Mark Meer has a few hilarious scenes where he's voicing all three people involved in the conversation. Overall, they both did a great job, and I'd chalk it up to personal preference.


Who does he voice other than Shepard and Hanar?


The vorcha, and Niftu Cal the Biotic God, which I just learned today!


He also voiced mordin in the mass effect 3 beta as well I believe.


He actually voiced a lot of characters as placeholders, so other actors would have something to respond to.


He voices most Vorcha and Volus characters.


He also voices the preaching Hanar on the Presidum and I think even the C-Sec turian dealing with him when you arrive.




Dang fat fingers. Fixed it.


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All the Vorcha, Niftu Cal, some quarians on Tali’s team, a Turian in an apartment somewhere... He also voices the sick Krogan who had some Genophage cure testing done on him. He voices at least one character from each race even if it’s just someone you fight once. But he hasn’t said if that includes the Asari.


Interesting. I can usually pick up his voice when I play but I don't think I've ever heard him as a Batarian?


He voices a prison guard in the arrival dlc. I am going to assume that this prison guard is a batarian


I really want to know which Asari he voices, now. This is important.


Aethyta, it would make the most sense with her deeper voice lol


>Aethyta lol That was Claudia Black, if you can believe it.


Oh damn she was admiral Xen as well, also the air boss "Macallum" in CoD infinite warfare.


He voices the Turian at the food store on the Citadel in ME2 who gives the human guy a hard time - “you don’t mix your spice chirality”


That’s who it was!! Thank you


Also the guy who wants a fancy suit that pairs with asari physiology


I want somethings that says, 'I own this room'. I want something that says 'I own you'. So creepy in context of the conversation.


Favorite part of that is when she rings up the total and he's like "oh I gotta go make a call" cause he's broke af and the clerk is like "loser..."


He also voices the thug that assaults Dr. Michel in ME1. Hilarious piece of dialogue as he spots Shepard: "Who are you?!" Shep should've been like "I'm you but better."


He’s also part of the starchild (in part, both Jennifer Hale and mark meer are part of the Echo in his voice iirc)


I adore Mark Meer’s BroShep. I also adore Jennifer Hale’s FemShep. I find that they are different characters, but I love them both. I prefer FemShep in ME1 and ME2, and prefer BroShep in ME3. But will happily play either Shep in any of the games.


What about them makes you prefer BroShep in ME3?


It shouldn't be. Just ignore them. Its a preference, and some people have stronger opinions about it than others


Hard to ignore when even the mods of this subreddit put "femshep is bestshep" in the sidebar lol


It's okay to be wrong, even if you're a moderator.


Thats fair lol


Reddit also has a lot of brave whiteknights and “feminists”.


It's the internet. You could say puppies are cute and you'd get at least some downvotes.


Now I’m imagining some angry cats downvoting with their cute lil paws


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Yeah everyone has to try and boil it down to something not at all being said.


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>I just don’t understand, would these people throw a fit if they learned someone likes a different ice cream flavor from them or has a different favorite color? Yes they would.


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Pistachio? You fuck! Never let go the classics. Vanilla is the best and i dont care how simple it is! youre either with me or against me


Allergic to pistachio, so I cannot agree with it. It does look tasty though.


I’m allergic to pistachios, I will never know the majestic flavor you speak of.


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the problem is when you want to prostrate him as superior to others in a non-personal way.


I don’t think it’s a problem. A lot of people prefer Liara and Tali, I’m Jack and Miranda person. And both voice actors shine. Jennifer Hale shines when the emotion is high and does it well. Meer is best when their is a comedic scene or dialogue which we heard in the Citadel dlc. Both are loved and no one should be hated for having preferences.


