Daily Workout and General Chat for Tuesday, 6/8/21

Daily Workout and General Chat for Tuesday, 6/8/21


Coach Austin’s Mile Benchmark Tip Of The Day: Video -> https://www.instagram.com/p/CP2TeBiJjZl/?utm_medium=copy_link Hey Reddit fam and happy Benchmark day!! You guys ready to crush the mile (power walkers half mile)?! I’ve got some tips to help make you as successful as possible! To be the MOST efficient possible with your mile effort, keep in mind that “one pace wins the race”. Intervals and moving your speed up and down a lot will NOT help you and will only tire you out! Try to go into the mile with a goal pace in mind. Set it, and GO! Your index finger is also your BEST FRIEND during the mile! Why? Using that finger at your waist level can help you make the small adjustments up or down to your speed that you need to keep yourself in the fight and push yourself to your limits! Those micro adjustments help you to not freak out if things get too tough, and also allow you to slowly build if you’ve got more in the tank. Check in with yourself at 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 and make those small adjustments as you need to! And of course, when you get to 0.9… GO FOR IT and blast through the finish!! Keep these tips in mind and you are going to DOMINATE the mile! Let me know how it goes!! Love always, Coach Austin 🤘🍊


Thank youuu for this! I’m planning for a sub 12 min mile. Just got back into fitness, but feeling like I can do it. I’m def taking your strategies with me today.




Thank you so much!!


Make sure to comeback and let us know your time!


I will!! I have class in an hour.


Y’all! I am happy to report I came in at 11:56 for my mile run. Woot woot!! Thank you for your encouragement. It truly helped push me over the finish line!! 😆😆😆


I did 11:37 as a new jogger and few this! Let’s go


Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you!!!


I beg to differ on the one pace idea. I actually get better times by doing intervals or taking a quick WR in there somewhere. I have asthma and running at a push/ao pace for too long tires me out a lot faster(I'm trying to get 8 mins, but I tired out yesterday with a 3 min run). I understand the theory behind one pace, but it doesn't work for everyone.


I find if I do a walking recovery during a 12 min or 1 mile run I never quite get the rhythm back and I lose momentum. If it works for you that is great though.


This helped me so much!! Thank you! Ran the lower end of my AO speed for the first half mile, bumped it down by .2 for the next .3 mile, and then back up again. PRed by 1 min, 40 seconds! Didn’t think it was possible!!


Amazing!!! Congrats!


Thanks for the tip. I set the tread at my high push pace and told myself, I can do this to 0.5 and then I can lower my pace. When the time came to lower I just said, I can do this a little longer and then when the last .3 miles were approaching, I wanted no regrets and went AO. I shaved off 26 seconds from my last benchmark in March, and I realize now I probably could’ve pushed even harder. I used to think fitness was physical but learning it’s more mental than I gave it credit. I wouldn’t have tried this set it and forget it approach if you hadn’t offered the advice. So thank you.


Reposting content courtesy of /u/dc031114. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/nuqckh/tuesday_8_june_2021_esp_1_mile_benchmark_2g_60/) ##Tuesday 8 June 2021 - ESP “1 mile benchmark” 2G 60 minutes Mrs DC did the 2G with the switch after the first tread block. Here you go. Still a 2 (🪶 🪶) out of 5. **Tread Block 1 - 14 minutes** * 1.6 km (1 mile) run * 3 rounds of 150m row + 12 x reverse lunges * Run for distance until time **Floor Block 1 - 14 minutes** * 3 rounds of: * 10 total x A skips * 10 total x stationary 1-2-3 high knees * 10 x forward backward shuffle * Repeat until time: * 10 each x bench bird dog low row * 10 each x hollow hold single arm close grip chest press * 10 each x plank thread the needle with rotation **Tread Block 2** * 45 sec AO * 1 min WR * 45 sec AO * 1 min WR * 45 sec AO * 1 min WR * 45 sec AO **Floor Block 2 - 6 minutes** * 10 each x lateral step-up * 20 total x static crunch with alt heel touch * 20 total x alt single leg v-up


I like this better than the 3G!




Thank u!!


Proud to say I completed my mile! My time was 13:05 which isn’t great but I was completely freaked out about a mile run. I jogged/ran 90% of it walked the rest. It all that matters a is I finished the entire mile!! Super proud of myself 🙌🏼


Congrats! I finished in 12:59 with my class cheering me on. It was fast for me and plenty of room to crush this time on the next benchmark.




First time potentially doing a benchmark. I joined a month ago and am a power walker. I may try a bit of running. What happens if I can't finish in 14 minutes? And will I be embarrassed? 😂


The power walker next to me was hauling ass. She did the full mile in less than 14 minutes (4.5 mph powerwalk - wow!)


