Saw these just laying around in the computer lab at my school. 3 Quadro RTX 8000s

Saw these just laying around in the computer lab at my school. 3 Quadro RTX 8000s


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Meanwhile at my lab: i7 860 integrated graphics whith problems at the network port


Wow i7


This is all so crazy to semi-old fucks like me, at my school we had [nimbus PC's](https://www.thenimbus.co.uk/range-of-nimbus-computers/PC-286-386) which ran Windows 2 and had a **massive** 16mb hard drive.


We had these and they ran a locked down version of windows but If you went into word and edited a custom macro it would allow you to include instructions to be run on the dos prompt . So we ran command.com giving us a clean unrestricted dos prompt and floppy disk access. The next obvious to us step was to hide lemmings and Wolfenstein on the machines and create a macro that would run them directly. Our computer science teacher was really just an English teacher who was clueless about technology and would abandon us in the room for a while lesson... Good times


My college experience was pretty similar. The network Admin/IT support guy was so hilariously unqualified to stop tech students from making their systems and network do what we wanted. Every time they tried to stop us from installing games and playing them together on the school computers, we found some simple work-around that never even set us back a full day to figure out. In the interest of fairness, he was one man, forced to work within restrictions that prevented him from using more extreme measures (because we needed to be capable of running scripts, installing software, and a variety of network actions for our classes), and we were literally able to crowdsource solutions amongst the group. But we still got a kick out of it, and really we learned a lot in our drive to subvert. Good times indeed. I only wish I could remember half the the things we learned back then. Or even half the things I learned in college as a whole.


I mean, it sounds like the class was pretty effective. Good for that teacher letting you figure it out.


Lemmings probably helped develop more skills than typing exercises tbf


Accurate. I spent literal days playing those shit touch typing training games both at school and some at home as homework because I was so far behind everyone learning, and I NEEDED to learn it because I was dysgraphic and needed to be able to type fast enough to use my IEP allowance for typing written work in classes without needing to also use the extra time (meaning less time for lunch or staying after school let out). This went on for a couple years, then in 6th grade once I'd left elementary school, I got starcraft for my first computer my parents gave me for school. Learned to touch type in 2 weeks lol


The zerg and protoss taught you well fellow Terran.


And Windows comes up just long enough to turn it off and get back into DOS where it's safe.


Daddy Dr Dos saved us from Windows 3.11 for Workgroups


And if you knew where to look, you could sneak a game or two of SkiFree...


This gave me a chuckle.


We had fkin pencils….


Pencils? Do you even Hear yourself? You were Damn lucky, son.. We had to cart around our feather quills & huge bottles of squid jit if we had Any intention of putting our thing down. And even then, we had to use our HANDS for lack of affordable parchment! Ugh, the good old days🙄🤣


"Semi-old?" My first was a 486 and you seem pretty old to me, bud.


If you could include a trigger warning before saying 486 I would greatly appreciate it We did all of our microprocessor architecture and microcode classes in college on the 486 and I have done my best to repress memories of assembly language and everything else involved


atleast you dont have one of those hyperthreaded i5´s :D


Got something wrong with my i5-750?


yeah, the temps :D


Core2Duo e6600


Q6600 was a beast that lasted me a decade


Same. Fucker ran hot as hell by being two duos glued together with peanut butter, but it was a BEAST.


Damn that's a legendary name I haven't seen in a long time


Nvidia 8800 GTX/ intel core Q6600 masterrace baby. Could almost run crysis at 60FPS.


I had a Radeon x1950 pro in mine, just found my ebay listing where it sold for $6 lol


The young pretender (my old i5-2500k) will be replaced tomorrow. It served me many years, then my girlfriend many years after. It'll be her dad's PC as of tomorrow and will still soldier on for another year or two in the "family".


