a huge fan of the core multiplayer, but god damn did reach custom games go hard!


The story was shit. Illogical and little thought put into it. Each campaign mission’s individual story was good tho, (exodus evacuating civilians for example)


I don't like it. The characters are bland caricatures at best and nonexistent at worst, the sprint is the worst implementation out of any halo game (limited AND you can't have other armour abilities), the weapons feel like they can't hit the broadside of a barn and most are ugly, and the faded to shit colours are ugly as hell and ruin what could've been an interesting effect of having the pre-glassing Reach be very vibrant and saturated, and then the during/post glassing Reach be what we got


My wife had never played a halo game. We went in a marathon and played all the games. And her favorites were reach and odst My favorites are also reach and odst, because while I think Master Chief is amazing and iconic. I love the more grounded and family like story of odst and reach It's on reason I was really excited for halo 5, but we all know how that turned out.


Reach's campaign was peak Halo, and Bungie's finest moment. The story itself was less than perfect, since it took a dump on a lot of existing lore and required a bunch of retconning, but the design, atmosphere, characters, and presentation were 11/10. Reach was a glimpse of the true potential Halo has. Bungie never made anything even remotely this good again, and 343 couldn't make a campaign as good as Reach's if the universe depended on it.


It was their and Halo's Swan Song.


I don't know whether to upvote or downvote this. Reach did shit on the existing canon, but let's be real here, Halo 3 was peak Halo.


For MP? Absolutely. For campaign? H2 and Reach were both better IMO, for different reasons.


Halo 2 has the worst campaign maps though. Halo 3's level design is so much better.


By this point most people here are Reach kids so you'll get almost universal praise. I always thought it was just kinda flat and hated how it shat on the existing story, they could have probably made something more compelling if they just stayed consistent with established stuff. Also you have to recognize the game itself was just an attempt to cash in on the brown-n-bloom shooter meta of the time, it was the pivoting point where this franchise went from defining itself to chasing trends.


needed some karma OP?


I don't really. Why ? well when it was announced with the image, i thought oh shit its going to be from the books with blue team i cant wait! Then it was spartan 4s and the story totally messed up the EU. I couldn't be more disappointed at that point. As for the game, it was fun in places, but i just couldn't get over the way the story didn't give two shits about the canon. Then we have the team of idiots who all die in obvious ways that didn't really do it for me at all. And im a sucker for sad endings, but i just felt it hard to care. S4s at the time were made for suicide missions, so for them to die was expected. The game also has a huge amount of firefight missions in campaign, those same levels are again used in multiplayer which was rather lazy in my opinion. Then we have things from the mp like bloom, how it was awful idea, armor lock that just ruined the game in so many ways. Achievements that made players play a certain way in mp and ruin the game, like getting melee kills with the flag ext. Oh and ofc lets not forget paper thin vehicles that could die to dmr spam. The only thing that saved this game for me and made me put hundreds of hours into it was Forge and custom games, legit still the most fun forge out there even if it lacks features that h5 had.


I want to like it but I don't really feel much for the characters.


So it's true, the Reach generation has finally taken over Halo. It is hard to believe when Reach first came out, it was so divisive. I think the only thing I "hated" about Reach was it was the last Halo game me and my friends all played and had fun. Wish, Infinite has that effect.


Now you understand why modern halo is a trend-chaser, not a trend-setter. Reach was full of systems that were beta-tests for Destiny (bungie even admitted this at the GDC 2015 keynote), and 343 has been chasing that ever since (Halo infinite is a live service, etc)


it was very much split at the time for sure. fans of 1-3 and EU fans didn't really like reach much at all, it was very different. Many people who i've talked to who love reach, started with reach. Says alot. I'm not saying thats everyone but from my experience thats how it has been.Reach is my least fav halo, but i still loved Forge and custom games. That is where it really shines


Well it becomes obvious the reach generation is the ones playing the most when you look at infinites marketing, they make sure to bring up reach or a reference to it whenever they can, which maybe some people there are the reach generation too. I don’t mind of course for I too am a reach kid.


