Why does this tread-block look like a CVS receipt! Jesus, help me.


Best comment of the day!


Oh come on it’s only 45 second all out finna be a breeze 😂


When I first scrolled I closed out the app and was like this must be a joke 😒we did 18 AOs last week 😩


Just think how much easier this will be with only 12 AOs!


SO random but a guy in HOU, TX, on the radio this morning said he was in charge of making that long receipt for CVS and made $415k a year! The segment on the radio was what do you do and how much do you make.


I’m a CVS pharmacist and….i second this comment 😂😂


As a CVS drug dealer, I love this!!


Really witty comment here. Like it


Hilarious 😂


This looks like an amazing workout! I know some are intimidated by the straight rowing but it’s actually easier than a metered row where you have to achieve a certain distance. Set your own pace, take a ride and you’ll be fine!


I’ve rowed for an hour before! Just pace yourself. Great workout!


Yesssss I agree with all of this!


Set a reasonable stroke rate and lose yourself in the row. I find a 2000m benchmark much more intimidating.


Same! Competitive rows are stressful to me.


I used to teach water rowing classes. I look so forward to this tomorrow!!


I would love to hear about those workout classes!


Itis just like the 3G crew row!


Yep. It’s not like we have never in our otf lives rowed for 14min straight before. I usually start on treads but would much more easily recover starting on the rower.


Ditto. Loved these tracked workout!


Yeah but I find it boring :(


True but we do all 2Gs in my studio now and I am looking forward to a long boring row instead of a long treadmill block for once!




Yep. I typically do all the workouts for hell week and mayhem. Even scheduled cancer surgery a couple years ago to accommodate HW. 😂


Yes,I am. However, I will be riding the bike instead of rowing.


Yes! I originally had a rest day tomorrow, but booked a class. That way if another template this week looks awful, I have an insurance class to get the T shirt! I figured with no tread inclines, it would only be mildly awful.


I have to secure that size medium hell week shirt! I’ll be going the first 5 days as long as my body allows!


Yes and I go Wednesday also but only bc my schedule sucks and I can’t make 5 workouts otherwise.


I am!


Thank you! Mrs DC can go when she wants.


That's what I came in to say. She can go when she feels comfortable gong, if it's 6PM, it's 6PM. We'll be fine 😂


Tbh I am not going to tell her what to do - I value my life more than that :)


Wives are wives no matter where they reside. Smart thinking DC!




Lol. Good call!


Agreed. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an incredible gift to see early intel at all, let alone a whole day before class and every damn day. I appreciate you both!


It was interesting reading all the comments ahead of my class this morning. Yesterday’s 2G looked like it kicked everyone’s butts!


Certainly kicked *mine.* Inclines worse than burpees, and honestly the partner row kinda kicked my ass after the floor.


Agreed! The partner part was the hardest part of all for me! Of course I got partnered with our head coach (who was taking class) so I clearly had to up my game! ☠️😵


I was by myself for the first 3 rounds of the rower. I pushed myself harder because of it. Someone arrived late to class, and we teamed up. I am tired now.


The inclines today were hell on earth … 2G block was so tough ughhh


Seriously they hardly ever get intel yet post it for everyone else around the world and it’s so cool of them to do! On days I don’t see it, it just is what it is and it will always be a great workout!


I read this thread out to her (as she is going tonight) and she had a chuckle


🤣🤣🤣 /u/dc031114 is very cheeky


You don't need to be pressed into service providing Intel. His 3g is enough for me to guess my 2 g. Until I changed jobs, no way I could have done before work classes. And there's zero ability for me to remember the details like you guys to. Intel for this morning/yesterday to you would have been "gawd awful incline for fcking ever where you beat your previous block running on flat tread. Then all the burpees in insane amounts and rest by holding a squat for days. Then race on the rower for too long. Then die" if it came from me. I don't know how you guys do it. Edit for the commenter: I read the thread and understand that today I don't have to guess. Most days aren't like today, though, are they


My technique will be to sing Sea Shanties for the 14 minutes of Rowing as I envision myself sailing the Caribbean.


This is now my official plan. How many verses of the Wellerman can I learn before tomorrow morning… 🤔


If I could get half the class to row and sing along to "Roll The Old Chariot Along" I think we'd be unstoppable.




I’m crying from laughing. Tomorrow is going to suck only because I’m going to think “sea shanties” at minute 5. I’ll try not to laugh which will make it worse and I’ll be the idiot with like 5 meters because I stopped to lmao too much.


Lol I did the 2G this morning and the whole time I kept thinking ‘how did he think this was easy??’ 🧡😂😬




All I was thinking was where the heck did these inclines come from. 🤣


I said the F word outloud and couldn’t believe it wasn’t over at 8%.


