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Damn, we suck.


“iT’s JuSt PaRt Of EaRtH’s NaTuRaL cOoLiNg AnD wArMiNg PrOcEsS.”


Facebook and Fox News suck too.




Unfortunately we're stuck with them, and their actions affect us all.




What percentage are willing to do something about it? I’d guess it’s less than 20%. Would you be okay with a huge price increase on things to factor in climate change? Have you gone vegan? I’m not saying that you haven’t done anything, just that it’ll be way more than a majority that are unwilling to do the change necessary to combat climate change.


45% of Americans are fucking idiots.


I think the percentage is higher


AT LEAST 45% of Americans are fucking idiots. ​ Better?




45% of Americans are a dead weight of ignorance and stupidly dragging the rest of us under.


45% say humans don’t effect climate change. Let’s take it a step further. What percentage are actually willing to make sacrifices and do something about it? I’d wager less than 25%.


Then half of America is stupid I guess all that Republican defunding of public education paid off


In Australia, polls show 70% want action on climate change. Yet we *still* can't get any climate action passed by the government, because: * Mining and fossil fuel companies own the Liberal/National Coalition completely, and donate to the Labor Party as well. United Australia (small minor party) was founded and is owned+controlled by a mining billionaire. It's really only the Greens who aren't tainted by them. * Of the 4 big media companies, 1 is Murdoch (the hard right billionaire family who also own Fox News), 1 is right wing and the chairman is a former Liberal/National politician, 1 is right leaning and owned by a mining billionaire, and the last 1 is centrist but government-funded and scared to take a stance on the issue. * 20% want action, but have been fooled by politicians and media into thinking the problem is being taken care of, or are distracted by culture war bullshit etc. So GOOD LUCK getting it done with only 55% and all the issues you have with Congress not being able to pass laws.


Understood Thanks for the well wishes .. it’s beyond corrupt now


True that. The libs here will eventually work out that fighting ‘climate change’ focusing on carbon output and energy is the right thing to do… because it doesn’t address the real underlying causes of which climate change is just one of many outcomes, those underlying problems that would be a lot harder to get public support on changing.


Isn't mining one of the biggest industries in Australia?


Yes afishda. That and agriculture


You make fair points. However where did the 70% come from? Also so many major companies control our politicians. Look at what is happening in NSW.


55 percent of believers is more than it took to win the last few presidental elections. It's time to move on and drag the other half of the country kicking and screaming into the future for their own good just like we always do. The GOP: poking itself in the eyeball and needing the left to get them a band-aid throughout history


Unfortunately our system is set up to allow the 45% to block the 55%. See the senate and the fact that every state gets an equal number of them regardless of population. The filibuster, the electoral college, and voter suppression. And apathy.


Well how else were they supposed to preserve slavery, huh mr. smarty pants?


Make it so people rack up huge debt and institute indentured servitude? I’m just spitballing here….


How about just write into law that slavery is still legal? >Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, *except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted*, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Corporations will find whatever loophole they need, they always do.


That's just a fancy way of saying Prison industrial complex.


Yeah I know.


Ok now.. technically apathy isn’t built into the system, it’s just a perk


Apathy results from government that isn’t truly representative. I should have included corruption and money in politics which also thwarts democracy.


A government specifically designed to protect against the raving masses.


Exactly. Vast majority of Americans have limited contact with realty. They are constantly bombarded with conservative media at home, on the news, and at church. So most polls will show 40-45 % regurgitating the indoctrination received.


More than stupid. Dumb as a bag of hair.


Hair is dumb? Ok now … tell me you are an American without telling me you are American Just kidding


*MY* hair is not dumb… ridiculous maybe, but not dumb…


That’s funny


*It’s just Jesus hugging us closer!* Tina Fey as Sarah Palin


https://youtu.be/d7lxwFEB6FI Yup.


If Vice thinks this is a relevant question it’s way more than half. Doesn’t matter who or what is responsible, it’s going to fuck is up either way.


Without question


45% of Americans are clueless pawns for the oligarchy.


This over all the other "45% of Americans..." comments. We're screwed because they believe the lies and fear porn the oligarchs have been selling them for at least four decades. Challenge their freedumb feelings with facts and they'll dig in deeper with their 'alternate facts'.


there's also a weird culture of gaining small scale social masculinity points for going against science for some reason, it's baffling.


