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What was the reason for the shooting at all?




[More source from a twitter link.](https://twitter.com/KevinRKrause/status/1266898396339675137) She said she was walking home with groceries when a police shot her. At the time there was a protest going on, but it didn't matter if you were participating or not, you're getting a rubber bullet shot to the head it seems. Whoever was the cop that shot her head with the "small pellet" definitely did a good job of "protecting and serving." I normally stay away from topics like this, but the girls face being used like some target practice by some fantasy-hero-cop upsetted me to comment on.


There was video at some point during one of the recent protests when the national guard and Minneapolis PD were literally spraying ~~non-lethal~~ less-than-lethal rounds at folks standing on the front porch of their own properties. IANAL but as far as I know, a imposed curfew applies to public places, not private properties. This seems more like assault. https://youtu.be/o0zeauprMJ0 Edit: updated done verbiage based on comments. Thanks


National guard was at the front of that particular column but the people who shot at the people on their own porch were local PD.


You can tell the difference because the NG was *asking* people to go inside, the police saw people standing peacefully on their own porch and their first response was "light 'em up!"


This reminds me of the story during the BLM protests where the police in one city walked down a neighborhood street and shot people sitting on their porches with pepper balls and such because a protest march had either gone down the street or was near it.


Totally forgot about that, let me guess, nothing happened to the cops?


Saw a body cam video at one point of cops doing that, someone shot back because, you know unmarked van spraying bullets in the middle of the night in a dodgy part of town. Police got super pissed charged out of the van at which point the shooter realised it was police, threw down his gun laid down and put he hand on his heads before they got close enough to touch him….so the police kicked the shit out of him punched him in the head a broke a few ribs while yelling stop resisting


He was a veteran too. They arrested him, charged him with attempted murder iirc. He beat the case. Judge (or jury) said he was within his right to shoot back considering it was an unmarked van shooting at people.


"pellet" totally not trying to downplay it She was gently wiffed by a police snuggle ball


Protest adjacent citizen bumped by police golden snitch.


And Harry Potter is claiming foul play.


The peace protectors benign disarming devices' pebble was rudely obstructed by peasant lady.


Violence enforced curfews. We aren’t in a state of fascism tho…


This is an old picture, it's from when the Black Lives Matter protests were in full swing. The cops were shooting *everyone* with rubber bullets then.


Wasn't that only a year ago? What year is it?


A year and a half actually.


[Here](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EZW2vpnWAAAo3WG.jpg:orig) is a higher quality version of this image. [Here](https://imgur.com/a/WCCdFSK) are three more related images. I don't think that [this](https://twitter.com/akkcrystal36/status/1267119808753143809) is the source (because [this](https://twitter.com/KevinRKrause/status/1266898396339675137) was posted a day earlier), but it was the closest I could find. Per there: > @akkcrystal36 > This teen was walking home with groceries when police shot her close rang with a rubber bullet. See her bag of groceries. > 11:44 AM · May 31, 2020 (If someone knows the source, please let me know.) Edit: Thank you /u/Littlebiggran for [confirming](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/s2ftn1/dallas_pd_shot_a_woman_with_nonlethals_while_she/hsfdbvl/) that journalist Kevin Krause is the photographer and [this](https://twitter.com/KevinRKrause/status/1266898396339675137) is the source.


Holy shit, she was millimetres away from losing an eye there.


She's lucky she didn't die. People can die from getting hit in the head with rubber bullets. Poor girl will be lucky if she doesn't get permanent brain damage.


Happened in Boston about 15 years ago after a Sox’s game bystander got hit in the eye and died


Vanessa Snelgrove RIP


>Vanessa Snelgrove RIP [Victoria Snelgrove*](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Victoria_Snelgrove)


> On September 12, 2005, the district attorney for Suffolk County, Daniel F. Conley, announced that he** would not prosecute any of the officers involved**. Four days later, Commissioner O'Toole demoted the police superintendent who was in charge the night of the shooting to captain and **suspended two officers, including Milien, for 45 days without pay.** The deputy superintendent outside Fenway Park at the time of the incident was also criticized for poor decisions that led to Snelgrove's death, but had already retired. As of October 2019, Officer Milien was still on the Boston police force. No charges, 45 day pay suspension, the murderer is still working as a cop, and the taxpayers paid a bunch of money.


