Reposting content courtesy of /u/rag_monkey. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/p1etz3/tuesday_10th_august_2g_60min_esp/) ##Tuesday 10th August, 2G 60min ESP Slightly different from the June workout, but only on the floor. Tread block 1, 7.5min - 1 min push - 1 min base - 3 min increasing incline base ([email protected]%/3%/4%/5%/6%/7%) - 90s base - 1 min all out Tread block 2, 6.5 min - 30s push - 30s base - 3 min decreasing incline base ([email protected]%/6%/5%/4%/3%/2%) - 90s base - 1 min all out Tread block 3, 5.5 min - 3 min increasing or decreasing incline base your choice - 90s base - 1 min all out Floor block 1, - 150m all out row (once only) - 5 each side single leg deadlifts - 8 deadlift (with dumbbells) - 6 hip hinge dumbbell swings - 16 bicycle press Floor block 2, - 150m row (once only) - 10 alternating reverse lunges - 8 alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells - 6 alternating reverse jump lunges - 16 hip hinge reciprocating rows (Beyonce move) Floor block 3, - 150m row (only once) - 6 sit ups with torso rotations - 6 sit ups with torso rotations and weight on chest - 8 power sit ups with rotation - 16 bridge with alternating toe touch


Love the “Beyoncé move” addition… never gonna look at that exercise the same 🤣🤣


I didn’t go today and now you have me curious. I need a visual 😂😂


It made total sense when I read that. I’m surprised I haven’t thought of the Beyoncé reference before 🤣🤣


It's the single ladies move lol


Just wanted to add that the single leg deadlifts are with the TRX and not deadlifts so not nearly as bad since you don’t have to focus on not falling quite nearly as much.


Agreed! I actually really like them with the TRX, let's you perfect form


Beyoncé move… that is hysterical. My eyes immediately went to that and I didn’t even have to look at the actual exercise to know what you were saying 😂


I had a dream last night that the rowers weren’t working, it was time to start on the tread. Maybe this is my cue???


Another good one. I’m glad the single leg dead lifts were with the TRX strap because I struggle with those unsupported.


Same. I have a hard time with those especially on my right side, having some hip issues and it just feels weird to do them 😕


Ok, does anyone else struggle hard with jump lunges? Are my legs too long? I felt like a whole idiot today doing them.


Thank you so much for the early intel!!!


One of my highest calories burns yet, 595 cals!! Loved this template


Same. This was a good one


Love the Beyoncé reference! Now “single ladies” 🎶 will be playing in my head when I do hip hinge reciprocating low rows…


I don’t know why, but this template pushed me to my absolute limit. I started on the floor. Finishing on the rower was torture. Most people who finished on the rower left without stretching today. 🥵


I had to hold in my laughter as my coach demo’ed the Beyoncé. I will never look at that move the same.


Coach Austin’s Weightfloor Tip Of The Day: Video -> https://www.instagram.com/reel/CSYk-Z9ngSX/?utm_medium=copy_link Hey Reddit fam! Wishing you guys a wonderful Tuesday and hope to provide some quick insight into one of OTFs most popular exercises: the Hip Hinge Swing! Firstly, the weight choice you make probably needs to be heavier than what you’re using! You shouldn’t be able to “lift the weight up with your arms” – if you can, you’re going to struggle to challenge the real target muscles of the exercise: your booty muscles! So, make sure your weight feels really heavy in your arms (25 lbs+)! Secondly, avoid falling into the trap of “squat to raise”! This exercise isn’t about droppin’ that booty down low (save that for squats, and the club)! Instead – think “butt BACK” rather than “down”. You want to “send the weight under and behind you”. This is what stretches the booty muscles and loads them up to contract and powerfully swing the weight up to shoulder height! It’s all in the butt muscles, not the arms! All your arms have to do is hold the really heavy weight! Hope all of this makes sense and hope it helps – let me know how it goes! Love always, Coach Austin 🤘🍊


Instructions unclear. Turned my OT class into a club🤣


Great tip!


Thank you for the tip.


