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Insanity as adept in ME2 is probably the biggest challenge in the series because of the lack of tech stripping powers at your disposal.


It really just requires you be an excellent shot. Source: I am *not* an excellent shot.


Playing insanity adept and getting ready for final mission. For shield, that’s what squad mate is for, double overload whenever needed. energy drain late in the game was handy for legion royalty mission . The hardest part was early on with adept with long cooldowns, once I got some of the upgrade and biotic mastery, things got easier.


Use Singularity to stagger EVERYTHING.


I recently decided to replay the trilogy and try out insanity and after finishing 2 i can confidently say it made the game way less fun. I just started 3 and i could imagine the difficulty being ok there (because 3 has the closest thing to functional combat in the series) but some sections of 2 were a nightmare. I must have spent 20 minutes behind the same piece of cover dozens of times throughout the game. Every enemy is this crazy bullet sponge that lives though multiple headshots even if they have no protection on their head. Allies just don't really help and Shep himself melts like ice cream in an oven. This all translates to LONG periods of waiting for shields or health that are infrequently broken up with SHORT bits where i get to try and play the game. The higher difficulty also makes it harder to ignore the games flaws. Its easy not to notice the stupid little pop up animation Shep has to do before using any abilities (why cant you just move your arm and summon your drone WHILE you remain crouched dude) but you will absolutely fucking notice it when it gets you killed and sent back through 10 minutes of unsaved progress. Its easy to not pay attention to the completely broken cover system where everything is attached to the same button for some reason, until being out of cover or in the wrong cover for any amount of time can be a near instant death.


Meet the praetorian. It is made of armor and has recharging barriers. It will oneshot you, your couch and your entire squad if it gets close. It keeps charging you and can fly over cover. Have fun!


Oh dont forget while it charges you it shoots constant death lazers


By god, lasers with a z, that is not something to trifle with!


I actually find praetorians to be a breeze. Walking backwards around columns in the collector ship and around tall objects on Horizon. The thing can't hit you and you have a clear shot at all times. I never died after I got the hang of the first praetorian I ever faced.


I'm on the difficulty below Insanity, so I don't know exactly how bad it gets, but I play as a Vanguard and good god can I just wipe out entire armies by myself. Especially once I added sniper training to my loadout. I'm just zipping around the battlefield smashing into things, emptying shotgun rounds into everyones heads, and when there's a lot of enemies like husks, I just use shockwave and throw them in every direction. I love it lol. Just finished me2 so I'm about to get started on 3 here pretty soon with the same character.


Its only insanity that adds strong shields or barriers to pretty much all enemies and severely increases shields/barriers/armor aswell - which makes it insanely hard even for a vanguard that melts through armor like butter. On any other difficulty? Charge in, oneshot with your incendiary shotgun and go for the next target. Insanity? Charge in, shield still holds, your shot drains it but now you are in the open, next to an armored enemy that takes at least 1-2 more shots or half a dozen melee attacks before going down. I eventually switched back to hardcore after getting tired of heavily armored husk hordes.


Armored husks sound horrible. I was planning on trying an insanity right after I finish this one, sounds like it's gonna suck lmao. And even on hardcore, my heavy charge doesn't always take things down. Added a sniper to do some ranged damage when needed before launching myself up, but me3 makes carrying an extra sniper around impossible for a vanguard cause of the huge power recharge penalty.


ME3 insanity is much easier, a fully leveled charge + nova + single shot is usually enough to take down all normal enemies. Just make sure you got cover nearby or are ready for the next charge.


Its only insanity that adds strong shields or barriers to pretty much all enemies and severely increases shields/barriers/armor aswell - which makes it insanely hard even for a vanguard that melts through armor like butter. On any other difficulty? Charge in, oneshot with your incendiary shotgun and go for the next target. Insanity? Charge in, shield still holds, your shot drains it but now you are in the open, next to an armored enemy that takes at least 1-2 more shots or half a dozen melee attacks before going down. I eventually switched back to hardcore after getting tired of heavily armored husk hordes.


My biggest issue with ME2 on insanity is the cheap use of unlimited waves of enemies in some missions. The one that instantly comes to mind is the part in Jack's dossier mission where you have to destroy those 3 shield generators protecting Warden Dickhead. Enemies literally just kept pouring out of the corridor until I finally destroyed those generators.


I find the biggest BS, which is present in 2 and 3 I think, is that if you sprint accross the battlefield, if someone is unloading their clip at that moment, you basically take the same damage as if you stood still.


