uuuhhh, yeah, obviously was on purpose


Why did you intentionally do this, I don't understand the point in making red not negative(?).


The "uuhhh" was one of those jokingly nervous uhs haha. So it wasnt intentional.


Oh sorry I misunderstood it.


You dont have to be sorry at all! :)


Sorry for that I just had to make sure I didn't annoy you lol Edit: whoops


No you didnt, dont worry! I just think Im really unintentionally dry when I talk to people online lol its like I have a sort of digital RBF and idk how to make it go away 😩 haha


Lmao, don't worry about. It you don't sound that dry lol


Hahaha well thank you


My dad is an INTJ, and my mum is an ISFJ. My INTJ dad once told me the only thing they have in common, is that they have three kids together 💀 They're both unhealthy versions of their type, though.


My dads an INTJ and my moms an ESFJ… both very unhealthy and they always fight and fifht. It sucks


Oh yeah, mine do too. It's like they have very little mutual respect for each other.


oof, my dad is an INTJ and my mom ESFP. communication has been at an all time low since before I existed, lol. what is kinda cute is that I’m half and half. what isn’t so cute is that neither one understands me lmao


i’m an intj, and my sister is an esfj. after learning about our mbti types, instead of animosity, we tried to sort out any differences in communication. i look up to my sister’s social gracefulness in social settings. she is a people person and knows how to read people like a book. as a strategic-minded person, i know i can trust her and glean some of her gracefulness into my life.


My mom is an ISTJ and my dad is an INFP. Sometimes they are unhealthy and sometimes they are healthy, I mean that's life, the ups and the downs. Honestly, I'm sometimes the mediator of them both, that helps translates what the other wants to say but that was mostly in the past, they have been together for so long that even without me they understand each other, they both went through a lot but they love each other a lot which I'm grateful for. As for you, I believe if they were both healthy versions of themselves they'd probably be better off together, right now. Had an INTJ friend that I let manipulate me for 2 years because I thought she would change she was a close friend back then, and the only reason we were close is that she distanced me from everyone else. I hope your dad isn't like that at least. I have an ISFJ best friend and she is unhealthy but trying, she's super sensitive and if I mention anything wrong she'd go into a shell. There are much more things that show her being unhealthy but she's I don't want to mention her cons here. So it is all about understanding and maturity, anybody can flourish with anybody once they are mature in feelings, thinking and life.


Nah my dad isn't like that, luckily. It's mostly an abuser-enabler relationship between them, with my ISFJ mother mostly being the abusive one 😅 She once burnt my dad with a car cigarette lighter as a "prank". I don't think she's matured past 6th grade.


Oh heavens, fellow INFJ how are you? I mean this question, it's not just a question ot of politeness. I would never have expected such a twist of events with them. Honestly, I can't offer much advice because my FE is still in recuperation and you didn't ask for advice so I guess it's rude of me to even do so. I just hope you're okay. Life is always simple yet hard even, I fail to understand it. I remember watching this show called, "The psychologist" and it had a woman who suffered from bipolar depression, she acted like a kid at times then at other times she'd blow up, her emotions were unstable and she suffered from mysophobia. She was quite beautiful and sweet though, it was just her emotions. I'm not saying your mom has bipolar depression nor is she most likely to have it, I just wanted to share what I remembered in case what I said caused any discomfort.


I'm doing really well now 😁 But yeah, sadly my mother doesn't have bipolar depression that I know of, she's always been like this, and always acts like this. I think it was a combination of her upbringing and getting bad lead poisoning as a child :/ Like, she's very much an adult, but her empathy just never developed.


I've been around people who cause physical harm as a "prank". Where do they think that leads? It's not my favorite type of prank. Your dad shows up at the hospital with a knife sticking out of your abdomen... Your mom: "Oh, I was just pranking him." Hopefully, 7th grade is right around the corner.


>, is that they have three kids together 💀 Average (the parents are born in the 70-90s) family


Well, my mother is an entj and my father an intp, aka the golden pair. They still have nothing in common


yoo i too have an intj dad and isfj mom


SAME. My parents are the same pairing and I never understood how they got together when they're so different


Just wait until the INTJs realize how similar xSTJs are to them.


I have a ESTJ in my family. Yea, super intense guy, but incredibly skilled in so many areas, and great at breaking things down in a very digestible manner if you have a question. My husband gets into arguments with him and often plays devils advocate for fun. It's explosive, but the amount of knowledge those two can spit out is insane lol


Agreed. I'm with an ISTJ and we're similar in just the right ways but different enough that we can benefit from each others perspectives. Best relationship I ever had.


