Is hangxiety an every time you drink kind of thing?

Is hangxiety an every time you drink kind of thing?


Frequent drinker here. I don’t get hangxiety every time and sometimes it’s worse than others. The pattern I’ve noticed is that I tend to get it more when I blackout or if I drink for multiple days at a time. If you’re partying all weekend, try giving yourself time to eat, hydrate and sober up instead of waking up still buzzed Saturday morning and keeping the bender going. Hope that helps


Thank you that does help as last week was a bender and I blacked out 3 nights in a row and would start back up in the morning😂 Will limit it to once a weekend appreciate the help.


Its the benders, for sure! Definitely try to stick with one night only. I know all about the bender hangxiety and it is the worst shit ever! I keep it to getting drunk one night a week now, and its made all the difference.


Thank you that’s what I thought as well!


I was just the same mate, and unfortunately the hangxiety just got worse and worse. I also found it hard to stop after just one. If you do decide to quit, there's all sorts of support out there for you, and you can message me anytime you like:) Take care


For real you never stopped having it? I’ve been drinkin for years and never had anything like this I was hoping it was just a one time thing mixed with the stresses of college.


You may be different, but for me it really started in my early 30s and got worse from there.bur others may have other experiences. Hope you're well mate


Thanks man same goes for you


I’ve dealt with this issue for a long time, and as previously stated it usually varies considerably based on quantity and frequency of drinking. Get super hammered and blackout..???…probably going to be anxious and feel like I’m going to die for most of the next day. I don’t recommend drinking it off. That plan will always result in you feeling worse when you come off the bender. I’ve found that forcing yourself to do “normal” things, while getting quality foods and hydrating beverages into you the next day will help the hangxiety pass faster.


Agree here, except for the quality foods. Burritos and burgers are whats needed, not a salad. Naked juice seems to work well too


I get it every time. Sometimes worse, sometimes better. Depends on how much I drank, or what I drank. Definitely worse when i get blackout, drank around other people or went out and when i drank beer or wine. Gosh i love wine, but it gives me the worst anxiety/hangover. It's better if i just drank gin/vodka with my husband and played games with him.


I would say I get it like 80 % of the time. I will say at my sisters wedding I got super hammered, but I stayed awake for an hour before I slept and ate food and hydrated. I slept for like 12 hours and I actually didn’t wake up with that awful feeling in my chest. The night before however, I would say I had the worse hangxiety of my life. And the only real difference was the amount of sleep. I recently tried cheers pills, and honestly I don’t think they work for me, but I think my anxiety is just that bad. I do hear they work for a lot of people tho so I would try that and LOTS of sleep.