I've only read about people falling off of rowers on Reddit, it was like OTF folklore to me... Until this morning, when the man next to me literally *soared* off his rower during the Crazy Train lyric, "I'm going off the rails" 😂 My last AO row was a total bust because I was rapidly fluctuating between "ohmygodareyouokay" and belly laughing because it happened during that line! (Dude was very good humored and pretty unfazed, I definitely read the room before laughing lol)


If this happened next to me, my immediate need to help people would have been like “omg here let me help you” still strapped into my rower, causing even more mayhem and clusterf***. 😆


You had me scream laughing at “soared”….I’m crying 😂


I loved this template and it was my first 5 am!! not a full 5 am crew convert yet but will definitely be going to them more often


You're going to LOVE it!


You'll get hooked, trust me!


oh I know…5 am crew is like a whole other ‘cult’ inside the OTF cult 😂


Quick 3G recap Tread (each block 4 mins): Block 1: 30 second base at 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7% 30 second flat road base 30 second AO 75 second WR BLOCK 2: 30 second base at 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2% 30 second flat road base 30 second AO 75 second WR BLOCK 3: Member choice of block 1 or block 2 ROWER (4 min - timed with treads): Block 1: 15 stroke row 10 stroke recovery row Repeat until time called. Remember your distance. 75 second recovery. BLOCK 2: 150m row 100m recovery row Repeat until time Try to beat distance from block one. Remember your distance. 75 recovery BLOCK 3: Member choice of block 1 or 2. Try to beat two previous distances FLOOR (4 mins each): BLOCK 1: TRX S/L deadlift (?): 5 each Deadlift: 8 total DB hip hinge swing: 6 BLOCK 2: Reverse lunge: 10 total DB reverse lunge: 8 total Jump reverse lunge: 6 total BLOCK 3: Sit up with torso rotation: 6 Weighted sit up with torso rotation: 6 Sprinter sit up with rotation: 8


I did the 3G today and JEEZ. Safe to say I’ll be an invalid for the rest of the day. That double lower body on the floor was the nail in the coffin for me


I don't know about this who Practice, Perfect, Perform thing today. I just felt like it was more like Death, Death, Death. So, I'm just going to suggest you plan ahead to have sweat in every possible crevice of your body and I might even suggest you sit on a plastic tarp in your car to avoid sweat infusing into your vehicle. **Hair intel:** you may need a back-up sweat band from the tread to the rower. Just... get that stuff off your face. **Towel intel:** carry a back up **Shirt intel:** carry a back up **Coffee intel**: buy a back up Most importantly, I'm normally a PW but I so desperately want to be one of those people that love running without feeling like my lungs are going to explode. Today I ran those damn inclines... so yeah, if I can do it, you can, too.


I've never really needed a backup towel, shirt, AND sweat band before...but wow. Today I did. ​ And I had zero backups. ![gif](giphy|3xz2BLBOt13X9AgjEA)


I know... if only we could see into the future! Not for nefarious purposes, just to know how much we're going to sweat.


Yesterday the AC at our location wasn’t working. 90 degrees outside and humid AF. I don’t need to tell you that the amount of sweat I generated was just apocalyptic.


There should have been staff offering each member a giant cup of ice every minute. But dang. You were able to get OTF in along with a sauna session.


Same weather here, but our AC was working so well as I stepped outside my glasses instantly fogged up! ❄️to 🔥


Today our power went out during the workout and thankfully it was a 2g so we went to rowers/floor and just SWEATED an insane amount (90s, no fans 😳)


does that mean you burned more splat points? 😜🧡🧡🧡🧡


Sadly, the power being off meant the system didn’t work so NO SPLAT POINT were counted!! It made me so sad


I'm going to give you 1000 splat points. Just because.


Anyone else’s calves killing them after yesterday and today? Or just me 😅


Oh, my bum is sore. Can we trade?


Same!! I was sore from Sunday and then more today. 😅


Here! Also Sunday was a lot of hills. Never more than 4% but it was like an endurance strength combo and brutal


Today was not my day to pretend to be a jogger. I ran during the push, base and all outs, but once the inclines started, I moved to power walking. Power walked from 12-15 incline, so great leg toning so I don't feel as bad about it. One day I'll become a jogger ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thumbs_up)


Great job! I became a PW for block 2 on the tred


Same. Ran the very very very last all out, but alternated jogging and then pw the inclines.


As long as we keep moving!


The 3G was hard, but manageable hard. Good rower workout if you push yourself a bit, and as much as I hate inclines, I liked the tread workout. I dont know why, but for some reason my brain handles the "declining" inclines SO much better.