Honestly I’ve never cared for the shep voice only just that I can have the banter between shep, tali, and Garrus going because they have (in my opinion) some of the best banter and dialogue between each other


>Meer is best when their is a comedic scene or dialogue which we heard in the Citadel dlc. One of the best examples is the ‘I should go’ monologue. Hale isn't *not* funny, but Meer kills it. That being said, I feel she brings everything else across a bit better, and replaying as her felt like a sound remaster. Her badassery inspires, her discomfort infects. Whereas Broshep trying to be tough or going STEEEEVE just seems involuntarily comedic. I feel like Mark Meer might just be so talented at being funny that he can't quite switch it off.


I love Meer’s take on Shepard, he feels so natural for the role. He struggles in the first game to settle between the Spectre and the alliance soldier role, which is perfect for the first human Spectre.


It shouldn't be an issue. Best to ignore the toxicity. I think both do a good job, but do wish Mark Meer had some more emotional reaction in instances, but overall he did good.


He does angry pretty well in 3. Shepard isn't a character written with much emotional range unfortunately


>He does angry pretty well Personally, I find that generally, Meer's delivery of the Renegade choice voice lines is better, whereas Hale's delivery of the Paragon choice voice lines are better. But in reality it's not a noticeable difference, they're both fantastic VA's, so it's really just down to preference, neither can be faulted. They both give a different experiences when playing, even if you choose the same alignment because of their talent and performances as VA's.


I agree with this. My “canon” Shepard is a Paragon FemShep with a Garrus romance and Jennifer Hale’s performance is an integral part of my love for that iteration of the character. That said, some of Hale’s delivery of Renegade lines borders on camp.


Not just angry. Imo MaleShep is better for most of ME3. Especially the big speeches, like the ending one (the refusal ending speech of MaleShep is so much better than FemaleShep for instance).


Interesting. For me it feels other way around. Hale feels really cold and distant. Mark somehow seems warmer for me. It's really cool how people feel about things in different way. Neither is bad performance btw.


Same. My femshep ended up having much more renegade points than any of my brosheps. In my opinion Hale nailed renegade better. And her paragon lines felt a little bit colder than what was intended. For my taste.


That might be it. 🙂


I find that ME3 Mark Meer has a vulnerability to him that I find incredible. He sounds worn down by the war, whereas Jennifer Hale sounds pretty close to how she sounded in ME1: heroic, strong, driven, tough. I find Meer to be a lot more compelling and, like you said, warm in ME3 because of that level of nuance he adds. If I had to judge on an objective scale, I'd say that Hale started off better than Meer and stayed at that level, whereas Meer improved a lot between the games and peaked in ME3.


That might be how it is.


IIRC, he did mention in one interview years ago that he was more neutral on purpose in ME1, so that players could put their own spin on the line in their heads. As the series progressed, and Shepard became more and more defined, he dropped it and went full in, Whereas Hale just went full on from the start, as she does with everything.


You're always going to encounter this, it's the internet. I prefer Hale, but who gives a shit? Doesn't make a difference to my real life, or yours.


If there's one thing I've learned about communities for games where the main character's gender is player-choice/non-canon is that there will always be a dedicated set of people, whether majority or minority, that will be adamant that their favorite gender is the truth for said character and anyone who disagrees is an evil virus of Satan Your best bet is to ignore them and just enjoy yourself


I soloy play as MShep and I like Marks voice acting too. Ive played as a male in the game for so long that...female Shepard seems "off" to me but thats ok.... Its a matter of option. There is no wrong answer for who you like as the voice actor. Ignore the downvotes. You have the right to your option :)


Is it though? They are both stellar and seemingly loved the project.


No problem. Pick whatever voice you want. I prefer male Shep so I get to romance Tali. She's my favorite


Fun fact : In french, its the french voice of Jason Statham who does Shepard haha


Sorry your wording is confusing, the French VA is Jason Statham speaking French? I didn't even realize he knew french.


Not OP, but I think what they mean is that the actor who dubs over Jason Statham’s roles in the French Versions of his films is the same guy who voices French Shepard


Yep thats it ! My bad haha


C’est bien, mon ami!


I must be the only person who really likes both.