My mom's still using a computer with the q6600. With an SSD it isn't a bad machine


Still running on the secondary pc here, Nvidia 8600gt in it, use it next to the tv for Netflix and YouTube. The day this things dies it will take a piece of me with it, 999€ pc impossible to find the same speed and quality now


Lol, still running mine. Held the top spot on a big hardware site's air cooled overclocking leaderboard for quite a while at 3708 mhz, it aged gracefully through several gpu upgrades and then I just lost interest in gaming for years. Now I'm back at it and working through a backlog of games that it'll run before I inevitably have to replace it with an entirely new system.


No wonder there's problems with those, the i7-860 didn't even have integrated graphics


If so I don't really know what run the monitors, still the PCs struggle to open more than one program at a time and I often queston myseof if I'm colorblind or the computer is set to erase all red channel from existence


That sounds weird, the i7-860 was quite capable for it's time. Disregarding AVX, it's about 2/3 of a first gen Ryzen quad core. While it's by no means fantastic, it should do quite well with an SSD and 8GB of RAM.


If it didn’t have integrated graphics it probably had a crappy video card that was the bare minimum for video output


Motherboard graphics.


ever heard of “pentium inside”


I7 alright but does your school have Pentiums?


My school mostly had the pentium II, but a few computers that died got replaced with the blazing fast pentium III


Same looool


Fuckin teacher is pulling one over on the school district. He's like "we really need to revamp my mining fa- I mean we need modern workstation gpus to teach the kids cad, 3d, and editing"


My film teacher has 30 computers... Each equiped with an i7 and a 2060 super 0.0 I wonder if he mines on his spare time. I'm envious.


Honestly that would be pretty smart, just leave the mining software going overnight. I wouldn’t even be mad since those gpus are gonna get trashed anyway being school conputers. He could just turn the software off every morning before class, that way the kids don’t have a performance dip


Why worry about the performance dip when you can use that dip to justify an upgrade?


Oh MAN, now we’re getting somewhere


Im salivating just thinking of this


Nah too risky! It could force the district to invest on a IT person to look into it or get something has been verified before-hand that it won’t dip, at which point if it does dip then they’ll know the issue is how it’s being used making them look closer while it’s being used


Just be the IT guy


This guy corporates


Honestly if I could go back in time to my high school self (2014) I would put mining software on every school computer I could find and run it as long as I could.


See you still can, just show up for a “surprise visit” to see your old teachers, stop by the computer lab on your way out. Profit.


Former university IT, we had software that would wipe everything the last user did once it was logged off or when it idle too long. The hard drive would go back to the exact stock image we deployed to it originally. They had student workers checking logged in but no user machines routinely as well.


Maybe a university but my high school 10 yrs ago definitely not. Installed tons of games and emulators that stayed there for 4 years


Sams our highschool we had found access to a hidden drive that let us install shit and everyone could run it


Mining during off-peak hours is definitely a thing that's being done by some organizations. It's increasingly being considered as an option to speed up ROI. It's a lot less efficient for a PC lab, but when mining is extremely profitable, it's hard to go wrong.


"Mr. Garvey why did your power usage go up 10,000% after getting that hardware?" Utilities are still metered at a school... That's how a lot of illegal cannabis growers have been caught, unnaturally high power draw on the grid.


"I let the students game on the computers when class isn't in session"


*100 students gaming during 3 AM…*


If the IT department is half competent, they have the computers set to automatically power down after hours. Also they are locked down so that a teacher/student can't install any software. If anyone is doing the mining, it's the IT department. Source: I work in a school IT department.


Question is if they will notice the power use increase, and be able to track it down. With a large enough school it may be negligee enough to be chalked up to just an increase in use collectively. But a small high end private school will probably notice it. The second question is will anyone be smart enough to look at it twice or question it. Definitely will need to hide the program well from curious students accidentally finding it, or school IT doing maintenance/fixing an issue for a student. But the right setup and articles of people getting caught doing, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a good chunk of people mining at work or in dorms for free power.


my teacher did a thing like this. he told the school district, that he needs a 3d printer. they asked him what size it should be, and he answered, that it has to have a build volume of 330x240x300mm for him to be able to teach 3d printing properly. …turns out the ultimaker s5 for 8000$ is the only printer on the market with that volume! what a coincidence!


