All the types get hate my dude, you just notice the ones against INFP the most because that's your type, but INTJ, INFJ, ENTJ, and sensor in general get as much hate. Most of those types however are a lot more assertive at defending themselves when that hapens.


Or we just barely comment because honestly who's gonna listen if everyone is just going to think I'm some mistype just trying to feel special


Yeah, I can't stand this. There's no way to certify any individual's type on the internet based on random snippets, so it's just incredibly tired to see people going on about mistypes. Mistypes are an *across the board* problem (for various reasons), not at all unique to the INFJ type, or even intuitives. I also think people are far too attached to fitting a specific rarity % to each of the types, which is nonsense in a setting where you expect heavy bias (...literally, a subreddit for a niche and abstract interest).


Which is a real shame because I think there's a big potential to talk about the actual implications that functions can have in subjects like interpersonal communication and the like, it could be a really fun tool to explain things that are difficult to explain, but instead there's just a lot of time wasted on bickering about generalizations and stereotypes


Half the time I’m just happy to be included. The other half makes me really tired…


In conclusion, too much hate, damn it !


I don't think that in real world for the most part people hate INFPs. It's mostly just some people in online MBTI community in my experience. INFPs I met just naturally lovable. I see people make a huge fuss over them and their cuteness and perceived pureness. Not gonna lie that in childhood I felt kinda jealous of their natural charm, because I didn't have any of that. But I learned to appreciate it a lot.


Same, INFPs are extremely charming and are also god tier shitposters lmaoo


Me too.The ones I know can be friends with anyone and I may or may not have studied their behavior to make myself more likeable too 😅😅 it did work, that's what it looks like. I don't have any official hater so... 🤞😖 Hope I succeeded


Good job! I can relate to studying some people's behavior to pass off more likeble, even more human would be great. I recently fell down the hole of trying to figure it out, as I think it will benefit me in a long run and help me to achieve my goals.


Oh yeah I can remember that happening to me but by chasing after their personalities, I forgot who I was and then had to spend the past two years and now to figure that out. Be careful buddy.


I copied an INFP too! Had to copy an ESTJ to fill in some professional gaps.


But I’d also like to add that you shouldn’t have to change how you act for other people :)) of course I’m not telling you not to because whatever makes you happy and having more friends is nice but if people like you for who you are then I think they are a lot better friends!


I think people have that impression that almost all infps are unhealthy and honestly who loves unhealthy infp...But the healthy ones are honestly awesome i really love the nines the most,overall you guys are pretty chill and cool to hangout with!


There is truely no more lovable type: than a healthy INFP.


I disagree, healthy INTJs are more lovable.


What does an unhealthy INFP look like?


kind of manipulative and way too overly dramatic. they dont really hold themselves accountable and blame other things or people for their problems. there’s more but thats what i could think of at the top of my head


I blame myself for everything, I think that makes me an unhealthy INFP too. At least I keep it to myself.


same, i hate that i do it but saying it all the time is worse than keeping it to yourself in my opinion. its kind of “unintentionally” guilt tripping and manipulating people


Good Lord I cannot wait to start therapy.


I dont hate you little dude (dudette) . Ready to do some adventure shit?


I actually have an ENFP bestfriend and I love her to the bone but she's suffering from depression and sometimes I don't know what to do. Im just afraid maybe Im being bossy towards her cause I keep inviting her to hang out.


Youre not. Keep reaching out. If shes distancing herself shes probably struggling to figure other things out shes dealing with. Its probably not you. Its everything else. Eventually she might say yes when she gets out of her low point.


Just my take, you can always just ask her too. But I really doubt its you reaching out to do things thats bothering her. It sounds like shes in a rut. Knowing your reaching out is probably helping not hurting.


my ENFP friend literally hates me.


Are you sure? Did you do something to them? If not, they just suck, find a new one lol. But seriously, I'm sorry, hang in there.


You want to go beat up your ENFP friend? No... no...lol Seriously thats messed up. And Im sorry. Why do they hate you?


I mean, i like you guys. It's just that the futility of getting scolded for my "immorality" and selfishness tends to get old for me. But i do get along with you other than that. That does not stop me from making jokes about how we speak different languages during an argument.


Fair enough. Our stubbornness in seeing things only from our own perspective can be annoying. That's something I could get easily annoyed about even tho I'm that way


Well when i got to know mbti more i just wasn't sure if i like this type, but after meeting my highschool friend who is INFP i just understood how friendly and funny they are


It’s because unhealthy INFPs are really noticeable and they tend to really like their INFP label because it further conflates their individuality. So it’s easy to stereotype them. They’re generally nice people imo


They are very soft.


And in internet, people like to crush them. Experienced


I don't, but feelings are not that relevant.


This is true. Many of them are Enneagram 4’s, so it’s a double whammy on the wanting to be unique and seem super deep. But not putting them down. I like them both a lot; 4’s second in my tritype.


Im an INFP 4w5 and I definitely think Im unhealthy. I dont know much about mbti but if any other unhealthy infps are like me its not about wanting to be unique. Personally, my thing is about not wanting to be forced to do things I dont want to do just because its a social norm/expected of me. Also, I see a lot of people complain about infps thinking they are unique and I really wonder what is the issue with thinking that? I think Im unique but I also think everyone is unique because its literally true and thats the fun thing about other people.


