Coach Austin’s Weightfloor Tip Of The Day: Video -> https://www.instagram.com/p/CT1DkfJJ8VN/?utm_medium=copy_link Hey Reddit fam!! After lots and lots of requests to re-cover this exercise, I’m very happy to share with you some weight floor advice on the Single Leg Deadlift today - the infamous exercise that makes almost everyone fall over once! NEVER AGAIN! The real trick to mastering Single Leg Deadlifts is to shift your focus away from “the front leg” and instead bring that focus to the back leg! Huh? But we’re working the leg that’s on the ground, right? Yes, BUT… if you’re so focused on hinging over the front leg, your back leg tends to lag behind, stay bent, and make it so hard to keep your balance! When you can focus on straightening the back leg and lifting it up as high as possible, it naturally hinges you over the front leg while allowing you to confidently maintain your balance! You’d think it wouldn’t work that way… but it does! And you gotta give tit a try! So keep that in mind, focus on lifting the back leg, and let me know how it goes for ya! Love always, Coach Austin 🤘🍊


I’ll be the one looking like a drunk flamingo today…. 🦩


I did try this and while I hadn’t had issues, this subtle change did make them feel easier. Thanks for these tips, they really help!


You da best!!🧡


I NEVER fell anything when I do deadlifts. I’ve even had the coach help me and nothing. I have never felt my glutes ever so it’s probably that. usually with squats I feel my quads. But nothing with deadlifts


It’s a hamstring dominant movement so if you poke your chest out and stick your butt back lol you will feel it in your hamstrings. You also have to use heavier weight, not crazy heavy but you won’t feel them with 15s lol


Thank you! Totally helped


60min 2G Bra/Pony/Pants Intel: (MediumImpact/AnyStyle/Dark) Pee Factor: 💧💧💧 (3/10) Not a bad day for an ESP workout - the words "non-stop" apply to both the tread and the second half of the floor... so make sure you're in dark pants... you can get away with patterns because there's no jumping, and the pee factor is low unless you drink a ton of water! No bench and no skateboard, so your hair is fine however you want to wear it... medium impact bra should be fine unless the bigger girls need to be tied down for the long endurance tread blocks...


Oh my gosh, I love this! First time seeing it. The the only reason I look on here is to review the workout and see what I need to wear/how to prep! Thank you! Is this posted all the time?


As a middle aged woman, I appreciate the pee factor rating!!!


Omg hilarious. Def need the pee factor!


Hi. Big boobs here. Everyday is a high impact bra day unless I want to get whacked in the face lmaooo. Appreciate the pee intel. Thanks for looking out.


Love that you also include a pee factor!!!! Med ball jumping jacks are 10/10 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧


Love this. Thanks!!!


Love love love love love this! Thank you! Just followed you so I can get all the Intel goodies. 🧡


I have never seen this review before but I have to tell you I love it. Thanks so much!!!


This is more important than the exercises tbh


Love this!!! Thanks for the Intel and the chuckles


Please post daily! You made my day!


Pee factor??


Pee factor.


Pee factor is a real thing? As in..peeing your pants?!




Also sounds like you recently had a baby! Try doing jumping Jacks while pushing a med ball overhead. I wouldn’t recommend doing that on carpet.


I’m not the only one… 🍊😅


I’ll do my best to remember this one! Tread block 1 - 12 mins 3 min Push 1.5 min Base 3 min Push 1.5 min Base 3 min Run for distance Floor block 1 - 12.5 mins 2 rounds 8 x hip hinge swing 8 x plank single arm row 1 min row 8 x deadlift 8 x split stance single arm row Floor block 2 - 9.5 mins 14 x single leg deadlift 14 x single arm bicep curl 14 x uppercut 1 min row Repeat exercises Tread block 2 - 9.5mins 1 min All out 3% 1 min Walking recovery 1 min All Out 1% 1 min Walking recovery 45s All Out 3% 1 min Walking recovery 45s All Out 1% 1 min Walking recovery 30s all out 3% 1 min Walking recovery 30s all out 1%


Watch your back on the floor today!


In the tread last block I think it’s All outs and not pushes


Thank you - edited!


1 minute all out at 3%.. what are they doing to us!


Getting everyone ready for dri tri


Our dri tri is already done it was last week :(


And I don’t want to do the dri tri so leave me out of this 😂😂😂


Yeah that was rough lol


So many splats for me today! I seem to be picking up more on the floor block without realizing it (lifting heavier these days?) and I probably need to pay more attention to my breath...