That too


ME1 - adept is god ME2 - soldier is god ME3 - vanguard is god plus adept is easily the most underwhelming class in ME2, it just doesn’t work for some reason. and insanity on this game is especially. soldier makes it soooo much easier though! incendiary ammo, heightened adrenaline rush and mattock, and armor, shields, barriers are a joke to you, you’ll take down the biggest mechs in 5 seconds


>ME2 - soldier is god You misspelled Sentinel. Like seriously, to die as a Senti in ME2, you pretty much need to fall asleep since tech armor is just so busted in ME2. It's basically +125% shield, a shockwave able to stagger pretty much everything on shield break and a full shield recharge every \~10s. I did some missions with melee + tech armor only just for fun in insanity.


recently finished a playthrough as sentinel, it was so much fun but i’m not sure it’s stronger than soldier, i’m not sure it’s close


They also have access to Warp which is the only power able to eat through both Barrier and Armor. Warp in ME2 is way overpowered. A sentinel + Thane and Miranda just melt everything.


Warp AND overload. Can easily strip any shield/barrier/armor instantly. I'm playing Infiltrator now in ME2 and I feel like it sucks compared to sentinel. Going invisible halts my shield recharge and I feel like I am forced to use squad mates to deal with shields and barriers since I have no powers for them. At least I have infernowhatever to deal with armor. I miss sentinal.


I had forgotten about overload and Miranda having both too smh. I loved infiltrator in ME1 and was very disapointed in ME2. I barely used invisibility at all focusing on incinerate and disruptor ammo (sometimes AI hacking when applicable).


Sentinel wins for tankiness but Soldier is by far the strongest offensively. You can make an argument for Infiltrator, but Inf shoots slower with a sniper rifle than a Soldier with AR Mattock or Revenant.


Inf is slow but honestly one of the best choices for insanity shit gets too gritty just cloak and find better cover. Very annoying how many enemies can survive a cloaked headshot with the widowmaker and disruptive ammo with a tiny sliver of health though


Dont forget activating tech armor at rank 3 also resets squadmates cooldown, making it by far the most OP skill in the game.


Soldier kills everything though


Infiltrator is also pretty damn busted. On top of the huge cloaking damage buffs, enemies literally forget you exist when you go invisible. They don't attack your previous position or try to flush you out with AoE, they just stop attacking and moving entirely.


I only died like 4 times in ME2 as a sentinel on Insanity. I was blown away by how much easier it was than I remember


Just because the sentinel is hard to kill doesnt make it "strong" A soldier can safely and quickly kill their way through missions faster than all other classes thanks to adrenaline rush and the number of powerful dlc weapons even without those the Revenant can carry you


>Just because the sentinel is hard to kill doesnt make it "strong" but it does make it "tough" which is what they probably meant


The problem is the Revenant comes into the Solider's equipment just as the Sentinel gets their Assualt rifle. The upgrade from SMG to Assault rifle is a much larger increase in firepower than it is from AR to Revenant. The Solider has the lead before that, but the AR Sentinel is stronger. At least, imo.


While they do both get said upgrade at the same time a sentinel at its core is still a power class who passives aim to make it warps and overloads stronger so while upgrading from smg to AR is nice its the increase isnt all that big since so little change in actual damage output since no change in powers. Where as with soldier it's passive and adrenaline rush is a multiplier for its weapon and with the Revenants large magazine higher fire rate and damage makes its DPS even more insane


I disagree. The SMGs in Me2 and 3 are absolutely pitiful. To the point that the Carinfex almost always outperforms them. Getting assault rifles gives you access to the Mattock. Which means even without the damage bonuses the Solider offers, you can put out alot more fire, alot more accurately, at a lot longer range. Throw in the Sentinel's ability to strip sheilds and armor means you're spending 1/3 to 2/3 less time chewing through HP than a soldier is. Even at 300% damage you're struggling to keep. And thats before you add in Warp detonations and and the battlefield control throw field offers.