Anyway, Te


Si and Ni are far more similar than people in this community tend to think as well.


just because two types are very similar doesn't mean you have to like one if your the other. are you saying this because youre an istj? no offense of course


I would argue the amount of misunderstanding (and shitty stereotypes) people have with S vs N types plays a huge role in why the majority of these tier lists have xSxJs at the bottom. Personally I think making tier lists for MBTI types is kind of stupid to begin with since it’s impossible to say you’d like or dislike everyone in such a broad category equally.


I don't dislike any personality, let's say that it is from 1 to 10, 5 is neutral, then my relationship with people with high Si would tend to be 5 or 6 for me, I'm not against Si, but sadly it is hard for me to find interesting things to do and talk with Si Aux/Doms, that's all. I'm sure that if I had Se as dominant my relationship with Si would be my favourite.


That sounds like you’re associating the trait of not having interesting things to talk about with you as Si more than anything else. People of all types can be quite interesting to talk to, it depends a lot more on interests and hobbies than functions in my opinion. Is there a reason you see Si specifically that way?


well, the way we perceive things is different, Si is more focused on the present and the past, while Ni is focused on the future, sometimes when I try to explain my point intuitively, it's hard for them to understand, like I don't understand some things they say, sometimes it's like we speak in two different languages. Because of my preferences, it is more likely that I understand better, and I am more interested in an intuitive perspective, than a sensory perspective, and that is why I find it difficult to find something to talk to that we both like, it is not their fault, neither mine, I struggle to find something that is of interest to them, and that doesn't make Ni boring, it's just that we have different preferences. I'm not saying it is impossible for me to find an interesting thing to speak with Si, it is just less probable compared to my relationship with Ne.


I would argue, as someone with a lifetime of experience with Si, that it’s also focused on the future. It’s all about utilizing information about things from the past to prepare for the future. Also, there isn’t really an “intuitive” and “sensory” perspective to it either; the N/S divide is arbitrarily drawn and used in some dumb ways. Everyone has both perspectives, anyone with only one is very unhealthy. People with high Si and Se can enjoy talking about complex theoretical stuff. Do you think all high Si users only talk about past sensory information?


damn, is almost like we're talking in two different languages haha, of course everyone has both perspectives, but c'mon, an intuitive will be more prone to use intuition, while a sensorial is more prone to use his sensation. Tendency, tendency, tendecy, that's what I mean. >enjoy talking about complex theoretical stuff Yeah, but guess who's more **prone** to do it, intuitives, and that's why I **tend** to find more interesting topics for me with Ne and Ni, when I'm talking about complex theoretical stuff with my father (ESTJ), he tends to be uninterested, he tells me "and how that brings you money", sometimes just like a joke, sometimes he listens to my "complex theoretical stuff" but he don't tend to respond much about it, while when I talk with one of my INTP or INTJ friend, they show way more interest, and make conclusions about what I say, to then develop the conversation, an xSxJ would be capable of doing this? yes, but they're less **prone** to like it, and therefore less **prone** to do it. For example, an INxJ can do sports, and can be good at it, but it is more prone to ESxPs to like sports and to be good at them. I did taekwondo for more than one non-consecutive year.


Show me on the doll where the Si users hurt you


If only you know how helpful they could be to you, without them my NI would have taken over my life and I would have been stuck in the NI-TI loop I wouldn't have fallen into grip stress where my SE would have probably led me to end my life. You and I share the same dominant function this is why I am saying this. Sometimes you need people who don't have the same outlook as you to help you. Also, personality type is just the cover of the order of the way you think, so it also depends on how one was trained and what they went through and the people they hang out with. Nature vs. Nurture. Don't go by stereotypes these MBTI's are just there for you to analyze and understand others, many people may fit into the stereotype but that doesn't mean they aren't people who don't.


Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance. Argentina: +5402234930430 Australia: 131114 Austria: 017133374 Belgium: 106 Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 212339191 Bulgaria: 0035 9249 17 223 Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal) Croatia: 014833888 Denmark: +4570201201 Egypt: 7621602 Finland: 010 195 202 France: 0145394000 Germany: 08001810771 Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000 Hungary: 116123 Iceland: 1717 India: 8888817666 Ireland: +4408457909090 Italy: 800860022 Japan: +810352869090 Mexico: 5255102550 New Zealand: 0508828865 The Netherlands: 113 Norway: +4781533300 Philippines: 028969191 Poland: 5270000 Russia: 0078202577577 Spain: 914590050 South Africa: 0514445691 Sweden: 46317112400 Switzerland: 143 United Kingdom: 08006895652 USA: 18002738255 You are not alone. Please reach out. ***** I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.