Without pay? Wow he must've *really* fucked up.


It's alright, I'm sure they cooked the books so that he had worked 336 hours each week leading up to the incident.


There are like 15 Mass State Troopers that stole millions from the state doing just that. Charlie Baker is basically sucking their dicks and thanking them for the opportunity


Often suspensions without pay are disputed by the union post facto and most if not all back pay is recovered[.](https://media0.giphy.com/media/tANpI4H9zlv1u/giphy.gif)


It amazes me how often unions get accused of corruption and ties with the mob and such, but not only do police unions get a free pass, but the literally shield thier members from crimes they have committed, mashed it difficult for members to speak up when they do witness for cops breaking the law, and even hold entire cities hostage with threats of police force strikes when she attempt at police reform is even spoken of. Military members can't have unions, why can laws enforcement? We arm them just about as well.


And the dude that was in charge in the area of the shooting retired within 4 days after if I'm reading that correctly. Either he was ready to retire anyway and it's a coincidence or he got the fuck out of dodge before he could be punished


Retirement shouldn’t be a “I get away with no consequences” pass. “Oh you retired? Well now that you’re not a cop, we’re still gonna prosecute your ass. Enjoy draining your retirement fund to personally pay for legal counsel for the trial.”


Agreed. In this case though it’s all on the DA for not pressing charges. Had he decided to press charges it wouldn’t matter had he retired or not. Once he retired the commissioner couldn’t punish the guy because he wasn’t an employee, not that the commissioner’s punishment was even enough in the first place.


I was standing beside that girl on Lansdowne St. when she was shot, she had done absolutely nothing. Tried to give her aid while waiting for the ambulance but the cops pushed me back. She was blatantly murdered that night, with no significant repercussions for the officer. It was a terrible day.


Rubber bullets have a misconception amongst some. People think that they are rubber, like in a whacky, Nerf Ball, **boiyoiyoiyoi!!!** kind of sense. No. Many times, they are hard rubber jacketed steel balls, that can do serious damage.


Exactly. Think *hockey puck*, not *nerf ball*


I play hockey goalie. Sometimes the shots sting and that’s with pads. I can’t imagine it coming out of a gun.


Once was a goalie. Had friends shoot me with these way back when. Stupid young guy shit. 11/10 don't recommend.


You'll feel really bad when it hits you, but the running from the cops and the epinephrine keep you going. The next day you wake up and your chest feels like it's in a vise grip and every breath hurts cause they broke 3 ribs.


> they broke 3 ribs. If you're lucky yeah. Non-lethal rounds are better labeled "less lethal"


I mean shouldn't they be called "potentially lethal" at this point?


The industry term is actually “less lethal”. I have no idea why anyone uses the term “non-lethal”. Even a potato out of a potato cannon is not “non-lethal”


Most things are potentially lethal at sufficient velocity.


They are actually called less-lethal


I mean, I personally think a normal relatively hard rubber bullet being shot at you at 100ft per second speeds will also do some pretty painful damage to you, but yes, a rubber coated steel ball is even worse. But regardless of what they are made of, when police start attacking their own people with excessive force nothing good can come from it and when they deliberately shoot at peoples faces as a supposed crowd control measure, bystander or not, that shit should get people automatic jail time. Police in the US need completely replacing. A new police force that goes to quantico style training, takes 2 years minimum, more preferred. Where people don't come up or train with existing corrupt cops. With a second entirely separate, national IA type organisation that is not trained alongside the cops in the same city they investigate cops in. Also, fuck police unions that block actual bad cops from being fired.