Every single person in my class today went for the decline on the "member choice" 3rd tread block.... LOL. (including me). ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|wink)


There was a serial “WHEW/WOO-er” next to me this morning….can’t tell if she was hurting or just new.


Serial woo-er. I’m cackling 😂


My coach had an awesome Hip Hinge Swing Tip today! It's really awkward to hold a high weight in that grip (I think we all envision it slipping and smashing the mirror in front of us lol), so if you hold it by the stem using both hands and keep the weight diagonal/horizontal under your legs (vertical by the top of your swing), it's much more comfortable. I normally use 20/25s and could easily do 35s that way! Just make sure you're still using the proper form!


Great workout today! Love the single leg deadlifts with the TRX, it really helps perfect form! And man those inclines, power walked so stayed between 8 & 13 on the pushes, 6 for WR and 15 for AOs. My 🍑 is popping 🤣


It’s EverHell prep. I’m febrile. I’m out.


Looking up the meaning of febrile… you folks teach me so much!


having or showing the symptoms of a fever. I may be febrile as well....


I made the mistake of going to a 615AM class and will now spend the rest of the day in a jelly-like state. Loved this workout! I really noticed improvements on the rower.


It was a great day to PW 😅


Uggh! Great workout but my only gripe is that I am really tired of reverse lunges. They are programmed way too often.


This looks like a good challenge. So weird. I just saw a girl on IG tonight doing what I think is the bridge with alt toe touch and said to myself “I wanna do that!” Ask and you shall receive!


We did a 90s alternate version of class. Not this workout.


After the 40% grade mountain peak I hiked up on Sunday, let's hope the tread inclines feel easy. 😬 (Of course, I wasn't *running* up that mountain.)


I really enjoyed today's workout! It was just challenging enough but not miserable


This was day 3 for me. I did a free class Friday and again on Monday, signed up for the unlimited membership Monday and booked a class a day for the rest of the week. OMG if today's workout was my first workout I would have thought I was way in over my head. It was a great challenge though but even the treadmill killed me--I like to jog but I like flat haha--I ended up having to switch to power walk on the last go round and man that was a steep incline. The floor exercises were tricky for me and I'm not sure if I was doing them right, especially the ab work. I am terrible at sit ups and I was feeling muscle strain in an odd place so I am not sure I was doing it right. But I liked the other exercises. As for the rowers--I am a bit confused about them still. The goal was 150m at the start of each set but the coach mentioned to "push yourself to beat yourself" or something like that. What is it that we are trying to beat? The time it takes us to finish the 150 m or something else. I don't really understand how to read the screen. I don't think I have ever used a rower before OT so I am really new to this. But OMG I am loving it. It is exactly what I needed. When I belonged to PF I never left the treadmill. When I try at home videos I get very angry at the trainers and shut them off--and I always wonder if I am doing the strength exercises correctly. But this is the perfect way to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone with the right amount of support and encouragement that leaves me feeling wonderful.


They probably were referring to your watts, the number on the top left hand corner of the screen, or your time.


Hello! How do I go about finding a Lift 45 class? I don't think my gym does them so is there an easy way to search in the app for a location that does?


I would also like to know the answer!


Today’s class was so boring. I was literally yawing the whole 60 mins. Anyone else?


Thanks for the intel


Great workout today, man gotta love those hills after three straight days of leg workouts... I kid..


Today was gnarly- legs were definitely still heavy from the hour (exaggeration) of all outs yesterday. LOVE those deadlifts though!!!


I really enjoyed today’s workout and the possibility of being on the thread (3G) the whole time without needing to stand up after all those thread inclines 😅


Great class! Got a tattoo on Saturday so I took a few days off, but I made today modified enough to where I didn’t feel unsafe. Anything that would cause me to bend (row) or twist (all the ab work) translated into cycling for me! Low impact but I was able to get some splats.


Ughhhh, running hard with a mask was just not happening today. I'll probably be powerwalking more.


Just wrapping up my first month. Six classes down, unmistakable improvement all around. But man, I had a hard time coming home up my stairs when I finished this workout 😅 And a side note: having a good long yoga practice really helps with everything. I felt so good with my form on the single leg deadlifts — I do even without the trx! Yoga is a great compliment to strength work.