Yee I thought the campaign was amazing but the multiplayer was way worse than H3 - bloom, no BR, and all around worse maps made me stop playing and switch back to Black Ops lmao


Dislike. On many different basis, but for me it's primarily. 1. Nonsensically tries to retcon a far better story (TFoR) with one that makes very little sense 2. Poor story overall. Reach does not have a story. It's just *people doing stuff*. I know that's a pretty vague arguement - But Noble team has no objective, or goal to chase after, until the final mission! Everything beforehand is just watching stuff happen, which from a storytelling perspective isn't very interesting 3. Poor characters. With the exception of Jorge, not one of Noble team are exactly interesting characters worth getting invested in, therefore, when they die, I don't give a shit. Also, why is Reach even the setting here when 5 out of the 6 characters have no personal connection to it? Also, Dr Halsey was handled abysmally in the story. How do you screw up introducing one of the most important and complex characters in Halo lore the way Reach does?


Probably the best send off Bungie could have for the IP


Physically, psychological, spiritually, emotionally, logically, emphatically, LITERALLY, how could you not? It is perfect. It is heartbreaking. Slipspace rupture detected.


Slipspace rupture detected.


Slipspace rupture detected.


Slipspace rupture detected


That entire scene still gives me chills.


I like Halo Reach's campaign, but I was never personally heartbroken by it. I only felt bad for Jorge and didn't care about most of Noble Team


I think this is where longer/more scenes with the characters would have helped alot. I understand what you mean and as much as I do care and enjoy these characters I always felt like the game was just lacking that last bit of them to really come full circle.


Bungie shit on the franchise they were abandoning by not adapting the existing canon.


Love all Bungie games. They're just fun.


It's fine at best IMO. Everyone always talks about the characters, but the actual levels to me were fairly forgettable and way too many enemy encounters felt very samey and dull. I also felt there was way too much back tracking and we should have been past that at this point. I even thought CE did it better. The characters were fine... I guess? I didn't really get attached to any of them and I didn't feel I had enough time to really get attached. I mean, Jorge was cool and it was a big sacrifice, but eh.


It's good but their are some thing i absolutely hate 1. Bullet sponge elites on higher difficulty, half of the sandbox sucks 2. Cardboard cutout character 3. Bland open section etc


Plasma pistol, precision weapon. Elites no problem.


That got boring really quickly as I have also used that combo in past halo games except 3


I definitely like it, the characters while rather stereotypical archetypes, had memorable and charismatic personalities. And seeing them die was pretty heartbreaking. Except Jun, who didn't die for some reason. The story on it's own is good and well written, and the feeling of hopelessness is portrayed well, though it annoys me how much Bungie decided to ignore the established lore. The gameplay is alright. It's not awful, but I definitely have levels I dread playing, and it's not even for difficulty. Just a lot levels are tedious to play in my opinion. Possibly because the game relies a lot on the DMR, it's both rather boring, and frustrating when you have to slog through a level because you don't have a DMR.


I love it. Bungie hasn't made a game that good since.


I overall like it, but there are two things I hate about it: the main character deaths are overrated, and the campaign doesn’t use armor abilities as well as it could’ve.


I like it's story but at the same time I don't find it that fun to replay, al least not like the og trilogy or ODST


Not a fan of Halo: Reach’s campaign. There is little to no worldbuilding. Reach is supposed to be the crown jewel of humanity next to Earth, but yet the entire time it feels like some small backwater planet. The entire story feels disjointed and there seems like there is no rhyme or reason to what is currently happening. Warthog charge just happens. Carter is injured offscreen for seemingly no reason while your character and Emile are unscathed, then he kills himself. There is no weight to the deaths besides Jorge because he is the only one in this game barring Halsey to actually resemble a character. Noble had so much potential for characterization to be explored and it was squandered in favor of poorly written deaths and grand set pieces that don’t really do it for me the same way they did when I was 12 years old (which is of course to be expected). Frankly I only believe this game is remembered fondly because of the nice customization + you play as yourself. The characters in this game aren’t characters. They’re just generic cookie-cutter suits of armor to spit exposition and allude to prior events that actually seem interesting. The cave cutscene is the best in the game and provides some desperately needed context (albeit not much) for Noble Team’s characters. The interaction between Jun/Jorge and Kat/Carter is fantastic and we never get anything like that from that point on ever again. The implied relationship between them had so much potential to make both of these characters more than just “leader” and “smart”. I know it sounds like I’m dogging on this game, but it really does frustrate me, juvenile as it is. I don’t like what the game came out as, but I am in love with what could have been. The Fistful of Arrows comic, even if non-canon, makes these characters feel so much more real and grounded and just lends further credence to the idea that this could have been the greatest Halo campaign ever. It just makes me sad because there is so much there that the writers didn’t take advantage of. tl;dr reach’s story blows hard but it’s theming and implied interpersonal narratives are amazing. should’ve been further explored in comics and novels if not the game itself.