I was talking to a man traveling here from Sweden. Blew his mind when I told him police force only get around 3 months of training. He told me in his country it is two years. He also said from what he sees from news coverage our police force are out of control and horrible to minorities. I had to agree.


Yeah I love how they purposely aim at the head. It makes it so hard to not consider all cops pieces of shit. Until they start holding each other accountable, they are to me.


Makes me wonder how normally they can't hit the broad side of a barn yet manage headshots with these things so often.


Holy shit looking at all those pictures... These are kill bullet placements. ​ And people saying "She shouldn't have been getting groceries during a riot" like what if she had no choice. If you need groceries...


In some riots (maybe not in the US? I don't remember) there were reports of police aiming deliberatley at the eyes to blind people. So maybe not aiming to kill, but it's not exactly any better than that either.


Aiming at the eyes to blind is potentially lethal. They shouldn’t be aiming anywhere near the head at all.


>In some riots (maybe not in the US? I don't remember) there were reports of police aiming deliberatley at the eyes to blind people. Might as well just give these clowns a license to murder, then at least they'd be up front about their intentions.


they're cops. they already have it.


Just going to leave this here for visibility: Got this from another sub, please feel free to share it Firing at innocent civilians on their porch: https://streamable.com/u2jzoo Cop appearing to be enjoying himself today: https://v.redd.it/jjclrdzp8x151 Cop shooting something at guy for saying "fuck you": https://v.redd.it/zepg0b43ly151 Cops breaking supplies for peaceful protestors: https://v.redd.it/v8x8isj0xz151 NYPD driving into protestors: https://v.redd.it/mztm15kh00251 https://gfycat.com/misguidedrecklesscod Cops shoving an old dude to the ground: https://v.redd.it/bluggpblrz151 Police actively seeking out fights compilation: https://v.redd.it/m82yxl4qh0251 Cop driving at people aggressively on a campus: https://v.redd.it/ngxvkoro60251 Cop shooting rubber bullets at people watching from apartment: https://mobile.twitter.com/Sarah_Mojarad/status/1266633046591078400?s=09 Police shooting the press with rubber bullets: https://v.redd.it/o3v8ps7rat151 Police arresting a CNN reporter: https://v.redd.it/yce9bpk8mo151 Police doing a drive-by pepper spraying https://mobile.twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/1266193926316228609 Photographer being pepper sprayed: https://i.redd.it/4ix8f3j6dy151.jpg Guy with hands in the air gets his mask ripped off and pepper sprayed: https://v.redd.it/wlx0gyoe21251 Lady who was coming home with groceries who got a rubber bullet to the head (this post): https://i.redd.it/ns0uj557x0251.jpg https://mobile.twitter.com/KevinRKrause/status/1266898396339675137 Reporter blinded by rubber bullets: https://mobile.twitter.com/KillerMartinis/status/1266618525600399361?s=19 Reporter describes getting tear gassed: https://mobile.twitter.com/mollyhf/status/1266911382613692422 Couple getting yanked out of their car and tased for violating curfew: https://mobile.twitter.com/GAFollowers/status/1266919104574865410?s=19 Young woman gets shoved to the ground by officer: https://mobile.twitter.com/whitney_hu/status/1266540710188195843?s=20 Reporter sheltering in gas station is pepper sprayed: https://twitter.com/MichaelAdams317 Reporter trying to get home gets window shot out: https://twitter.com/JaredGoyette/status/1266961243476299778 Cops come at a guy for filming a police car burning: https://twitter.com/johncusack/status/1266953514242228229 Photographer arrested: https://youtu.be/9wgkGLmphLE Columbus police assaulting protestors: https://twitter.com/KRobPhoto/status/1266796191469252610 Congresswoman sprayed with pepper spray during protest: https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/30/politics/joyce-beatty-ohio-pepper-sprayed-columbus-protest/index.html 7 protesters fired on with rubber bullets: https://v.redd.it/tal1ncha4o151 Cops pepper spraying a group of protestors without provocation https://v.redd.it/0dxnkso0a1251 Young child allegedly pepper sprayed: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/video-shows-milk-poured-over-face-of-child-pepper-sprayed-in-seattle-protest Horse tramples young woman, police investigating: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/05/30/watch-video-captures-moment-police-horse-tramples-woman-during-houston-rally/ Cop pushes protestor with his bike https://twitter.com/ava/status/1266797973834395648?s=20 Reuters reporters detail being shot at with rubber bullets: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-minneapolis-police-protest-update/reuters-cameraman-hit-by-rubber-bullets-as-police-disperse-protesters-idUSKBN237050 Man pepper sprayed as he watches from his second floor apartment balcony (at 13s) https://v.redd.it/l0yq3023p2251 Edit to add: [Man shot in face at close range with tear gas canister.](https://youtu.be/JXvHogjoeGQ) [Cop tases bicyclist for running a red light...after the bicyclist pulled over](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/cyclist-stun-video-police-texas-b1844961.html?amp) if you have anything you'd like to add please link it!