Lifting heavy makes all the difference in the world


Yes! And doing the tread block first always keeps my heart rate more elevated throughout. I am also still just under 20 classes (joined in mid-July), but I'm looking forward to getting my HR/monitor recalibrated soon. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)


Thank you! No rowers today??? I could possible cry for happiness


I see two one minute rows listed in there.


True! I missed as it was behind the single arm row Thanks!


Thank you so much!!!


Thank you so much for the intel! Looks like a good one 🧡


Thank you for the intel. That was a fantastic class that I would have missed if not for your info. I even rearranged my week’s workout schedule to accommodate today’s class.


Was it a switch? Meaning did it go tread, floor, tread?


We did two tread blocks then two floor blocks. Rowed one time each floor block (1 min all out row).


Was today an ESP day? Or what did they say it was?


Yep, ESP today!


FYI - the order of the days almost always goes endurance, strength, power, ESP.


Fantastic! Thank you!!!


Thank you! 🍊


Thank you!


Oh my gosh I actually did all of the all outs in the last tread block. I’m so proud of myself!!!!!


2nd day in a row of upper body?? That's disappointing, canceling 😔. I understand they are probably not trying to burn members' legs out for Dri-Tri but not everyone is participating.


I see a lot of deadlifts and hip hinge swing


There’s usually two days in a row of upper anyway but there are hip hinge swings and deadlifts so I wouldn’t classify this as upper body, maybe total body. Legs is usually every third day.


Heavy deadlifts + single leg deadlift, plus one min. all outs on the row, and tread 1 minute all outs at 3% or greater. I took this class 4 hours ago and already feel the soreness creeping in 😭


No rowing? Is this an esp? Thanks!


3G 3 min push 1 min base 3 min run for distance 90 sec WR 1 min AO @ 3% 1 min WR 45 sec AO 3% 1 min WR 30 sec AO 3% 1 min WR 30 sec AO FLAT ROAD ROWER 7 min 400m row 12 iso squat MB bicep curls Decrease row by 100m If you finish, row for distance 150m AO, 10 MB good mornings Repeat until end of block FLOOR Complete 2 rounds 8 hip hinge swings 6 each side plank low row 6 single stance high row 8 deadlift Until end of block 14 each single leg deadlift 14 bicep curl (demo showed alternating arms, coach told us to do both arms at the same time) 14 upper cuts Repeat until time.


Thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m in the central time zone so I’ve never posted intel before. The formatting looked different when I typed it out originally so hopefully it makes sense!


Wow they had you do 14 EACH LEG for the deadlifts?? I guess our coach went easy on us. We did 14 total, alternating legs each time. Same with the curls.


I’m so jealous. Yes, ours was each leg but my coach today is a big body builder type and he always seems to have us doing something extra on the weight floor. I had to change out my weights to lighter ones for all of the exercises after the first round, it was brutal but in that I love otf kind of way lol


Sounds like a great coach! I would love a coach who really challenged me like that.


Yesterday I had a coach come up behind me when I was doing the half thrusters and told me that my form looks great but that I should be using a heavier weight. And she was right. I loved that she noticed that and encouraged me to go heavier!


Ours advised us to do alternating.


My coach did tell us to ignore the demo with the alternating bicep curls but I had no idea he also changed up the single leg deadlifts. I was at the floor station furthest from the screen so I don’t know what it showed but he definitely told us to do 14 on each side. He likes to sneak in an extra level of difficulty to push the 5am’ers on the floor, it’s usually why I enjoy taking his classes, unless it’s a day with burpees because he will often change them to something more difficult as an “option” that isn’t really optional lol


In the 2G description above, most of the floor exercises are "single" whatever. To me, that kind of indicates that the formatting should focus on one arm at a time, one leg at a time. Kind of seems that some coaches went rogue!


Guess I’m going for the third day in a row 🥴


60 min 3g: ROWER: Block 1 (7 mins): 400m row ISO squat with MB bicep curl x 12 Repeat, decreasing 100m each round If done, row for distance until time is called Block 2 (5 min): 150m AO row MB good mornings x 10 Repeat until time is called FLOOR: Block 1 (7 mins): DB swing x 8 Plank low row x 6 each Complete two rounds Split stance high row x 6 each (tempo) DL x 8 Complete two rounds If done before time, complete as whole block Block 2: Alt SL DL x 14 Alt Bicep curl x 14 Uppercut x 14 Once you pick up the DBs, don’t put down. TREAD: Block 1 (7 mins): 3 min push 1 min base 3 min RFD Block 2 (5 mins - this block is a little fuzzy - I had to modify bc PF started acting up 🙄) 1 min AO 1 min WR 45 s AO 45 s WR 30 AO (at 3% incline I think) 30 s WR 30 s AO


Thanks! Yeah today was a tough one! My legs are sore from Monday I think so those inclines and deadlifts were rough! Good class though! Definitely wear dark leggings. I’m wearing purple ones and it looks like I pissed myself.