I'm really going to try that myself. I want to hit a mile but I am also a power walker.


Power walkers are only expected to hit .5 mile


I know but I'd like to get to a mile.


Have you done the benchmark yet? Did you get your mile?


I did it and finished in time!! I was worried I wouldn't but finished in just under 13 minutes! Woot.


WOO!! Awesome job! Hell, I jogged the whole way and I barely beat 12 minutes. <13 minutes is AMAZING!


Power walkers go til .5 if that makes you more comfortable! At a 3-4.5 mph pace you’ll finish with a lot of people.


No embarrassment needed! Power walkers do 0.5 mile for the benchmark, so you should be fine.


PW here! If you PW, you do half the distance at a 4 or 5% incline. I don't know your pace, but half a mile is generally doable. Personally, I'm trying to work myself up to doing a mile in the time and have had 2 mile benchmarks so far. I haven't finished, so I don't put it in the challenge tracker but I keep track on my own. If you're real good with math, I guess you could convert your time to how long it would take you to finish a mile based on how far you got, but that's hard. As for embarrassment, don't be. We're all here for our own goals. Just do your best.


My friend ran/walked it and didn’t finish. Nobody really knows so no need to be embarrassed! Give it a shot—I bet you’ll surprise yourself!


I just switched from bike to the tread like two weeks ago. I’ve never been a runner and have knee / Achilles / ortho issues. I was just going to bike today but I was late and there were none open. Then I thought I’d do the power walk distance but I can’t do inclines so I felt like that was cheating. So I wore my compression gear and wrapped my Achilles and just went for it. I slogged some, walked some, and I actually hit the mile about 3 seconds late but the coach put 14 minutes in the challenge tracker. I really thought I’d feel embarrassed being the last one to finish, but I also know what I’ve went through to even get that mile. Six years ago I didn’t even know if I would walk again after a nearly fatal car crash and today I slogged through the entire mile :)


My studio posts a speed guide that says it will take 12 minutes to run a mile at 5mph. If you can do that then you’ll finish the mile as a runner, if not, you’ll need to walk the .5 😊


Nah, I ran it in 13:22 today. Coming back from an injury, and still jogged the full mile. Mostly around 4.6-.7 You have 14 full minutes. The guide is a great guide, but you still have a few minutes of wiggle room.


Reposting content courtesy of /u/dc031114. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/nuogg7/tuesday_8_june_2021_esp_1_mile_benchmark_3g_60/) ##Tuesday 8 June 2021 - ESP “1 mile benchmark” 3G 60 minutes Benchmark day! One of the hardest benchmarks in my mind. Just short enough to be called a power workout but long enough to burn the lungs and test the legs. My advice for the benchmark is to just set the treadmill at an aggressive push and break the benchmark down into quarters. At the 400m mark if you are not feeling that bad then start to up the pace progressively. Generally I feel reasonable for the first four minutes but then the last minute or so is just all burn and the legs start to give out. On the rower it is all endurance row challenges with reverse lunges and the floor is some power moves with upper body weights. I wouldn’t take these too seriously if you are looking to get a good time on the treadmill. For this template I give it a 2 (🪶🪶) out of 5 for gentleness. **Tread Block - 14 minutes** * 1.6 km (1 mile) run * recover * 160m (0.1) run * 30 sec WR.mbv c * Repeat until time **Row Block - 14 minutes** * 600m row + 12 x reverse lunges * 500m row + 12 x reverse lunges * 400m row + 12 x reverse lunges * 300m row + 12 x reverse lunges * 200m row + 12 x reverse lunges * 100m row + 12 x reverse lunges **Floor Block - 14 minutes** * 3 rounds of: * 10 total x A skips * 10 total x stationary 1-2-3 high knees * 10 total x forward and back shuffle * Repeat the following until time * 10 each x bench bird dog low row * 10 each x hollow hold single arm close grip chest press * 10 each x plank thread the needle with rotation


I'm always down for OT no matter what.. and sometimes the workout reads lame but ends up being amazing. But I despise these dumb a skips high knees and shuffles.. ugh... lame floor block! I wanna cancel... but I wanna get my mile in.


The other week one of my male coaches was ragging on me about holding my arms close instead of swinging them on high knees. I said I have big boobs and it hurts to bounce all around like that. He was speechless. Lol he never said that again to anyone I bet 🤣😂




YES I have this problem too! I feel like a lot of the male coaches don't understand variations that work better for women.


I’m wondering if it’s meant to be a bit of a warmup for the one mile benchmark


you are correct :)


I hate how run-centric OTF can be. Like hello some of us are using the run to warm up for the floor block, give us something to work with here!


