**2g 60 minute Endurance** Tread 23 minutes * 4 minute progressive push increase every 1 minute * 90 second base * 4 minute progressive push increase every 1 minute * 90 second base * 3 minute push * 90 second base * 3 minute push * 90 second base * 3 minute push Floor Block 1 4 minutes * sumo squat x 12 * Plank leg kick up x 12 Block 2 4 minutes * goblet single leg lunge on bosu x 10 on each * running man x 20 Block 3 3 minutes * goblet squat x 10 * bosu Plank Jack Block 4 3 minutes * 3 minute row push pace Block 5 3 minutes * pulsing squats x 20 * bosu pop Jack It's tough especially the heavy weight legs on the floor Don't push to hard at the start on the treads. Watched some good runners get caught out today


Now that’s a *dread* block 💀


Did I do some special burpee that time traveled me to Hell Week? That was brutal! (But I do feel awesome!)


I’m commenting just to say how hilarious the thought of a time-traveling burpee is to me.


Yes I felt great afterwards too!! That was a kick ass workout!


😨 it's not far away though


Well this 2G just about killed me. 42 splats and 950 calories 🥵 will def be resting tomorrow to prepare for Saturday


I cannot fathom burning 950 cals in a single class! I'm a consistent 550-650 per class, but I would kill to be able to pull off 950 like you. Incredible, well done! 🤩


Right?! I find it hard to burn a full 500 calories— typically I’m under 400, even when I push hard!


If I hit 400 I’m thrilled. I hit 450 yesterday and was shocked.


Typically the men in class burn more calories! But 950 is a lot for me - when I first started I would hit that every class but now it usually hovers around 750-800. Last time I burned that many calories in a 2G was March 4th!


I burn 850 to 1000 a class.. and usually hit 42+ splat points. I am three months in with OTF and was also super unhealthy and weight shot up to 186 before I decided to make a change in my life.


Congrats on 3 months!!! That's awesome! It really is wonderful, I dont know what magic OTF has that other forms of exercise lack, but it really keeps us engaged and excited. I am usually between 35-50 Splats every class, and that's after 9 months of 3-4x wk, and also running outdoors between classes. Some of us just splat high I guess!




Oh lord yeah, 44 splats today. That's what I get for only going 1-2 times a week these days!




But my booty is sore from yesterday!




Same. My legs were toast already from yesterday’s’ dead lifts and single leg dead lifts


Love Endurance Day! Psyched for this prep for this weekend too!


Absolutely! Got my 5K finished (including warmup) during the allotted class time, so feeling even better for Saturday. Good luck!


Nice man! You were trucking. If I got my 5k done in 23 minutes, that would be a PR for me 😂


LOL 28 minutes, warmup included.* But that included walking!*


It will be interesting to see if I can walk tomorrow. I signed up for this class (not knowing how much would be lower body on the floor) and I'm signed up for the Lift 45 directly following. Turns out the focus of the Lift class is lower body...... yay! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?


I did class at 6:15 am and signed up for the lower body lift 45 at 6:45 tonight. I’ll be sharing your pain… but I love it


I am definitely going to have to teach from my rolly chair tomorrow lol


Thank you. This looks TEE-RRIFIC!! A fun leg day before Dri-Tri. 🙌


This was the hardest, and best workout I’ve had at OTF in a LONG while 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Thank you! Really appreciate the heads up🙏🏼


I'm going to try to get to the 4:30 2G today (I have to sneak out of work 30 minutes early so that can be tricky). With the the Dri-Tri Saturday, I want to see how close I can get to 5k in 23 minutes — and will be going light on the floor beforehand.


personally loved this workout. it was great prep and confidence boost for my first dri tri on saturday!


LOVE this template!


Lol and I was thinking to myself that we needed more lower body focused workouts.... Today was killer x_x


Loved this workout! The floor is what keeps me healthy and strong to continue long runs outside at 60!


Absolute idol


This was brutal, though I am so proud to say that I (slowly) jogged the full block! Now pardon me as I drag myself home.


So appreciate the early intel!! Thank you for taking the time to post this for all of us!! Such a beautiful blessing!🥰 ![gif](giphy|l2olcETxXQjImhNcm2)


Legs were shaking after this one!


That was some kind of hell!


I ran a 10 mile road race last weekend and tbh this was harder…


Kind of proud that I jogged through the tread block without too much trouble, never having to go slower than my base. The coach recommended being conservative with the progressive pushes and I did just that, starting at .5 over base. Worked well for me. Now the floor though. I really struggle on the floor. I have to modify a lot and use lighter weights and still have trouble finishing the exercises before the end of the block. And my HR spikes into the red zone regularly.