That sounds incredibly stupid. I’ve spent that amount on 3-D printers but I have like 14 of them in my back room.


I have a quadro rtx 3000, they ain't good for mining unfortunately :(


They can hit 65+ mh/s. That's not cost effective but on someone else's dime that's 400 a month.


Where are you getting $400 a month from a single card?


$85 would be more accurate


They're probably bait 🤣 someone is watching them, waiting for someone to take them.


Yup, it’s a psychology experiment. Inside is going to be one of those glitter bombs.


Nope, a regular bomb


A regular bomb with glitter


the glitter is just to make you feel better whilst bleeding out


Yes! I can die and be incredibly disappointed while doing so!


*Incredibly pissed off! That shit gets everywhere.


*At least I’m dying so I don’t have to clean this shit up* Edit:formatting


And to infect the wound. It's poisoned glitter.


All glitter is poison


Also known as fine grind shrapnel.




You don't just take them.. you rearrange them so that they're not propping up the phone. Next day, you put them further back.. next day, you move them to the far back edge of the table. So on and so forth.. until one day, you cause a distraction and move one into your possession. Not that I'm suggesting doing this.. but in theory.. that's how I'd oceans eleven this.


Laziest heist plot ever. How'd he do it?! He slightly pushed a box for days.


Wanna know how to steal a car from a factory? One piece at a time.


Wouldn't cost you a dime.


You’ll have the only one there is around


They'll know it's you when you roll though their town.


Yet it'll cost you too much time


Only if you're not willing to play the long game


Booooo https://youtu.be/uErKI0zWgjg


How to get a free Big Mac? Get one Big Mac a day and take off a different ingredient every day. By the end of the week? Put them all together and BOOM free Big Mac. And that's how you Ocean's Eleven a Big Mac.


Ok kevin


*heist music intensifies*


You son of a b****, im in


Man I’d take one, put it in my bag and say “oh got me some fat textbooks 😉” then leave home early saying I gots the stomach virus


Do u not see him saying bait u would get caught instantly


Then it's hands


You give me Oblivion NPC entering combat vibes. ^thanks


Who needs an education anyways? Am I right?


OP's plan: 1. Take one of the 4 2. Take picture of 3, make Reddit post 3. If caught, reference Reddit post about only ever seeing 3


holy shit that’s smart


If I was smarter I would have messaged OP and told him my address and the “2 Quadro post” plan.


You’re only two redditors away from a front page post entitled “saw these not laying around in the computer lab at my school: 0 Quadro RTX 8000s”


Next it'll go negative and some poor Redditor will owe the school a GPU.


Guys Im not going to steal them. Just thought it was crazy that my school had some Edit- To all the people asking what school I go to: No Edit 2- The cards are probably for the ai or machine learning class at my school Also, they're *probably* from a hardware grant Edit 3- *Im not going to commit a fucking felony for some graphics cards, if you're genuinely suggesting I steal one or more. Go. Away.*


nVIDIA provides them free of charge to us. https://mynvidia.force.com/HardwareGrant/s/Application


"we are not accepting submissions at this time" ...


Try Bishop Sycamore and see if that works




Explain for the rest of the class?


Bishop Sycamore is a likely fake high school that just got blown out in a football game against IMG Academy (one of the top HS programs) on ESPN. The commentary guys mid-game were even saying that they couldn’t find any info to back up claims that the coach of Bishop Sycamore was saying.


When your football team so bad the state governor vows to investigate.


You were planning to open up a new school weren’t you?


I'd give it a shot.


No... a daycare.


The South Harmon Institute of Technology is a very real, very accredited institution.


and then they will wait until some dude actually has a brilliant idea and convince them through blackmail and money that they shouldnt allow certain companies to be as good as them or even allowed in said application.


Oh wow. Il try to get some next year then. Very cool they atleast try futher educational projects.