I'm the same and I really try to differentiate myself all the time, sometimes on unhealthy levels. I'm not sure what the reason is but I've always felt like I don't fit in with people and so I've developed a bit of a distaste for norms .


Personally, Im not trying to be different I just dont care if I am.


i can relate to you adviceseeker97 infp here


Yep, my partner is an INFP and Enneagram 4. I’m an INFJ and also an Enneagram 4. We both understand each other’s need to feel special and unique, and holy smokes do we have some deep conversations. I’ve had more personal growth through this relationship than I’ve experienced in my entire life (I am 37, he’s 47).


Unhealthy INFPs and ISTJs are the most "walk on eggshells" kind of people. It's hard to say literally anything around them without somehow triggering them tangentially. Healthy INFPs and ISTJs are not like this however, and they're usually great.


bruh if that's your reasoning for hating someone then you can also say that you hate them because their astrology sign is that and that


Oof you should meet my one friend who keeps sending me negative stuff about virgos


Entp here and INFPs are the only introverts that I would love to form a deep bond with. Don't worry, we got you.


Immature INFPs can be self-absorbed. Matures ones can be really empathetic and take care of others.


I think there's a huge difference between INFP enneagram 4 than enneagram 9


why do you think so? as an 9w1 im curious


They have different priorities, 9s priority is to be comfortable, not much problem to be unnoticed as long as everything feels okay comfortable, 4s priority is to feel different and special and has stronger desire to be noticed, which leads to 4 being much more annoying, 9s can care of others but sometimes neglect themselves, and 4 feels others should care for them because "their case is special" ....of course 9 has to learn to give importance to themselves, and 4 should learn he they're not center of world and others can be as special as them (similar case to 3), not all black and white, depends on how healthy or unhealthy the person is


How do you figure out if you're a four or a nine? Like what quiz is it?


It's the enneagram test, another personality theory, very interesting and when you know it plus mbti, things makes more sense :³ (I read the 400pages book version, got me engaged)


Lmao I'm incredibly immature in some ways but I also have a bunch of empathy and one of my most healthy coping mechanisms is helping my friends with stuff like mental health


I see this coming up a lot lately? Honestly forget it being about INFPs specifically for a moment, I think people need to pick a lane on the subject of types in general. If you believe in types, do you or do you not believe those types can have both good and bad qualities? Therefore, do you see why someone may dislike the idea of a *type* (not an individual!) based on said qualities? People also keep parceling off any remotely negative attribute of a type to "unhealthy" or "mistype" but have no such complaint for positive attributes! Finally, I hope we all understand people are far more complex than types. Knowing that, if someone dislikes or professes hate for a type...why internalize that? Using myself as an example, there's an absolute shitload of things that could be said about INTJ flaws, but that doesn't bother me because they might not apply to me, it's something I am/have worked on, they're just plain right, or...maybe we don't all *need* to be everyone else's type and being nice has nothing to do with it? My two pennies. Edit: I'm gonna add to this, typology is an incredibly "internet" thing outside of some corporate environments. In real life, very few people even know about it, let alone would be judging you on type. If this stuff is having real a negative effect on you, genuinely, log off. I'm not saying that to be glib or facetious, either.


Oh no lol. I don't take it personally. I just wanted to know what the whole deal about this was


Some people don’t like your type because they think you guys are so sensitive and emotional. I don’t find that a good reason to not like INFPs though. As they are leading with what they like and don’t like about something, being honest to themselves about their values and who they want to be, I tend to find them more realistic than some other people who just do what others want and nothing for themselves. Even so, INFPs could have rational emotions that they lead with, making them a bit more thinkerish yet still a nice person to be around. It’s OK to be an INFP, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it just because some assess are jealous or ignorant about your type. Be yourself. Who do I think are the most hated MBTI types? Esxjs, mainly ESTJs.


wow thanks for your comment, it was a huge relief for me💚




Unpopular opinion: INFPs are my favourite intuitive feelers. They have some very cool overlooked qualities.


Off the bat, stop victimizing yourself. Your question included: "People" as in everyone (use "some people") "Hate" the most negative emotional action "Infps" once again generalizing First of all I love talking to INFPs because they can unlock parts of my brain I didnt even know existed, they are my spiritual guides no questions asked. The problem is, why "some people get annoyed by some infps", is that most actions and/or statements are a cry for attention. I understand all humans enjoy attention, but jesus christ some infps became adept at it. So when I zoom out and compress an infp's life in my mind, it's a like a blurry can of attention cries (sorry for being negative while depicting this point) What I would suggest, if you genuinely love yourself, you can do it quietly. And no I'm not trying to silence your self love cries of enjoyment or whatever. Just trying to give a quick remedy. Stay cool infps, love you lots ❤


Lol I don't take any of it personally. I just couldn't understand what the whole deal was about


you described it so well thank you very much


I LOVE INFPs and gerard way and keanu reeves are one of the sweetest and down to earth celebrities out there.


