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[looks like it's this guy. circling in areas all throughout phoenix area](https://i.imgur.com/3TG2yEp.jpg) Update: they have currently done circles around two Cane's locations across the valley, I think it's safe to say that they are just looking for some chicken


If you click on it, it will show you the registration number which you can google to find out who owns it. This one belongs to the City of Phoenix. Previously belonged to Phoenix PD, but now it says the city, so who knows if it's police or something else. Seems to take similar flights at least once a day, circling over various parts of the city. https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N351FB


Good catch. Looks to be a common flight pattern for this heli when looking at past flights.


Need more than "North Phoenix" on that.


Probably another shooter on the run or car jacking suspect on the run


because squaring is hard? Phoenix is big, can we get a location in the original post to more easilly decide if we care?