I feel ya there. Treads is my favorite so I don’t mind as much. I think this workout is also special given it’s a tread benchmark. There’s some floor heavy days too like the upper body day in mayhem


I guess. I just don't feel like it's very HIIT to be any one thing focused. Don't get me wrong I like OTF and in terms of the pandemic options it's been a lifesaver but sometimes I wish mayhem stuff was more just the normal way we did floor. (I thought the abs day was the best one this year)


That’s why I cancelled my membership this weekend. I’ve got some issues with my left big toe that makes running not fun most of the time and OTF is way to expensive to spend half the class walking. Finishing out through July and then on to a regular gym. I can walk/run outside if I want to. I want to focus on rowing and weights.


As crazy as I looked, the floor exercises actually helped me warm up for the tread so I appreciated it 🤷🏽‍♀️


Literally zero focus on any of the workout but the Kile today. No one wants to lift heavy or go crazy with plyometeics right before or after a mile benchmark.


I’m just reading this (6 hours after my class) and realizing I did 16 reverse lunges each time. Ha ha ha…. Ugh


We did 16 too!


First class back since March 2020. Might as well make it a benchmark, right? Lfg *EDIT* Oh God I really need to change my flair. Oof.


This is day 4 back for me and I'm looking at my old PR :| seems unlikely but I'll give it a go


Done. Glad it’s over. Managed to finish my mile w class cheering 📣me on. But I was done for the bike [for rower]. WR wasn’t bad at all.


Just finished The 6 AM class and here’s my advice to everyone going to do the benchmark today: make sure that you don’t walk out of the studio today with regret!!! It is the worst feeling to know you could have done better, so really push yourself and know that you gave it your all!! That is way more satisfying


Great advice, I think an add on to help eliminate regret is go out faster than you think you can. It’s easier to slow down if needed but if you go out fast and feel good you can keep riding it to a new PR. Benchmarks are all about surprising yourself so make sure you give yourself the opportunity to do it.


Good advice. I'm a power walker so I'm trying to figure out what I want my benchmark to be. My lungs can't handle long runs like a 1 mile benchmark, I can jog 45 seconds tops before needing to catching my breathe. I think I'm going to try and job as long as I can at 4.5 mph then slow it down and go back, etc., to see how far I can go over the .5 power walking distance.


I started on the floor in the 2G for the first time for the benchmark and I think that helped to shave off more time. My joints felt looser and the run felt…easier. It was still hard, but I think I will start on the floor when other benchmarks come up.


Just finished and crushed the workout. I would def. start on the tread (while your fresh) or the floor (you can do a warm up and not toast your legs). After the tread the rower was difficult, I was spent from basically going AO on the run. Best of luck to all you.


Power walker here, didn't go for the full mile even though I wanted to try and power walk it. But I did get .5 mile in 8:40! My hands were so sweaty. My lungs (asthmatic over here) were heaving by the end of that. Also lateral step-ups are so hard, but I did it with the 15lbs dumbbells! I started OT mid-March and had to use the 8 and 10 lbs dumbbells and today I did 15 lbs (except for the single arm chest press thing today which I used 12 lbs). I'm trying to push my weight choices and I'm really proud of myself for pushing forward with 15 lbs. My goal with starting OT was to become stronger because I have a 16 month and I want to be able to keep picking her up and so far so good! Also kept increasing the inclines in the tread block 2 (2G class) and finished it out at 15 incline!


i expected this workout to be a snooze after the mile but i ended up burning 500 calories which is a lot for me (normally i’m between 400-450). i started on the tread (finished in 7min, did 5 AOs) and the rower felt pretty difficult after. threw in a few push ups on the floor and feel good about the work today!


Today was my FIRST day at OTF. I picked… an interesting day. Due to some knee issues I did the PW for the benchmark (2G) and I’ve never done a rower before so that was fun. I’ve determined I hate the floor workouts LoL what I always avoid. I found this thread helpful, so thanks for easing my mind!


Congrats on completing your first day and welcome! :)


I’ve been going to OTF for a little more than a month, but been in and out of other gyms for a while, and I’ve NEVER been able to consistently run a mile without lowering my starting pace or stopping altogether. Today, not only did I run my mile without slowing down, I actually increased my speed a couple of times and was able to shatter my 10-minute mile goal (9:35)! Still have lots of room for improvement, but it’s crazy what your body can do with good coaching and perseverance.


I’m in the weird PW / jogger phase where I do most pushes and all outs jogging/running and base is PW. I did the full mile today but it doesn’t show in the app under challenges for treadmill! Feeling a little defeated by this tiny inconvenience


Text your studio and ask! They can add or change it within 24 hours of the workout.