Thursday 16th September 3G 60min Endurance Pretty straightforward today - definitely still Dri Tri prep but feels like they’re no longer trying to kill us with it. Also no deadlifts. TREAD Block 1 - 4min progressive push. Start .3-.5 above base, increase every minute. 90s base (suspect you might be allowed to walk some of this, our coach made us hold base) Block 2 - repeat Block 3 - 3 minute run for distance. Start a bit higher than previous blocks, end with 30s all out. ROW Timed with treads. Rower was set to 500m split time, coached to start a few seconds under base row pace and get faster every minute. Don’t reset rower, aiming for 2300-3300m total. Block 1 - 4min progressive row. 90s to do 15 jump squats. Block 2 - repeat Block 3 - 3min row for distance FLOOR Block 1 - 12 x sumo squat - 12 x bosu plank spiderman Block 2 - 10 each side goblet bosu reverse lunge(can’t remember official name, you have back foot on bosu) - 20 x bosu running man Block 3 - 12 x goblet squat - 12 x bosu plank jacks


Thanks so much!!


Oof im nervous. My legs are already sore from this week


Another day killing my legs and core 🥵


Thank you for the intel! Was very helpful in prepping for class this morning. Of course I read the last run for distance wrong thinking it was only 90 seconds so was not prepared for double the torture lol. Great class though and my legs are on fire!


Coach Austin’s Weightfloor Tip Of The Day: Video -> https://www.instagram.com/reel/CT3nQzipx8i/?utm_medium=copy_link Hey Reddit fam!! Wow - thank you for your support on these last few tip videos! Your sweet comments bring me so much happiness! Back with more tips for ya - this time, we’re talking Sumo Squat which you’ll see today! ;) When you think “sumo squat”, we tend to think wide feet and toes out… but the thing is, it’s SO easy to go TOO WIDE! And going too wide with your stance not only increases your chance of straining a groin muscle, but it also prevents you from getting the full squat range of motion! The real focus should be primarily on changing the ANGLE of your feet and legs! Yes, you do want to take your stance slightly wider than a normal squat stance - but aim primarily to point your feet out diagonally! When you do this, you also have to be extra mindful of your knees! The knees tend to fall inward on their own, so it’s up to you to “push your knees out” as you squat down to keep your thighs in the same line as your feet and to really light up your gluten and inner thigh muscles! THAT’S how you get the most out of the sumo squat! So, keep those things in mind and give it a try and of course let me know how it plays out for ya! Love always, Coach Austin 🤘🍊


Your tips are the BEST and now one of my coaches has started sharing the same cues (like yesterday, with the 1-leg deadlift being much easier if you lift the back leg). Keep 'em coming!


My favorite coach also shares tips I know she's seen here or on IG and she credits trainingtall and suggests we all follow Austin on IG. Love it!!


People need to be specially careful about keeping knees aligned, and particularly from leaning inwards in all squats. A sports kinesiology specialist advised me to focus on keeping some pressure on my little toes, on the outside of my feet, NOT all on the big toe and ball of the foot. If you don't do that, you risk straining the MCL ligaments on the inside of your knees. They're not as strong as the anterior ones and injure easily.


Thanks Austin! 🧡🍊


This is extremely helpful! Thank you!!


I really appreciate your tips! Yesterday I was super mindful of the position of my knees during the sumo squat and it made a huge difference!


I just know TREAD is 23 min block It start with 4 min progressive push 90 sec base 4 min progressive push Will update once I am done the class xD


Thank you!!!


I really didn’t think it could be worse than yesterday and yet here we are 🥵


Doing this after lower body Lift45 this morning….I have regrets.


Same!! But here we go!




I did the 5am in Philly area and it's not bad, really good actually. Yes they are 4 min progressive pushes but you start .3 to .5 above your base and increase by that every minute. You got this!


Juat got done with the 3G and actually made it with a mid-pony! Founding Father pony would work, too. Shirts: one that is tight or you can tuck in. And a reminder to put your leggings on the right way because someone in my class had a tag hanging out and I was desperate to cut it off.


I had to quietly tell a girl before class a few weeks ago her leggings were on inside out. She thanked me and quickly went to change them.