😭😭😭💀💀💀my ears are burning this is too funny


Just wait till the INTJs and ESTJs have different opinions. Oh man the 2 I know absolutely cannot stand each other.


Well, I was dating an ISTJ, and in my opinion this similarity was the reason why it didn't work out. Don't mind the personality type, just sometimes it's harder to get along with the certain type that with another, although it all depend how much you care about the relationship/ friendship/ whatever.


Agreed. I'm with an ISTJ and we're similar in just the right ways but different enough that we can benefit from each others perspectives. Best relationship I ever had.


My best friend is an INTJ, and I'm pretty sure he likes me. You should try an ESFJ sometime, we're not actually all moms 🤷‍♂️


ESFJs come out of the womb as moms


One of my friend's an ESFJ and if y'all like her, you're the best :)


Dayum my mom told me this once


Wow this is one of the most respectful and kind post of this type I have ever seen!


we must all be respectful to each other, all these personalities exist for a reason, and they are necessary even if you don't understand why, and each personality if it is not healthy can be bad for itself and for others, everyone who is not healthy has a different way of showing their lack of health, some just get very depressed and never leave their rooms, some just get too overbearing and arrogant and there are other examples, and we should help all of them, but sadly most people in society decided that they will not help the one who is offending others, although deep down that arrogant person is dying inside, we should learn to help everyone, we must really understand our differences and accept them, and we have our own failures, if there is someone that we should criticize is ourselfs, only with constructive criticism, we must focus on ourselves and not on others, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. MBTI helped me to understand that there are good ways of using my feelings, and that I need to find a balance between my intuition and my sensory world, and that's how I could understand others better, and see how I can be far from some people without the need of a fight, or insulting them, we're just different and incompatible, that's it, there's nothing wrong with them, neither I, well, unless one of us have a bad character, but that's not related to personality at all, everyone can have a bad character, but everyone should work to have a good character, and everyone can do it. No one will read this, but I'm glad to write it anyway.


My name must be no one because I gladly read this


If you're actually from 2006 then you seem very mature and emotionally developed for your age and that is something to admire!


We need more people like you.


This is exactly the kind of humility that I admire in mature INTJs


i’m glad you wrote this! and i was glad to read it!! you seem very wise


Agreed. I love it when people show positivity to all types and don't talk shit about any of them :D




Stay away from you? Im firing the boogeyman of your house and taking his place


thanks, but what’s wrong with me? :(


nothing wrong, and I would like to know an ISFJ, I have met only 2 ISFJ and strangely I never had a real conversation with them, I would like to know all the types. Actually it is just that I'm more compatible with Ne, that's all, that fact doesn't make you less important for yourself nor for this world, we all important, never forget that.


Eh as an INTJ, I feel I would vibe more with xSTJ than INxP




As an ISFP I must say I feel really flattered. INTJs are a really interesting personality to talk with :)


Yeah! Finally a post with an infp as a positive


Y dont ppl like infp’s


In most normal situations, I agree it would not work out between an INTJ and an ISFJ. But it does between my husband and I. We tend to balance eachother out, and I admit I (ISFJ) am the one who gets jealous in the relationship, but I feel assured that it's not him making the moves. It's generally someone else who is charmed by his mysteriousness.


For me, with enough work and effort, any personality could make a good match, so I'm happy to see that that is true, good for you.


Thanks! Yeah, opposites definitely attracted in this case. He actually used to be an ENTJ when we first met, but after running across many backstabbers and fake people became an introvert like me. There were many fights and break up moments, but we learned so much about eachother and both matured while learning from eachother. He helps me to garner more imagination and new ideas while I help him to understand emotions a little better. You're also right. If both are willing and mature, any MBTI pairing could work out.


Nice to know someone thinks highly of me :D (Also we kinda have the same name since my middle name is Markus)


Wait are you born in January??? And 2006? Cuz I was born 25/01/2006!






What’s funny about 2006?


It just feels so recent to be true, like you are a baby


How old are you then? :)


Will be 21 soon


You’re not *that* much older than me then. :)


Yeah.....I still *feel* so


wow, awesome coincidence


I know right? It’s crazy!


