Why didn't they bring back the Citadel maps from ME1/2 in ME3?

Why didn't they bring back the Citadel maps from ME1/2 in ME3?


I feel like the answer is, most of the original maps (story wise) were destroyed, what see is the new rebuild of those sections after the Sovereign attack.


I think this is the right answer.


Why does the Presidium and Embassy office look the same in ME2 then?


It’s ever so slightly different and can just be said that they moved the offices to a temp location while the main ones was being rebuilt. Part of the rebuild was making it look different 😜 Honestly, no idea, but that seems like a good enough reason to me lol.


Even in ME3, people do talk about the rebuild on the citadel. I think with it being central to 2/3 of the titles, that it makes sense this is the reason why


From a design reason, the original embassy was probably too big. It's meant to be part of a larger thing while the Citadel in ME3 is meant to go to the point and be crammed with people. As for the attack, game design again, they probably thought the nostalgic factor was not worth the trouble they had to make the mission fun


If anything, I thought the embassies in ME1 were too small, as a whole area in context of what they were. All the chief representatives of the major galactic races in an area smaller than a single story of your average office building? What? And the volus and elcor even needing to share an office. The citadel is HUGE. This was rather immersion breaking for me. As for the thread topic, the embassies in ME1 were for humans before they became a council race, so they got an upgrade in addition to the station wide repairs post sovereign.


Pretty sure this is it. I wonder if they tried the original design and it just wasn't very fun. The original layout was never meant to be a combat area. Nostalgia is nice but fun gameplay takes priority I think.


I like the section we had in ME3, but they could have easily tacked that area on to the larger area in the first game and updated it. It would have been tougher than you might expect though.


Backseat game development on reddit is always so funny.


I always thought that was an odd choice. On the development side, it had to have been more work to remake the areas rather than reuse what they had. And then from the gameplay/storyline side I always felt like it was weird to go back there and find the place so different. Obviously things changed after the attack but places like C-Sec should have still been where it was and looked mostly the same, I’d think.


I certainly prefer the ease of 3


They wanted ME3 to be a "new image" I think. Art staff changed, and the bar in the game was actually supposed to be flux. The writers could see it looked nothing like it, so they renamed it "Purgatory" but the files still refer to it as "flux". I think that's the real answer. These are the same places but re-envisioned which sucks. Of course, it's the "human embassies" but again, this is a writer's trick to rationalize why the hell the same kind of places don't look the same. Humans already had offices in the common embassies. I don't get why they didn't use that area and expand it, but again... new level designers, new art designers. They did their thing and then that had to be "canon", so what we got was a bunch of handwaved names. I'm aware just how big the Citadel is but, come on. ME3 re-envisions a lot of the art of the trilogy. Salarians are exclusively grey besides Mordin, Quarians only wear really dark suits, etc. The style itself changed.