Online just means they're only available to deploy while you're connected to the servers. Progression of online ops continue even when you're not in-game, whereas offline ops only progress while playing the game.


Oh ok thanks a lot


No. Online means more staff and resources are available.


Online usually have much better rewards. I log in every few days and I make sure to do the fuel and common metal ones. As well as the golden digitalis and honoma ones. Maybe do the missiles ones if I have any extra teams. Always always send in your lowest level possible. Never ever select S++ for any reason. All your S++ guys should be locked with a direct contract (press L2 when they are selected) so they can't die or be stolen. Direct contract every S++ because you can not find them in the field. The only ones you are likely to have are from beating the "final boss". You can also spend your points from the weekly and short leagues or spend your event points on them.