Coming from an INFP - Unhealthy INFPs can be pretty hard to put up with. I have known a few. They can be so driven by their values that they only see in black and white, they don’t understand nuance and expect everyone to see the world in the same way they do…which seems counterintuitive to what is so great about us! They can also be very flighty, inconsistent, and illogical. Almost like an ESTJ but without the logic. Because we are the types most prone to depression, I think there’s a lot of unhealthy ones out there.


ALL unhealthy types are hard to deal with. Although it’s a valid reason, it’s still not a valid excuse for them to bash any particular type relentlessly. It’s literally not that serious.


My impression of INFPs: innocent-looking, quiet-at-first-then-talkative, fiery fighters. Like cool, chill people who you don’t wanna cross.


Wow..... my best friend describes me the exact same way


Lol that’s funny. Yeah, I like INFPs. I get INFJ a on the official test twice, but people type me as INFP a lot. My mom is one so, that might be why. Might be why I have a soft-spot for them too. Got a ENFP sister and ESTP brother. Both make good leaders. Idk my dad’s type. He never took interest in MBTI lol.


Yeah I'm like that.


Keep being you then lol




INFPs are nice, why would someone hate INFPs or any type bc they're that type-?


Stereotypes I guess.


I know an INFP, she's cute and polite but when needed, she's pretty straightforward too- how do your friends describe you OP?


Oh wow! I can relate to your friend very strongly! I have an infp friend and she's a lot like this as well. And my friends would describe me the same way


Ohhh , do you like anime ?-


I don't really watch anime. But I've seen an anime movie and I loved it. And I also like pokemon


yayy! which anime movie tho?


I love INFPs! Very imaginative, kind and genuine people.


People hate INFPs? That's new. I'm friends with a few of them and they're my favourite people.


everything is hated/liked by particular people due to differences in opinion. it's that simple. and the reason for the difference in opinion are personality, memories and chemical reaction patterns in the body TBH I heard the very same complaints for INFP for any MBTI type before so it's not that INFPs are the most hated or only hated MBTI type. as much as someone likes X there is someone hate the X and c'est la vie ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


I love ISTJs.


Probably because unhealthy INFPs are intense. For me personally I don't mind intense, but the majority of the world seemingly has no patience for them.


Yet they make it seem like we are the ONLY type with an unhealthy side🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Weather good or bad, everything we do is dragged out soooooo dramatically. Like, they have 15 other types to focus on.


THANK YOU! Everything we do is an issue. There are other types that do the exact same things.


People don't hate INFPs, I don't understand why you would think that. People might not like unhealthy INFPs (just like people in general don't like any unhealthy person), but I have never heard or read anyone say "all INFPs are bad, I hate them". I feel like you are the one generalizing about other people, trying to victimize yourself. If someone at some point say "I don't like INFPs, because this one INFP hurt me", then don't take offense to it, it doesn't concern you, it is just some asshat generalizing and rationalizing their personal dislike for a another person. It has nothing to do with you or INFPs in general.


No actually. I first used to think that people don't really hate INFPs as much as some say. But after being here for some time now, I have read a lot of bad opinions towards Infps rather than good ones. Which lead me to this question. I don't take them personally. But I was genuinely curious as to why people stereotype us the way they do.


Because INFPs have emotional vulnerability (Fi-dom). People think it's a weakness, but it is a strength. At the dark time you need a strong human being who clearly knows what is good and what is bad (it is in Fi) They attack you on the forum because you don't defend yourself. Nobody knows what is appropriate then and what's not.


No I can see why OP asks that. Read a bit in the mbti community. you can see a clear tendency.


We just see a lot of people in mbti community see us like weak and sensitive people. As if we don’t have any other qualities. All the crying and procrastination memes and the complaint about Fi and selfishness are literally what I see almost everywhere. I know every type has their own stereotypes but fr no other types really see the real us. But I am really grateful to Intjs and intps here though. I feel like our type get loved by these type a lot lol


Yes! The INTXs always come through for us! People don't appreciate them either. They're actually really sweet.


I've seen many times people commemt stuff like "INFPs are so annoying, childish, crybabies..." blah blah blah, and they're the ones who generalize a freaking mbti type. no one is trying to victimize themselves, I've noticed the same thing as the OP.


The thing I've noticed is that half the time when people give an example to try to prove their "point" it's almost never the INFP that was the problem. It was them. Like, obviously INFPs can be the problem like everyone else can. We aint perfect but I see a lot of people treating the INFP however they want and then getting an attitude when the INFP has enough. That's when we get the selfish, crybaby, manipulative, opinionated, annoying, childish, playing victim labels. The selfish and playing victim nonsense seems to be a pet label of INFJs on here in particular.


literallyyyy, i thought i was the only one side-eyeing INFJs on this sub lmao


No I noticed it too. I'm not sure what their problem is but the INFJs on here just can't stand us.


I wouldn't say they hate us, but some of them are definitely annoyed by INFPs lol


It's like the people who say "tHiS zOdiAc SiGn iS bAd, eViL, aNd a TrAiTor" or things like that, like what did I did to you-


idk, as entp i love my infp friend.