Cool I’m striding for distance 😂😂😂 Thank you!!


Do people really leave before the end of class? That didn't even occur to me!


I sometimes leave early when I take an early am class if I’m cutting it close to getting to a meeting on time. It’s better than the other option which is not going at all.


I do this sometimes when I know I don’t have time for a full class at any point that day. Also I struggle with depression and there are some days I nearly cancel. I promise myself if I go to my 2g and do the floor I can leave before the tread. 99% of the time I end up staying but sometimes I do leave. I tell myself at least I moved my body a bit.


Pretty sure they lock the door during Hell Week... ambiance...


I leave early when I need to! Feeling dizzy? I leave. If I’m gonna pass out I wanna be in my car and not in the studio. Sometimes I have last minute meetings scheduled close to the end of class, I need to have time to make it home to make myself presentable on camera….not canceling and paying $12 for a last min meeting my boss scheduled. And sometimes I just plain don’t like the rest of the workout. I figure I pay a lot to be there, I can leave when I want!


There’s totally times when 1 random person needs to leave early, I get that but DC made it sound like there was a mass exodus (slight hyperbole) that was more caused by ppl just being like “fuck this.” That aspect surprised me.


I honestly would laugh so hard if I saw a whole group just nope outta the floor block all at the same time.


Happened to me in class a few weeks ago and I was amazed and laughed. Guess they couldn’t hang


I do the EXACT same thing. I’ll look bad leaving in the middle of the row but I may skip the whole thing lol


We had a lot of pale looking people at the end of the tread and row blocks..


I leave early every 5am class I go to. First patient is at 7am.


I can’t imagine doing this. Every class is precious to me!


We had two people leave during today's class (day 2 2G)


Not gonna lie. Today was the first time I considered leaving after that 2g run up the mountain of hell.


I started on floor, and felt dead by the time I hit the tread. That "run" quickly turned into a walk (not even much power, not gonna lie!). It was brutal!


I ended up walking a bit, too. That was crazy.


My studio switched morning class times, and now it starts 15 minutes later if I go before work. I try to stay but some days I just can’t given work. It’s that time or never. I warn the coach and stay at the station closest to the exit.


I was just thinking, “I didn’t even realize that was an option”


Sometimes I design my own mat exercise modification that’s just...lying motionless on the floor for a bit...but that’s the most I ever tap out!


I told my coach today that I was thinking about dropping my Lift45s this week. "Don't even think about it!" was their response. I told them the only thing I was doing during Lift, if forced to stay, was a 45 minute savasana with a child's pose or two thrown in for a little variety.


You’re both hired to work on otf template design.


Tread block: 20 min walking recovery Row block: gently down the stream Floor: dead bugs (literally), flop for distance until time


😂😂😂 me today


I told my coach I was leaving early one day and skipped the flex block and he said I 'stayed til the end' I can't imagine just walking out. Quitting and lying on the floor while weeping, yes. Walking out, no.


I know leaving early is definitely NOT ideal but I gotta get back home to shower quickly , dress and arrive at work by 630..




I was thinking the same thing? Like a bunch peeps just left? WTF?


3 people left our class early today - one person left after the tread block where they started, one left 10 mins before end and another puked during the tread around the 35 min mark and walked out. HELL WEEK IS HERE PEOPLE


We’re all grown adults. We can leave whenever we want. I think I’m trying to remind myself of this more than anyone else. 😂


I’m really not throwing shade, if anything I’m annoyed this has been pointed out to me as an option because now I’m gonna be tempted!


It happened a couple weeks ago on the first hell week throw back 😂 half of my 6am tread starters were gone when they saw the weight floor lol. I was pretty stunned


Did I just read 14 min row for distance?


My legs just cramped thinking of this.


My bum is numb thinking about it


I had a hard enough time rowing this morning after the tread and floor block. Lord have mercy!


When it got to the "beat your partner," I just looked at her and said, "you can win."


I was going to do the same, but my coach just said row on your own (no mention of our partner). I’m not sure I even made it up to my base pace. I was wiped!


I did too and she replied, "we tied"


Oh God. Same here. I was like have at it iam dead anyway.


Same I finished in the rower after all Those squat holds. Ouch!!


My bum is numb from the past 4 days! Good lord please give me the strength to get through tomorrow!!


We rowed for 14 min a little while back - it was soooo boring!


BEYOND BORING!! 🥱🥱. I’d rather do that tread block back to back than that 14 minute row block 🙄.