I know the guy that pushed the old man down in SLC. He was fired but is now working in Ogden.


Which is why we need a federally granted law enforcement license. This would stop the rampant department hoping that bad cops often do. Florida is filled with cops who were fired in other jurisdictions.


There should be a parallel agency thay over sees law enforcement and nothing else. Fraternity between the two is treated the same as an office and enlisted in the military. Any who have served in law enforcement is not allowed to serve in the new agency unless they are 10 years removed from law enforcement. Any budget increase in any law enforcement branch gets a 1:1 increase in the new said agency. It's fucking ridiculous that a cop who has basically a high-school education and less training than a barber is allowed to kill oe maime someone and get a paid vacation and a horde of bootlickers coming to their aid.


Private party insurance, which is paid by the officer‘s pension fund. Money is the only thing that will change this.


No no, from the pensions of every cop in their precinct. We'll see how long they cover for each other when every fuck up means everyone's pensions suffer.


Doctors, nurses, lawyers, even fucking hairdressers have licenses. Boggles the mind that police officer credentialing is so lax.




What the fuck.


This is common, they are relocated to give the appearance they no longer work for that department. Happens all the time, it is seriously fucked up and doesn't inspire faith in their ability to protect and serve.


Yup. Like they move those rapist preists from here to ther and pretend they are actually dealing with the problem.


It's a technique most commonly known as "The Catholic Shuffle."


[Here’s a thread](https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1266751520055459847?s=20) of literally hundreds of these kind of videos from summer 2020, this kind of brutality was so unbelievably widespread


Notice how in all of these videos we don't see the 'good cops' stepping in to deescalate or arrest the cops doing obviously illegal shit.


In one of the vids with an old bloke getting pushed over, you can see one or two of the young ones instinctively move to help him, and one of the higher ups grab them by the vest and pushes them back into the line while the old fella bleeds from the head. That was a pretty telling moment for me


I like the one where the news is reporting "VIOLENT PROTESTS ONGOING" then accidentally capture the cops knock an old helpless man on his ass. Then when they notice it was on camera they scramble to pick him back up. It really just goes to show how the media justifies this violence on part of the police while denouncing it from the protestors.


"Police report ongoing violent protests, in a show of community spirit they will make sure to bring the violence."


Friend of a friend fulfilled a lifelong dream and joined the police. They are leaving after a year because the other officers are such horrible people and no one cares.


So the expanded police motto should be "Serve up some extreme violence and protect yourself from consequences" Really rolls off the tounge


The porch incident REALLY pissed me off when I first saw it a while back. Did ANYTHING come from it? Cops were out of control.


"light em up" basically they are all high af on testosterone and are aching to shoot with no consequences


That’s a lot of bad apples!


There should be a bot for this


Awful lot of victim blaming on those threads, sad.


Can she sue?