Hi OP, why do you prefer Ne?


Ideas and random chaos.


Ideas and random chaos. They tend to be more relaxed, have a very quick mind, and their ideas usually help me to evolve mine a lot, they help me think about things that I would not do without them and they make me feel freer. xNFPs help me to evolve my morality, and xNTPs help me to evolve my logic. I could make the same with Si, but it is harder for me to understand how they perceive things.


Wanna be friens Edith: dms are Open btw


ENTPs at the top of the list. As it should be. We are the ones who knock


W opinion W tier list


As an ENFP, I feel the same way. I need an INTJ friend in my life 💚💜


I'm exactly the same with my ranking except for ISTP... they don't like me generally and I've only found one ISTP I like so far in life and we both can tell we're not exactly an easy fit.


as an inxp i am very happy rn 😭🫶🏽


Hey😏(in the most gorgeous, attractive, smooth, captivating way)


Need an INTJ in my life, I’m close friends with an ENTJ and we get along very well. Even tho he is a bit of an NFT bro


Damn my best friend is an INTJ and she wouldn't fuck with this post at all...


I need me too :) - INTP


Is this your attempt at being nice? lmao


Extremely relatable


As an ISTP, INTJs are definitely at the top of my list for sure.


This is dumb asf. SJ hate is so cringy. Saying that “society needs you” like they’re cogs in a machine doesn’t mean it’s not hate. I’ve met plenty of nice SJs a lot of them are great fun people.


mhhhh, I don't hate them, I'm just incompatible with them, there's a difference on that, my father is an ESTJ, and he's chill, sometimes he uses his Ne for jokes, and is really funny, but still, is really hard for me to find something to do or talk with him, I tried a lot, one thing that helped lately is asking him "how was your day?", sometimes it works.


Obviously some types have tendencies but putting them into categories is kinda stupid to me.


well most things we do in this community are for fun, i thought it was fun to make a list of my favourites, but i knew some people might be offended so i specified that there is nothing wrong with them and i don't hate them, it's just that we're not very compatible, water and oil can't mix, yet they're both needed for a lot of things, and there's nothing wrong with either.


Except water and oil isn’t a good comparison. All oil and water is basically the same people aren’t. I’m not saying you can’t do things for fun and I’m not offended by this I just think this is stupid. I know mbti is already kind of grouping people together but this is different. Making definitive statements about an entire type is stupid.


>All oil and water is basically the same there are different types of oil, flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, butter, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil, and still, most of them aren't compatible with water. I know there are some posts like this that send hate, but I didn't want to be the case, and actually this is all about tendency, for example, I am way more likely to be compatible with Ne Doms than Si Doms, that doesn't mean is impossible to me to have an ISTJ friend, impossible is never the word, on the other hand, likely, commonly, are more realistic words, actually I have an ISTJ friend, he's 19 and I play chess with him sometimes, I like to teach chess for new players, and he was one of the first ones that were my "student", so I'm really grateful to him.


Oil is still stagnant and doesn’t change. People do. People are a lot more complex. I just think generalizing is almost always a bad idea and I think it sends a bad message. Not everyone will know what you just said. I know you’re not trying to hate I’m just trying to show you that I think it’s a bad idea to generalize.


yeah, generalizing is bad, maybe I should had post this on r/MBTImemes, everything on there can be taked as true or just a joke, is not taked seriously, or at least it shouldn't.


>Oil is still stagnant and doesn’t change. You can still change the chemical structure of the oil if you apply enough heat, or another component.


Yeah and if you but an ENFJ in a coma they’re not an ENFJ anymore. You’re seriously arguing that oil and people are the same? Fact is you need an external force altering the composition of oil humans can change by themselves.


oil and people are not completely the same, I just needed an example, and that's what I used


I think it's only stupid if you send hate, that's something I didn't, or atleast that wasn't my intention


I think what you sent could be interpreted as hate.


feel free to report, no problem


I have no intention of doing so I’m just challenging your post.


what? you want to argue just for the sake of it? I'm outtie, there are more important and relevant things to do. If you have netflix, I recommend you star trek, is really nice, I'm enjoying it a lot.


>SJ hate is so cringy. I agree with that, we should all tell them that having maintenance is so important, something that I am quite incapable of doing, actually, I hate doing it, but they can, and even enjoy it, and there are many essential jobs for our livelihood that need so much maintenance, and if they did not exist, it would be a true ruin for hospitals, schools, companies, etc.