I agree. I often find myself looking around the room while rowing for a longer period of time


Me too. I have read all the wall quotes many times during the long rowing blocks. Guess I get to memorize them tmw - haha


There’s a mirror right next to some promo signage at the station I usually choose… to those walking outside the studio is reads “TRY A CLASS FOR FREE” but for me at my station in the mirror it read “YA ASS R EE” and I think when I enter the loopie mode it becomes my mantra… it means something wise in that moment when I just need the minutes to wind down… and then after class I come to my senses and recognize the nonsense in it LOL.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I start trying to figure out who everyone is on the tread based on the color of their monitors, read the quotes, think about which leggings I am going to wear for the rest of the day… 😂


Tread block was actually fun!


Its row 4 ransom 😭😭😭


I love going from all out to walking recovery back to back like that so I was bummed I was going to miss it. Then I saw 14 minute row for distance and was not sad tomorrow’s my rest day anymore 😂


i …. i didn’t even know that otf DID a 14 min row for distance


Just wait till Friday where I hear there's a 23 min row. 🤣💀


They’ve done that for Hell Week before, so it’s probably true. I think 2016 was the last time? Essentially there was no tread block in the 2G. It was all rower. I remember it specifically because it was its own special flavor of hell. Appropriately it was called “Death Row” back in the day.


\*cancels class booking for Friday\*


OMG this year is kicking last year's ass!!!!


WHAT?! 😳😭 that’s like half of class 🤯


They did one in 2019! It’s the “Regatta” stamp in challenges!


*regret-ta 😭


Just wait, they will get us with a 23-minute row soon. We’ve hadn’t had that in a while! 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️😂


There used to be a 10-minute rowing benchmark but I don’t think it’s been done in a while!


We’ve done rows this long in a few “special” templates like the Nonstop and crew rows, but those are usually “coached” at a specific stroke rate or base/push/all out efforts on wattage. Oddly, I don’t particularly enjoy the rower but always enjoy those aforementioned templates/workouts, so I’m excited for this and wouldn’t mind this becoming a benchmark we see repeated.


3G crew row :) It has been done before. It is just called something different. Keep your stroke rate manageable and you'll be fine


LOL 14 minute row for distance. 💀💀💀💀


Excuse me??? lmao This has to be a joke - 14 MINUTE ROW FOR DISTANCE BLOCK????? *record your distance* death becomes her


We had to do 23 minutes one time. I always think it could be worse when I see these long rows.


I think I legitimately Men in black’ed that class from my memory bank 😅


Just a heads up, Meltdown on Friday is a 23 minute row 🖤


That’s got to be a joke


is that a meltdown of this subreddit?




Yessss I had just started. Either they were lazy or mean when creating that


They are going to have a global contest for all OTF studios for most distance


Coach this morning mentioned this as well. He told us to do it for our studio!


I'm actually pretty excited about 14 min row for distance. I know some people had done one before and I was wondering when I'd get a chance to do the same. Needless to say, I can't wait!


Is there a good strategy for a 14 min run for distance? I’m worried I’ll just be bored!


I'm thinking I may follow the treads and do 45 sec push, 30 sec base until the last minute or so.


Good plan. I’ll do this as well.


Yup. Or do 1 minute pieces. It is a really good opportunity to practice pacing and technic. It is really good if you have someone in your group you can keep sync with. Keep it at a steady 22 SPM and work on your stroke to recovery ratio. I used to have to do 60 minute pieces in university. In a basement gym. With no TV. And only my yellow Sony Walkman for company (I had to have a brief stop at 30 minutes to turn the tape over). They were so tedious. Now I sound like one of those old people talking about walking to school up hill, both ways, in the snow. 🤣


Same. 14’ beats an hour of power row any day! The worst days were when the stereo in our boathouse broke so you just suffered in silence 🤣






I LOVE everything about this! No incline, no burpees, yessss!


Unpopular opinion but this looks like my dream workout! Can’t wait, thanks so much for the intel!


Agree! I’m loving everything about this one too. I love rowing. Also this one gives me lots of chances to work on my all outs. But I loved day 1 too…was no big deal for an experienced power walker to hit those 15% inclines. I did however skip burpee-palooza. That sh*t ain’t right.


Our coach told us our 14 min row distances would all be added together by studio as part of a global leaderboard.


Coach said the same this morning


Our studio was thinking it was a global studio average.


Calling it now: Time of Death: Row Block


Besides the straight rowing this actually looks great!


Am I the only one who is completely psyched about a 14 min row for distance?!?!?!


Yes, yes you are 😂🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️


I'm right there with you my fellow row-loving friend!


Nope I am Too !


No me!!! Can’t wait! Love the floor too! Woohoo! And I will totally do the 23 min row block on Friday too!


I like it better than CMIYC!


Can’t wait. This is my Super Bowl


This is worse than today's burpees. And I hate burpees. But I'll still be there. My legs might fall off, but I'm sure it's fine.


Its a no from me dawg..,


Question, what the hell am I recording my distance for? Are we doing this a second time during hell week?!?!


