I’m in Sydney Australia and we are getting out of lockdown on October 11th and heading back to the studio for the first time in 4 months. Hell week workouts are going suck.


So happy you guys will finally be able to get back under the orange lights!


Every week be hell week when you first go back lol


I’m here with you. But just want to get back! 😭




Nineteen (19!!!) specialty templates this month. What a world.




Ooh! Good intel! Scared but also excited. Lots of new members this month too!


That is ridiculous. Let us go to the gym and just workout. There are entirely too many specialty workouts and benchmarks.


The specialty workouts and benchmarks are still… workouts


They don't feel like beginner accessible workouts to me. And not just because they are intimidating, though that is part of it. Every time I have tried one, I have felt like I couldn't keep up, and like the coach is annoyed with me needing so many modifications, and I've ended up pushing too hard and hurting myself before too. I'm still learning to use proper form, learning to do these new, sometimes awkward exercises, and learning where my limits are. The specials aren't good for me. Between that and my gym starting lift 45s, the classes available to me are really limited. OTF has a reputation of being too hard for beginners or people who are really out of shape, and they've been working hard to fix that but this feels like it's only widening the gap.


I’ve been a member for a month and have been going 2x/week. I’m waaaaaay out of shape and quite chubby. I have two bad knees and a bad back. My coaches have been wonderful and supportive with giving me modifications. I don’t even try to keep up on the floor. Right now I’m still choosing the lightest weights to avoid hurting myself. I modify a lot and just keep myself in the orange. My goal is not to be the thinnest and most fit in the cemetery; the goal is doing a workout without modifying it.


Specialty workouts aren't always benchmarks. Think 5x5, Lock and Load, The Chopper, etc. All fun and without the stress of actual benchmarks. Also, it's OK to take a benchmark day and decide not to gun for PR. I did that with the mile benchmark because my body was beat after doing DriTri and Inferno. It has been quite happy with that decision.


Most specialty workouts are not benchmarks. I like most of the specialty ones, but I skip the partner session. I don't care much about PRs.




Was thinking the same. Lots of the “specialty” workouts in the calendar for October really aren’t even specialty. Look at “Drop Set” or “3x3” — it’s really just a unique workout format more than a specialty that is tracked. I look at these as just intel for what kind of workout to expect - not as a special class. (Except the Nonstop. That’s my favorite. lol)


As an endurance junkie, Nonstop is my jam! I love a similar strength workout they did earlier in the year where we stuck in base the entire 23 minutes and went up and down inclines.


I'm kinda over the benchmarks...


I actually disagree. I think it keeps things fun and interesting and gives me another reason to look forward to workouts. Specialty workouts are still workouts to me!


I like most specialty workouts, but there are too many of them.


Honestly, has it not been hell year??


I feel like the corporate woke up on January 1st and chose violence for the rest of the year.....hell week we understand the assignment!


😂 Exactly.






For Hell Week I takes classes two days in a row and rest the next, rinse and repeat, 2 on 1 off. As luck would have it, the hills have eyes usually lands on day 3. I rather do burpees then tread with inclines during hell week




I did the same thing! My first two OTF classes were the end of Hell Week 2018. Totally thought it was normal and almost died!!!


Same!! My first week in OTF was Hell Week! I thought that stuff was normal. 🤪 then I went to a regular class and I didn't have an existential crisis at the end of each class and was super confused 😂


Me too!!!!! I started October 13 and didn’t even get a shirt for my hell


They do it every October. Otherwise we wouldn’t be ready for the Hell Week template.


I have been going for 4 or so years, and hell yeah, hell week is a great time. One thing Otf has forced me to learn is that you can't give 100%. Hell, you shouldn't be giving more than 90% on a non-challenge day because eventually you'll get injured and then you get to miss classes or try to struggle through pain and that sucks. You're really going to find some better improvement overall if you chill a bit and have fun with this month's classes. The cool thing about these crazy templates is that it distracts you from the tedium of exercise, so have some fun with it!