Nah I think it's what majority of people feel. It's just some people absolutely have to create drama x vs y. It's just form of seeking for approval for many.


Nope. I like both equally as well.


Maybe it's just insecure people doing that.


It definitely is. Whenever people on Twitter find out a majority of players pick maleshep they lash out and become toxic. I think some can’t handle knowing that they’re a vocal minority.


it's not a problem. There's just a lot of overzealous femshep fans who feel like they have to campaign to make everyone accept it as the superior option. It's probably because all the marketing focused on the male throughout the games which may be frustrating for some idk. I like both voices.


Have you seen this sub when you deign to suggest you prefer a different ending to Destroy? Or prefer saving the VS that isn't actively brigaded here? It's an echo chamber and when contrary opinions are raised they get downvoted, regardless of quality and earnestness. About the voice acting, I love them both and feel both Hale and Meer have done an amazing job. Those who downvote positivity about Male Shep's voice need to listen to his "...the best" - it's just so perfectly delivered.


And heaven help you if you do anything short of absolutely praise and worship Tali…


Or like Ashley. You fucking bigot/racist/asshole 🙄


Tali’s great but I’ll never get some people’s near worship of her. Same with Garrus.


That's the one unpopular Mass Effect opinion I have, but never share. I honestly feel like a criminal because I don't rate her as highly as other characters. Just never vibed with her to be honest. But I still respect and understand the adoration and popularity she has.


Maleshep is my go to. I love the delivery of literally all his lines. I like his paragon because it suits a rough soldier trying to do his best; I like his renegade cause he’s a tough soldier doing *what* he does best.


For a long time, I thought Femshep was better. Then I realized that (to me at least) it’s actually dependent on the morality of your Shep. Jennifer Hale does a great empathetic Paragon Shep. She is very earnest and convincing. It makes the renegade moments stand out. But Mark’s Renegade, free-floating-asshole Shep strikes me as his better VA style. He is at his most convincing when telling the council to kiss my ass.


On twitter people are so damn weird about this. I unironically see guys saying 'proud to be part of the 30% who play femshep!' Like they deserve a medal or some woman is gonna be into them becauseof it. I too prefer maleshep, especially in me3, and people on twitter seem to take that as a declaration I hate women. This subreddit is fine in my experience.


In all honesty I play maleshep and don't really put much thought into who does better as a voice actor. That being said one of the scenes I think Mark Meer did really good is the closing to the citadel dlc when talking to whichever companion, the closing line is really well delivered with the tone of the moment


It's not a problem. You do you. Don't worry about what people think.


It's not. And if someone has a problem with your preference - well, you can only pity that person, that they have so little going on in their life.


People are stupid. Don't drive yourself to insanity trying to understand them.




I tend to switch back and forth, but on balance I prefer playing female characters (I'm a guy) precisely *because* it forces me to think outside of my own head. I'm always tempted to make the most obvious choice to me, but playing a female character is an obvious cue to consider how they might react differently. But there's no wrong way to do this.


This is one thing I really disliked in the last two Assassin’s Creed games. They presented both male and female options, but actually only the female version is canonical and the male version is just a complete fabrication by the Animus. It definitely ruins the immersion once you know that, I’d rather they just put their foot down and only offered the canonical version be it male or female.




That boggles my mind, personally. Male Eivor is phenomenally voice acted. He kept me invested in the bloated story of that game lmao


It’s personal preference


It's not a problem. I like male shep much better than femshep as well. It's personal preference. It reminds me a lot about the conversations surrounding AC: Odyssey's preference of Kassandra, even though I much preferred Alexios. It's personal preference at the end of the day.


Mark Meer is a phenomenal voice actor, and his comedic chops really add a subtle layer to DudeShep with the character's occasional funny moment--not to mention the material he had to work with progressively got a lot better with the sequels and gave more opportunities to emote and crack wise than ME1. "Charge." Fucking perfect deadpan delivery and timing.