Ummmmm I think it’s raining tomorrow. Best I cancel


Oh absolutely not lol I will be resting tomorrow. Last time we had a super long row for distance I injured my back and had to take 2 weeks off.


14 min row for distance? It’s like they didn’t even bother to try to make this one interesting. A little disappointing honestly. Also you said all left before finishing the floor? That’s so surprising we never have more than 1 person leave early for work or whatever reason. Shocked to hear so many left early!


I like rowing, power tread blocks (lots of AOs and walking recoveries), and dropping reps per set body exercises. This is my kind of hell week workout. Yesterday's workout was terrible.


This doesn’t look bad for hell week. Went Sunday, today is a normal scheduled rest day for me thank goodness lol I’m happy to hop back in with this tomorrow. 14 minute rows are not bad, in my opinion. I really enjoy them!


The first and only time I've considered canceling after reading intel. 14 minutes on the rower makes me want to stab myself in the eye.


Here’s to a kick-ass playlist for that 14-minute Row for Distance 🎶🚣‍♀️🎶.


Well dang…I hate rowing and am supposed to be in 2g tomorrow so not loving this at all. 14 minute row for distance….rude very rude!!! ![gif](giphy|11ahZZugJHrdLO)


This looks awesome in a painful, nightmarish, Hell Week kind of way 🧡💀🔥


I am positive that I am going to be one of the ONLY people at our studio that is actually looking forward to this workout tomorrow! #rowingalltheway That 3800 is giving me a target now!


I think I can do this!!!!


Thank you for super super early intel future person 💕💕💕💕


Go back and look at my comment about "Row for Ransom" when it first came out in the the "October Highlights" part of Hell Week. I said weeks ago this would be a rest day. That still stands. Oh wait, Tuesdays are my rest days anyway awww...![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grimacing)


People LEFT? Dang


14min Row For Distance!! ❤❤❤❤❤ (5 out of 5 for love) Thanks, DC!


*cries in medical leave*


Yesterday was hard, today was rough, imma gonna do this 🤪🧡TY DC’s😘


I will take this any day over inclines. Looks great!


Mrs. DC is an Angel just like you! Thank you for posting!


That doesn’t seem bad at all (he said, lying through his teeth).


I came back to this thread 3-4 times hoping the 14 minute row would magically disappear. No magic. Dang.


I am reserving judgement until I see the 2G version.......... I am not against rowing by any means, but 14 minutes straight will make my butt go numb, and that's over twice as long as it took me to do the 2000m in Dri-Tri so my brain will also be bored.


2G is the same template today. No escape!


NOOOOOO. I’ve been scrolling and scrolling hoping to find something different for the 2G. RIP to my hamstrings.


There is no 2G. Dc said it’s only 1 template to fit in that 14 minute row.


I think there’s only one template tomorrow regardless of whether the class is technically 2G or 3G 😬


It’s the same. All running this template I believe.


I’m stupidly sore from Sun and today (our studio is mostly 2G) and darn, I’m taking a rest day tomorrow. Send me a postcard from your rows for distance! (Although aside from that everything else looks solid and I could use an arms focused floor day)


Haha. Send a postcard from your rows for distance. BRILLIANT😂


I cannot believe I have to miss tmrw’s for a meeting and go today instead. Send help and good vibes please 😩


Rower start for the win! This floor block is going to ⚰️ me though after today's upper body Lift45... Not officially Hell Week, but hellish nonetheless 💀


My first class back post long-haul 'vid was the 2000m benchmark row ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|dizzy_face) Bring it on I say!


Is the rowing logged as a benchmark?


Yes - it appeared on my tracker this morning


Def prefer rowing for distance over push rows. Also better than partnering 😅


My wife and I attend 5-6 times a week, and we so very much appreciate the intel you provide, Mr. and Mrs. DC. Does anyone know which buttons we press to switch the row monitor pacing mode to display the 500 m split time?


On our monitor it is the top button on the right that switches through the displays


Actually looking forward to the row. I'm doing the English Channel Conqueror Challenge (counting rowing only) and I could really use the km's.


Hopefully the woman complaining to the coach last week about all inclines no rowing is going to this one….


Thank you Mr & Mrs DC for all your intel! It makes planning ahead so much easier! You two rock 🧡💪🏻🙏🏻


After class today our coach said all class formats tomorrow are 3G - regardless of 2G/3G designation 🙂


Hallelujah for no inclines!! I’m sold, I dont even care what else they make me do if I don’t have to run up a hill!


I wasn't going to go for hell week but rowing is the easiest part of the workouts and I may just go for this one. As a POTSy being near horizontal is very comfortable.


Is it me or could this pass as a normal 'hard' class rather than Hell Week one? This looks more do-able than previous 2 days. Will probably change my mind when I actually do it but for now it feels 'challenging but do-able'