I would have absolutely done that... but I didn't notice it until the last block. And then at that point, I would feel even more awkward if everyone noticed for 2/3 the class and no one said anything and then had to change. But now I know why I'm crazy and love to rip off tags.


founding father pony… i am dying 🤣🤣🤣


It's even worse now I've had a haircut! But yes, I'm off to serve my apprenticeship for the blacksmith and fight against the British.


Ok. I love endurance. I am going. Goodnight.


Thanks for the intel - the tread looks brutal! Have to power through this as it's the last day of prep before Dri Tri (taking Friday off).


Good luck!


Thanks! Just finished this as a 3g, the row block was worse than the tread, lol.


60min 3G bra/pony/pants intel: MediumToHighImpact/TieItBack/DarkMatte Pee factor: 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 (8/10) Judging from the look of my classmates who wore light pants today.... best to keep it to dark! Matte due to the 14 minute block of non-stop rowing, disrupted only by pee inducing jump squats - guaranteed to make even those who haven't given birth pee themselves. Tie back the hair... you're doing floor facing bosu work.... no need to make it worse by getting your long tresses stuck under it.


Sooooo I’ll just let the Dri-Tri on Saturday be my endurance day and sit this one out. 😁


Good luck


I just did the 2G and yes it's tough but the key is not to go too hard with the progressive pushes at the beginning. I managed a pace to stay in the orange zone and not redline it until the 3 min pushes happened later. That helped a lot for saving energy with the floor after that, and it wasn't as bad as I feared. Our dri tri already happened last weekend so it was a bit of a flashback with this training. Still the dri tri is harder because for the most part you're not going back to base in the middle of the run


omg a 23 min tread block... as a power walker... RIP MY CALVES


I truly picked one hell of a class to come back to after 2 years off. But I made it through! Now to see if I can walk tomorrow...


This was a BRUTAL one to start on the floor and end with the treads 😬😬😬 I totally sat in my car for 10 mins after class contemplating life and all my choices 🙃


Goddamnit why all the squats in combination with lots of long runs?!


I died today during the workout. I don’t know if it was just terribly hard or if it’s because I’m a newbie and I came on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday too


This was a tough endurance day, and to do it after 3 consecutive days of class is no small feat! Good on ya


Holy hell this looks hard


🤣 it wasn't pleasant


not excited about this at all 😂


Wow this seem insane 😱thank you for the intell 😊


Working on the popping bootie at 545.


Not me looking if my class is 8 hours away so I can cancel without the late fee.. 💀 It’s not, so looks like I’m pushing through this


This will be my second class ever, if I was outside of my window you better believe I’d be rescheduling for tomorrow.


I didn’t want to go, almost cancelled this morning, but I did it. Honestly I kept my paces at a jog/recovered at a slower jog, and it wasn’t too bad.


This will be meee


Same here. I was dreading it too. It was rough, but not horribly so. I adjusted my pushes down and only increased my progressive pushes by .2. I think that helped!


That’s what I did!!


It was a great work out. Walked in and the coach said, "Do you like Endurance Days?" I said, "For me, every day is an Endurance Day."


Dang this is gonna be a zesty birthday burn… can’t wait 🔥


Happy Birthday 🎂




![gif](giphy|NpL4D3Oc2bJUMAXF9P) My legs reading this


Ugh working on a knee issue and of course it’s all squats today on the floor —- gonna need to modify a lot today … lol


You'll do great! You got this.


I was praying for a run/row today 😢, struggling with glut pain on tread since Everest - ugh


Super happy I’m doing the 45 min with that endurance block. 🤪 Been rough getting back into it after the pandemic hiatus, so a shorter version of this will do just fine, thanks.


Same 😀 lunch time class FTW


That was a fun one. Really enjoyed the tread block but my legs were feeling pretty scorched even before the sumo and goblet squats. I was also dismayed to be visited by my old frenemy Pulsing Squats but I made it through with 27 splat points and 850 calories burned. Feeling great now!


Had to cancel today, legs are dead after all the deadlifts we have done in the past week. No way they would handle today’s workout. Godspeed to those taking it!


Yepppp im going today and im gonna take it light for this reason


Wait a minute... are there no deadlifts today??


I felt like I had barely anything in the tank today. Was so sore from Tuesday’s ab dolly and tri stuff I was a wimp on the rower…I dunno I’m also about to start my lady days and my energy just tanks right before that starts, but I did it! Didn’t make the 2500 m but was close!


The treadmill block is the same as yesterday plus worse 😩


Todays workout was intense. My entire body hurts.


Another leg day? Kill me now pls


OTF this week: You're definitely not skipping legs this week. I love arm days.