I'm getting pretty pedantic here, but a person's gender has nothing to do with whether they're sexist or not. That's a bit of a strange take. But more to the topic at hand, some people (not me) use the downvote button as a "disagree" button, and there's nothing personal about it. I try not to take it personally when I'm downvoted. Unless someone replies to you, you can never know the exact reason why they downvoted you. I will say some people may be getting a sexist impression from you saying that Hale tries too hard to sound tough. They may think you believe that women in general can't sound tough. I'm not suggesting that, of course. I'm just guessing why you got those comments. If you care enough to bother, you can try pointing out an ME female VA who pulls off toughness well. And, as many people have already said, it's the internet. Whether they believe their bs or not, people will argue about everything. Don't get sucked in, just move on and enjoy your game.


Glad I wasn't the only who caught the sexist thing. Honestly, if they're getting called sexist over something like this, it's 100% how they are saying it. And you're absolutely right about why they get those comments. Even if it's not intentional, it's a symptom of society that everyone could stand to try to change. They even point out the main reason people are passionate about this topic: maleshep sounds uninterested in everything that's happening (it's even the same in paragon/renegade scenarios, there's no change), whereas femshep is a lot more dynamic. Which might kind of lead more into the sexist comments they receive because they specifically say femshep is more "emotional", which isn't the case, she just adapts how she speaks in different situations.


I prefer maleshep too, so i feel your pain.


Jennifer Hale is a better talent, IMO, but I certainly don’t think it’s sexist to prefer male Shep. I tend to align my character with my gender when it’s an option. I think most people probably do.


I also prefer BroShep, but it's only in the last 6/8 months I've had anyone down vote me for it. No idea why it's a thing now when it wasn't for years....


It’s really been a thing where even in a “Post your unpopular opinion” post I’d say it and can downvoted. Even in a post I ended up deleting, I was getting attacked for preferring malesheps voice.


I got a ton of downvoted for saying that I dislike suicide, so… yeah, some people are just a little silly.


I always related more to Mark’s voice and personally I found him better at portraying emotion than Hale. Maybe it’s just me but I think Mark’s voice acting was better than Jen’s.


I like his voice better too


What if I told you its possible to like both va's. Im not about this toxic mentality where you can only like one voice actor.


Stop worrying about what the fuck other people think. Holy hell dude It's fucking fake internet points


The internet just has a lot of terrible people. Don't get worked up over downvotes, they don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. I remember when I got downvoted to oblivion in the Genshin Impact subreddit for asking why names translated from Chinese aren't phonetic, and I had a good laugh at how angry people got over a simple question.


Wow Sexist


I always play a Femshep but I think Mark did a good job. The VA in general is solid across the board.


oh just ignore them, a preference is just that. Both voices are great and everybody can enjoy the story however they wish, is the great thing about Mass Effect.


Mark Meer had a rougher first half of ME1 but grew to be more flexible throughout the rest of the series. Hale sounds like a renegade and nothing but. If she Naomi Hunter'd her voice more than Snake'd her voice, it would have played better.


Having played both. I think femshep is better, but I try not to down vote valid opinions. So... You do you.


Me and almost any time I say I can't stand default Shepard's appearance. When you're barraged by every meme in known Mass Effect-dom sporting Vanderloo's face for about a decade, you get tired of it. Never was a fan of it, and people seem convinced that because they can't create anything but troglodytes that no one else can make a decent looking Shepard, let alone ones that dare have darker skin tones. I'd even take the red headed step child a vocal portion of the active fanbase had to push BW to promote over 'Sheploo', he's too dude-bro-ish for me.


To me, Mark Meer was and always will be Commander Shepard. His voice is iconic in my mind, and is in the same vein as the voice actors of Mastercheif and Kratos.