Wish I had figured this out sooner. After a few months at 5x week, I just got tendinitis in my elbow. Rowing and upper body are out, not even sure for how long. I'm so sad


Same thing here! I def recommend a tennis elbow brace for the rowers.. mine lasted for months


Our calendar came out today and looks like we have 2 “hell week throwback” workouts. Whatever those are! I’m assuming they took a “hell week” day from a previous year but who knows.


Yes, that’s what they did last year.


They did this last year and these two classes counted towards our cumulative Hell Week class count. It was to make it easier for people to get the minimum class count in when capacities were reduced.


Oh cool! I’ll be excited to see how my gym does it. It will be rather easy to do 5 workouts in hell week if they let us count 2 workouts from previous weeks (I usually go 4x week anyway), so I’m super excited to see what they do!


Where is the calendar for Hell Week/October. I couldn’t find it on reddit.


I agree with ssmoss66 in that they tend to ramp it up some in oct. but after going to otf for years, I really don’t understand why they do that, and why workouts are *generally* harder now than they were years ago when I started. Membership at our studio is down for sure - idk what y’all have seen… and every time someone new comes in I’m invariably thinking ‘this is a bad day for a newbie’. So my point is, maybe instead of continually ramping up the intensity, otf should let their foot off the gas a little to get more members, reduce repetition injuries, and generally let more of the community enjoy the structure of the workout, it’s health benefits, and camaraderie? To the op - I’m ready for hell week, I’m just not ready to dread it.


I really don’t understand why they don’t do intro classes. For something like OTF, you need good form and to know how to use everything properly. I know they do the newbie walkthrough before class, but they should really think about having maybe 2 intro classes per week, 30 minutes each. The first class is still going to be really tough, but at least they’ll feel more prepared. I almost didn’t continue with OTF because my first class was SO tough and I didn’t know if that was normal or not.


My studio has started doing an “intro” class the last Sunday of every month. They go over the lingo, heart rate zones, transitions, etc. and it’s slower paced than a normal class. Hopefully that catches on to more studios, I know I was kinda lost/lagging on my first class because I wasn’t expecting the intensity.


That’s awesome! I would have actually gone to that even after I started. My pilates studio does one intro class per week and it’s 30 minutes and mandatory (unless you transfer from another studio). It really makes for a better experience for everyone.


Yes we have intro classes once a month but they never tell you that when you are signing up! My first class was a tornado with only body weight exercises on the floor no equipment or weights what so ever and I almost didn't join! Looking back would have been a huge mistake been member now 3+ yrs and love it!


I agree with you, yet we still have members complaining that there’s not enough core, or the floor is a joke, or there’s not enough weights, etc. I still love each workout and challenge myself to figure out what it will do for me that day!


They don’t care! It’s a numbers game to them.


I’m newish but have independently had the thought that it could cycle… build up in intensity toward something, I dunno, a benchmark or challenge. Then reset or take the gas off a little as you say, and repeat


I think making the workouts more intense makes them challenging and a good workout for more people. It’s easier to modify/do easier versions of exercises than to try to come up with harder moves.


Agreed. I feel like it's always some special workout that is way out of my league and I have to work hard and double-check the calendar just to get a "regular" workout day.


I spend a lot of time checking the calendar so I can avoid most benchmarks and a few of the speciality workouts. I just want to go to the gym, get a good workout, and go home. Enough is enough.


I don't record anything, but I still push myself because at the end of the day, it's still a good workout. Why would you skip it just because there's a benchmark or a specialty workout?


Join planet fitness.


I tried planet fitness. I didn't stick with it. OTF is what I've stuck with. It works for me. I just don't always need all the bells and whistles. Especially as a beginner, it feels like I limited because I can't do everest or a dri tri (for example) yet. If there isn't going to be a beginners level, then the base level is what's appropriate for me, not the extra intense specials happening multiple times a week.