I’m so sick of so many of my fellow Americans


So 55% of the country believes humans cause it. That's enough to support public policy. Note that the article doesn't state how many believe global warming is an issue. I've seen other polls where that question polls in to high 60s low 70s. So 68% believe its a problem, 55% think we're causing it. I'll take it.


Except only 34% are willing to do anything about it if it has the slightest personal cost. The linked poll below showed 78% support for "agressive" action on climate change. When asked if they would pay an extra 100 dollars in taxes to make that change happen, only 34% said yes. So despite all the big talk, all it takes is the hypothetical cost of less than a Netflix subscription to drive support for any action well below majority levels. And this is why you see endless polls where good idea X has 60-70% support but nothing happens. [https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-climatechange-idUSKCN1TR15W](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-climatechange-idUSKCN1TR15W)


Which is *insane*: if all it took was $100 in taxes/year to aggressively fight climate change, it should be just about the easiest choice ever, like choosing between cheap candy and expensive anthrax. If it took $1000/year it ought to be a no-brainer for about 80% of the population (the other 20% being too poor to be able to afford that themselves).


> t should be just about the easiest choice ever, like choosing between cheap candy and expensive anthrax. Until their leader tells them that anthrax doesn't exist and they just want to steal your cheap candy.


Fair point, but no one has said that supported by science


Yup. The sad reality of it all is that the majority of people in this country have a "fuck you got mine" attitude. Sure they want good things for other people, but they aren't willing to make any sacrifices or take any risks to make it happen. So they don't vote at all, or vote in the same old status quo candidates every election cycle, people who also want the same things they do, but won't rock the boat whatsoever to make it happen. If they can raise minimum wage without any sacrifice, or fix our education system without systematic changes, then hey great. But if not, then oh well, no big deal, cause "fuck you got mine."


> that the majority of people in this country have a "fuck you got mine" attitude. Isn't that "liberty" as thought by a kid? It's weird how in my country it's the reverse : we always try to make everybody to suffer equally even when it's not necessary, because of "equity".


That is a really good point. Having a different view should not subject you to abuse.


Also, we don't cause it, we cause it to happen faster. Much faster.


45 percent of Americans are morons, got it. Makes sense how Trump got elected.


But what if you knew that for 95% + of the worlds last 100 million years and 98% of the entire geological evidence we have, the earth was warmer than it is even now…would that change your opinion?


The earth will go on without us, it was here long before we were and will be here long after we die off as a species. The reason we care about climate change is because we are trying to prevent major consequences like starvation, flooding, fires, and economic ruin that impact us as a species.


The fossil fuel industry propaganda campaign has worked on 45% of Americans


Seeing a lot of "45% of Americans are idiots" in the comments, which misses the point IMO. 45% of Americans are an existential threat to the rest of humanity.


Well that is better than it used to be. But still sucks.


I hate when they use the word believe in articles like this. The correct way to state this is that 45% of Americans don't accept or don't know that climate change is caused by humans. Using the word believe implies that the cause is a matter of belief and not a matter of fact. It's like saying 45% of Americans don't believe the 2+2=4.


I know where you are coming from, but who are you to tell those people that they are wrong?


Every newspaper needs a climate column/section. Every news show with the weather, needs a climate report. Tell us every day, how the planet is doing. Stop ignoring the biggest threat to human well-being.


Something has to give. This can’t continue. Their entire lives are built upon ideas and processes that they have no faith in, that they even despise, and their refusal to acknowledge the role of basic science in helping us make sense of the world is going to get us all killed. Something has to give. This cannot continue.


Once again we see why the American dream is to move to Canada


Eh - we might do better than 55% (asked the same question and with similar sampling)…but not by *that* much. Based on other, similar polls in Canada it’s only about 10-15% higher here. That said, at a political/policy level, there is a HUGE difference between “barely half” vs “more than 2/3rds”, so at least we can that working in our favour.


We are pretty happy here in Australia


Most Americans also believe in angels and ghosts.


Damn bro really gotem with that one lol. No one cares that you’re an atheist. We get it dude


I don’t know, you seemed to care enough to comment yourself.


Who cares. Letting morons make the rules is a bad idea. Pandering to morons will not end well because the belief of morons doesn't change facts or reality. Just the lies Republicans use to herd morons.


Jesus fuck! Are we boned? Kinda feels like we’re boned.


Yeah large segment of the American public is uneducated.


Americans are fucking dumbs we didn't discovers this right now... Worst thing is that climate change is now been politicized as a lot of other scientific facts, that's sad that we are allowing people to have opinions on proved facts...