I think part of that for me is I've "seen" Jennifer Hale in absolutely goddamn everything (Find a Star Wars Game and flip a coin, she's probably in it, and usually a main character), and I love a lot of her characters. But when I hear Meer, I'm not hearing half the voice cast of Johnny Bravo or the Power Puff girls, the rockband witch from that Scooby Doo movie, the female Lutece from Bioshock, Billy's Mom, Ophilia from Brutal Legend, Sam from Totally Spies, Bastilla and Satele Shan, Aayla Secura, and Jaden Korr from Star Wars, Sarah Palmer from Halo, Kyoshi and that bounty hunter from Avatar with the giant mole-wolf-thing, Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear, **AND** Femshep. Mark is just male Shepard, and so male Shepard just sounds like male Shepard.


I always pick the male character if there's an option cause I'm male. Be it Shep, Ryder, V, De Sardet, The Deputy etc.


Anyone who calls you sexist or anything along that line for having a preference as to who you play as is not a true ME fan and should be ashamed to even call themselves one.


I’m a male shep guy myself never been downvoted tho that’s harsh


It’s not? Meer’s my preferred one as well.


If you can't recognize people who make you feel bad about prefering how a customizable fictional character sounds or looks as assholes not worth your time, and then just move on - you need to teach yourself how to do so.


Best to just move on from the toxic stuff. Both VA's do a great job and it just comes down to what you prefer. Only sorta related: I felt like Male V in cyberpunk felt way more "trying to sound tough" than the female VA, but again it's just preference and there's no need for people to be toxic towards you for liking one VA over the other


I try to understand why people think or act they way they do. Sometimes there's no real answer as to why a reasonable comment gets down voted. I like both but for different reasons. I think F sheps talking voice and narrative is more pleasant to listen to but her angry voice hits the same pitch every time. M Shep has more variation to his dark emotions. Then again that could be limitation of vocal ranges, strictly physically speaking.


I liked femshep for the same reason I liked female hawke the voice actresses brought the Sass when you chose those routes and they did it better than their male counterparts. Not saying Broshep isn't good he was great. I just like the how you could feel the Sass with the ladies


Stop liking what other people don't like. In the Fallout sub, I mentioned that Fallout 5 needs to be friendlier to third person players. I didn't say first person needs to be removed or that third person is better than first person. Just that third person could use improvement. I think that comment is sitting at -10 right now? Some people are just twats.


I like MaleShep for Renegade and FemShep for Paragon, personally.


It shouldn't be. I personnaly prefer Hale's rendition but there's no question they both did stellar work. About 80% people played with Meer, considering the game's success, that's one hell of an endorsment.


As someone who strongly prefers Femshep's VA work.... this is certainly a weird thing to get angry about. Especially calling you sexist? That's just a braindead position. Just don't engage with stupid people, and try not to worry about stupid opinions.


I prefer Jennifer Hale's voice acting overall, but I thought Mark Meer was phenomenal in Mass Effect 3. But I think they both did great work through the series. It just comes down to preference. I personally like Renegade FemShep and Paragon MShep when it comes to line delivery.


Both did Shepard great, and I love both their voice acting. I would say Mark's voice is more commanding and stoic, whereas Jennifer's voice is more emotional and realistic. I think its easier to invision MaleShep as a hero, and FemShep as a real person. Just depends on who how you prefer to imagine your Shepard to be


As people already said, ignore what people who can't accept that people can like/dislike what they hate/like, respectively, say because some people really can't accept that idea for some reason, it's logically baffling, but oh well. It's best not to tire yourself arguing with someone like that over anything subjective, better to just use your time enjoying something you like. I have adopted a blocking/filtering on RES policy for anyone who keeps doing that with me. My time is better spent elsewhere, otherwise, reddit is going to become very tiresome for me.


>would these people throw a fit if they learned someone likes a different ice cream flavor from them or has a different favorite color? Yes. This is Reddit, m8.


People gonna bitch. Just ignore it. You do you. The funny thing is, the major major major majority of people play male Shepard anyway. Like it’s not even close. It is just a very loud minority online that like to complain. Many forget that what other people like has no bearing on your own enjoyment.


