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Look at those moon dollars! I want to buy stuff with moon dollars.


If you went to the ATM you'd get a whole stack of moon dollars!


“Give me 5 Moons for a Benjamin you’d say”


Yeah if you tied an onion to your belt.


As was the fashion at the time!


Back in dickety two?


Holy shit! I’ve wasted half the year by not calling it Twenty Dickety-Two!


We had to call it dickity, cause the Kaiser stole our word for twenty




Highly dubious!




I chased that rascal to get it back but gave up after dickety six miles.


referring to anything pre 2000 as 19 hundred and whatever year - is a thrill of it’s own. like 19 hundred and 84 for example.


Back in the 1900s, when I was born


My kids like to ask me about “the 1900s” to piss me off


Literally nineteen-hundred and eighty-four


Fret not! Next year it will be twenty dickety-three and you can start using it New Year's Day and get the whole year out of it! Got about 70% of a whole dickety decade left!


Fuck! Me too!


I remember 19-dickety-two. We had to say "dickety" cause that Kaiser had stolen our word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles…


Dickety?!? Highly dubious!


what are you laughing at fatty? too much pie is your problem!


They'd definitely get called Moonies.


I don't know why but I read this as Will Farrell's impression of Harry Caray. "HEY SETH! Would you spend Moon Dollars!?" "Are you asking me if I'd spend money from the moon?" "WELL YEAH! If the Moon could issue its own currency backed by some kind of Moon based financial system would you spend the money? It's not a hard question Seth." "I'm not sure." "I WOULDN'T!" "You wouldn't spend the Moon Dollars that you came up with?" "OF COURSE NOT! I'd be too afraid I wouldn't know their true value and I'd upset the Moon People by givin them $300 Moon Dollars for an ice cold Budweiser."


"Hey folks, Harry Caray here and on today's show we have Buzz Aldrin. First man to walk on the moon." "HEY Buzz, if you could go to the moon to exchange US dollars for moon bucks, would you do it?" "Uhh what?" "It's a simple yes or no question, buzz. Would you exchange dollars for moon bucks? " "Um, I guess I would..." "..." " HEY Buzz, did you hear they found water on the moon?" "Yeah we've known there's been water on the moon on the interior of craters for a while." "Great, great. Well I sure am glad for those moon people. They can stand around the moon water cooler in their moon office and share moon gossip in their moon language. I know I wouldn't want to be there in the moon office though." "And why is that?" "HEY Buzz!.... "


No deal, McCutcheon. That moon money is mine!


I...was...in..a...boaking accident... *gun clicks* I...have...to...go..now


The moon dollars are indeed cool. However I would no longer be able to call $100 in $20s a Jackson 5 and that’s pretty much a deal breaker for me.


Jackson 5? Omg I'm gonna use that, I can't wait! Edit; oh and that jfk/moon man looks sick


You could call them a M(ar)oon 5?




Why is ONE written out but all the other numbers stay numerical?


Bothered me too. But look at the design style of the 1 on the $10 bill…. It’s just a vertical line. I think if they used the same design it would be easily missed with all of the other visual distraction. They would either have to change the design of the numbers to make the 1 more clear, or just write it out.


"| Dollars", "I Dollars", "1 Dollars".... look similar. And it's proper English to spell out "one" but use say "27" in text... granted, the cutoff is somewhere about "ten/10" or above in most texts, but still, the principle is there.


Because fuck you, that’s why


This is terrible, my wallet is designed for horizontal bills not vertical bills!


Whole new market for portrait wallets opening up.


You may be surprised to know that rednecks and tater folk pretending to be cowboys have already been using portraits wallets. They stick up about an inch out of their wranglers (yee-haw) so they're real easy to pickpocket (yee-naw).