I mean this article is the last thing you have to watch to know that Americans are dumb. Every marker said it is a country with a very bad education for its citizens, and we all know why. Also Americans constantly fell last on average on IQ and other marker about the intelligence of people, among developed countries.


So… Essentially the red states don’t agree with science? Colour me surprised.


No prizes for guessing which 45% that is.


break up the US. I'm done working with committed idiots.


Except these idiots will still pollute our air and waterways even if this country is split.


they're doing that anyways. at least with a split we can do projects within the new borders. and there's a lot to get done, aside from environmental issues


It may look appealing, but I’m not aware of any examples in history where Balkanization was the right call. Also: would have to think it would be like India-Pakistan on the nuclear tension scale but roughly 7 billion times worse/more likely to end in nuclear winter.


They're stupid, but we already knew that.


Humanity has declared all-out war against life on Earth.


We’ve already established with the voting percentages of the last elections that about 40-45% of my fellow Americans are stupid, ill informed, mouth breathers. This story should surprise no one. I don’t even know how we got here. It’s fucking depressing.


I have no clue if we started it but we will for sure end it


I guess the crazy heat waves, tornadoes in flippin' Illinois, fires, draught are al cuz Gawdz angry! Used to need a coat where I live in AZ in October. I haven't owned a coat in years.


Technically they're right! It's corporations who cause climate change, about 70% of the worlds emissions are from just 100 corporations.


If humans are not causing climate change, then what is?


Looks like not having kids was the right choice after all


"humans dont cause climate change the same way guns dont kill people.


In other news, Propaganda works. Back to you, John.


Well, Americans are fucking dumb and we don't care who knows it. In fact, most of us are proud of our ignorance. Our buddies high five us when we don't know something. It's pathetic and depressing. \-An American


Concerted effort on the part of industry lobbyists


Now think about how many answered that poll giving what they believed the 'politically correct'/socially acceptable answers were while privately being a climate-denier.


Is there any other country on Earth with as many idiots as America? Obviously all countries have idiots, but America seems to have the highest percentage.


So what? The majority of Americans don’t understand any basic science.


Same people that don’t believe in vaccines, COVID, and think Jesus specifically sent a spoiled, entitled, narcissistic, billionaire from New York to save the rural white man’s way of life.


Attacking that 45% is a bit unfair. They are up against an organized entity with an endless mountain of funding that has been successful in infiltrating nearly every aspect of their lives. I do believe in individual responsiblity for sure but this speaks more towards the failure of U.S. institutions than anything.


Does it even matter whether humans are the cause of it or not? I find this blame game to be unnecessary, something bad is occurring then it needs fixing. Whether we are to blame or not for the problem is entirely irrelevant.


How do you get people to fix a problem that don't believe the cause of the problem exists? Also, I'm sure a huge overlap of the same people with the same philosophy don't believe there is a problem in the first place.


ignoring people and beliefs -- even in a perfect world how could we fix this without understanding the cause?


This is like saying, how do we stop forest fires if people don't believe they are the cause of them. Its silly, not every bad thing is man made. But that doesn't just mean just because it isn't we ignore the negative effects and let it kill people.


By most definitions, climate change is 100% manmade (Climate change being unprecedented, unnatural changes in climate), so the forest fire analogy isn't applicable here. You'd have to specify "human-caused forest fires" for the analogy to work. Hoping to combat climate change without acknowledging the problem is like if your house was flooding during a rain storm, and there was a clear leak in the roof. But instead of acknowledging that, you search around your floodboards, look in cupboards, check to see if your sink broke.. All while your house continues to flood. You're not going to convince people that something like carbon emissions need to be reduced if they don't think that's the problem. They will ignore the solution.


You're conflating two things. One is what the problem is, which is carbon. That is the problem, an excess of carbon. The blame on the cause of it be it man made or nature is irrelevant. Like I stated before, what difference is a man made forest fire to a naturally caused forest fire? None, its a forest fire and we understand the solution. Putting the blame on humans or nature is irrelevant, there is a problem and a solution. There is no point in shifting blame on who caused the problem.


so how do we fix the carbon level?


Actually it matters a lot what’s the cause because solutions may be complex and would vary depending on the ultimate source of the carbon. You can’t know how much of what to change if you don’t have an idea of the most significant contributors.