It's entirely personal preference. I've heard it said that BroShep is better in a lot of the comedy and action sequences, while FemShep is way better at the emotional ones, and under that pretext I could definitely see why people would prefer FemShep more, considering ME is primarily a Space Opera with Action Movie elements. That said, Meer's delivery on a lot of lines leaves a bigger impact, and it's easy to understand why one might prefer BroShep. All in all, there's no reason anyone should feel bad for whichever Shep they prefer. That's part of the beauty of Mass Effect; it's *your* Shepard, you can do whatever you want to define them.


Upvotes and downvotes don’t mean much. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s your preference.


I think male shep is the superior shep for paragon runs and fem shep for renegade runs


I would ignore those people. They are sad and pathetic that love to make something out of an innocent preference.


I prefer male shep as well. I think you're right about how she sounds more tough or stern than male shep, so when it comes to lines like in ME2 "You can either fight by my side or get crushed under my heel, but you will not stand in my way" or in ME3 "I will sit back and watch as the geth lay you to waste" they feel more impact full since male shep never really displays that sort of harsh, sharp tone, so you know he's serious when he does.


I do too.


I think broshep is better at sarcastic/funny responses, especially in ME2. I do use femshep when I want to run the renegade hard space marine though. They're both best Sheps, it just depends on what personality to run with.


It’s not a problem, people are stupid, both voice actors did an amazing job and deserve appreciation, I personally don’t hear mshep’s voice too much because im trans and playing a game as a guy gives me dysphoria in some games but he still did a fantastic job


It isnt I prefer meer as well but I think hale did a fantastic job


Thats the most dumbest thing to downvote someone on for. I fairly recently joined this sub so I didnt encounter stuff like this. But still, thats really retarded lol. I'm a femshep player myself, cause Hale's voice was my childhood(Naomi Hunter and SOCOM HQ field dispatcher VA). But for renegade runs, Meer murders it with his deep, monotone voice and strict line delivery. Its just dark and I love it. Ignore them, its just fake internet cookie points.


I like MaleSheps voice more as well, kind of a jerk thing to just assume someone is sexist


Iv only heard FemShep from vids as I tried playing as her but couldn't get immersed as I'm a bloke and try to play as I would given the circumstances etc. Got nothing against the voice, just prefer a gritty bloke threatening mercs and pushing people out of windows. It's definitely down to personal preference. They both did a great job.


This has been part of the online fanbase for ages (going back to BSN when the trilogy was new.) I love both Sheps but online there is this running view that only Hale/FemShep are worth playing and if you play MaleShep you aren’t even really playing ME. It’s very unfortunate.


Male shep’s voice is so irritatingly monotone and has almost 0 emotion most of the time.


not a problem at all, just an opinion. disagree though just bc i think he sounds o boring but glad you found joy in it


You asked if anyone else had anything similar? Yes. It's my view that, even if unintentional, the design and feel of a universe is important. Most of us (who aren't Andromeda fans) *know* what fits in ME. So, we have a universe where aside from a celebrity VA (Marina Sirtis as Benezia) the aliens have North American accents (specifically Canadian and American for most part) either through translation matrix or whatever it is. People also all have natural-appearing hair colors. Keep in mind, this is like Imperial officers in Star Wars being British. Also, almost all of the characters, main or otherwise (Chakwas and Massani being good counterexamples but also having great voices) have either NA accents or like Samesh in the Homecoming mission, a sort of Indian accent as that appears to be his background. ​ So after I was playing Andromeda, I noted that many aliens had British accents and generally, BioWare seems to have fallen in love with the Brits and their voices and it's even the case in Anthem. This comes down to two issues for me: None of these actors voices are as good as the actors for Massani or Chakwas and younger accents tend to grate (Suvi is one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard.) And two, this is not the soundscape created in the first 3 games. Any time I say this, I get downvoted and called...well bigoted against Brits or something. In Rome, British accents are vital and the actors are mostly older and their accents aren't obnoxious. In Mass Effect, I want American/Canadian voices for aliens and I want a predominantly 'neutral' sound to my characters. Andromeda largely threw that out of the window (did we need Liam? Really?) and it does lessen the experience and immersion. Keep in mind, I don't like hearing American voices for Imperial/Sith officers or ancient Romans so I guess that means I hate Americans too.