I'm doing the insanity run as my first play through in they came out originally, I hardly remember anything of 1 as a kid, was dumb back then, didn't play 2 but played heaps of 3. I'm currently adept, which is great, and wanted to do vanguard or adept 2/3. Does vanguard have issues in 2 with it's powers as well? I can't don't want go the solider route, done it before many times but also don't want make my life in 2 hell for no reason


i only played a bit of me2 as vanguard can’t give the best assessment, but it’s better the adept for sure, except biotic charge is a bit unreliable here. you can’t deal with shield’s and barriers conventionally but you have ammo powers that can take them down a good “support” class for me2 is sentinel although i didn’t test it on insanity, tech armor is good and you have a countermeasure to every defence in front of you, although you might wanna stay in cover. i can’t vouch for it in insanity but it was fun for me at least on lower difficulties. i will still say me2 insanity is so brutal and soldier is by far the most effective for me3 definitely vanguard over adept, with the right build and garrus/kaidan in your squad you’ll be unstoppable


The only thing I remember being an annoying issue with vanguard in 2 is the inability to get a lock on enemies sometimes - haven’t tried it on insanity though so not sure if it’s a total deal breaker?


Vanguard always seemed weak to me in 2. Charge is far more a liability then a help especially because when you need it it's on cool down or can't lock on to a target.


Sentinel. Its like a Solider but you have botics and some dope as rave Armour. Only real draw back is you dont start with access to the Assault rifles till about a third of the way through.


There's a few spots where your charge simply doesn't work. Best example is the collector ship when dudes are coming at you on floating platforms. Shit is a nightmare as vanguard as your prime ability for survivability doesn't work there. You can't cross platforms with the charge, rendering it nearly useless. That's probably the toughest part of the game for vanguard. Besides 1 or 2 other fights through vanguard is legit


Yes, but consider this: soldiers can't yeet. You're absolutely right though, I knew what I was getting into, but it's still frustrating at times.


I love yeeting and hate shooting but even adepts can’t yeet on me2 insanity, too many shields and armors XD


Just wait until you do arrival. Imagine fighting shielded and armored until without a buddy to overload those sheilds.


That's happening like half the time already because Garrus and Miranda seem to have a fascination with the floor.


They can , just picke slam as the bonus power


Pickle slam sounds terrific, I hope they make it a thing in ME4


Maybe some pickle ham ? Pickle haddock ? Pickle carrots? Pickle sausage ? Pickle pickle ?


ME1: Soldier is god because you can become a straight tank with immunity ME2: Soldier is god when it comes to DPS ME3: Soldier is god with concussive shot power combo spam.


Every other ME1 class is better than soldier in the legendary edition


The difficulty jump is even more exaggerated since the reworked combat makes insanity a joke in mass effect 1 now lol


Me2 is a whole new beast on insanity for sure




I personally enjoy sentinel in ME2 insanity. That maxed out tech armour shield boost is INSANE


BioWare unintentionally made Insanity in Mass Effect 1 LE easier due to rebalancing. So I believe you would have a more difficult time playing the original game.


Yeah ME1 is botched as hell for me. Way too easy. Insanity feels like MAYBE normal mode at best


Just finished ME2 on insanity last night as a Vangard. Haelstrom and the first Collector base missions hit me hard. I must have died 20 times between them. I've never had so many issues running out of ammo, which either spawns less on higher difficulties or I'm just using a LOT more. The Geth Plasma shotgun was a game changer. And getting trained in a Sniper Rifle was a smart move for all of the armored enemies without having to get too close. I've never used Miranda as much as I did here because of her squad weapon bonus, Overload, AND Warp! Tali's combat drone was invaluable for distracting enemies, too.


I just started me2 as a vanguard and that geth shotgun is amazing, it's mid range and super high damage even before it's charged


Question.. Are you on PC? If so then these two mods are pretty useful; * [Powers Penetrate Shields](https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffectlegendaryedition/mods/338) * [Removed Shared Cooldowns](https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffectlegendaryedition/mods/311) Also; >yeeting things off ledges is the most satisfying thing you can do in a videogame After you finish Adept, try Vanguard ;)


Yo thanks for the tips! Sadly, not on PC this time around since that beast is aging a little, I got it for PS to enjoy more pixels per pixel. ​ I've had my fair share of fun with adept in ME3, both SP and MP, and am considering switching to it in ME3. One of my favorite things I've ever done in ME was biotic charging the head of the giant metal snake/dragon thing in Andromeda. Punching an eldritch abomination in the jaw definitely fits the vanguard class fantasy.