>You may be surprised to know that rednecks and tater folk pretending to be cowboys have already been using portraits wallets. They stick up about an inch out of their wranglers (yee-haw) so they're real easy to pickpocket (yee-naw). Can confirm. Used to have a portrait wallet. But it also held a checkbook inside it. And I wore silver tabs with pockets so deep it didn't fall out. ##The90sWereLit


I had a big while like that in the '90s too. But my jeans were so huge and baggy that the pockets could hold the entire wallet. And if somebody did try to pick my pocket they would be thwarted by the stylish and practical chain attached to it.


I had one in highschool during my weird heavy metal phase. Had a chain coming off it that attached to my belt. People tried to grab it and ended up pulling me along with it.




This is a plot by Big Leather!


Turn your wallet on auto-rotate


Side question. Do Americans still use mostly cash? In Australian cities (Sydney at least) we're nearly cashless now.


I'm visiting NYC from Seattle for a few weeks and in Seattle no one uses cash but in NYC there are a fair few places that are still cash only, I think just to get around credit card fees. It's annoying.


The credit card fees are probably annoying to them


and taxes!


Bring back the $500 note!


At our current rate of inflation, we’ll need the $1000 bill soon.


Cool, I can finally buy that nice artisan loaf of sourdough bread I’ve been eyeing at the farmers market!


Gonna be honest, if you wait until these new notes come out, and they start issuing a 1k note, that loaf will be stale.


Then those are going to be some dank-ass croutons


As an Argentine with close to 100% inflation. Trust me you aren't going to get a 500$ bill soon, because making higher denomination notes means admitting that inflation is a problem and they prefer to kick the can down the road


Argentina, where Turkey has a booming economy.


Condolences Argentinians. Your shit was fucked before ours


And always will :D ( D: )


IIRC they are worried about high denomination notes because they're hugely used for crime. Normal people use electronic transfers or checks for high dollar amounts, not stacks of physical cash.


Jefferson once again gunning for Hamilton


The ten dollar founding father without a father




Anybody else singing along? No? I'll let myself out.


Got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter by being a self starter by 14, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.


No $2? The Fuck out of here


They don't really circulate now, and most off the time they get printed and handed out people hoard them.


$2 activate the little dragon in your brain that says “nooo nooo this is so rare and precious I must make a collection in a drawer of my desk”


Just like with dollar coins and half-dollars.


I keep a dollar coin in my wallet. For a practical reason, since it was rare I could keep it in my wallet without wanting to use it, and if I end up somewhere I don’t know then I know I always have my trusty dollar coin to use to make a phone call.


Do pay phones even exist anymore? If so, do they actually accept $1 coins?


It is worth so much money, as long as you think 2 dollars is a lot of money.


You can usually get em at strip clubs and banks. Tipping and because not typical currency. Same with 50 cent coins, but just with the banks. Strip clubs want you to make it rain, not hail.


Can you snort coke with it


As an English man with plastic notes Yes, you can. Don’t sweat it!




Just a warning : don't snort drugs with money, you can get a horrible infection that way. Use straws or a spoon or something Source : Horrifying story from a programmer that I saw do some drugs.


That's why *true* coke aficionados only use hundos. $100 bills change hands a lot less, that way you aren't snorting drugs from a straw that has seen 500 different nasty strip clubs... You're using one that has seen 500 super classy strip clubs :)


It’s only proper etiquette to use the highest denomination bill u have


All of you are sleeping on $2 bills.


Strip clubs started giving out $2 bills instead of $1's when cashing in bigger bills. Inflation or genius?


Uncut sheets, for the longest straw


When I get $2 bills, I get 1000 at a time so they order me a nice still-wrapped brick of sequential bills from the BoE&P. I know those have _never_ been circulated.


Wait am I missing a reference here or do you actually do this. Because if so that’s amazing


I do actually do get $2 bills, have for years, but not the strip club aspect. They mainly make for good tipping cash. I will say that it's not guaranteed that the bank will have to order a pack. It seems like the early part of the year is not the best time to try, as it seems that $2 bills are popular for Lunar New Year red envelopes so they already have them on hand, which means they're probably circulated and nonsequential. And the uncirculated ones may be prettier, but they do stick together a bit.


