US embassy flies Pride flag in Russia, where ‘gay propaganda’ is illegal 🏳️‍🌈

US embassy flies Pride flag in Russia, where ‘gay propaganda’ is illegal 🏳️‍🌈


Diplomatic immunity


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Not really. The US embassy is US territory, therefore no crime is committed. It’s the same as someone hanging a gay pride flag at the finnish/russian border on the Finnish side.


US embassy is not US territory. The host country may not have juristiction over embassy territory (and therefore they need permission to enter the embassy) however this does not mean that they do not own the land. They do, and if the nation of that embassy has done something egregious, then the host country can always kick the embassy out of their country. A good example of this is the murder of Yevonne Fletcher where a gunman in the Lybian embassy shot a police officer. This prompted the UK to expel the embassy and everyone in it from the country


Yet the shooter wasn't charged. I can also see this being different because they killed a government official that wasn't actually on the embassy grounds.


Still comes under diplomatic immunity presuming the gunman was declared by Lybia as someone who should receive diplomatic immunity. The host country can only prosecute a diplomat with the permition of the country of origin.


The "embassy" which the diplomatic immunity applies to is the group of people, not the actual place. So anyone who is identified to be part of that embassy actually gains diplomatic immunity whether or not they're inside their embassy compound. This is the same reasoning applied to why these people can deny entry to the local authorities from entering their embassy.


It is a little of both. The embassy grounds, for all intents and purposes is considered the home soil of the ambassador. The treaties that allow for embassies state this outright. But if the embassy is abused then either the ambassador than be named persona non grata (an unwelcome person) or the treaty can be withdrawn and the embassy revoked. In the case of the Libyan assassin, the UK determined that the embassy itself was culpable, closed the embassy, and expelled the ambassador and his staff. But in the case of normal operations, the embassy was treated as Libyan soil.




Not really - that's a common misconception. From Wikipedia - "Contrary to popular belief, diplomatic missions do not enjoy full extraterritorial status and – in those cases – are not sovereign territory of the represented state. Rather, the premises of diplomatic missions remain under the jurisdiction of the host state while being afforded special privileges (such as immunity from most local laws)" So the US embassy is not on US soil, it's still on Russian soil. So if it was subject to any laws it would be subject to Russian laws. But its status as a diplomatic mission grants it immunity from most of those laws. Or in other words - *DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!*


That's a common mistake. It's not actually Foreign territory.


But it's treated like it is as in the laws of the foreign country apply (unless the embassy is expelled). Same go for official embassy vehicles. They aren't actual sovereign land but can't be searched by the host country police.


There’s still an important difference. Being sovereign territory and being treated as sovereign territory are two different things.


Isn’t sovereign territory only sovereign because we recognize and treat it as such? How is it different for an embassy?


no. that is a simpsons level understanding of international law. the US embassy is not US terirory. A United States embassy, however, remains the territory of the receiving state, and does not constitute territory of the United States. - US Court of Appeals case of McKeel v. Islamic Republic of Iran, 722 F. 2d 582 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit 1983 is of assistance.


Thanks for a professional, scholarly education in international law and more, PmMeYourN00dz.


Around 2016 or so, the US embassies and consular posts did some pro-LGBTQ actions. In Guangzhou, there was a sort of competition between the US consular post and the Chinese ministry of trade building (which face each other across a big city thoroughfare) where they gradually increased the size of their national flags over time. Then LGBTQ Pride Month began, and the US consulate put up a large Pride flag, and the Chinese gov't building went back to its normal sized flag of China, presumably either in defeat or in some moral victory. Also, in Shanghai, an outgoing Obama-era Dept. of State appointee formally married his (Chinese) same sex partner while on consular grounds, as US law applied inside the consulate and by then marriage equality had already become fully legal across all US states. This not only caught the media attention of the Chinese LGBTQ movement, but also interestingly demonstrated a valid means of immigration to the US - a spouse of *any* gender can apply for a green card as long as their marriage, if same-sex, was lawful wherever it took place. Because this same-sex marriage took place on US jurisdictional territory, it meant that a same-sex couple married within China but technically on US soil could thus immigrate to the USA lawfully.


Im a fan of loopholes letting people escape places they'd otherwise suffer in.


here here


Hate to be the grammar nazi (especially in *this* thread), but it's actually ["hear, hear!"](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hear,_hear)


I appreciate you 🙋🏼‍♀️


This is one of the only times I can be okay with Nazi virtues.