These Dri Tri training classes are going to be the death of me


Careful out there - I destroyed my right hamstring on today’s workout. Did my tread block last, and on my final all out (at 11.0) totally twinged my right hamstring. Can barely walk now. Definitely pushed the tread block a bit too hard after all those dead lifts. Hopefully a few days of rest will get me healed back.


Wishing you a speedy recovery. When you heal (I did this after a hamstring injury a while back) I focused on doing glute exercises on my own about 3-4 days a week to strengthen them. It really helped my hamstring issues. It's amazing how our glutes are the core of everything we do.


Any specific glute exercises you recommend? I had a hamstring injury the beginning of the year and it still flares up sometimes. Nothing like how it was in March but I’d love to avoid the ache and tightness


Body weight glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, donkey kick backs…Heather Roberson on YT has some good ones. They are good. They don’t take that long either, like 15 minutes or less.


I did the exact same! My hamstring seized up after the deadlifts. I still pushed on the tread so remains to be seen if I can stretch it out enough before Dri tri this weekend.


Yep, this is exactly why I read these intels. Typically I do tread blocks last unless I see deadlifts in the template, then that has to come last. Way less chance I tweak something and potentially eat treadmill. Sorry to hear about the injury hope you feel better soon.


Hope you feel better. Injuries are tough.


My right hamstring was a bit tight after today too. I hope you recover quickly.


Geez it seems like they should call today’s workout the “Hamstring Killer”. I gota say those long inclined pushes with base recoveries are definitely more dangerous than I was expecting. I’ll know better next time.


I will definitely be getting my birthday burn on today! Will certainly be earning my cake 🥳


Happy Birthday!🎉🎁🎊 I earned mine yesterday!


Happy birthday!


OTF #21: my coach stopped me during the dumb bell swing things to tell me to go get a heavier weight because I was making it look too easy...so I went to the heavy weight rack!! Otherwise, hit a new rower watt PR of 322. Did a jogging/powerwalking combo on the treads today just because. **Question:** I'm finding that my cardiovascular endurance on the treads is fine but my thighs and shins start to hurt and hold me back. Anyone have any advice?


I’m not able to really run on the treadmill, so I’m not where you are physically. BUT I had really bad shin splits when I first started, and my coach showed me some stretches for my shins before/after the tread. The one that helps me the most is sitting with my feet tucked under me like I’m going into child’s pose, but instead of leaning over, I keep my torso up or even lean back. It does help me when they’re really bad. I know others have commented on how helpful the foam rollers can be! Or if you’re solely focusing on running, take a class per week where you power walk on the inclines instead to build up different muscle groups. Another thing is making sure your magnesium and potassium are ready before you start. Eating a banana or broccoli in your meal prior to class for K+ or taking a magnesium supplement might help. Same idea with drinking those electrolyte prep things before class. I don’t go hard enough that I need electrolytes… I’m good as long as I drink water… or if I’m not, it’s just because I’m still building my shin muscles up. But if you’re one of those ppl whose All Out is like 10 mph, then I could see the electrolyte thing being more relevant. Just be careful- I’ve known a few long-distance runners who had to quit running because their shins got so bad. One of them had a ton of microfractures… just because you CAN push through pain, doesn’t always mean you SHOULD. Hopefully since we’re only on the tread for <30 mins at a time, those types of injuries won’t happen… just something to keep in mind when figuring out if your pain is “good pain” or “bad pain”.


Get a foam roller and roll out your muscles. It really, really helps with the stiffness and tightness after. Lots of stretching too. I wear a compression socks where I twisted my ankle on one of the workout benches. I keep wearing it to keep that muscle loose during running.


When you run do you strike with your heels instead of mid foot? Heel striking can cause them too, I had a trainer/coach tell me that a couple of years ago. I have never gotten shin splints. I don’t stretch my shins nor do I foam roll.


I strike midfoot, but I encounter these problems more with the powerwalking than I have with jogging


Oh okay, gotcha


Today was a nice “normal” class- nothing too crazy. I appreciated just having a relaxed class where I didn’t have to think too hard about what I was doing.


I agree with this!


I agree with this, however somehow I got the most splats than I have in a while.


Coming off of covid a few weeks ago and endurance days kill my lungs 😳 here we gooo


I hope you have a full recovery. I've been able to avoid COVID infection thus far but it seems truly worrying considering how many people speak about issues with their lungs afterward. Were you a breakthrough infection?