Completely agree. I wouldn’t hold the Halo novels up as masterpieces (as much as I loved them as a kid) but going into the game having read Fall of Reach (and First Strike) it felt like they wasted the opportunity to show off this pivotal moment in the series.


Agreed overall minus >this game is remembered fondly because of the nice customization + you play as yourself. Despite how bad the *writing* is, Bungie's aesthetic direction was firing on all cylinders in Reach. You could argue that ODST went deeper with its atmosphere, or that CE's atmosphere is still more unique, but the way Reach's music and art design evolves over the course of the game is pretty much perfect. For example, I always took issue with the aesthetic direction of Floodgate in Halo 3- based on how tense it tried to be it seemed like a mission suited for the last third of the campaign instead of smack in the middle of it. The placement of this pitch-black horror-infused mission right before the bright dunes and epic battles of The Ark makes it feel like some random detour in the grand scheme of things. Reach has no issues with that. Every mission's art direction feeds naturally into the next. I especially think the last third of the campaign nails this. New Alexandria's broken neon cityscape -> the Package's apocalyptic reds/oranges/blues -> Pillar of Autumn's full out orange/brown hellscape serves the story of Reach's loss perfectly. So while I agree that the writing leaves a lot to be desired and it's even quite disappointing from a gameplay perspective (supposedly the engine supports 60 AI on screen at once, yet not once does it match the scale of The Ark and The Covenant?), I think there's a lot of value in its audiovisual storytelling that can compensate.


> >Despite how bad the writing is, Bungie's aesthetic direction was firing on all cylinders in Reach. I could not disagree more. We get a dark game about sacrifice in war and they changed the art style from gritty army colors to bubblegum colors. The art was in complete contrast to the tone of the game, which is exacerbated because the old art style fit much better


I actually didn't like it for ONE reason: I missed being able to understand the Covenant voices.


My only issue is some of the voice acting. Stuff like "the covenant is on reach" and some of carter's lines in the first mission feel like the team was half asleep recording them.


Probably my third least favorite, just behind ODST and in front of 4 and 5. I didn't care for the characters, atmosphere and overall story. But it wasn't terrible I guess. It just really wasn't my cup of tea. I much prefer Halo 1-3 where there was a sense of mystery, adventure, wonder and awe; Halo 3 being a resolution to all that. Infinite is the first Halo game I've actually enjoyed since 3, though lacks a lot to be desired. They really did Cortana dirty.


I wholeheartedly agree with this comment (prefer H4 to Reach but hey). I love the way Infinite feels to play in Campaign, I think it's extremely good. It's a real return to form. I don't like the MP but that's neither here nor there really. I also hate the fact that H5 and Infinite did away with Cortana 😑


Hate it. No online co-op


I liked it but I think it’s a bit overrated. But still amazing


It was good to me


Absolutely one of my favorite campaigns of the Bungie era


The moment Jorge sacrifices himself will never leave my mind


I've liked it less and less over the years. It was really great on my couple play throughs, but as time went on I just realized I didn't find the campaign level designs that entertaining. And I really disliked how armor abilities were handled (I've always been an equal starts guy)