Why the hell would anyone hate people just based on their type?


literally?? People tend to forget that MBTI is not that deep.




I no longer care about that because every single complaint they make are generalizations they made based on the one or two they know. And those complaints almost never fit me, and if they do I'm already aware of it and working on it


Why does this question get reposted literally every other day here


Because it keeps happening


I don’t hate INFPs. My bf is an INFP. Sure I may get *annoyed* sometimes. But I definitely don’t hate.


No-one does what


I don’t hate INFPs, but unhealthy IxFPs are worst among all types. Unhealthy xxTJ is hilarious, unhealthy xxFP makes me want to jump off a cliff. And let’s be honest, there’s a lot of unhealthy INFPs. Healthy INFPs are great and chill, unhealthy INFPs makes me want to sucker punch them.


I love you. (Intp)


Okay fellow INFPs now time to say thank you for this validation and to promise not to ask more of these redundant questions please.


You realize it’s MOSTLY INFPs that post stuff like this, right? Most of the INFPs I’ve met in real life have been lovely (with the exception of a few self-loathing, whiny bastards), but most of y’all online are honestly garbage. “I’m an INFP because of my trauma!” “Help I have anxiety does that mean I’m an INFP?” “Why does everyone hate INFPs” Shut up. YOU hate you. No one really gives a shit.


okay, the "Im an INFP bc of my trauma." caught me off guard


I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that we’re all equally susceptible to trauma, anxiety, depression… but because of strong Fi, INFPs are way more likely to be honest about it. It’s hard to hide our inner worlds, despite our best attempts. We have a much harder time ignoring our feelings and because of that, it seems like we disproportionately suffer


that's true , but it gets annoying when mistyped INFPs use mental illnesses as an aesthetic and a "part of their identity". Honestly, i think that most of the people who write those types of things aren't actually INFPs. This doesn't apply to OP tho, they're being respectful about the question and the replies imo.


this, i hate when people say things like this. like, everyone is able to go through this stuff. the people who say these things come across as really attention seeking and close minded, not to mention selfish. that or they’ve been misleaded into thinking this bs.


AMEN. We need this on mugs and shirts. I wish more of us would be like this ughh. Just tell it like it is and move on. Other than most of us being social masochists, who gives a shit if they wanna throw shade anyways, mbti ain’t that deep bruh.


Honestly I met a LOT (and I really mean a lot) of infps. I don't rlly like generalizing but more than 90% of them were extremely unhealthy to some extent and because of them being delusional as shit they tend to not want to believe the objective truth even if it is by far the *truth*. Most of them also are stuck in their way of seeing things and I so far only met extremely depressive infps like they dwell on their life and when you tell them that "it always realistically gets better" (it rlly fucking does) they won't believe it and they'll keep on sulking about their miserable lives and if you want my opinion on this high fi users tend to be the most toxic and irritating when they're unhealthy and since infps are so out of touch with the real world and prefer living in a delusional world rather than face reality they tend to have the most absurd and irrelevant opinions and wouldn't believe anything that doesn't match their moralities/view of the world even if they're view is completely subjective, they prefer believing what comforts them rather than putting effort into understanding objective point of views and explanations and accepting that reality can be harsh. Again you might find healthy infps but most unfortunately most them are extremely irritating and irrational


I can understand the subjective feelings part. It drives me insane as well even tho I'm literally that way. But I guess I've found a balance when it comes to things that involve anyone other than me. I let them have their opinion and state mine. If they have a valid point I think about it until I either see their point or until I get to a conclusion that I don't get it. So I let it be.


It's strange to me because this post seems to be irrational in that you're arguing that 90% of infps are very unhealthy. The percentage of unhealthy people within each type should be equal and form a bell curve with the bulk of people being within the average range. Also, saying that Fi types are the worst when unhealthy seems suspect. Have you encountered very unhealthy extraverted judgers, or very unhealthy ixtps with shadow extraverted feeling? These functions are incredibly difficult to deal with because they direct their pathology toward others and want to control them. Or perhaps unhealthy Se types that literally feel justified hitting people or worse when upset because their emotions tend to come out in physical form? Is someone being very depressed really worse than this? Is someone refusing to be cheered up worse than being abused? And one more comment that probably addresses a difference between enfps and infps... you said things always get better, and I have to say, from my perspective, this is a bias you hold as an exfp. In many situations, that is just objectively not true. There is incredible tragedy in the world and it often seems that Fi doms have the burden of facing that alone since many other types are either insensitive in certain ways to that reality or have defenses that let them escape facing it fully. I had an esfp boss recently and when I would point out potential issues with a course of action he would always dismiss my concerns and say everything will be fine. And guess what? many of things I warned of did happen and I was left to deal with the consequences while he was off pursuing other fun, new ideas and situations. So he literally never experienced the full reality of what happened. So when exfps say, don't worry just be happy, this is what I see, someone who is probably running from real difficulty and pretending life is a walk in the park, since they're able to find a way to have fun though their natural predilections and somewhat manic approach. Just know that when your Fi is first, you have to feel the full weight of both the good and the bad and sometimes that is more than we can easily bare. But we tend to do our hardest work in solitude and it's difficult for me to understand how that could be such a burden to others.