Yep. She'll win too. They almost always do. Guess who pays the bill? We do! The tax payer is responsible for all lawsuits involving police. It doesn't even come from the police budget. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/police-misconduct-costs-cities-millions-every-year-but-thats-where-the-accountability-ends/


We need to do the insurance thing, where after too many issues the police officer becomes un-insurable Edit: yes paying out if pension fund is better. But small steps


This needs a catchy name. I'm totally behind it. It's brilliant, will save states money, and taxpayers. And officers will be held more accountable. And some insurance company can take ~~affable~~ advantage of the situation. What's the down side? Edited BLUE LIVES INSURANCE


Pre-existing disposition.


We need to do the literally-everyone-else thing, where after one single issue the police officer becomes convicted of their crimes, goes to prison, and is no longer allowed to be a police officer ever again.


Could she sue the individual? Or only the police department?


I mean if there is a realistic chance of winning Imo she should sue the police department to make the issue even more public. Of course keeping in mind she should definitely mention the officer’s name in the lawsuit.


She went through tons of pain and suffering to get a (deserved) pay day funded purely by tax payers while the cops who did this shit get off scot free.


They should have to buy their own malpractice insurance like doctors do. Taxpayers can fund a reasonable amount, but if a precinct becomes uninsurable they should go out of business.






This is the way. It would be simple too: 1. Take the budget currently used for malpractice insurance and distribute it to the officers as extra pay. 2. Require each one to individually buy liability insurance. 3. Profit. Literal profit. For everyone who deserves it. Responsible cops get more money. Bad cops get big pay cuts, making them change behavior or quit. Either way, fewer mistakes, cheaper liability insurance overall, win-win-win. Oh, and getting hired by the next town's police force won't help you if you can't escape your insurance requirement.


insurers could also allow cops to go through additional training in order to be able to qualify for discounts


This isn't even crazy. Big city departments just pay out from the city. Smaller towns have insurance underwriters. The insurance companies actually have the power to change how the department operates since their threat is to remove coverage and the department would be dissolved.


Yep. Their incompetence is our responsibility as taxpayers.


And we the taxpayers have absolutely no way to demand police reform.


I don't get why conservatives aren't up in arms about police reform for this very reason. Also, the whole agents of the state overstepping their authority, thing. What's the deal with that? Are they all cucked or something?


The polices primary function is to protect the rich from the poor. Anything else is just a side effect.


This is going to sound crude but the real answer is because ‘smart/rich’ conservatives have convinced ‘dumb/poor’ conservatives that people who don’t look like them are the enemy.


They probably got a few weeks vacation as they were punished by suspension with pay.


"Less lethal but still very much lethal"


They’re also not meant to be fired at peoples heads.


Less lethal but now now she has to deal with the effects of a TBI for weeks to years.


I have a frontal lobe TBI in a similar location to this woman's injury. That part of the brain deals with serotonin/dopamine, and over ten years later I still have depression and attention issues thanks to that injury. You can repair a bone, but you can't regrow a brain.


That really sucks, I’m sorry. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve had one huh, and then all of a sudden you see how fragile we really are.




You mean cleans out the taxpayers. These police will never face direct financial consequences.


Cops need malpractice insurance that comes out of their own paychecks. Fuck up too often, price yourself out of being a cop. Capitalists should love this solution.


This is actually a fantastic idea!


Nurses and doctors already carry this type of insurance.


Engineers, lawyers, lots of tradesmen, most professionals do also...


But in normal American fashion, law-makers and law enforcement are not upheld to the same laws.


I agree but I’m completely jaded in my view that there is no way in hell that’s ever going to happen here in the good ole U.S. of A.


reminder that a cop killed Daniel Shaver in cold blood for no reason, had “you’re fucked” written on his gun and (THIS IS THE WORST FUCKING PART) said he got PTSD from the incident so *he retired in his 30s and will get a large pension every single month for the rest of your life*. Kill a man begging you to arrest him and just not hurt him and you get to get paid to never work again. ACAB


Also, he petitioned to have his gun returned to him..