I got my wife 50 $2 bills for Christmas one year and made them into a pad with some cardboard and rubber cement so she could just go in somewhere and rip off a $2 and have them think they were fake.


This is awesome.. Looks like PVA glue might be better than rubber cement.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Wp0sLpnMY


I'm the exact same way! Have been getting stacks of $2s for well over a decade now. Keeps my wallet clean and perfect for tipping. Agreed about the banks not always having them on hand but they can usually order more in pretty quickly if needed. Actually reminds me I'm about ready to have to get some more. Enjoy!


I thought it was just b/c cocaine tastes better thru a hundo


I believe TRUE coke heads like myself, use straws cut in a way you can also use it as a mini spoon to do bumps. No coke gets lost in the multiple rolls of the paper/plastic note either. Only use $100 if you are around people and want to look badass /s


Bonus points for stealing an entire box of straws from your restaurant job in order to have a lifetime supply of fresh cut straws. Not that I did that or anything. Just saying.


Got an awful sinus infection from doing key bumps once, can attest.


Also given how massive British bank notes are you don’t even have to bend over the table as far, you can just stand back and snort from a distance


Yeah, having used both American style notes and polymer notes I find the polymer ones better


What about crushing something underneath the bill with a coin? Also better?


Yeah fine, nothing sticks to the note and it’s easier to brush it off because it isn’t fibrous


Also, you could conceivably wash or clean it (in light of the hygienic issues people are bringing up) without ruining it.


Missed out not putting a kite on Ben Franklins. Or an orgy. He was in to that too.


I'm not sure the kite story is true. That may be why. But I've heard the orgies while he was in France stories are true.


Its kinda true. Midway through his research with electricity, he did an experiment that involved a kite and a key to prove that lightning is the same as the electricity he'd been demonstrating on his instruments. He wanted to build bigger electricity adapters for commercial use and needed to convince the town that building a lightning rod wouldn't kill them all. So he did the experiment and lots of people watched and it got news coverage bc it was such a big stunt. So, it was the first time Joe cabinetmaker discovered electricity.


who invented the electric slide then? Check mate atheists


Actually, I googled it after I wrote that comment, and apparently historians don't agree whether Ben Franklin himself ever performed the kite experiment. He wrote a procedure for such an experiment.


They all don’t agree with the orgies either but you ran with that one no problem


Should clarify that I never made these. I just found the photo.


That’s what I say when I get caught with counterfeit bills too


Book him, guys


What do we look like, late night talent scouts?


Don't worry, that's how Reddit works.


I appreciate the transparency though


Any source on these? They look extremely slick, and I love the design on that $20 especially. Space Race Bills!


A lot of countries polymer bills have windows. Especially here in Canada. What made you skip the windows? Edit: nvm. Op isn't ...op. Lol.




Do people bother to counterfeit Canadian money? ^^^^^/s ^^^^^most ^^^^^of ^^^^^my ^^^^^family ^^^^^is ^^^^^canadian




i like how everything in canada is maple syrup themed. like a maple biome


I prefer having macOS on my dollar bills.


Is there any reason we haven't really updated our banknotes? Almost every other country has modern looking notes.


We did, most bills over 1 are different from the way they were as recently as the 90s


[he just gets more dissapointed](https://i.redd.it/5fdz276m8nl31.jpg)


Don't give me that judgemental look Ben, I know the shit you're into!


First: "Oh cool! I'm on the hundred bill!" Second: "Fine. Lets get this over with." Third: "Fuck this shit. Just stab me with a big ass quill."


Actual answer: The US claims their money blend (rag paper) last longer then the current polymer blends used to make world currencies. A blend for the extreme climates of the US (from deserts to tropical forest to snowy mountains), this new blend would have many costly changes that would take years to test.