> The blame on the cause of it be it man made or nature is irrelevant. No, it's not. If we are the cause, and we are, the solutions require us to make changes. If we ignore that we are the cause, how are we going to make the necessary changes? How can we target the behavior that it is contributing to climate change if we say that very behavior is irrelevant to the discussion?


>This is like saying, how do we stop forest fires if people don't believe they are the cause of them. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. How are you gonna do that if you don't believe humans cause them?


Yeah it does because noone is gonna take responsibility unless someone holds feet to the fire


They said this ignorance would age out ...... but, it’s just passed on in flyover country 😒


Probably only polling the 2/3 of Americans who vote... No more than half of which are Republican... I choose to believe all the non voters follow science and reason more than fake religious leaders.


Why is every story about Americans so fucking depressing?


So what. The better question should be do you believe we can do something about it? If so ,what are you waiting for. If not, do some more research or get out of the way at the very least.


Earths just mad bro.


Ironically, 45% of Americans believe 5G can give you Covid-19.


45% of Americans have been found to be living under rocks!


Republicans don’t want you to have the higher paying renewable energy jobs. You could have a higher paycheck but they’re blocking legislation for you to get it. Demand your money! How freaking hard is that narrative. It’s even true!


Definitely GUMP Voters


Well 45% of Americans are dumb.


Hey, it's a double poll! 45% of Americans are also gullible and stupid, possibly naïve.


That’s exactly why 55% of humanity have absolutely 0 faith in longevity of the human race.


Every US pool divides people in the 45-55%... Well not every but most of em


I wonder if the same amount of Americans also believe the Earth is flat?


These are people who have never faced consequences of anything.


They should maybe try BBQing inside their homes. Same idea, same result, just faster. They probably think the entirety of space is always blue, all the way up, but turns black at night for some strange reason. No amount of Science will make them believe. But…Jesus saves!


Rather humans in corporations


Some effective propaganda the big oil has been putting out.


People have a hard time reconciling the fact that we are destructive and invasive as a species because people want to hold humans on some sort of pedestal as great creators and such. People have hard time realizing that everything is connected.


No ships, no trucks, no smelting, little power generation, no lights etc


45% of Americans are really stupid!


Yeah, I’ve talked to people and some don’t believe it will lead to financial disaster within approximately two decades as well.


Feels about right. 4.5 out of 10 Americans, generally speaking, are complete rubes.


Curious as to percentage that distrusts science considering all research supports consensus on anthropogenic climate change except for [2%](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_consensus_on_climate_change) of contrarian studies that are unrepeatable, erroneous, or dismissible.


CEO’s and buisness leaders arent human, so theyre half right.


What these people don’t understand is that yes, the earth does go through heating and cooling processes. What’s concerning is the rate in which it is happening. Nothing has time to evolve and adapt.


I hope the majority of them move to Texas where they can have their freedom….to slow roast


Do they really or just following what trump said? A quick look around and it’s obvious we are hitting the planet




Hahaha what do they blame it on now? Natural occurrence, rath of god. They need to get there head out of their ass and take some responsibility. We definitely are the reason this planet is warming up, many species going extinct and the amount of pollution and garbage in our waterways and air.


more like "45% of Americans are scared AF that if Uncle Sam ever takes real action to combat climate change -- say, a new $1-per-gallon gas tax, with the extra money going toward mitigation -- that would completely fuck up their shit. Much easier to just believe that climate change isn't real"


I enjoy riding on a flaming bus into a brick wall at 150 mph while 45% of the people around me act like nothing is happening


Reminds me that >30% of Americans don’t know that vegetables contain DNA or genes. https://www.foodrepublic.com/2016/05/31/32-of-americans-think-vegetables-dont-have-dna/amp/


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How is vice a legitimate source


how isn’t it?


That's because technically it's an inelegant term, devoid of nuance. I only just learned that you could reduce a lot of the CO2 in India rapidly if you replaced wood with coal. (It still pollutes obviously, but significantly less and is a quick option till cleaner solutions are intigrated). Climate change is also always happening anyway, it's a natural occurrence as a concept, so in terms of scale the average person isn't likely going to be super convinced. Trying to convince people who don't know as much about it to accept that our contribution really is huge enough takes time. Climate change is complicated, more than people give it credit for.


Ok. All who want real immediate climate change must immediately (1) stop driving their car or any mechanical device; (2) stop using electricity or gas unless home generated; (3) forfeit anything made of any processed process.