Bro, ask if you can HAVE one. I mean, it’s worth a shot lol


It can't hurt to just ask


Imagine they’re like “yeah we ordered too many anyway” and he gets 2


For real though. The worst that could happen is they look at you like you're stupid for even asking. I get that all the time, and it's really not that bad. It might even spark a conversation that could land you one with a nice discount if it's ordered through a school.


Unless OP is a teacher I seriously doubt he could afford even a discount one


Implying a teacher could afford a discounted one


All of the salaries of the faculty are disclosed in my universities annual budget and I will say a lot of the engineering professors make bank and on top of that they usually do consulting work or have research projects on the side.


Too bad this is a high school, so the teachers are making a high school teachers salary.


Your high school has machine learning classes with several thousand dollar gpu's? Is this a private school? What country?


Your highschool has machine learning & AI classes?? Is that standard these days? Because I find that quite insane to be honest.


Don't forget the difference between professor vs adjunct too. The actual tenured engineering professor may do well, but the guy teaching 200 level Physics at night doesn't.


Engineering will make bank. But any other teacher won’t


That is more than likely true, but worth looking into if the opportunity arises


There's another way: start researching machine learning, and get cards for working from home


And if they don't they gonna turn into a goomba.


The answer is always no if you don't ask!


No, ask them if you can have whatever they’re replacing. That’s the more realistic opportunity. Whatever it is is probably a few years old at this point, but a top tier GPU from 2016 is still going to be better than most.


I'm shocked at how many thieves you find on Reddit, and it's always upvoted too. I'm from a rural area where you can leave your $1200 phone on the table in a restaurant and come back an hour later and pick it up at the cashier up front, and where many people don't lock their door when they leave their house etc. Why would you *want* to live like a criminal or in an area where you have to watch every thing you do to keep from getting robbed? What confuses me most is stuff like "Just steal it lol" gets massively upvoted, as if it's not a douchey crime. Other crimes would be downvoted like "Just grope her when you walk past lol". Why would it be upvoted to steal from a school computer lab so that other students don't get to learn? It's not even a gaming card, and if it got stolen the school probably can't replace it for a long time, so everyone else would suffer because scumbag kids saw the word Nvidia and thought they needed it more


Holy shit I'd never think of leaving my phone anywhere in sight, hell I don't even ride a bike anymore because it's a pain to find a place to leave it and have it be there by the time I come back, even with a chain. It's so bad I can't even go to university with a bike, which has a parking lot, and people still steal them from the fucking parking lot inside the building. It's nuts. Before you ask: Argentina.


Literally facts. I know most of these "Just steal it" comments are jokes, but it still makes me a little uncomfortable


Yeah "jokes." I could bet my Quadro that I left on that table in your picture, that a bunch of people on here would take the chance though probably wouldn't make a post about it. I remember browsing r/shoplifting and being amazed at what people could/would swipe.


And while that sub is banned, those users are still here. Obviously.


its not that crazy, people have a tendency to be sympathetic to victimless crimes, sometimes even encouraging when the crime is of sufficient utility to the one committing it the problem is that they also have a tendency to confuse “victimless crimes” with crimes where they personally cant see or immediately determine who the victim is in this case, it seems to a lot of people that the school itself would be the only one suffering, in which case who cares about an institution, they’ll just buy another one in reality, the one suffering would be which ever individual was responsible for the tech, and the computer labs budget


That's some expensive phone stands.


Looks like your school's about to have 2 Quadro RTX 8000s


Man, his school has 1 Quadro RTX 8000


I wish his school had a Quadro RTX 8000


no quadro rtx


-1 quadro rtx


-2 quadro rtx


These things are *unfuckingly* expensive And they just leave them there out in the open?


How unfuckingly expensive we talking?


$5500 each


This is a joke right


Nope. Had to do a double take when I saw them.


Were you like, “Why are these publicly visible? You wouldn’t leave $2000 in cash just sitting on a table in a high school classroom.” People have been murdered over a pair of shoes before. I wouldn’t put it past someone to try and sneak one of these out if they knew what they’re worth.