Could someone explain to me what this sub is about? I stumbled into it by accident. I believe it has something to do with exercise or fitness but everything else is a mystery. nevermind reading wiki


I always love a good endurance day!!!! So sweaty 🥵


Did anyone else hate today? I struggled with every part of it and it was just not my day!


Yes!! I was good rowing warmup until the squats… both of my hip flexors were so angry from the first set, and didn’t improve. Had to walk the entire tread block because they hurt so much… not the last pre-DriTri workout I wanted, I’m sort of traumatized by it!


If I have any advise for the 2G class... start on the tread. I started on the floor and my legs were so jelly I could barely walk, let alone jog/run all that ish. 🥵😅💀


This. My legs were wobbly on tread after doing floor first. I power walked 2 of the 4 4 minute progressive push. Not my best day, but the first one in awhile where I got some splats on floor.


Wow. That tread was kind of defeating (especially after yesterday). I was assigned the rower first. I guess I gassed myself out bc I couldn’t even maintain my base today.


3G: No thanks. Do not recommend. If nothing else I wish I’d have started on the rower rather than the floor just to break it up.


Don’t discourage people not to go!


Always start on the rower!




Clearly the template writers have a serious case of work from home slacker syndrome. The same movements every SINGLE week. Give us some creativity!!


Damn on my way to the 5am now and I’m not excited for that tread block Update: pretty sure I broke my pinky toe halfway through that tread block


Tread wasn’t bad but I died on the rower hit almost 4k meters for the block. Started on the floor wish I started on the rower lol.


Oh my! I just did the 23-min run on Sunday


Looks like I’ll be seeing if my new speeds are maintainable


Oh noooo. I am doing this in a 90 minute format in 2 hours! Guess tomorrow will be a rest day before the Dri Tri! Thanks for the intel! 🧡


Curious on what 90 min class is, doing it at 5:45.


Hi! Here is (generally) how ours went! My memory of the floor isn’t the greatest! Our coach said that there are different templates they can choose from for 90 minute classes, so I can’t guarantee that yours will be the same! 🧡 ROWER Block 1 - 6 minutes 400m row 16(?) squat jacks Decrease row by 100m, repeat exercises If completed, row for distance Block 2 - 6 minutes 100m row 8 jump squats Increase row by 100m, repeat exercises Block 3 - 7 minutes 400m row 16 alternating jump lunges Decrease row by 100m, repeat exercises If completed, row for distance FLOOR Block 1 - 6 minutes 16 hip hinge swings 16 alternating plank low rows 8 Pop Jacks Block 2 - 6 minutes 8 each shoulder press 16 TRX low rows 8 power push ups Block 3 - 7 minutes 4 each side squat to upright rows (I forget the other exercise!) 16 power sit ups with rotation TREAD Block 1 - 23 minutes 1 minute push 30 seconds base 90 seconds push 1 minute base 2 minute push 2 minute base 1 minute push 30 second base 90 second push 1 minute base 2 minute push 2 minute base 1 minute push 30 second base 90 second push 1 minute base 2 minute push 1 minute AO


Thank you!!


does any one have acrylics while using the bosu’s 🤔 sometimes its hard for me to hold the bosu because of them. if so any tips?


Oh heck YASS!! I cancelled 5am, but I'm signing up for tonight (assuming space is available). My last class before Saturday 5am...


Shout out to OTF for getting my booty all the way right!


This template was so great and also brutal !!! I am a 450-550 burner so nothing unusual except some amazing quad burns 🥵🥵 looking forward to rest day tomm !


Well who peed in their cereal this morning? This is going to be dreadful later


This was a beast of an endurance day (2G). I started on the floor and was just happy I lasted through the tread blocks… though our coach accidentally cut our second block a minute short, which I think made a difference 😅


To burn over 500 calories, does that mean you are in the red for the majority of the class.


That depends on your weight, age, heart rate, sex... I often come out of a class having hardly touched orange, let alone red - with maybe 5-6 splats total and 700+ calories burned. Other times, I'll hit 40 splats and have burned maybe 800 calories. Outside of a full sports kinesiology lab, it's not an exact science.


Yeah… I really didn’t want to go today but I did, and thats a win in itself.


Today was my 6th day straight at Otf and I did not have the energy for this workout. I still powered through and loved it, but I sat in my car afterward feeling like I got my bootie kicked!!




Nobody has posted the workout yet.




Yesterday and Mondays classes were pretty leg focused, I shouldve followed your schedule! Lol