What's stopping you from doing Everest or the dritri? I've watched people who are beginners and not in shape do them in order to know their baseline. And even if a workout is "prep", it's still a great workout by itself. Every workout can be done as a beginner, it's in your head that you are unable to, or that it isn't for a beginner. So you may finish last? Who cares? At my studio we cheer those finishing, even if they are the last ones remaining.


Mostly fear of hurting myself. I spent 2 months rowing with my knees outside of my arms before I saw a video on Instagram that taught me that this was incorrect form. I also have diastatis recti from having a baby, so have to modify or change a lot of things and need a lot of help from the coaches, who often don't have time for me, especially during special workouts. I aggregated an old knee injury trying to jog when really I need to be on the strider, but again didn't know for months and only found out due to my own research and initiative. So these extra intense formats feel like extra risk.


I saw to older ladies try it out when it was infinity, I was like 🤯 they where struggling so much, I kept telling them this wasn’t a normal class, I’m not sure they believed me.


I just changed my membership to Elite. Yeah um... Why not? I like pain I suppose. Pain is the only way I know I'm still alive lol


…and queue all the complaints about too much lower body exercises. Ha! October is always heavy legs, probably to help us burn more calories with the upcoming holidays.


Let's be realistic... the complaints will never end. It's hella annoying. Just go in and workout! Want more abs? Tighten them during the exercises! More arms? Add a bicep curl the the step up... The possibilities are there, people!


For those who have already done it, are classes during hell week more difficult than "usual classes"


Yes. But, in reality, you can only do what you can do. So no matter how hard they try to make it, there are always mods and ways you can do it at whatever level you're at.


I was gonna say… if you show up and just cant run up a hill or do 1000 burpees…what are they gonna do?


Actually, I should have said they're harder than the average class, but not harder than anything you may have already done (like Infinity, in my opinion). I know we sometimes say "that felt like a hell week class" at times during the rest of the year. The difference is that it's 8 days in a row of it.


perfect summary. I'd rather do hell week than inferno


Yes, they are more difficult. I don't enjoy Hell Week. I don't like the tee shirts, so there is little motivation for me to participate.


The only thing our coach said is to not save all of your classes for the month for hell week. She said, "You will regret it." I'm now extra scared. I'm newish to OTF. Haven't been through hell week yet. Not sure I really want to now.... ... I guess we'll be prepping for it all month... 😟


They don't want you to save your classes because they want to sell you more! (It worked in my case that first year.) 😁


I honestly felt like last year some of the hell week “prep” was harder than actual hell week lol




They are pretty hard. Trust me! But you do what you can. Just when you think you can’t do it, you really can! And they are fun. We’ve got this!!!




You’ll see… you really can finish it! I lower that tread speed and take a breather when I can. Just like a regular class yes but a little more and a little harder. lol you already know. You can do it!




That’s great. Take the test days when you need them. Don’t over do it. It’s not worth it. The benchmarks have been a lot lately. But the other events and things they do keep it fun and motivating. I remember being so nervous for hell week! But when you’re done you feel amazing!


It’ll be my first one too! Let’s do it!! 🎃👻


Do you guys know how many days of hell week we have to participate in to get the tank top? I’m going on a long weekend on October 28th so I’m hoping 4 days leading up to it will qualify me!


I think it’s 5


Our studio told us 5.




Yes the T-shirt is universal, but you do have to pay. I forget the fee but it may be $15-20. My studio does a punch card and you’ll have to take 5 out of 8 classes.




Yes you can definitely participate and take any and all of the classes that week, if you don’t pay you don’t get the T-shirt, and that’s totally Ok!!




My humble opinion: I love my Hell Week 2019 t-shirt. It’s cute, it glows in the dark, and it fits great. Can’t speak to 2021 of course but I really like the shirt and wear it - especially to OTF!


