Dude, you look good now. But remember that guys look better as they age. At the same time, you’ll gain confidence and stop giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Which will just enhance your natural good looks. In a few years and with a few more pounds you’re going to be handsome as fuck.


at what age you stop giving a fk about what anyone else think?


For me, it was around 25. Realized that the things I was self-conscious about were things that I never even noticed or dwelled on in other people. Not saying I now longer notice them in me, just that I never think about them beyond the moment I notice them.


ah ok thanks 🤙


It depends on the person and their environment. The sooner they realize that everybody has their own taste and opinions the better.


it's different for everyone, but for me it was middle school. I think most people realize it by college What helped me was going out of my way to make myself uncomfortable in front of other people (being assertive, vulnerable, talkative, etc) and then it slowly gets easier until it's not hard at all to do literally whatever you want


How can a person gain confidence, other than exercising regularly and being in good shape


reading self help books, meditating, and staying true to yourself




i don't like the random mustache. Grow out your beard.


Consider growing some facial hair.


lift weights. your proportions gonna look way better once you get buff




Just gym


if you can grow a beard i’d do that. if not clean shaven i think would also look good on you. The hair has a nice flow to it so i’d leave it. And then i’d hit the gym, it’s a long term process but i think even those newbie gains will upgrade your look that much more. you’re a good looking guy my man.


Confidence makes anybody look good. Man, woman, or otherwise. Sure you can go to the gym, I prefer doing more calisthenics and martial arts at home. It’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. Beauty needs to be found within before it will appear without.


Facial hair + gym to get buff, you got a nice jaw, eyes and hair. Half way to perfection!


Curly GiGa Chad


You have a good head of hair, get a peaky blinder fade haircut, grow a stash, grow some muscles, wear leather boots, get a nice selvedge jean, a couple of black tshirts and a leather jacket. Nah, jk my advice is just take it easy you look good, it’ll come slowly 👍🏻


ur face looks like u were meant to be buff




3 Peanut butter sandwiches per day, along with your other meals. Lots of chicken and veggies too, I buy frozen chicken breasts and cook them in an air fryer and it's super easy. Get a good gym routine and you'll be set. I went from 150lbs to 190lbs in a little over 2 years, I was super skinny for my height at 6'2 and always had trouble putting on weight.


Then eat 5-6 full meals.


Dude you look like analdin


You already look really good. I love your hair.


Confidence is really all you need tbh all these excessive masculine traits of facial hair and getting buff is unnecessary just be confident in your skin man you a good looking guy


You could cut diamonds with his jawline and he’ll like ‘how to look good?’ Be clean and have clean clothes the rest is gonna take care of itself there Mr. Jawline.


Lift weights and eat more. You want to bulk up. There's nothing wrong with how you look right now btw, but this is what you should do to look awesome.


Try building some muscle. Grow a stumble if you can and go for a short hairstyle. You have an amazing face shape




Your neck is too thin train your neck it will make a big difference


As it stands, you’ve got a lot working for you! You’ve got an amazing head of hair and good facial structure. My only recommendation would be to consider implementing a skin care routine if you don’t have one already. You’re 18, meaning you’re on the tail end of puberty, so acne is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of. That said, you can clear it up with a couple of products and regular application. I’d recommend looking into a face wash (clears skin of excessive oil and cleanses pores), an acne topical medication (particularly something with salicylic acid, which will treat existing pimples), a toner (cleanses and minimizes pores to prevent future outbreaks), and an oil-free moisturizer (sounds counter-intuitive, but keeping your skin moisturized to a healthy level prevents an over-production of facial oil, which leads to acne). Other than that, do what makes you happy! Go to the gym if you’d like. Change up your wardrobe if you want. Looking good is all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin :)


Workout, after you get some muscles, especialy after you get some good traps and arms you'll look like a model bro. You have a attractive face




I'm not an expert but I recommend tinted glasses, something that matches or is slightly darker than your skin tone


u look good. mb u can change only ur outfit 🌝


Hey I've sent you a dm about improving your looks


That depends… you wear chucks?


Lift weights




Skin care grow a beard hit the gym


Take off the dumb Hugo boss shirt, it's making you look like a bottle of cologne.