If what you're missing is an Adept that just works, try Engineer. Downsides are that its as squishy as an Adept, and not great at barriers (so take warp ammo/reave as bonus power, or barrier if you want more survivability) and get the locust as early as you can. But it is very fun to play because it changes the way the battle plays out. Drone harasses any enemy and takes their focus off of you (like scion shockwaves, vanguards coming close to you, or just giving you a break in all the damn shooting, even husks pool around it). It has a ridiculously low cool down so you can spam it all the time. With Tali and Legion, it's even better because they have drones of their own. Incinerate takes the place of your Warp. And you can hack every geth, LOKI, FENRIS and YMIR you see. Sentinel has better survivability and is better with the Collectors, but Engineer is better with everyone else, including husks and reaper forces, even on Insanity. All in all, as an avid Adept player, it was Engineer that made ME2 fun for me again.


“Try Vanguard” not in insanity tho!


Why not? (majority of my playthroughs were Vanguard on Insanity).


Did you actually use charge? All my attempts to use it were a death sentence.


Charge is your finisher move. You need to weaken and prime your enemies for combos first, then use Charge and Supernova to end them. And yeah, it can backfire badly. More than a few times, I accidentally locked onto a floating enemy that was outside the map and insta died. Also Banshees. Fuck charging into a Banshee just for it to use its 1-Hit Kill


Yeah that was my problem. I was so reluctant to use charge cos you can only use it when there's one target left at the end of their heath bar. Whereas most classes have powers you can use any time in a fight.


You gotta learn the ways my friend. There's a few battles that will be tough as nails as vanguard but overall it's a very solid class. Just has a very high skill floor on insanity. You will get clapped a lot too before getting a decent amount of upgrades


You hadn't *forgotten*, you just didn't know how huge the gap is now that they modified the weaponry in LE1 but didn't modify anything in LE2. Insanity now feels like Normal because of the modified gun firing styles and generally easier combat in LE1 (something I assume they did to accomodate playtesters saying the game was frustrating) So now there's just this huge difficulty spike in the second game.


ME1LE on insanity was a joke. I was 1 shotting Geth Destroyers and 2 shotting Geth Juggernauts with my sniper. I took out Saren in 4 shots.


If the weapons didn’t have such little ammo in them, the combat wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating. Fans love the soldier class for ME2 in large part bc of the variety of hard hitting weapons at their disposal (more weapons=more ammo). They aren’t locked into using pistols and just sub machine guns like other classes


Infiltrator is the true God of ME2 and ME3. Especially when you have access to Reave as a bonus power for those Insanity runs in ME2


ME2 was the reason I never completed an Insanity run of the series. ME1 Insanity was a complete joke with how easy it was, but ME2 was the polar opposite. I could never complete the Garrus recruitment mission because it was impossible for me to keep him alive. I don't know if I'll try again whenever I finally get the LE because I don't think it's worth it to 100% the games.


Yeah, I agree with Garrus's recruitment to be the most difficult, save it for later, when you have some powers. Those shutter closings are the worst. The rest you can pretty much handle...depends on the class tho.


If you’re on PC, check out the “remove shared cooldown” and “common enemies have double health but no shields” mods. I main as soldier, but I imagine those mods can help improve your experience as an Adept, or any biotic class for that matter


Do all the planet searching ASAP and get like 5+ 5% bonuses


+1 And be consistent. If weapon damage 5% and shield recovery 5% is there, always go for one of them and build it up. The percentages are just too low to spread it out imo


I believe it has a lot to do with having access to limited weapons. It takes forever to get a formidable SMG, while you pick up sniper rifle after assault rifle after shotgun. Maybe if you go on a very certain mission path you could get the Locust quicker. I can't remember where you pick it up


You can get the locust on your first mission, its from kasumi's mission, but it's a tough mission early on


Ahh, okay. That's rough for those that didn't own DLC. what is even the next best SMG from the main game? Certainly not the tempest? I've never had much success with it.


Well there only 3 smg's I think. Maybe 4


That's funny because last time I played(as infiltrator) until I got a really good gun towards the end ME1 was really tough. Moved over to ME2 and was just dropping people left and right.


Yes they're making the initial portions more difficult. But it gets better. I recently had a insanity run on the legendary edition as the sentinel. Once I got the basic upgrades and found the right teammates, the 2/3 of the game was basically on easy.


