Reposting content courtesy of /u/rag_monkey. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/pdmqvw/funday_29th_august_2g_60min_power_runrow/) ##Funday 29th August, 2G 60min Power Run/Row I love a run row day, so this is funday! Tread block 1, 23 mins *3 rounds increase row by 50m each round* - 0.16km run (0.1 freedom miles) - 100m row *3 rounds increase row by 50m each round* - 0.24km run (0.15 miles) - 100m row *3 rounds increase row by 50m each round* - 0.32km run (0.2 miles) - 100m row *bonus: Complete until time, increase row by 50m each round* - 0.4km run (0.25 miles) - 100m row Floor block 1, 10 mins - 6 deadlifts - 8 low bench squat jacks - 10 sumo squat to upright row - 12 front loaded alternating reverse lunge - 12 / 10 / 8 power sit ups Floor block 2, 7 mins - 10 hip hinge swings - 6 each side low bench reverse lunge to hop - 6 each side low bench plank abduction Floor block 3, 3 mins - core blast, coaches choice


I look like I just dove into a pool with all my clothes on. If I didn’t have things to do today I would absolutely take this again!


First time I’ve ever made it to the bonus round on a run row. So proud of myself!


We literally had 30 seconds left when I was about to start the bonus round. I stayed on the rower. I was ALMOST there!


This 2G was my favorite work out to date! I felt so strong and proud of myself when I left the gym this morning!


I was so excited to do this run/row today! It was supposed to be my rest day, but it looked so fun that I was like “oooh! I could totally make the morning class!” and booked my spot last minute. Then when I sat down on the rower, coach was like “I’m so excited to be in here with you for the next 90 minutes!” The guy next to me and I looked at each other like “shit! We done messssssssssed up!” But we both survived!


Did leg day at the gym yesterday and I’m starting to think that was a bad idea!


Argh. My last day for a few months is tomorrow and I dedicated myself to getting a 12mp hsprint before I leave (for some perspective I stareted OTF in January never having run before with 4/5/6 for my base/push/ao). "All" I've needed is a "normal" tread block that ends on a 30s All out w/o a push or incline before it. I can't remember the last one :| hoping tomorrow is it. I guess I could go off ranch since if my math is right I could do the .1 'freedom mile' at 12 in 30 seconds?


Pretty much, I do them at 20kph, which is 12.5mph roughly, and it's 30s for the 0.1.miles.


Yah I did the math it works out perfectly. Just not so sure I can/want to start my run off the bat at 12mph. I usually save my PR or day PR for last sprint of the day. I don't want to get impaled on the TRX :|


Do it! I did the first 3 runs at 12.5 the rest of them at 10, was enough to get me two rounds of the bonus


I'm actually terrified of the 12 mph I've done 11 mph 3 or 4 times and I feel like I'm just keeping up. I always feel like I do better when my legs and body are warm even if I am someone fatigued. I asked my studio if I could possibly share with me tomorrow's format to see if it's a better day to try to get the 12th in as I'm still so much sore for my Everest.


If you start from 0 then it's only actually a few seconds (<7) at 12 before the 0.1 miles is complete


Oy now I can't start at zero ;) I'll probably get to 5 for warm-up and go from there. If you read an RIP post tomorrow am you'll know it was me :)


Couldn't manage it during yesterday's format, today the last day I can but finally a 30s AO preceded by base. Plan is since yesterday the 12mph was getting away from me and I think it is mental is try it for as long as I can each AO so by last AO I feel 'comfortable' enough for 30 seconds.


BTW for some perspective I am 5-6 and 58 (male)


Sunday 29th August - 3G Power Only 5 people in my class today as tomorrow is a holiday in the UK. We all did each station together - made it particularly tough as the coach could immediately spot any slacking! I enjoyed today’s row block. TREAD Block 1 - 30sec all out, 30 sec WR x3 Block 2 - 45sec all out, 45 sec WR x3 Block 3 - 1min all out, 1min WR x3 ROWER Follows tread, so 30sec all out row, 30sec rest (or recovery row) x3 etc etc. We reset our screens each time so challenge was to match first distance of each block. FLOOR Only two blocks Block 1 - deadlift x 6 - low bench squat jack x 8 - sumo squat to upright row x 10 - front loaded alt reverse lunge x 12 - power sit up x12/10/8 (decrease each round) 10.25mins total Block 2 (5mins? I was dead by this point) ETA - notice the 2G is coaches choice for this, 3G might be the same as it wasn’t on our board. - 10 x low bench plank jack - 10 x bicycle crunch Reduce by 2 each round then hold a plank until time. We all made it to the plank.


Thank you, otf friend! Enjoy your holiday!


Looks good! Getting ready to head out - thanks for the intel!


Whew! 3G 90mins for us - it was good!!! My legs are super sore afterwards though esp with yesterday’s endurance day. Tomorrow will be a real day!


was the 90 minute template the same as above?


Almost! The final tread block started with a 75 second run for distance, then a 1 min, 45 sec, and 2 30 sec all outs, all with walking recovery in between. The last floor block was a hip hinge swing, toe taps from the bench, and I can’t remember for the life of me what the third exercise was!


Thank you!!


Great workout. And as a bonus, I didn't have to think too hard to get through it.


was definitely still coach's choice... ours choose 3 minutes of straight plank. D:


Well, that was ugly but it's over. I don't know how people love run/rows since I hate distance running on the tread more than anything. :) Shout out to the low pony club today.