Do t they have immunity from being sued by people they hurt while working?


Yes, largely, but the way it usually goes down is a lawsuit against the city, which settles particularly bad PR matters.


Yes, it’s called qualified immunity.


This was nearly 2 years ago. Thousands of people were severely injured by police during the George Floyd protests and only a few of the subsequent lawsuits were successful. Cops frequently get away with killing/maiming people with "non-lethals" with zero punishment. Not surprising considering how often they get away with shooting and killing people.


Don't forget the PTSD that's sure to come...


Yup, and fear of police.


Being afraid of clearly unstable bullies with superiority complexes and high powered weaponry is only logical.


They literally shot her. They shot her in the face. Having fear of people shooting your face is not a disorder. Thats entirely in order.


Tell that to the guy who got shot in the face by Dick Cheney (who later ended up apologizing to Dick Cheney- for *getting his face in the way of his shot*)


The term is "Less-Lethal" calling them non-lethal is not something we should normalize.


"Meant to maim but possibly lethal."


I think "maiming bullets" gets the image across more vividly. "Less lethal" and "non lethal" have been used interchangeably for so long that they're basically the same to most people. They just imagine "rubber bullets" and rubber isn't that hard so it must be like paintball or something. Not that bad. "Maimimg bullet" is both new and also gets across what these are designed to do.




Well what the hell was she thinking walking home with groceries; she should know better.


That’s what she gets for minding her business and not bothering anyone.




Again in Texas: Went for a walk in my own neighborhood because I was on doxycycline for an infected cut and the acid reflux was like lava at 2:30 in the morning. A cop on the corner saw me have to stop and BURP and within a block and a half THREE full Suburbans blocked me in on the sidewalk and I was aggressively questioned and DUI tested for over 15 minutes. The fact that I stepped out of my apartment without my ID was apparently hella sus. When it became obvious that I wasn’t drunk or tweaked, the original cop was so stinking mad he couldn’t prove anything he visibly pouted and scowled like a toddler. They told me to stay out of the road while I finished walking (they really tried to make me go straight home!) even though I had just used the crosswalk and everything right in front of Officer Pouty Face. If I hadn’t been very white and obviously boring…


DUI...on foot? Dafuq Texas.


You realize they do raids where they arrest people for being drunk in bars in Texas right?


Seriously? That's insane. Laws really need to be updated. This whole idea that cops establish or create Law and Order as opposed to just maintain it. As if a (presumably) peaceful status quo needs their interference.


https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2010/02/texas-racist-laws-drinking-while-brown/ They will also bash your skull in hard enough for bleeding on the brain in Texas for drinking at a gay bar. This is *standard police behavior* in Texas.


Public intoxication


One further. A 20 friend got a MIP because a cop saw his pass our other (23yo) friend a bag of groceries from the back seat that contained, among other things, a six pack. The 23yo got contributing. Wouldn’t have believed it except I was upstairs awaiting said groceries and watched the fucker observe then scurry over.


So if I bought beer for myself but had my 19 year old son carry the bag inside for me, I could get arrested?


sounds like its worse. you could have beer in the car among other groceries and if you picked up your kid on the way home, you'd be arrested.


I would take out a loan, hire a lawyer, and fight that to the death as viciously as humanly possible


I had a cop pull me over for an expired registration. He failed to see my temporary that was in my back window. Once I showed him that my paperwork was in order, his demeanor changed and he became very angry.. It was only then that he told me that I didn't signal a turn and gave me a ticket for that instead. The whole thing was so ridiculous that I went to court over it and won (he didn't bother to show up....shocker)


I really wish you could sue for the amount of your life that was wasted and you can't get back


And the wasted court costs from a case a cop didn’t even bother to show up to and your lost daily wage has to paid for by the police pension fund.