Id just like my teammates not to stand in the open and use cover. But I think me1 was harder for me. Me2 became easy once I got the hang of things, and being able to use 3 powers without using the wheel made combat smoother. I hate thermal clips though, you can get fucked over because of rng


ME2 adept is hard if you don't know what you're doing. The trick is to use Singularity on enemies with shield and armor. With sufficient upgrades you get to a point where you can reliably stunlock them, while the DoT slowly strips their armor and you can shoot to speed things up. Plus when it comes to weapons, try to get the Locust smg from Kasumi's loyalty mission. Try to get all the biotic damage upgrades, and also the singularity cooldown upgrade. Your singularity fully upgraded should be Heavy rather than wide. If you play it all right, you can reach a point where you can also melee a scion to death https://www.reddit.com/r/masseffect/comments/orb68m/fight_back_scion_fight_back_fight_back/


Oh yeah, adept is amazing in ME1 but is much weaker in ME2. They're fine again in ME3, though.


ME2 put armors, shields and barriers you gotta strip first in enemies before you get to health.


Yeah, I started a second playthrough as Adept in ME2. Ten hours in, I rage quit. Fuck pistols. Fuck massive cooldowns. I stuck with it in the end but I'm totally going Vanguard next time.


ME2 insanity is difficult regardless of class, and adepts will need to be rather cautious - especially early in the game. However as an adept specifically, it’s super helpful to take one squad mate who can strip or at least chip away at defenses, and another who has warp (ex. Miranda and Garrus vs blue suns and eclipse for unstable warp and area overload). Also, singularity can deal low but consistent damage to protections and constantly stagger protected enemies similar to the way drone does, so casting it on an enemy before unleashing squad powers and/or a barrage of gunfire on them can be rather helpful.


If you haven't already, go to the Options Menu/Gameplay tab and switch Squad power usage to "Off" That way you have full control of all 3 characters powers at your disposal. Then just make sure you always have a Warp and/or Overload specialist, and if you have any with ammo powers, ALWAYS level them to full squad usage, and spec everyone to Biotic detonations. Beyond that, I would just do as many side missions and planet scans as you can to get the necessary power ups before you do the story arc and Loyalty missions, which can border on suicidal without the right prep. That's all I got ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I did insanity while getting all the trophies on PS5 and ME2 is definitely the hardest. For me the biggest challenge was constantly running out of ammo


The fact I have no idea on these differences after playing the thing twice says a lot about me


I had the same oh shit moment a few days ago. The global cooldown is driving me nuts.


Ammo powers and squad selection is much more important in ME2.


ME2's insanity and balance is so bad lol. The only class that doesn't frustrate me on that game is Soldier.


It's the Da Bomb of the trilogy.


Adept + Incissor Thane + Miranda = 3xHeavy warps and stupid weapon damage due to buffs. Pretty easy insanity run as is, then you throw barrier as bonus power and Mattock as bonus weapon and just breese through.


Is it some sort of Adept joke I am too Infiltrator to understand?


I am playing this trilogy for the first time as well, on Mass Effect 2 now and was pleasantly surprised by the jump in difficulty. I played the first game on Insanity because I found it too easy and died about 3 time to sniper geth for the entire playthrough. Mass Effect 2 has some ASS-CLENCHING moments in almost every mission on insanity, like seeing a flamethrower guy rapidly closing in on your buddy while blue suns are raining hell on your other partner and you gotta choose who to save on the spot because the TTK is very small and you can only save one. It's very exhilarating for me. I did not found the AI problematic except when they try to vault over stuff. I believe vaulting should not have been implement at all because it's slow, clunky and only exists so that both sides can get easy potshots at others. Vaulting has been done in other games way better as well as other climbing mechanics. AI should know not to vault when they're being targeted by 20 people at once. The squad system is also pretty useful once you make it an absolute priority to always position your teammates first then push the enemy line and take up more space in the arena. I know camping is viable since there is indestructible cover everywhere but it's much more thrilling having Garrus rain hell on shields then headshot every poor bastard in sight while me and Grunt run from cover to cover with cloak and tanky health respectively. The biggest threat in the game are actually enemies who never stop coming for you like husks, flamethrower guys, varren, mechs. If they sneak up on you you will be forced into the open and die instantly unless you get rid of them in the nick of time. Sadly if they go for your squadmates when they've been ordered to hide behind covered they are screwed, especially garrus. He won't try to run away even when an YMIR is chokeholding him against the wall. Regardless, the combat is absolutely buttery smooth if you get into the habit of "position, shoot, run, cover, repeat". I've found myself ending missions without even using medi gel anymore. It's also rewarding to get out of tense moments with your last resort ability or a well-placed headshot. I do not recommend playing with a controller though, the aim snapping is hot garbage especially when two targets are close together. Also, ability mapping on keyboard is better. I'm very happy to have discovered this series and I am moving to ME3 in a few days probably