Well again, that just means you find them useful, they have value beyond being workers for a living.


But I can't like everyone, that's something I think happends with everyone, it is normal, and well, yeah, they do have value beyond being workers, and I am really working to know, because I want to help others with my knowledge in a realistic and rational way, sorry if I couldn't think of other examples, but I will observate and learn more, and I will know more strenghts about them in the future


I get that. But at the same time that goes for all types not all people get along with you, without it having to be about types.


In practice, I have much more intuitive and perceiver friends, so it's not completely random, and it is something natural, is not like I observed their personalities and said "okay this one no, this one yes", it was natural, I want to get a long with everyone, and still, it is easier for me to achieve that with xNxPs.


I know it’s not random I didn’t say that. I know some types generally get along better with certain types than others, but the oil and water analogy makes no sense. My friends are extremely varied, with my best friends being INFJ, ISFJ, ENTP and ENFJ. Even if you typically don’t get along with a certain type, I honestly think that has more to do with you than it has to do with them. Especially with the quote “you’re necessary to society but please stay away from me”..


Thank you for saying this, saying that SJs are just useful for society isn’t really a compliment. I find it interesting that most INTJs who make these tier lists put ISFJs at the bottom. I tend to get along the best with INTJs and have some of the best conversations with them (which they also agree with). To OP, given that we are one of the most common types out there, I guarantee you that people you think are other intuitive types, may actually be ISFJs. You probably met a few stereotypical ones and decided to cast all SJs as being the same. I encourage you to be a little more open minded.


I think for a lot of INTJs they’ve met a lot of resistance from a lot of people and maybe even been bullied and the INTJ mindset can create a cynical way of viewing types, like looking down on the common types and just considers them worker bees with nothing special going on. However that is insane and ISFJs are always nice in my experience, let’s not forget there are plenty of great artists with SJ types. The notion that they’re not creative or interesting is so stupid.


Yeah. Goes to show how "typist" people would be if something like this was actually real


^ v ^


Aww thank you! We love yall INTJs too :)


Me when I am desired: 😈😈😈😈😈😈


I agree. We are one in the same, only difference is we INTPs are lazy and focus a lot on the truth. INTJs are more active and care more about achieving success.


Lyt 🖤 Plus my shadow Ni is really strong too 🥰🥰🥰


INTP and I mostly agree but ISFJs are valid


I really appreciate that you bothered to state everyone is important! ♥




I just wanted to apologize for saying "stay away from me", it was stupid to say it, I can learn a lot from Si in its mature state, so keeping them away from me is not a smart move.


As an INFJ who's really compatible with INTJs irl from the get-go, I'm kinda offended.


I like your commentary on S O C I E T Y


I myself am an INTJ, and I often like ISFJs. It sucks that the sites say they aren't very compatible.


Your first four choices are also the same as mine.




This community is strange.


right? how is this upvoted? Like your personal experience with one person should in any way be taken as a general rule to judge a whole ass category of very different people. And how is someone seriously dragging the SJ without a hint of irony, like they can type every person they meet and have disliked all the SJ they ever interacted with like they're one big monolith? This is dumb af and prejudicial, no matter how "nice" OP painted it over lmao


Apparently it's very difficult for most people in society to be incompatible with someone and be okay with it, they mostly have the urge to insult or think something that makes the other person seem completely wrong, maybe we all like to be loved, and that's our safe mechanism, if everyone knew their reasons for living, and everyone received enough love, they would be confident enough to not be offended when someone just doesn't get along with the way they process their information, I mean, there are others that directly send hate, and so that safety mechanism is completely understandable, even I would do it if I didn't have enough self-confidence and self-control, because having those traits would be enough to think "this person don't know what he's talking about, I won't waste my time on him." I'm neutral with Si, Ni, Fe and Te, but I really like Ne, Ti, Fi and Se, maybe I shouldn't have said "stay away from me", that was my error.


I second that. This community is totally disconnected from the value that each individual brings realistically and they keep peddling the same opinions everyone has. SFJs are satan to them.


You<< need to stay away.