Thoroughly dislike the whole game personally. - Your character is some supposedly-hyper-lethal nobody I feel no connection to. - The Spartans in your team are excessively distinct in a way I don't like coming from the Chief and the Spartans in Halo Wars 1. Their deaths are not sad, but it's clear the game wants you to think they're sad. I will say this doesn't really apply to Jorge, his is appropriately melancholy. Kat dies in one shot, and somehow it's the only shot fired at them in this scene. Emile dies because he's being an idiot. I don't know why Carter is wounded at the time but a Spartan should be able to bail out of that Pelican before it crashes into the Scarab (which was an uninteresting way to necessitate his death in the first place). - The story is tragic, but I don't*feel* like it's particularly tragic. I don't feel any connection to it through anything we see or do in game. I think the story suffers from poor world building, although that may not be correct, it's just my guess. - The art style is flat, grey and washed out in a way that's uncharacteristic for Halo. I respect their goal here, but I don't really like the result. I haven't played the campaign in some time but I remember there were no real classic, standout missions for me personally. I like some, but don't find myself thinking any are particularly worth replaying. ------- - Not having regenerating health is an utterly rubbish mechanic that goes against a core principle of Halo - that you should always have a fair fight between two players (not withstanding something earnt earlier like control of power weapons or map control). Kneecapping players more and more each time they succeed is shit, and forcing people to run back for health packs damages the flow of the game. - The multiplayer is terrible. Bloom, health, sprint, armour abilities, player movement and the player vs environment scale are all poorly implemented. A lot of this is because Reach was Bungie's experimental transition between H3 and Destiny, but that doesn't make any of this right. Won't go on and on but I genuinely feel no connection to the campaign at all and genuinely don't understand why it's so popular.


I personally liked Reach but I’m still upvoting your comment because it’s well thought-out and pretty reasonable


Agree for the most part but how is no regen health against the core principles of Halo? Have you never played CE? (And health in reach does partially regenerate, unlike CE)


I understand your criticisms however Emile wasn’t being an idiot, and Carter crashing into the scarab is awesome.


Yes cause if he’s referring to Emile getting stabbed in the back then it’s because the elite was a zealot so it’s not to unbelievable that it snuck up on him. And I doubt Carter could turn the pelican around, get out his seat, hobble to the back door of the pelican, and jump out before it crashes, even if he could do all of that with how injured he was I don’t think he would survive the fall/scarab falling on top of him with how injured he was.


Plus he needed to kill that scarab so that Emile and noble 6 could get past


I say this as a big supporter of Reach but the big failure of that scene is not explaining or showing him get hurt. Dot saying ,”Hey Carter bud, you good?” Just isn’t really believable enough.


Yea him being hurt did sorta feel like a sloppy reason for him to die, even if his death was badass.


Why is this downvoted so much? Both opinions are allowed here. I didn't think the campaign was all that, either.


Because the majority of reddit users are the 18-25 demographic, many of which discovered Halo with Reach, and so any criticisms of reach are viewed through a lens of nostalgia. Couple that with a habit of young people of _all_ generations to view attacks on things they like as an attack on their person, and the relative ease of downvoting, and you've got a perfect storm


Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?


Hard disagree on your points against the campaign, I felt a connection to it more. But multiplayer was a big mess, it was fun, but not anywhere near as much as it could have been


Ok, but I like the game, also a thing I disagree with is that your character doesn’t have to a hyper leathal, it’s supposed to portray the gritty nature of the early human-covinenet war


Loved the game but most if not then all of these criticisms are pretty spot on.


God you just nailed damn near every issue I have ever had with Reach. Thank you for this.


Thank you for sharing, I was hoping to see some well articulated opinions on why someone might not like it!


I thought it was the best campaign


On a micro scale its good, lots of impactful moments and fun gameplay but as a whole it took a established bit of lore and changed it completely, like it was wrote by a very good writer who didn't actually understand the pre set lore and story I dont hate reach but I dont love it either, its probably my favourite story in the micro that bungie did but macro its my least favourite which is shame because a big part of why I like halo is the macro with all the books etc.


I perosnally have a pretty unpupular opinion, and think it was a stepdown from 3. IDK why, maybe its because they retconned the book fall of reach , which was cannon before, but reach (camapign) never really clicked for me


Best Halo campaign.