Hey its like that old saying goes *it takes money to make money*


They’ve been updated a lot. Source: lived overseas for 20 years, came back to find all the money looks different. It has colors now, not just black and green like when I lived there.


Since when has the US federal government ever given one single shit about aesthetics?


Aesthetics *is* the reason we haven't changed them to rainbow colored plastic sheets. Money is fucking green paper and no politician wants to be the one to screw that up.


Ben Franklin lookin' like "creepy Uncle Gunther" over there lol


He's peeking at you from behind independence hall.


They must keep Hamilton as the $10 Founding Father.


I like them all! Although I think Hamilton should stay on the ten.


How about Burr on the other side? Edit: Too soon?


Aaron Burr, sir?


“Uhrhn Bhrr.” “Uhrhn Bhrr!”


Aaron earned an iron urn


Airn ern eyrn urn. WTF we sound like that?


I still say his name like that whenever I hear it.


Are you referencing a milk commercial?




that commercial is so old it has osteoporosis


That depends, who is asking?


Oh sure, Sir.


It’s a blur, sir.


He handles the financials


You punched the bursar


r/UnexpectedHamilton (Well, somewhat unexpected.)




Bill Burr? I'm all for it


Put him on the Philly side of the 100 with his rant quotes instead of E Plumbers Union on that bitch.


Yea it’s the ten dollar founding father, not whatever the hell that guy was doing in Monticello.


Yeah, Hamilton should stay on the ten. It might be worth replacing him with Jefferson to get rid of Jackson on the twenty.


Jefferson is already on the $2 bill.


Harriet Tubman was supposed to replace Jackson before the Trump administration bumped the timeline out. I think that's still the plan though.


I vote we get rid of presidents on our money. Moon money is badass. More shit like that.


Where are $500 and $1000, gonna need them to fill the tank.


how is there a colour pic of washington but lincoln is in black and white?


Civil war was brutal. Dark times.


oh, they were trying to get rid of coloured people or something right ^^^^i'msorry


picture of Washington is a painting, the picture of Lincoln is a photograph


Painting vs. Photograph?


What about the two dollar bill?


I'm gonna be honest. The $10 reverse is not a good idea. At first glance, the bushes at the "top" of the now-vertical building look like something...else. EDIT: The tiny-in-comparison flag in "midair" makes this even worse.


I can’t believe I had to scroll as far as I did to find this. I was starting to think it’s just because I might have a dark mind but I literally saw the same thing. Especially since it’s the only horizontal design of the group. I had to do a triple-check to actually realize what it was lol


Thank you! I was convinced that was the infamous picture of the man falling from the tower and was so confused.


I was just thinking a plane, but wow, yeah, that's even MORE worse. Worser?


That’s actually what i thought it was at first glance


One of the big issues with US currency is that all the notes look the same. The monotone colours chosen doesn’t address that issue. Why is the 20 the only one that is an actual different colour? You should be able to glance at it and know which note it is.


I believe Euros are also different length and width so that blind folks can feel different denominations.


Australia has different length, consistent width (makes it easier to store in a wallet) and the larger notes are thicker. I know Canadian notes also have braille.


New Australian notes have had braille for 7 years too.


Canadian bills aren't marked with actual braille. If they properly transliterated 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 as ⠼⠑, ⠼⠁⠚, ⠼⠃⠚, ⠼⠑⠚, and ⠼⠁⠚⠚ then the regular wear and tear would make many bills indistinguishable, so instead they use ⠿, ⠿⠿, ⠿⠿⠿, ⠿⠿⠿⠿, and ⠿⠀⠀⠿. Edit: Oh and if instead they were to write $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100, that would be ⠘⠎⠑, ⠘⠎⠁⠚, ⠘⠎⠃⠚, ⠘⠎⠑⠚, and ⠘⠎⠁⠚⠚ with the dollar sign (⠘⠎) replacing the number number mark (⠼). Either way it would wear down.


that's the nice thing about [Canadian banknotes](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/92/Canadian_Frontier_Banknotes_faces.png), each denomination is a different colour. Makes it really easy to see what you have in your wallet just by seeing the edge of the bill.