I got pulled over for expired tabs and the officer by my passenger window had his gun pointed at me while the other officer calmly took my license and talked to me about how bad it was to have expired tabs, before sending me on my way. It was so bizarre and confusing and honestly pretty scary, even though the other cop didn't say anything and I got sent home without even getting a ticket. I never had a gun pointed at me before and it really threw me off how casually he did it for absolutely no reason.


You should have called your sherif and city council member and complained. They should not be pointing guns at people like that… That’s honestly fucking infuriating. I’d have that officer reprimanded…


My grandad told me a story once about how, before he retired, he was visiting somewhere in the USA, I forget where. He decided to go fishing somewhere. Was approached by a cop with his hand on his gun half drawn. Just because he was fishing without a licence. Which he did not know he even needed. So, fair enough to be punished for fishing without a licence but there was no need to half-draw his gun. Like so much of the world, I don't understand at all the gun culture in the USA. I am so glad I'm from a country where we don't have these problems and the police, generally speaking, can be trusted and deal with the public in a polite and friendly way and don't assume every potential law-breaker is going to shoot them.


Had a similar encounter but after a while I got pissed and started asserting my rights and venting on them on why people don't respect the police is exactly this... That they go looking for problems and if they can't find one, they create one. And blah blah blah... Just imagine being in your situation but mouthing off near the end because A) you're innocent and B) it's your right to say whatever you want. Well then they said I'm disrespecting them and soon as I interrupted an officer, they arrested me for "impeding an investigation" and threw me in jail for the night. Charges were obviously dropped but they can arrest you for any bullshit they want. What pissed me off the most was how they literally fed into exactly what I was talking about and pissed about... And I'm confident they still feel justified in doing what they are doing, and all 5 cops there that night probably go home and consider themselves "one of the good cops"


Stories like this poke holes in the just don't break the law and you have nothing to worry about rhetoric. Also, how Texans live so wonderfully free compared to the rest of the world.


I live in the hood in Fort Worth and cops are constantly harassing us for the simplest thing. Most times they leap before they look and it almost always leads to a situation where one wrong word or move will land you in the eye of a gun. I’m 41 years old, and was stopped walking home from work by the gang division and was asked to show my hands because someone around the corner tagged a wall. I don’t have time or energy to be tagging anything. Get outta here!




They're not paid to uphold the law. They don't even know what the law is.


And the courts have held that they don’t need to know the law, and are fine to act in accordance to what they think the law is (even if it’s blatantly wrong).


Why didn't she just comply?!? ^^^/s


She just couldn't resist


It’s ok. She was cited previously for selling loose cigarettes. /s


Do you know how many drugs, weapons, illegal fireworks, smuggled children AND pirated Adobe products she could have fit into those bags?


She should have downloaded a car to get home.


People in the comments thread of the original twitter post did a big stretch in an effort to blame her and said she shouldn't have been walking through a protest.


Because of COURSE we're gonna shoot protesters! That's just a given.


*protest happens* "Cheer up, this whole ~~valley~~ public roadway just became one live fire zone" - Cops


Well only certain types of protesters, not those on 1/6, not those Bundy ppl who took over a freaking federal building, not anti-abortion ppl who terrorize women seeking health care, etc.


How dare she walk through an area where people are exercising their first amendment right to protest. She should have known better in America! /s


boot lickers gonna lick


Fun fact, "non-lethal" rounds are actually classified as "less-lethal" because in the right circumstances they can still kill. Forgotten Weapons did a video on a 37mm gas gun (essentially a grenade launcher loaded with tear gas canisters) in which a first hand account documents a case where one such canister hit a protester in the head, killing him.


Yeah, they're suppoed to shoot the canister into the ground so they bounce. NOt directly at people.


That is true. Anything can be lethal if it hits you on the head a bit too hard. It would be just as easy to shoot it at someone's toe but I guess murder was easier.