Hmm, I’d say that your assessment of Exfp’s is true in that their natural response to pain and anxiety is to distract themselves away from it with new and fun ideas and situations and a manic approach. I also think it sucks you were stuck dealing with your boss’ negligence. BUT speaking as an ESFP, I can assure you that just like any other type, we can’t totally evade our pain. It surfaces always. And for me, the urge to escape is motivated by feeling things very deeply which feels unbearable. ESFP’s aux Fi can be very strong. Doesn’t excuse leaving others to deal w/ problems that are our responsibility, but I for one definitely struggle with the feeling that many times things get worse.


Yeah I sense the emotional depth of second Fi that's part of what 'frustrates' me with some exfps. It's like they could go there but then last minute they sort of bypass the pain by shifting their focus to something new. But I know it's probably more of a relative contrast vs. ixfp since we're so similar in our function stack. I, on the other hand, tend to get into Fi/si loops and dwell sometimes too long (or longer than I would prefer). That being said, I find exfps very likable in general. I just want more fi from them sometimes.


Honestly I didn't read all this because is too much text, but I have to answer because as an INFP I'm the opposite of what you said 🤨. I always wanna know the truth, I prefer being simple and not questioning things and I like to be logic and rely on facts. (No, I'm not INTP, feelers can also be logic.)


Yes, a few of them are exactly like how you said. I think them being stubbornly stuck in their own bubble is the most irritating aspect of an INFP.


I've never understood why that bothers people so much personally. I'm always careful to see where others are coming from but I have seen some INFPs who just can't get anything through their skulls. But first of all, that happens a lot less frequently than people act like it does and second of all, literally just leave them alone? Like, if somebody can't see anything that's their problem. That has nothing to do with you. And if somebody's in their own bubble that has nothing to do with you. Third off, I could say the same thing about INTJs. Let some INTJ latch onto some theory or something they have and they run around spouting it all over the place acting like they know everything. Involuntarily because half the time nobody asked. And you want to talk about staying in your own bubble? I have no idea where in the world it is INTJs live but I can assure you it's not Earth. Same for INFJs. Ni doms always trying to act like they make so much sense when they confuse themselves half the time. And don't even get me started on ENFPs since that other person wanted to talk. It's just like people always want to pick at us as if we're the only ones who mess up. Yeah, we're not perfect but why is it every time we mess up it's world war 3 but when the other types mess up they get an excuse? Like, none of this is to bash on anyone. INTJs and ENFPs are my two favorites so please don't take it like that. I'm not trying to argue. It's just our flaws get blown up way more than they really need to and it's unnecessary.


I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with some INFP’s. I’m an INFP, and I do tend to base my beliefs on my intuition, but keep in mind I have a very strong intuition that if I tried to ignore in the past it usually turned out to be right. I mean we have a conscience for a reason. Yes I’m logical as well. My family used to accuse me of analyzing everything and actually INFP’s are the third likely type to be very intelligent. By the way, I can’t speak for all INFP’s but I do absolutely believe in objective morality. I even made a YouTube video once about why subjective morality makes no sense


I’m an INFP too. Maybe they don’t like infps because we tend to be different from the norm and society doesn’t appreciate those differences.


I think you are focusing on the hate. If you think you are any other type and read too much into the hate comments then you will start to think people hate that type too. Because all the mbti are hated for one or the other reason. The difference is INFPs tend to be sensitive to these hate comments and most other types are likely to ignore.


Infps are usually my best friends :)) i guess some people don't like these qualities out of bad judgement, even jealousy sometimes, and some people just hate the Unhealthy INFPs, which idk, theyre still human but, who knows what they passed through, their experiences with INFPs. It's hard to say, cause everyone is different, but i love yall' when youre trying your bests ♡♡


In my teenage years I read lots of Shojo-manga stories (japanese comics about teen-girls - harmless teenage comedy stories, lol) and I found the main character's personality always so endearing. Some of them fit the INFP-stereotype too well. And then I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why I couldn't be like them. The groggy, bitchy girl I was back then. Don't worry, INFPs are welcomed. Maybe there are just too many loud obnoxious IxFPs?


cause we're slow or something


In RL they aren't really hated for my experience. You guys are amazing and unique, people are happy to be around you. You are cute and talented and people like it!


Honestly, I don't know what to do in order to know one of them. I kinda need someone to let my good side bloom, and who's better than an INFP?