They go for over $5000 each.


Seriously. That's an affordable sedan sitting on that table




Uhh RTX 8000's are far more than $2000. Try $5500 MSRP. Each. So that is $16.5 K in cash sitting there.


Tbf a lot of people don’t know what these would be


Borrow them






*Our* Quadro RTX 8000


Yea lol




Hey I recognize this place, I just graduated from this high school this summer. I actually was the one who installed them into the machine, so feel free to ask any questions. I have a prior post where I sent a picture of them installed, if anybody is curious. Either way though, those boxes are empty. Anyways, the gist is that the six (yes, there *should* be more boxes laying around) of the RTX8000s supplement our existing compute cluster for anything that can take advantage of it. The applications I know of include Tensorflow, OpenCV image processing (the matrixes can often be GPU-accelerated), and soon Matlab.


Congrats on graduating! Ive probably seen you around, although I have no idea who you are. Kind of a bummer that we never used the cluster for CV tho. I guess its more for the senior projects.


'Wow I just found 3 rtx 8000s. Its so weird the school would leave out 2 rtx 8000s. Well Ill just leave that one rtx 8000 where I saw it.


I’m guessing they ordered 6 and OP is taking photos of 3 to avoid blame


Wouldn’t it be so cool if this school had some rtx 8000s


You mean you only saw two of them right? Right!


Two of what?


Yeah I have no idea what they're talking about. I didn't see anything under the phone


Does your school have a defense budget?!


Probably worth more than an education right now. Snag em and take your chances!


I'd love to tell you all the story of how I built my PC for free it involves drugs, crypto mining and a bit of ripping off best buy. But I don't think it's worth the heat.


i am saving this comment so I can come back to it later. please mention me when you are done with your story


how can you say that and then *not* tell us the whole story? im all ears, lets hear it.


They were probably stealing from Best Buy and returning the items for credit or taking things from boxes and putting the boxes back.


I bought a prebuilt from Best Buy that should have came with RGB ram & decent cooler. After seeing that my temps were hitting high 90s I asked my brother for help on it. He realized that it had a $10 cooler and cheap slow ram on it. By then it was too late to return it. 😳 is this what you meant by ripping off best but? Lmao


Post or DM me your story from a throwaway account and I will sing your tale like the bards of yore.


That probably IS the education programme budget.


Looks like hiding it under the phone has done its job.


TIL there are a lot more people who would steal when presented the opportunity.


TYL there are a lot of people who would say they would steal, on the internet.


Yeah everyone talks big until they get the chance. Committing a crime and saying you are going to do it are two wildly different things.


People talk big but most of these people don’t have the balls


them shits would've been missing in my school days lol


If they actually have the card in there, and they don't do anything with em...someone nabbing them 100%.


Dont take them home lol. Just leave them be and resist the temptation.




Well, you can play on a Quadro. It's just not worth it, considering a card much cheaper would be able to handle the same games just as good. Basically as powerful as they get. Just very expensive, and not worth it for gamers.


I think they would be on par with the 2080 Ti Gaming wise mebbe a bit more with its behemoth amount of vram


Wow, you checked that it weren't just boxes?


It’s crazy the amount of waste that happens in govt agencies. When I was in the army they replaced all of our old desktops with $4,000 laptops. Not like tough books that can go to the field. Desktop replacement workstations, to check our email. One of the hospitals I worked at had desktops with 16-32gb of ram running 32 bit win7. I have no idea how Michael dell isn’t the richest person on earth.


The amount of fucking rats in the comment is seriously disturbing


I thought you said **rats fucking** and was confused.


Pls sir a crumb of graphics card for my hideout? Just enough for the extract home. Thats all I need to get by.


Damn, coolmath is about to look real fine


The school IT guys: Yeah, we totally need these for our work stations so we can better service the school system.


They’re leaving 15,000$ just sitting there


I dont think they are still in their boxes..


Are they in the box?