If your studio is new then you probably won’t be doing hell week - you may have the same classes but not likely the shirts. I forget how long before a new studio stops their templates and joins in the rest of OTF events.


Last year the two Hell Week throwback/preview classes counted towards your total, too.


I'll be coming off a marathon straight into hell week :). And then treating myself to some nice bodily self-care. Don't argue with me. I know how to take it easy and manage my workouts, green days, even blue and gray days it's the vibes I'm there for.


I had a breast biopsy the first day of hell week. I went to the 5am class before my procedure, took a couple days off, then had to go 4 days in a row to get my workouts in. (That was hard - but it was benign!!)


Wowww! I’m glad everything turned out good!


Yeah, I have a half marathon scheduled for like 5 days after. FUN.


I did that in 2018 - ran the Chicago Marathon, took a week of full rest, then did Hell Week. You'll be fine, and actually I found having Hell Week to look forward to helped with the post-marathon blues.


Haha, beast! I'm going from Hell Week into the Marine Corps Marathon on the 31st. Good luck to 'ya!


I'm so ready! Hell Week has always been easier than Mayhem in my opinion, and I love the shirts! I'll do anything for a free OTF shirt


I believe my first year they were free, but no more. My studio said there's a $15 registration fee. Still cheaper than most OTF gear!


Cannot wait! Coach mentioned it the other day! 🧡. And then it’s 12 Days of Christmas 🎄


Me!! Me!! Me!! My 6th


I'm actually looking forward to it. :)


Me tooooo!


This is terrifying as I have been out since May due to being pregnant but just got the ok to work out again after giving birth. So basically I’m going to die.


I’m 7 w PP and just went back last week. I am also anxious, but excited, for hell week. Just gotta take it nice and easy and listen to our bodies. Weird things hurt during the workouts now - in places I didn’t realize. My first class back I went a little too hard and it was not good. Congrats on your new addition and we’ll both get back into the swing of things sooner or later!


My spirit is willing but the body is weak 😂🔥


A coach told me that there is a workout with 17 all outs, I can't wait! I love 30 second all outs!


What are hell week workouts?


Just like daily workouts, nobody knows until the day. But we've got past workouts, and other helpful info, in our [Hell Week Guide](https://reddit.com/r/orangetheory/w/hell-week?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app)


I am a newcomer of sorts and I do not know what “Hell Week” is about


Take a look at our [Hell Week Guide](https://reddit.com/r/orangetheory/w/hell-week?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app)


When is hell week?




Does anyone know if all 5 classes have to be completed at your home studio? I'm going to be out of town and I'm going to be real bummed if I can't earn my shirt.


My home studio counts classes at other studios towards the goal.




Ask your studio, so you aren’t disappointed in the end. Each studio can all run a bit different 🧡


I hope so, hell week has sucked the past couple of years.


I joined on a hell week 3 years ago and I was afraid the classes would be easier after hell week and I wouldn’t like them… boy I was wrong.


Yes. We were told they are bringing back some prior hell week templates and sprinkling them in the month.


Yeah, the coach told us yesterday about all the specialty templates coming up in October. They all sounded like hell week to me!


I’m ready for the challenge! Already signed up yesterday.


I get to celebrate my 6 month Orangetheoryversary in the middle of hell week and I am PUMPED!! My sporty spice was in complete hiding until I found OTF, now she's out and in control of my life, obsessed with exercise. BRING IT ON!!


God, i hope they don’t repeat the template, where one group basically did squat pulses for the entire class. That’s the only class I’ve seen multiple people just stomp out pouting mid class.


I'm finally going back October 3rd, can't wait. I took a month and a half off for a medical procedure.


Hi I'm pretty new. Can someone explain the benchmarks?


The only time slot I can go on some of the Hell Week days is usually a Lift45…. Anyone know if those will be switched to regular workouts for Hell Week or am I out of luck there? 😂


🤣 that’s right


Oh fuck yeah