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>In Guangzhou, there was a sort of competition between the US consular post and the Chinese ministry of trade building (which face each other across a big city thoroughfare) where they gradually increased the size of their national flags over time. .... So would saying [this](https://youtu.be/g8nfeJOv4qI) is an accurate portrayal be far off


Lmao thank you for that


I was in Berlin when Obergefell was announced. Before I heard the news I saw a small celebration, obviously LGBT, outside the US Embassy which is located right by the Brandenburg Gate. I asked my wife if we should take a picture or ask them what was up, but she and I figured it was nothing. I wish I could have celebrated with and for those men and women and not just walked by. We did notice a Pride Flag draped over a bear statue (various businesses in Berlin had their own Bear statues) outside the Embassy the next day




The gay marriage supreme court case


>various businesses in Berlin had their own Bear statues That makes sense, looking at the [Flag of Berlin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Berlin).


Just FYI, consulates and embassies are not technically foreign soil, they just enjoy extraterritoriality.


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Are you calling the use of extraterritoriality floccinaucinihilipilification? I think it's a great use. What word would you use?




It wasn’t just America that did it https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/06/25/us-western-embassies-fly-gay-pride-flags-in-moscow-a74345


I'm glad you said this as it was a collective effort by more countries than just America. That's the entire point.. not that America did so, that a number of countries did,US included. It wasn't a sole effort by the US like this title implies, yes it's outside their embassy but America is far from central in this news story.


I'm sorry, America is the center of way too many things in the mind of Americans, you have my total agreement on that. The problem is that OP isn't making any claims about the US being the only one. They titled the picture accurately.


you know i had this conversation with someone a few months ago. America is so central to discussion on reddit because its an American site where Americans are the single largest userbase. You can find the traffic data pretty easily. iirc the last time i actually looked 49.5% of Reddit's traffic came from the US with the second largest demographic being from the UK with a whopping... **6%**. People complain that things are so US centric and its only the US ever being discussed, but given how the userbase breaks down it really shouldnt be a shock. Its like going on a scottish news site and being like "yo, why dont you talk more about Moldavia??"


If it were a picture of the pride flag at the Moldovan embassy, you wouldn't have a bunch of people going "this is misleading, Moldova was only one of the countries". People love to shit on the USA, and there's plenty of reasons to, but holy cow are people injecting their own crap into it.


Also pictured center frame here is the US embassy and not any other embassy. As is the focus of the post and title of said post. Go post the pictures from the other embassies that did this too, be the less US focused change you want to see in the world. But like, nicely Edit: For anyone who also hadn’t seen pictures or information from other embassies taking part in this I found a post: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/o8lmni/british_canadian_and_us_embassies_fly_pride_flag/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Hmmm yes why would America be the center of things for America. What a strange concept. And Europeans having the center of their world being EUROPE? Well I never.


Feel free to post the other embassies. Dude found photo of event, photo happened to be at the US embassy, thus title. What's the issue?


The title doesn’t imply anything of the sort. Imagine being this much of a whiny entitled shithead because somebody dares to post something even remotely positive that the US has done.


Lmao so butthurt


This post isn't a news story, it's a picture. No one said anything about this being the 'sole effort' of the US. Not the title, not the OP, not the picture, no one. Well, no one except you, that is. It's fascinating how no one who refers to the US as being arrogant and obnoxious realizes how arrogant and obnoxious they're being when they do so.


then make a post about the other countries instead of whining about this one.


Why do y’all be so obsessed with an American website having an American bias lol? I’ll never understand why Europeans have this hate boner for Americans but use all our shit.


America has so much real estate in your head.


I appreciate other countries did it as well, but given the last US administration's stance towards both LGBTQ+ and Russia, this is particularly healing for people opposed to those stances.


Breaking News: US embassy destroyed in freak "gas leak" explosion.


Breaking news: Rainbow flag mysteriously falls out of third story window, dies.


US embassy falls from 11th story window, thousands dead


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Fly it in the UAE or Saudi and ill be impressed.


They did in Bahrain! It’s a small island close to Saudi where I’m from 👀


Then they will just shoot rockets at it. Rockets that we sold them for oil money.


sell them rockets, fly pride flag, they shoot rockets at us, we gather them up, sell them back to them


You just missed one step. Put up rocket net to catch them. Then… profit!


Who do we buy the rocket net from?




Makes sense. Kinda like the police radar companies also making radar detecting devices for the public.


My dad worked at Hughes/Raytheon for ~30 years. Whenever he would try to do some menial task and fail at it, I'd say "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to... oh, nevermind". 😂




Well it’s not a literal net, it’s just the name of a program we installed in the missiles that shuts them off if they’re fired at us. They’ll just fly over and land in a predetermined area.


Do you mean... net profit?


Declare it act of war. Invade. All oil is now ours. Genius!


A US embassy in some middle-eastern country (don’t remember which) has a CIWS


Crazy that an embassy is more defended than some entire nations.




Theyre not doing this to impress you.


I mean... yeah they are. I see no scenario in which things like this aren’t done more for visibility and political motivations than solidarity towards any group.