I work nights and am exhausted.. I’m doing what I can do and not gonna feel bad about my results AT ALL!


That floor plan stinks. Bring on the weights.


I just skipped those weird skipping/jumping/shuffling moves and went straight to heavy weights! Too gimmicky.


Getting a bit anxious for my class tonight! I’ve been power walking but I’d really like to push myself to jog the mile...or rather, see if I can. It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted jogging/running! 😅


You can doooo it!!!


Thank you for the encouragement; I saw your comment just before going in 🥰 11:58!


Yesssssss!! Over here crushing goals. I’m so happy for you. 💪🏾


So, I have a knee injury and have never run on the treadmill. I do the bike 95% of the time. Or power walk. Today I said F-it and did the mile. I got 9:03! And still had plenty of juice in the tank. I’m pretty proud of that!


Why can’t I do the bird dog?


I find the bench kills my knee so I put a mat on it and I was able to focus on core/balance rather than “god, this hurts my knee!”


Same! I was shaking the enter time. My coach said you have to really engage your core to stabilize yourself.


I hate BIRD DOGS!! I can never balance myself ugh


My only hope was to get under 10 minutes and I made it in at 9:44!! So happy 😭


I’m about to faint omg😰


Great class got a PR but I felt badly for the athletes that started on the floor (2G class). If I understood the order correctly, after the treads finished the benchmark, the athletes that started on the floor are supposed to go right after. Instead, the treads did the 6 minute tread block and the floor did theirs 6 minutes as well. Those who started on the floor were probably gassed when they got to the tread! Something felt off but I felt as if it wasn't my place to say anything


I’m new to OTF... How do you know when the benchmarks are coming up?? I didn’t have a class scheduled today so I missed this one. And when you do take a benchmark, does it automatically pop up in the app section or do you have to do something? I love the workout but I’m still figuring out all the extra stuff.


usually the studio will have a calendar at the beginning of the month and it will show!


It took me a while to figure this out and it was super frustrating! My studio rarely announces benchmarks anywhere other than at the very end of class. I can’t remember anything when I can’t write it down immediately and especially after working out for 60 minutes. So I get all my benchmark info from this subreddit! If you go to the info tab, it will have the monthly calendar. You’ll enter your time into their computer at the end of class and then you can see your results in your OTF app. Go to the Performance tab and click on Challenges and you should be able to fine all your results there.


This class got me! My muscles are all screaming.


I’ve never timed a mile run in my life, let alone set an OT PR for one. I said I wanted to finish in under 10 minutes, that was my goal. 6.6 all the way to .9, then I bumped it up to 7. Finished at 9:07. For someone who is going to be 41 this month, I think I did OK - especially since I ran this after rower and floor. My only complaint - why do they have us do lunges in the row block on benchmark days? I am pretty sure we had lunges on the 12 minute run day too. Nothing like tiring out your leg muscles on benchmark run days.


Does anyone know how to sync my Orangetheory workout with the Lose it! app? My fiancée has it happen automatically but mine doesn’t do it. Any help would be appreciated :)


Has anyone else been experiencing more cramping than usual on the treadmill since we took masks off? I have been taking the morning classes with no food in my stomach and have never had an issue before!


Not since masks have come off but I was having major issues up until last month, regardless of when I took the class or when or how much I ate (even while fasting). A coach recommended that I eat a piece of toast or bread with peanut or almond butter 20 minutes before class and haven't had any since!


I’ve had tight hamstrings and quads since the 2G class last Wednesday. I honestly think that the classes are increasing in intensity more than before (or I’m just working harder). 😂


I started on the floor and have regrets. It was basically 12 plus minutes not standing upright. I had major head blood rush when I finally got on the treadmill.


Maybe it’s because I did them at the end of class, but I’d rather do a second one mile benchmark than those plank thread the needle things. I knew I was doing it right because my core hurt more than anything else. 😬😬🤣🤣


Thanks to you all who suggested putting a towel over the monitor on the tread for the one mile. I blew my previous PR out of the water but 2:12 by just listening to my body.


This was my first repeat benchmark since starting in February and I was so happy to PR on that 1 mile run!!


I did the 2G class in an unfamiliar studio, didn't get there earlier enough and was stuck starting on a rower (I'm a treadmill starter). It was tough! I was worried about being worn out from rower and floor before I got to do my mile, but it ended up working out.


Did anyone do the bike today? I did... it took me all of 13:59 to do all 4 miles and I was pretty proud of myself. (I didn't know it was going to be 4 miles when I hopped in the thing lol)


Ugh Orangetheory charged me a no show even though I cancelled last week! They said it wasn’t reflected and didn’t believe me. Soooo annoying