Wow your esfj partner was bad so we’re all the same right? God you people are so fucking insufferable


Regardless of whatever reputation other types may put on them, INTJs are irl just hella big softies— change my mind Also, we love you :) — INFP gang


I approve of this lmao! And yes that is very true. The INTJs in my life agree as well 😂


W list


I swear ISTJ and ISFJ are the most bland personalities out there. There was this old friend of mine, we used to hang out during college, and the main topic of our conversations when we went for a stroll was how was he excited for having paid the bills for his grandma at the post office, switched phone plan last month, bought a new razor etc. I’m still shocked today as why was he popular in college, he was introverted yet everyone greeted him warmly, but I swear he was the most vanilla guy out there, he just woke up at 7:30 am, went to lesson, dressed regularly, ordinary haircut, then homework, a movie, and then 11pm straight to bed. Then there was me who sometimes skipped lectures and went to bed very late due to long raiding sessions in world of Warcraft. Well, I guess INTPs and ISFJs are definitely not the “golden pair”.


I can understand exactly why this guy was popular. He may not have been very imaginative or intuitive, but he appreciates the little things in life. Just from your descriptions I'd assume he is hardworking, down-to-earth, sociable, and kind. And when people observe someone like that, they'll be drawn. Not because of his "vanilla" traits, but because he's a person who knows how to interact, take care of himself and others, and appreciate things


>u I'm just saying that I've only had friends during my youth through all my young adulthood that I've been more comfortable with and I thought it was the norm. We spent all day talking about books, theories, video games, history, looking forward in getting a tattoos, music, smoking weed and doing crazy shit. So when i had eventually met this kind of guy I was really blown away and needed a bit to understand him like "is this really all there is about this dude? Nothing mysterious after scratching the surface"? lmao


I know I don’t know you or this guy but it’s funny to me that you find it weird that people would like a nice guy who takes pride in helping out his grandmother lol.


people liking a decent person and not an ironic loser??? society sucks...


Oh I wasn’t trying to insinuate that they’re a loser I just thought the grandma thing was sweet


You don't know shit about me, I'm actually starting my PhD this september while he stopped after the 3 years to work in a lab next to where he lives so I'm gonna say we're quite even. Next time try to stick to the comment instead of venting your frustrations here, dumbass.


I can smell an incel phd loser candidate from a mile away...


This coming from an intp is the funniest thing


How sweet




I think you where being too respectful to the types in the bottom…


I swear you couldn't be more cringe and stereotypical if you tried. Do better.


Everybody took that veery seriously


And why's that?


not respectful enough




I swear we’re always in this tier.


Nice, because I’m married to an INTJ


Don’t worry intj, I am here -Entp


I would of switched the enfj with the infp they are actually pretty chill and a lot like the enfp.😂 I’m an enfp and I’ll admit my introverted equal is whiny asf. Just like the stereotype suggest. Like you have to think half our fun traits would be ruined if we were wierd about it. Which they generally are.😂😂


Well none of my friends are INTJ so I guess here we are


> All of you are important Can*not* help but hear this in resounding Anthony Bourdain intonation, vis-a-vis the Archer episode, *Live And Let Dine*. :-D


thank you :)


That is the vibe I generally give people - 50% fun, 50% obnoxious, but no off button


your peace treaty has been accepted


ily -intp


im intp


Having issues putting flare on here (unless it shows, and I don’t know it… 😅). If that didn’t tip you off, I’m an INFP. I would love to be friends or whatever with an INTJ ^~^ I find them very interesting.


I can see the flair if that helps :)


Ah. Maybe I did it on this one a while back. Hard to remember things. Thank you n~n


Perhaps I can be of service


What if you had to choose ONLY 1


NPs rule


I would marry you too :’>>


notice how Ne or intuitives are at the top but isfp at bottom. i have such bad personality type


Respecting and appreciating and making compromises with other types comes with age and maturity.






aww ty


awww...I feel loved🥰


I don't get how ppl XNTPs? Are we really that good? Like entps are the devil in person and intp is probably day dreaming all day and didn't even listen what you said


My best friend is an INTJ :D


I really like this one. Not because I'm on top, but because technically everyone is. Very respectful tier list. Approved!


That one intp is probably really happy right now.




Honestly, I agree with all of your top choices, but you have to put an INFJ in there for me


I would have said you were ENFP


I would have said you were ENFP


As someone who's been in relationships exclusively with INFPs, ENFPs and ISTJs, I can tell you that sometimes they're almost indistinguishable from eachother. They have the same functions, but beyond the theory it shows in practice. When you get close enough to an ISTJ you can absolutely see that inferior Ne and tert Fi. Honestly an ISTJ is basically a more reasonable/ less crazy INFP. Sleeper pick, would recommend.