All bark no bite


Mitski is literally an INFP like come on guys how could anyone hate them


Nice INFPs are fabulous and amazing. A lot of INFPs are overly sensitive, play the victim, use their "sensitivity" as an excuse for being a shitty person, are clingy, and are in constant need of validation. Seriously, if I hear the words "iM aN eMpAtH" or "iF yOu cAnT hAndLe Me aT mY wOrSt yOu dOnT dEsErVe mE aT mY bEsT" I will lose my mind


I’m an INFP, and though I’ve been aware of it for about 2 decades (eek! That’s a long time 😬), I’m not active in MBTI forums or anything so not really aware of this hate you speak of. I get along with most anyone, but all I really require of someone for a genuine connection is authenticity from that person, and feeling safe to express myself authentically as well. It’s not that I’m not myself when I don’t feel “safe,” but I’m just more quiet… listening and watching for ways to make a genuine connection. I swing back and forth between the Turbulent form and the other [healthier] form, but I can’t recall the term for that right now. I have no pride in my personality type, it has its flaws, but it helps me feel less weird to fit into a box, which Is nice for a change. I do find that I feel safer among other INFPs (as far as being free to just be my weird self)… but I have wonderful friendships with all kinds of people. My ideal friendship is one built on mutual respect with someone as different from me as possible. I just feel like a friendship/partnership between two people with very different backgrounds, perspectives, strengths, and weaknesses is kind of a powerhouse for problem solving and fostering growth in both parties. I don’t want people surrounding me who think just like I do… there is so much out there to learn and experience. I don’t like the idea of being boxed in by my personality type. I’m more than just a set of letters… we all are. MB types are just a tool than can be interesting and helpful. If I ever start feeling trapped by my “type.” I just ditch the Myers Briggs thinking for a while. If you think about it… idealists can really annoy realists. Flaunting your idealism can be perceived as being ignorant and proud of it. I understand that that’s not what it is, but for people whose minds don’t operate like this… I could understand how INFPs could be viewed as some kind of artistic frivolous fringe people who society has to just tolerate because they do such a poor job of integrating. Long story short… don’t take it personal. INFPs are not the most unique personality in the world… and if one was looking for validation that they are one of a kind, I don’t think a test with 16 possible outcomes is the place to go. Myers Briggs is better for showing you that you aren’t so weird and alone… that you fit into certain patterns with millions of other people. Just relax. You like yourself, you find your personality type to be a helpful paradigm for navigating life. That’s what matters.


I think some unhealthy people are jealous indeed. The ppl who hate INFPs the most are generally who think they need to manipulate others/mind games to impress others while most of INFPs are just being themselves and they have no problem receiving love/attention


Yeah I’ve heard some people say INFPs are rlly toxic, but I just don’t get it. We’re literally one of the nicest MBTIs lol


That's my assumption as well. But I understand the part about our high Fi annoying them.


Yea I’ve heard something about the Fi. Do you mind explaining what you mean please? 😊


Since our dominant function is Fi, we have a very subjective view of the world which is okay. When ut comes to the unhealthy side of Fi, sometimes Fi doms can be stubborn in their views/opinions. There can be valid reasons or points that justify their opinions, but when we converse with others, we often tend to be sure that how we see things is the only way/the most right way. This can be untrue in a lot of situations. And INFPs may see things from others' perspectives a bit too late which makes others feel unheard and as if we're self righteous/ narcissistic.


I've only ever known two people who dislike INFPs, and it's predictable: they're ISTP and INTP. Alter egos for the former, Ti heroes and all three are very pretty females who like the same guys, and the same guys seem like like them. So there's some rivalry there. And even then, it's not every ISTP or INTP-JUST that one of each. So it's a perfect storm amongst peers as well as an MBTI thing. INFPs are too lovable. I think there's a bit of jealousy there as well, as ISTPs and INTPs are harder to love-but all us thinking types are like that. If you're an extrovert, gotta collect em all.


They dictate the order of conversation and can't be reached unless they themselves need something from you, are also very closed for outer world, very impressionable over minor things. It comes of as selfish, manipulative and shallow. Although there are a lot of good INFP people, I would like to contact them from a distance rather than having a close contact. I don't hate them, I don't find myself comfortable to be vulnerable around them.


I could see how an unhealthy infp would have all these traits. I think you have excellent points


Hate is a pretty strong word for an abstract category. I don't "hate" the type but the description isn't exactly interesting (or rather, the interesting parts gets overshadowed by the "no, thanks" parts (IN vs. FP)) and ime I don't gel well with FPs in general.


Hmmm. People have expressed strong dislike towards us for no reason multiple times before tho. Hate is a strong word. I agree. But there are some immature ones that are repulsed by us so much for no reason.




I mean, I don't think all INFPs are like that at all, but you just described my cons so well.


i love me a healthy infp. they're so fun actually. and idk if this is expected but we have mostly a LOT to talk about which i would often cry for


I don't see people actually hating INFPs, more like not taking them seriously. Aside from me I know my mother, brother and a friend. I'd say some types just don't know how to handle us and give up or make fun of us. I've been bullied a lot in school, they found me funny or were jealous of something in me, but I didn't experience hatred.


Since I always strive to be kind and understanding, most people like me... I never feel hated at all. I can feel mocked at times but that's just my insecurity.


Hi! INFP myself here too! For most people I think it's because we have stereotypes of being SUPER emotional and kind of like the cute uwu kinda people but when you actually meet us, we aren't really all that cute. As emotional as I do get over things such as music, outdoors, even other people's emotions, I would never show it. A lot of INFPs are also mistyped since most tests favor the intuitive side. A lot of INFPs are actually ISFPs without even knowing it. People may have met some unhealthy INFPs too and unhealthy INFPs are quite.. rude. We tend to believe we're always right, we may even lash out at others, start lying about random things that make no sense, become stuck up and stubborn, the list goes on. That's my guess on why I think people hate INFPs, but at the same time I know there is also a lot of people who still really like them! Not everyone hates us


I like you on the contrary. But as I am pretty quiet myself, it is hard to make conversation.