Why don't they do it in muslim countries? In UAE for example.


They’re playing games. My dad was a diplomat. Some of the shit they do reminds me of high school.


international politics is just adult men reliving high school feuds at the cost of human lives


Hey, that’s not completely true - it also costs billions of dollars


Highschool never ends.


It's the same fucked up popularity game, politics is one of the few situations in adult life which is set up the same way and therefore prompts the same behaviors. Unfortunately, another one of these is social medias, especially those that put more weight on who you are than what you say (cough twitter cough).


There is always a 12 year old brain inside of us.


I assume the UAE embassy was granted the same blanket authorization to fly the Pride flag as was given to literally every other US embassy in the world by the Biden administration's [blanket authorization to fly the flag](https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-admin-grants-blanket-authorization-fly-pride-flag/story?id=77270757) back in April. As to whether or not the US embassy in UAE is actually flying it, I have no idea, but they are authorized to do so if they choose. Edit: The US embassy at [the Vatican](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/us-embassy-pride-flag-vatican-b1859353.html) is flying the Pride flag, so we're definitely flying it in allied territories that are anti-LGBTQ+ rights.


They literally do, though. https://twitter.com/USEmbassyManama/status/1400019114001842176 like why are you mad about something you just made up without checking? its not hard to use google.


they did in Turkey, Istanbul


Why ruin perfectly good weapon and oil deals?


Besides, not every diplomat is skilled in George Bush's flying shoe avoidance.


Because extremist groups in the Middle East are already at war, they won’t hesitate to lob rockets at the embassy. Russia however, has to use a little more tact.


Because most likely there their diplomats will be in a danger. People in Russia don't really care about gays (either way) that much, unlike the state itself. So they are playing a teasing games with the state. I have a different feeling about UAE people (or, rather, religious leaders there that can cause a mini-riot). Also, they tend to have a lasting alliance with them(and with Israel at the same time), so why provoke people you are trying to build a relationship with.


> so why provoke people you are trying to build a relationship with. To..err.. not be hypocrites with double standards?


I actually have a Russian friend who lives in the US now and it took him some time to get used to people being openly gay here. I think homophobia is more deeply rooted in their culture right now than you may realize.


You probably never been to Eastern European (and other conservative) countries before. It's not an exclusively Russian thing. For example Ukrainians also very homophobic. Not everyone of course, but so as not everyone in Russia.


> I think homophobia is more deeply rooted in their culture right now than you may realize. It was as deeply rooted in the West 20 years ago. Those roots aren't necessarily as deep as they appear.


Ya there really are a shit ton of homophobes. Tho im sure there r many who support it and are terrified of repercussions.


That’s not quite true: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/1-5-russians-want-gays-lesbians-eliminated-survey-finds-n1191851


There is only one anti-gay law in Russia, which is a ban on propaganda among children


Good, now do Saudi Arabia.




the physical flag, not a twitter account.




Can they do the same in Saudi Arabia please?


That could legitimately endanger the people working there...


The irony is the US gets shit from their own citizens in the US if they did in the US.


What if the Russian embassy fly the BLM flag?


A lot of Soviet propaganda, vilified the US for its treatment of its Black population even before WW2 or the Cold War. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_you_are_lynching_Negroes


They’d get shit from people of MAGA.


That would be amazing


The comment section is gonna be wild


Already is.


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Have a very safe day.


Nah fuck that, I'm going to be like those heroic miners in Pripyat, I'm stripping down.


The liquidators in Chernobyl or the people who dug the tunnel to stop the core from melting into the groundwater? If I am not mistaken, the core hasn’t melted into the ground to this day.


The fuck is “gay propaganda”???!!!!


Your Country Needs You To Suck That D**k!


I mean, I was going to anyway, but if it’s for America I’ll put even more passion into it


Your Uncle Sam wants to fondle you




That's the smart thing, it's not really defined, so they can throw people in jail if they want and use this as the reason :)


Gay propaganda is whatever you want it to be in order for you to be able to punish whoever you want.


In Russia flying the rainbow flag is illegal and counts as propaganda.


Even multi colored ice cream is suspect... https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-53319505


It's purposely poorly defined so that Russia can selctively punish people they don't like while letting others slide.


In the contex of russian law evererything mentioning lgbt+ in a non-negative tone is a propaganda if children can possibly see it. Hence a flag on the street - which is not a criticue and can be seen by children - is a propaganda to russian law


Also if you are known to be openly LGBT+ holding an empty white sign can count as gay propaganda and you can be arrested for it.


[This adorable motherfucker](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/24/Gaysper.png/612px-Gaysper.png)


Oh is it Sunday morning? I guess it’s time to be a cynical dick about an inherently good thing.