It’s an acquired taste. I played FemShep on my first playthrough and I adored her. I recently went through and replayed the game for the Tali romance and it took me a while to get used to MaleShep. He sounds very monotone in ME1, somewhat better in ME2, but he really, really takes the cake (and in my opinion, almost beats FemShep) in ME3, especially in the Citadel DLC. I’m willing to bet most of the people complaining about the VA didn’t stick with it past the first and second game.


My cousin and I both love this series and were actually talking about this the other day. He’s firmly in the Maleshep camp while I prefer Femshep because I think Jenn Hale’s performance carries emotion better (see ME3 and saying goodbye to Garrus on Earth). But reading all the comments I had no idea Mark Meer voiced so many other characters. Perhaps I will give Maleshep another try one day. Also anyone who says your preference is down to sexism or whatever is an idiot.


I agree that Jennifer Hale comes off as trying a little too hard to sound tough in *some* of her lines. While Mark sometimes sounds stilted or even emotionless in some of his. Also this is just me, but as much as I like Femshep overall, she seems to convey a lot of her emotional responses by taking on a... I guess you would call it a "breathy" tone? And many of the times she does this is sounds awkward and forced to me. That or the audio crew stuck the mic too close to her during recording.


I agree with liking Malesheps' voice better. I always thought Hale sounded too gamer-edgy.


Yeah. Hale gets worse as the series goes on and in some scenes she comes off like she’s doing a parody. Meer gets better.


It isn't. I prefer Mark Meer's deadpan humor. I've also always felt that Jennifer Hale - as much as I like her in other roles - was overacting femshep quite a bit.


This has been pointed out many, many times before, but this subreddit isn't a good window into the large Mass Effect fanbase sometimes. The \*vast\* majority of players use MaleShep, but this sub \*worships\* FemShep and Jennifer Hale. If you say that you prefer MaleShep people will tolerate it, but if you also say that you like Mark Meer's voice better than Jennifer Hale people tend to not be quite as tolerant. And as others have pointed out, when insecure people on the internet find out that the majority of people hold a different opinion than they do, they tend to lash out because they feel that they have to ensure that everyone who disagrees with them realizes how wrong they are and how superior their opinion is.


80% of people play as Meer’s Shepard, so your opinion is not unpopular. You’re just getting berated by a minority of weirdos who care too much about dumb shit.


I have yet to play fem shep because when I tried (ME2) I found the voice to be cheesy…still I’m planning on rectifying that soon. Still, the reason I say that is because every play through I’ve done has been with male shep which I find to be amazing. Male shep is Mass Effect to me, but I think Mass Effect is about choices down to the gender of your Shep. In other words, play however you like because the trilogy is awesome.


It's because people nowadays are unable to respect others opinions about anything so they downvote what they don't like. I just wished they got rid of downvotes altogether.


Give it a few months and people will be saying that maleshep is better. It's cyclical


I enjoy both but I've never cared for Renegade FemShep. Always felt like Hale was trying too hard to be edgy and it just comes across as hammy to me


I did like Mark Meer’s voice acting for Broshep, but it was pretty wooden a lot of the time, especially in the more emotional areas of the game (i.e the romances).


It's not a problem at all.


Both versions are great in their own way. People online just like downvoting opinions they don’t agree with because they get ignored IRL. I like BroShep since I can design him with my face but I can also acknowledge that FemShep’s portrayal is more enjoyable because of the emotional weight Hale brings in her performance.


