Wouldn't building some civs and mils first be a better option? You don't need so much time for building these forts and better economy could help, for example by giving you more divisions


I'm starting g to struggle against the Russians the front is too big and I have 60 divs at most. Any tips?


Build forts along rivers and pull back


Just hold until they bleed themselves dry? They've lost 5 and a half million men as I spent a large chunk of the war holding them at the river east of Warsaw. I'm also thinking either punching to the baltic sea through what was once Latvia/Lithuania as my independence being guaranteed made the allies declare war on them aswell. I'm not mad enough to join their war with Germany though


Wait till germamy declares then push as they do at same time by allowing military access and letting them push men through romania


Romanov monarchy. You get polish revanchism and monarchist cores/wargoals. It’s godly. Basically, go down the Polish monarchy path and decline rulers until they offer you the Romanov ruler. No DLC? No problem, I was able to do the same thing going down the Sanitation Right path. Some tips, *9-2, infantry-artillery is what I used. *Always give up Danzig, germans in my experience won’t attack you. *rush civ factories until Jan, 1939 then mil factories *Grand Battle plan+ static warfare is HUGE. Superior Firepower is awesome, but the entrenchment really helped. *don’t click the green arrow above the generals head, it’s only good when you have a big advantage over the enemy, aka a big gap between things like supplies, manpower, divisions, or equipment(supplies) or a combination of those. You beat the soviets through the attrition of them smacking their face onto your entrenchments until they run out of equipment and/or manpower. After you see their organization start ticking down(the dark yellow thing under their HP) that’s when you see them having major stat penalties, this is when you attack, and you attack by always attacking one enemy tile with as many of your tiles as possible. Attacking from multiple directions is the #1 way to win offensive battles. After the defense of course.


Do you make use of forts at all?


Forts are useful, but they are costly and can easily be damaged if you don't have an air force to defend from strategic bombing. Imo, it's better to just use the resources to spend on regular army equipment instead of forts.


I couldn’t get the picture to send properly, but yeah, I put level 2 forts on my border with the USSR around 1941. It extended as a parabola from the northern western province touching germany to Minsk, to Bukovina. Beyond that, I built high level forts on the German border but I never used them due to the allies kicking me out.


> *Always give up Danzig, germans in my experience won’t attack you. Chamberlain feeling extremely vindicated right now.


The simplest strategy, would be to make a fallback line in the most defensive areas. Build forts way up and let the russians kill themselves. Once you start seeing their supply meter go down, is when you strike. Be careful when drawing the fallback line, as some provinces along the starting border, has some tiles that can be attacked from 3 places. Try to manage line to max of 2 tiles. If possible, try to get the static anti air, to help against their planes and don't forget to either have a navy repelling their inevitable sea invasion or at least try to get some port guards. Make sure to keep your units up to date, both with weapons and support companies for entrenchment.


He said that he gave up Danzig so no coast.


Unless you attack Lithuania and Latvia :)




Wastes all your industry on forts Dies because can only supply 60 troops


Poland was really done dirty irl by basically everyone:( Part of me really wants the Russians to try and provoke Nato just so they can finally get some righteous payback on those who wronged them


the world will be bathed in nuclear fire before then ... probably. maybe russia has not been taking good care of its thousands of nukes


Why would you want that, friend you really need therapy Also yes poland has been fucked around but is still around right? better that than completely gone


Is said *part* of me wants it, I obviously don't want this whole thing to spread beyond the scope it already has


play EU4 Poland for "I don't know who I am, why everyone marries me, why I just got half of Europe for free but I guess I'll conquer the world", playing Poland in HOI4 feels like a downgrade XD


“All I know is I must install a Hapsburg king


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