Im glad i wasn't the only one reading the comments thinking what's wrong with everyone today


That’s Reddit for you


Sounds like a good way to get a novichok gift basket


Without standing in solidarity against tyrants they will never lose power. The name may change but the nation-state patriarchy will remain and will continue to oppress and abuse its people.


With 3 days left in the month, because having it up for 27 might be an issue with Russia.


Putting up the flag for three days causes an issue with Russia


Cool statement US, I’m sure after this they booked the weapons shipment to the Saudis.


Showing some humanity with a Pride flag: $50. Spamming Russia and Putin: Priceless


I like how our embassies keep doing stuff like that like the candlelight vigil for Tank guy in China.


What exactly is the stated reason homosexuality is so threatening? I mean it doesn't help population growth but it makes sense for societies with higher population and limited resources these sorts of things would be very useful.


Well Russia is definitely not the one with too much population, in fact the government is trying it's best at making Russians.. reproduce 😁 All sorts of stimulus packages for having babies, propaganda of how great it is and all that. The hate for gays tho is not political here, in a sense that it's obviously not Kremlin or Putin that can't stand gays. Politicians are just doing what general public is expecting them to do. That's how politics work after all, they do research on what's the majority's opinion on a subject X and then proceed with a similar opinion - hurrrrray votes.


Russia is Christian and the bible says homosexuality is a sin. Yeah, it's hypocrisy, but that's the reasoning behind it. I don't think it has anything to do with religion on a personal level though, more like people just want to feel superior, to know someone is beneath them, and hating on a couple of percent of the population takes barely any effort and it's risk free. At least that's my theory.


The bible actually doesn’t specifically state that men cannot be with other men. They mention something about men not laying with young boys, which I believe is one of the sources of the distortion of message. The bible text states “man and woman” to wed but doesn’t specifically say anything against gay marriage, which I believe some Christians interpret as “the only way” as that’s what’s written. Also I think the fact that gay men perform anal sex is what bothers a lot of Christians as it’s considered sodomy.


It's an easy battle to wage. 1 youll never actually win it. 2. It requires little effort. 3. Drum up the dumb asses who care about such things so you never have to tackle actual problems like poverty or homelessness. I've always said this. When we are an absolute utopia with limitless energy, 0 poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, hunger, conflicts with foreign nations. THEN we can worry about what kind of sex people have. Until then it shouldnt be a focus of any government official what two consenting individuals do.


This is less about supporting LGBT and more about sticking it to Russia, case and point: they don’t do this in other countries which don’t support LGBT. Much like corporations, they don’t care it’s just simply another way to make money and gather attention.


Yea. Because these guys are flying this flag because they give a shit. Politicians flying the pride flag isn't different from corporations saying they support the gay community. Just a buncha manipulators.


For obvious reasons I won't disclose too many personal details, but someone very close to me works at a US Embassy, and they personally petitioned to fly the flag (at their respective embassy) because they feel very close to the issue and wanted to support the LGBTQ+ community. Not everything on Earth is cold and cynical.


Just because someone’s intentions are cynical doesn’t mean that the results of the action aren’t real.


Listen buddy the appropriate response to small forward steps toward a better world is GRATUITOUS CYNICISM and everyone knows it. Anytime someone says something bad, that’s bad, and if they say something good, they don’t mean it. The fact that some people are self-interested and imperfect means that no political gesture has any positive impact ever, no one means it, and everything is equally bad at all times and in all directions. To celebrate a small good thing is to show unforgivable naiveté. THIS IS SOPHISTICATED POLITICAL ANALYSIS.


We dont elect ambassadors or the people who work at embassy. They arnt politicians really either. They are flying it to make a point, they have nothing yo gain personally from it.


friendly reminder that most people who work in embassies are not politicians but career employees who don't get elected or appointed.


How does this cynical bullshit get upvoted.


Cold war but gay


Totally non provocative.


As a Russian, which finds homosexuality fine, I say that people on OP's photo will not reach the goal they planned to. Imagine ordinary Russian guy that watches Russian TV propaganda, and one day he sees that photo, he hears radio, where angry propagandist journalist swears and blaming "Gayrope" in destroying and humiliating fragile younglings minds, making them wanna insert every fallic object up in their arses despite the sex (we do not know about sex-gender problems here in Russia). Is it helpful? No. Try something more extrapolated, something meaningful, but not as empty as rainbow flag. Learn Russian legislation, find a way to legally talk to people about homosexuality, show them an examples of decent gay couples. The real ones, not the pink one from Key & Peele, show them the other one. Only that way you could talk with people here. Peace.


That makes sense. The point should be to communicate to a particular group of people (Russians, here), in a way that resonates with them, by both language and culture. iamuru, you're right in that the photo is a gratuitous display for non-Russians. It's counter-productive and, quite frankly, not cool.