I like both voices. I just wish MShep had more variety in his romance options. Don't get me wrong, the characters you could romance are great.


It's not. They both did a fine job.


It’s just this sub. It’s one of the weird thing that you get hate for . Kinda like not picking the destroy ending . But I’m with you I much prefer maleshep


Yeah I totally agree, Jennifer Hale had higher highs and lower lows for me but Mark Meer is consistent and across the board I prefer his performance. Like there have been more than a few times where Femshep speaks at almost a whisper, or she seems more angry than she probably should, but other times when she shouts and just hits that right emotional note. But Mark Meer is far more consistent, i like his speeches better and he hits the comedy a little better for me. He really doesn’t get the love he deserves imo


Remember, Femshep users are by default a vocal minority


I like Male Shep's voice better too. I'd go so far as to say I dislike female Shep's voice. Fem Shep sounds so fake. Hale is usually great, but as Fem Shep she puts on this phony tough guy voice and I kind of hate it.


Touch grass, it's gonna be okay. Nobody's coming at you for liking Broshep


I agree, and I think the fact that Hale is better with emotion is the REASON Meer is better for the role - Shepard is a void that we fill. His personality is built by our choices, but sometimes he says the same dialogue whatever path he takes. The less emotional he is with this dialogue, the more realistic it is that he has any personality. Sometimes femshep sounds too aggressive for a paragon run. There’s also something funny about how deadpan Mark Meer is. You’re not misogynistic, unless I am, despite me being a woman lol


It's been a while and I think my source is some old PAX panels I attended but weren't recorded (AFAIK), but: This was actually a change in philosophy over the series. ME1 Shepard was supposed to be the traditional blank slate of sorts, where the player character is relatively weakly characterized in terms of attitude and motivations. It sounds blander, there's less funny lines, but you're less railroaded into "feeling" a certain way about something. ME2/3 go for a more strongly characterized Shepard. You get more funny lines that way, emotion in voices, and if you *agree* with how they're acting it can be much more engaging. There's a reason that most of the iconic lines *from Shepard* are in ME2/3. The downside is that it can mean your character "feels" a certain way about something that you don't, and that can be very immersion breaking. Similarly, there's less freedom for the player to construct different "Shepards" in their head - the character in the game has a certain attitude/has a certain attitude attached to a given choice.


The sub is full of Femshep zealots who don't take kindly to any criticism. I once questionned why there were so few Maleshep posts and so many Femshep posts and was downvoted to oblivion.


Jennifer does the FemShep? How did I not know this??? I know what I'm doing next playthrough.


That’s no problem and that we all have preferences. Like I can’t stand female Shepherd. But I love Aria and the voice actor that’s being used there


I get you. "What, do you have a problem with female voice actors?" No, I'm a straight woman and I find the voices of men more attractive. Women's voices do nothing for me outside of music. That's all there is to it.


Honestly Maleshep saying "eat this" when he throws a grenade is enough reason for me to prefer him.


You’re not alone. I prefer Male Shep as well. Mark Meer does a great job as Shepard. I’ve played as both but my first play through was male Shep and I just think of that as being the voice of Shepard. Also based on what I’ve seen on social media, gamers who prefer Fem Shep are just lauder but not necessarily the majority. Still pretty sure most people play as Male Shep


I prefer Maleshep most of the time. I don't see it as a bad thing


Something about the airyness of Jennifer Hale’s voice just bothers me. I’ve tried playing femShep because I usually play female characters if I can create my own but ME is one of the few games where I prefer the male. Her VA just sounds too video-gamey for me while Mark Meer’s felt a bit more natural, I get disconnected hearing femShep. I am biased though since I did first play as maleShep so he’ll always be dear to my heart. You do you though, that’s the whole point of these games, I’m not judging.


It isn't. Male Shep is awesome.


MaleShep is only Shep.


People care about who you prefer ? Only thing I think femshep can do male shep cant it get a positive response from kissing aria.