Everybody thinks they are the coolest. Nobody sees the bad in themselves. I don't hate INFPs, but I can see wy people would.


I don't hate INFP's 🙂 and I feel most people like them. And it


My brother is INFP. He left his wife and 2 kids for another married woman. So yeah, for me I'm not a fan of INFP. Coz personal reasons.


I don't think that INFPs are \*hated\* I think it's more specifically a trap of the stereotypes associated with INFP and usually, INFPs are above those simplified stereotypes or find it funny. Those stereotypes are crybaby, emo kid, anime nerd... ENTP as a type is also hugely affected by the stereotypes and there are many (mistyped) ENTPs who see their type only as a free ticket to be jerks. Many other types are more controlling of their positive image: Just try criticizing ISFJ or ESFJ and see what will happen.


Your belief and obsession with astrology are making me puke. -INTP


Because unhealthy INFPs stick out like a sore thumb so naturally people will assume that is the baseline. I think a normal INFP would be an invaluable friend due to their ability to process and really understand their emotions and sometimes that of others. You guys rule!


INFPs understand others emotions, and our own, others don't understand their own emotions neither of ours, we have to process all of it and act with what's best for both of us, which is very energy consuming, that's why we're mostly quiet


Nowdays I honestly see more love for infps than hate, and thats a good thing! I think instead of hate we should start spreading more positive things about every type, since everyone deserves that :)


i dont hate infp, i really love them. (from an entp)


As an infj dating an infp, he must have been an unhealthy one because he promised me the sun and moon, broke my heart, left me flat on my ass over a perceived attack against him when I was hurt and upset. He was not mature enough and talk it over, wouldn't accept any apology or hear me out whatsoever, and I found it quite flakey, immature, and downright devastating. He claimed I was being malicious toward him intentionally, when I truly was not. I tried my ass off to fix it with him, but he was just cruel and unforgiving. There was no sense of commitment or work to resolve our argument, which was really quite trivial and stupid imo, and I realized that something so trivial could make him easily walk out of my life... it killed me. He had told me I was the one and he wanted to marry me. It broke my heart because I still love him deeply and he completely tossed me away.


I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hate when people end a relationship suddenly and out of the blue. It really leaves you feeling confused and heartbroken


Sure does. Thanks.


Love ‘em. I don’t know about “coolest” type. There are definitely some types I don’t jive with and others I do, but my aux Fi sometimes feeling like my dominant function makes me like y’all.


Love ‘em. I don’t know about “coolest” type—I don’t jive with some types, but as long as you’re nice, I’m down. Since my aux Fi feels like my dom sometimes I get along well w/ INFP’s and ISFP’s. -ESFP


I hate them because many of them were my best friends, and they betrayed our friendship. They never actually loved me. They always chose everyone but me.Their feelings were very superficial and not deep. If they like you romantically, then they'll immediately start planning your wedding, how many children you will have, and so on, while you just said "hello" to them. They are too much. Fortunately, I can't handle such a feeler.


Awww I’m so sorry to hear this! While I’d say infps are usually very deep and not superficial, I have been ghosted by infp friends so I know what you’re talking about with them betraying the friendship. Of course any type can ghost or end the friendship suddenly but I hear it’s more common with infps because they get so caught up in their emotions about things.


I don't get that too. However, people I meet are like "OMG I love INFPs 🥰🥰" but when I say I'm INFP they're like "of course you're a crybaby 🙄🙄 why can't you act like a man and not like a whiner?"


I dont like this post and i dont like you


INFPs are simultaneously my favorite and the ones I cant stand the most, depending on how healthy and developed they are.


I think that once you get into MBTI it’s easy to look at the most popular examples of INFPs and be kind of turned off by it. Since it’s so easily mistyped I think INFP has kind of become synonymous with sensitive, shy, daydreamy, introverted etc and so once you start self identifying as an INFP to other people who are into MBTI, those traits are really the only few that come to mind and all of the variations on the type get thrown out the window. The people who “hate” INFPs might not be accounting for the INFPs they personally know, who haven’t introduced themselves as INFPs online and just mirrored the “standard” INFP smol bean behavior lol


That's crazy, the are the kindest people . I'm INFJ my daughter is INFP. I'd love to be more like her.


I don’t think anyone hates them really, but their stereotype of being a depressed, overly-sensitive person may make you think people hate them


It boggles my mind when someone claims to hate a specific type. Just for reassurance, people in the real world most likely won't hate you for being you. Ignore the chronically online adult children


Can’t expect everyone to have great taste right?💅💗


I think that INFP’s are perceived by others as being weird and additionally seeing that they are inferior Te users are perhaps perceived as not having “value” to our society


People hate INFPs? I thought you guys were Fi Ne.