Fucking Monopoly figured this shit out a century ago


Yep. Same with Australian, and our notes are all slightly different sizes so you can figure out what you’re holding if you’re blind (you can get a little plastic thing that helps measure them)


Canadian notes are all the same size, but we have braille on them for the visually impaired. I have always thought that was cool.


The new Australian ones have braille on them now too!


There is also braille on the newer notes


Same with the Mexican Peso, when I lived there for a couple years I loved the different note sizes


Yeah the Canadian ones are the same size but they have braille and a little strip on the side that if you put under a special reader, will read the denomination out loud.


I want my two dollars.


Wasn’t Harriet Tubman supposed to be on the 20?


Theodore Roosevelt should be on there


surprised to see neither Roosevelt tbh


I rather like the national symbol option instead of Presidents. No real reason behind it, I just feel it's more interesting.


Monuments would be in the back of the bill , I’m assuming


Let's put some National Park images on there too. Yosemite is unique enough, and the Sequoyah forest as well. Our park system is monumental.


They're the same bills just flipped.


Iconic images from national parks would be great ol' faithful grand canyon half dome delicate arch denali


*Alexander Hamilton turns in grave*


polymer like plastic? I thought everyone was freaking out about how there are micro plastics in fish and inside people now.


Money is not a single use item. The true problem considering plastics is ‘single use’ items such as water bottles, straws, detergent bottles, soap bottles, caps, plastic wrapping, chip bags, anything plastic that do not have an option to be reused for their intended purposes. Such as the fact you cannot take your detergent bottle back to the store to refill it like a gas tank. Also you may be able to reuse some plastic items but you are still required to buy new plastics filled with said products to refill them which defeats the point. Money because it has value and is constantly reused without being tossed aside unless necessary would make make a great option for plastic. Better durability and all that for its constant usage and most people would pick up money off the ground if they saw it than leaving it there.


There are places that are experimenting with selling product sans container. You bring your own container for your different detergent type products, and it gets dispensed to you by the ounces. Items like laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, hand soaps, bleaches. You could even take that a step further and serve juice products, rices, pastas, sauces, condiments....if people could “go green” with these type items and there be standardized containers available for purchase and reuse...


The grocery store that my folks shop at has practically everything you can think of available this way. The only major exception I can think of off the top of my head is refrigerated stuff, which they have to package up for food safety reasons, though you can bring your own egg cartons and refill them off a large flat in the refrigerated section. It's absolutely a viable way of doing business (though it was tricky to pull off with COVID precautions), and a great way to minimize single-use packaging - I think my mom has been reusing the same plastic jar for sugar for the last 20+ years.


Thats the rub, tho. If we want to be less wasteful, we need more longevity in items that have high usage. A glass water bottle is better than a hard plastic water bottle, but either are better for you than single use thin plastics and less waste over time as well. But glass breaks, easily. Hard plastic doesnt. Im very green, composting and minimizing palstics everywhere I can, but some things havent compeltely made sense yet. The worst is plateware: every "wood" or "bamboo" set you can find are all laced with plastics. And ceramics break. So.... yeah.


Ceramics break, but not that often so long as you are the slightest bit delicate with them


Yeah, but im an ogre


I'm a fan of enamelware. Steel with enamel on it, seems pretty durable and non toxic. Or stonewear, which is basically ceramic but fired at a higher temperature and a bit more durable.


Will definitely check into these, thank you!


I like metal water bottles


Although US money is cotton. So even if it is destroyed it's better than any plastic bills.


Where are the Shrute bucks?


That sideways whitehouse sucks.


At first glance I thought it was the twin towers bellowing smoke. I was like WTF?!