From May 30, 2020 (top of google for “woman shot by rubber bullet dallas”): https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/gtq2xt/dallas_woman_shot_by_police_pellet_while_grocery/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf As I recall this was in the midst of the BLM protests going on across the US. Honestly kind of disheartened that it seems as though people forgot about all of this. Although I’m not surprised either. It’s been such a shit decade…


Damn, I remember when this image first came out. Wonder if she recovered or ever got any compensation for her injuries


Please add [Man shot in face at close range with tear gas canister.](https://youtu.be/JXvHogjoeGQ)No one is talking about this. No charges were pressed against the offending officer. This was in Grand Rapids Michigan.


I like how they argued that he mistakenly thought he had a non-lethal round. You still don't aim those at the head from kife-fighting range


Unlike the original, this was NOT indiscriminate crossfire. This was deliberate assault.


>this was NOT indiscriminate crossfire. Which still isn't legal, by the way, and therefor not one single bit more acceptable.


I take that back. He was suspended for two days. Justice served…..


He should be in fucking jail and never allowed to be a cop again.


You should see some of the other injuries from these "non-lethal" weapons. They are just fucking target practice. She absolutely has a scar on her head now


You're right, I remember a fairly young lady dying when she was hit in the eye by a rubber bullet years back when the Red Sox won the World Series. There were pics from protests last year where people's skin was basically split down to the bone after getting hit by these projectiles.


Rubber bullets, depending on make, have kill/maim rates between 12 and 22 percent. They are dangerous and should be treated as such


Maiming is never talked about enough. In all sorts of situations. People always focus on fatalities and overlook the injuries. Everyone just sort of assumes that injuries will heal and they'll go back to normal. But many are fucked up for life.


Yea and the projectile fired at her I believe was like a pepper spray paintball.


A friend's cousin lost her eye, had her eye socket shattered, and was in a coma from swelling pressing on the brain after getting shot with one. Police officers know they will never face repercussions for hitting someone in the head with one, and so protests are the perfect cover for the racist sociopaths among them to get their violence on. Edit: No, I am not doxxing my friend's family so you can get your forensic bootlicking jollies,


This was during the protests/riots last year. She caught got in the crossfire since police fired indiscriminately.


The best kind of firing is indiscriminate..... /s


"You cops need to stop discriminating so much" "Say no more fam"


“No, not like that!”


“I can’t hear you over the sound of my indiscriminate gunfire! Thank you again for your feedback! Now stop resisting!”


"Well this is the most polite beating I've ever experienced. I guess we are making a difference."


r/MaliciousCompliance "Officer Jenkins, please open the door to that nursing home and fire a few shots indiscriminately down the hall - we don't want to be seen as reverse-ageist".


Sssuuuuurrrppppprreessssiiiiinnnnggggggg fire!


Is unexpected archer a sub?


It's not indiscriminate firing if the police do it. It's a layoff.


It's only crossfire if it's not all coming from the same place


You should've indicated in the title that this is a year and a half old.


They were aiming for the head and eyes of protesters, bystanders, people exiting stores in the general area, etc... Fucking criminals.


So much so that an ophthalmology society released a paper on all the eye injuries they were seeing.




Watched the live video of the conference they had with city council and chief regarding that. He played on his phone half the time, other half he was muted and talking to people out of frame.


Can we make part of the officer training being shot with a rubber bullet at close range? I feel like if they're so hell-bent on using this shit they should at least prove they're willing to take the same hit without armor or protective gear on. I'd rather they don't use this at all and fire and charge the officers/leadership that decided this was acceptable, but let's be real nothing about the police mafia has changed


I hope she sued


I'm just so glad for her that those cops didn't take away her eyes. This picture really surfaces some feelings of empathy in me, I'm just so relieved it wasn't a bigger injury even though it looked bad. These cops seriously need to be fired and the rest of them put on comprehensive gun safety training.


Damn I hope that poor woman is okay now


Less than lethal. Non-lethal is a misnomer*. Edit: *in this context