I don’t like them because I almost always forget to log out of the rower and end up rushing back to it when I can’t log into the treadmill. I wasted so much time today 😢


Ohhh! I don't wear a HRM anymore so I didn't even think about that! Sounds like a mental workout.


It is. Especially - and I don’t know why I care - when I think the person next to me is wondering what kind of idiot I am 😂


This. Yep. Literally EVERY time, I had to go back to log out.😩🤦‍♀️


I believe I set a record today by remembering twice to sign out before getting on the tread. Now the other 900 times….lol




That was probably one of the hardest OTF workouts - if not workout - I’ve ever done. But I’m so glad I did it…barely😂😂😂


Saaaaaame. Hardest OTF workout I’ve ever done


Same here. Holy hell, it totally knocked me out.


Agree! This felt like probably the hardest one for me way more than some templates I thought would be worse. Combination of mental state and how much pasta I ate this weekend maybe!


Yay! Love run rows, love deadlifts, and now I love hip hinge swings! I hit a PR a couple classes ago and used a 60 lb dumbell, wasn't my go to but the 50's were all gone and I had already walked over to the heavy rack to increase my 40..and I didn't want to turn around empty handed. I was nervous but said screw it just try...once I started my biggest worry was that the dumbell would slip out of my sweaty hands (even though I wear gloves) but somehow I pulled it off... for 3 rounds 🙂


Great… my core is already blasted from yesterday’s double crunch!!! 🤪


Mine too, and then my coach’s core blast included the dreaded palms to elbows!


Same! the core blast block was rough.


We got dead bugs in our class for the core blaster!! I was so excited- they are my favorite!


i shouldn’t have read this - looks SOO GOOD but my allergies are insane rn and i can’t stop coughing this weekend (got tested for covid and everything but it’s just allergies) and i don’t wana make anyone uncomfortable so home i stay so sad to miss it tho looks 🔥🔥


Thanks so much for the intel! This is legit what my idea of a perfect workout looks like.


Freedom miles 😂


A run row for my birthday burn! 🎉


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! Birthday burpees?


No 😂 I got away with it


Fiiinnnaaalllyyy a decent full body workout this week. I am doing a 90 min tomorrow and this looks fast and fun. I haven't gone since Wednesday. I don't do the challenges anymore and then Friday and Saturday were both upper body which is very very boring to me. Thanks for this. I honestly don't know how you all remember these workouts so well.


Fridays template might have looked boring but I can tell you that it was anything but! That floor block was a silent killer and I definitely feel ALL the upper body muscles!


Omg yes, even with lighter weights it still hurt 😂


I could never remember!!! Glad there are smarter people than me in the world! 😂




Damn I kinda wish I didn’t have today off, this looks like a fun workout! I’m sure when I go back tomorrow plank pull throughs will be back on the menu again lol


I was going to start my week off today but read this intel and I love a good run to row. So I went. It was good. I’ll return to torturing myself next Monday lol. See you good folks in a week! Go if you’re doubting today!


The 90 min today was killer! 💀


My studio doesn't do 90 minutes..wish they did..😔


Run-Rows are the best. They go by so fast.


Loved today's workout but so strange to me the two people next to me, a couple, were jamming super fast back and forth from rower to tread and when I glanced over to look at their distances they we just doing whatever..lol. Trips me out I figured why come to a place like OTF if you are just gonna do your own thing. Maybe I'm too much of a rule follower...lol


It was a great one. Love the short rows with the run!


100% I’m still sore from Friday.


I love me a run/row. This was a good class. Aaaaalmost made it to the bonus round. And core is def still sore from earlier this week 🥲


2g this morning on a hangover post wine/spirit festival.. Do not recommend 😩🤣


I’m not a huge fan of run/rows but this Power Run/Row was awesome!!! LOVED IT!


Joined the "smashed my finger putting away the weights" club today with the 40lb on the heavy rack. An otherwise good workout!


Loved today's template! Run/rows are my favourite as I love the challenge it brings. Making it to the bonus round is always my goal! Was able to run 0.230 miles into the bonus round!


I like distance runs cause u can set a pace for yourself: and the faster u go the faster it ends lol The 2G was solid overall


I loved the workout today!! One of my favorites.


I did the 90-minute workout, but man brutal. 90 min was 3G, tread and rower were on the same cadence. The floor wasn't that bad except by the time I got to it, I was well over 1,000 calorie burn so I was feeling it.


I just finished it too and I was so thankful to not have a run to row! I will take a 3G instead of a run to row any day. Good workout!


Loved this. Nursing a hip injury so did the runs between base and push and worked hard on the rows. Got through one round of the bonus. If I was normal running could have likely completed another two.


Anyone else just now feeling the Everest soreness??


Our coach gave different verbal directions than the written directions on the tread, so people were all kinds of messed on the tread differences. He was busy flirting on the floor.


Literally made it through all the rounds on the treadmill. Was about to go get on the rower but time was called. Proud of myself!


Loved this template today!


I did every run at 8.0 mph and made it to the bonus


I did the 90 minute. Class started with 9 of us. By the end only 3 of us were left. 🤣


Did this as a 3G and it absolutely kicked my ass- our coach had us doing burpees in the last minute on the floor and I really thought I was going to see Jesus for a moment. Funday indeed!