Good luck! I nearly a month out from my end of isolation with a breakthroug covid case and while it felt like a minor head cold, taking 20 days off OTF it's made me LIVE in the red and orange. :(


Thank you & same here!! I have been living in the red zone and have to pause a lot on the weight floor to catch my breath!


It’s crazy bc I had no lung issues.


So glad you are better! Welcome back!


Any other power walkers dying out here with a sore booty?!


I’m in the awkward jogging push/AO, power walk base phase, but I (literally) feel your pain! I picked Monday and today as my first classes back after two weeks away, and my booty currently hates me.


Yesss the combo of Monday and today was brutal!


Me too. Base is 4.3 ish power walk. Push is 5.2 ish jog and all outs are 6.1 ish runs. It’s working well for me for right now.


LOVED this workout today! Going in, I was dreading the tread, but the energy in our class was so good that I knocked it all out! 👌🏻 Deadlifts are the best!!


Hi! I'm thinking of joining OTF but there is one thing holding me back - some days I just don't feel like I can give 100% effort to my workouts. I have stressful job and sometimes my goal is just to get up from my desk and move, not go crazy intense. Can I make an OTF workout less intense? Honestly, I am afraid the coaches will yell at me, lol. Like instead of running, would it be fine if I just walked on days I'm not feeling 100%? I can choose lighter weight, go slower, etc.? Thank you in advance!


I think so. OTF is very much what you make of it. I have some rougher mornings than others where I don't push as much as I could. I walked one of the 3 minute pushes today, but ran the rest of them. I always listen to my body for OTF. Some days, I workout harder than others. If you're there and feeling good, that's all that counts.


There are days I don’t go 100%, at least once a week. It’s the reason why I can go 5 days a week. Today was a less intense day. My push and base were 0.5 slower than normal. My weights were lighter too.


Yes! I always go at my own pace. It’s not a competition. Coaches are always supportive wherever you are in your fitness level! The coaches give demonstrations before each floor block and always include modifications! (Less weight, less range of motion, etc). Same for thread block. For walkers it’s always an incline of 1% “or greater” at the base. Pushes and all outs are the same with the “or greater”. Some days I go less than the coach suggests. Honestly who cares what you do! You’re there trying which is 100% better than staying home and sitting on your couch!


Omg, more deadlifts…. I feel like there have been so many of those lately.


i’ve literally done deadlifts what feels like every day this week 😭


No disruption in the deadlift supply chain 🤷‍♀️


One minute Ao 😩💔💔💔


On an incline…😓


I did it without incline 😂🤭


I am not a fan.


Will skip the incline... kills my knees and my back 🙄


That’s why I skip it 😬


I’m nursing a shin splint- thoughts on modifying the weighted single-leg deadlift by using the TRX instead? Of course I will ask the coach for modification, but I’m also curious to hear other thoughts!


I was going to do the same!


I think I sprained my knee or something, hurts to bend it. Have to skip out on going to the class I was planning to tonight :(


Thank you


First tread block looks SO great :)... more of these please!


Any advice on a good start position today?


Rower, all the hinges has my hamstrings warmed up for the run.




Was it endurance today?


I think it was ESP


Thank u


I loved today's template!! I got the best 2G distance. Even if it is .02 more than last time, its something!


this was a nasty workout!! i haven’t gotten 40 splat points since my first day at OTF!




What did people think? I just couldn’t get into it today


I wouldn't have really liked it (although the floor was good) except I jogged that last section of all outs instead of PW. That was pretty much the only reason I hit 12 splat points today.


I should’ve done that!


As I start to transition from PW to jogger/runner, the intel's really helped me plan out my day. In addition to increasing the incline and speed on my PW base pace, if there's a series of shorter pushes/all outs with a walking recovery, I will jog those. I was also in the 45 minute class this AM so there wasn't a TON of time to get that HR up unless it was up the entirety of the tread block and maybe some of the floor. I did like most of the floor. It was challenging in a good way and used some different muscle groups. I can feel those deadlifts in the back of my legs.


I felt super flat and low energy today. I really struggled with this one today. Attempted 9mph for the 3 min push and by the second one I only made it 2 mins in. Weird day.


I was with ya, couldn’t get into the orange zone or stay in it


This was a weird one but I scaled back on my normal paces and efforts. I was still able to get a good burn and ample rounds on the floor. Surprisingly the single arm plank low row was the most challenging move.


All the legwork on the floor destroyed my tread abilities. The first all out at incline I was barely hanging on with my hamstrings and glutes dying/legs being straight concrete. Hope to fully recover before DriTri on Saturday!