I am INFP and even I hate myself... Jokes aside, even with borderline personality disorder, I guess I am quite likeable.


warning: this could be painful to read, but I'm taking this question as if it was meant to be answered. >!Sometimes because of the general idea of this post, the vibe of all "naive, delusional, disconnected." "Why would anyone dislike me? What did I do to anyone?" For rambling on about people who can't understand others' points of view but sometimes being totally oblivious about it themself. They can tend to use subjective justifications for things and are not immune to being hypocritical. Also, for getting in the way and creating unnecessary meaning. When they feel like they're being fair about something they can become immune to the reality of the situation.!< >!In general, they often fall among people I prefer for their inoffensive and understanding nature, but there's this sense of perfection that builds up over time that is, in fact, quite false, and it makes the crash harder, because they can sneak into the trusted zone.!<


That's such a good explanation. I feel like this is very true for myself. Thankyou so much for this :) This helps a lot in understanding my flaws better.


They don’t hate INFP they hate the manufactured image of an INFP that doesnt even align with the true INFPs.


I can pick a few out of 1000 reasons Maybe because of the Manipulation of others and playing dumb. Actually being dumb. Playing cute and nice to gain love and affection, only being egocentrically. Being overly Judgemental. Not texting back, not going to an appointment on time. Having toxic partners because "we love each other" taking drugs to "numb the pain" that only came from taking drugs and not caring. Thinking they are the coolest. Not liking someone because of something they said 6 years ago. Saying things like "not my vibe, manifest this and that" believing in astrology. Thinking they can "hex or curse" someone they don't like. Having unhealthy coping mechanisms. Thinking to be open and liberal but if someone has a different opinion be mad and stop listening. Canceling. Being closed of bc "i'm scared" Using mental illness and outside problems as excuses to be a shitty person. Seeing their own problems and apologizing for them but not changing afterwards. Mistyping themselfs as infj because it sounds nice and not learning the cognitive functions. Having opinions and fighting for them. But crying if presented with facts and debunks. Being overly emotional. Wanting to be accepted but not accepting others who are different. Wanting to be seen and taking care of like a baby but then be mad if they can't do adult things. Being anxious and insecure but not doing anything against it. Only wanting to do art but then be shit at it. Saying things like communication is key but then not listening at all, also not talking. Doing cringe tiktoks. Being 90% of every cringe fanbase. Thinking they are individual and special only to all look the same but in different colors. Fleeing conflict, being stuck in routines when sad. Having unhealthy Te. Not wanting to categorize ppl "i want to be open" but then don't like ppl of the wrong Hogwarts house. Liking certain shows and movies who are written bad only because they have "comfort characters" Staying unhealthy because its just a vibe. ... I know i have met alot of unhealthy infps but they always show me they are all this way. Whenever i meet a new infp (i do everyday bc i'm on an art school) i try to be open and not let my experiences ruin it. But i'm always dissapointed.


Ouch 😳


One of my good friends is a healthy INFP and is one of the most lovable and purest person you can ever know. My ex is also an INFP and he is exactly like how description above. I absolutely cannot stand the person.


If they are playing dumb and are actually dumb, then they are not playing dumb, and you are being dumb with this flawed logic. I don't mind answering the rest, even though some parts of your complains are fair - not sure if fair to a specific MBTI or this specific MBTI type called INFP, though. Manipulative people sucks, I agree, but I don't think they are all INFPs. Actually, more commonly they are not INFPs.


I was never in an art school, sounds awesome. I thought thats more of an infj thing anyways. Oh well. But please dont come with your facts and debunks, im scared of those. Also if someone stupid can manipulate you, are you then even more stupid? Honestly listing those stereotypes has become so fcking boring, i wonder if anyone even knows whats infp and whats a stupid stereotyp anymore.


But I can easily see all of these traits in any unhealthy person tho. All of these can be easily classified as stereotypes or generalized as toxic traits any type can have.


That is true. But if thats the case. Every infp i knew was toxic. And no other ppl were. So either its that infps are like this. Or all infps are unhealthy


If it smells like shit everywhere you go, look under your shoes.


It only smells like shit when their infp. Every other type likes me alot.


Add me to your bad infp list then 😘




Okay <3


You sound like you're specifically talking about an INFP rather than INFP's in general


vai shens patrons


Well thanks, more reason to not like myself😂


Hey, it’s okay @notevanyoung Honestly, there are going to be a lot of people who will judge you based on your mbti. Heck, I’ve had people who, when I tell them I’m INFP, have told me the same thing as siegold have said. From their bad experiences, they judge me and think me horribly before even getting to know me. Thus, they treat me badly because they expect me to treat them badly even though I am far from that. I try not to take it personally (although it’s really hard not to) because in the end, we all know who we are. Try not to let it get to you, try roll it off your shoulder, and know that some of us are good and bad, but in the end each mbti is awesome in their own way.


Half of this is like the furthest from a valid reason to even dislike someone and half of the other half are asshole reasons


I don't hate infps. I love them. They are just things i saw infps do which made me dislike them. I could also say, you invalidating my reasons of emotion is an asshole move.


I like INFP. At least they’re not my type